Cucked at a wedding part 2


Cucked at a wedding part 2Cucked at a wedding part 2 – you can read on if you want but my other cuck posts set the sceneAs the evening wore on Carrie and I danced together – my cum filled boxers had dried out. ‘You can say if you don’t want me to go back to his room Dan. ‘ Carrie whispers as we hold each other close. I pull her closer, my cock hard against her. ‘No go – it will be fun. We will never see him again and I can tell you want his cock.’ I smile at her and kiss her deeply.We had back to the bar for another drink. As I place my hand on Carrie’s ass my hand brushes against someone else’s. I look up and see Phil looking over his shoulder at me. I move his hand away – as much as he fucked my wife and will do again that night I was very much in charge here.Phil said his good nights about 30 minutes later, making sure he gave all the wives a kiss good night, but taking longer than most. About 15 minutes after that Carrie asked me what I wanted to do – I looked at my mates who were still keen to drink so told her I would be back in the room in about an hour.’Ok,’ Carrie smiled, ‘Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!’ She kissed me on the lips before heading off to the lifts. I watched her leave with a spring in her step and an extra waggle in her hips.My cock was started to throb in my suit trousers as I thought about her knocking on his door, him opening it standing there naked before she drops to her knees as he closes the door behind her.My mind was soon distracted by a round of shots placed on the bar in front of us. Time passed quickly as we drank and charts and danced the rest of the night away, just like we did 20 years ago when we all first met. An hour or so later I was well and truly drunk and the bar closed. I stumbled my way up to my room and wondered if Carrie would be there or not.I practically fall through the door, the bedside lamp is on but no sign of Carrie – the bed hasn’t been slept in and no sign of shoes…through the drunken haze I smile to myself thinking of the fucking she will be getting. artvin escort I wrestle out of my suit and collapse on the bed and fast asleep before I can even think about stroking my cock.I hear the door close as Carrie enters the room. I roll over and look at the clock 07:00. Wow she had really spent the whole night there…I think she had left the bar around 10pm so a full 9 hours with another guy.’Dan don’t say a word!’ she purred as she dropped her dress to the floor – she was completely naked. ‘I had to ditch the panties as they were stretched so much and Phil ripped my bra off me so he has kept them as a memento. Now lie on your back baby and I will tell you what a slut I was!’I just stare at Carrie, her cunt glistening with a mixture of fluids,her thighs looking sticky. I do as she says and lay back as she walks over to me in just her 4 inch heels. She straddles my body and I feel the heat and wetness of her pussy over my stomach. My cock is raging hard in my boxers – she reaches round and sets it free ‘Let’s see if we can make this baby cum without touching it….’ she grins wickedly at me.Carrie’s knees are pinning my arms by my side…’I’ve had so much fun Dan – my pussy is so satisfied, my jaw is aching from sucking his cock – I think a nice sensual clean up from you would just finish my weekend off in style.’ She crawls up so my mouth is tantalizingly close to her pussy. I can smell the mixture of pussy juice and semen as she lowers herself to my face. ‘Nice and slow and gentle please Dan, Phil fucked me real good. I am pretty full though so you had better get your tongue right in there.’I gaze up at her enchanted as I begin to gently lick her thighs and round the edge of her pussy, my tongue circling her lips, tasting the mixed cum that has started to dry. ‘Ohhhh Dan as big and good a fuck Phil is he doesn’t eat Pussy as well as you!’ My cock twitches with praise.’As soon as we got in the lift this time we were kissing Dan, I didn’t care if we were seen this time. escort artvin I unzipped his trousers there and squeezed his fat cock and led him down the corridor by it. We fell through the door and were kissing passionately his tongue exploring my mouth as I tried to get his shirt off.’He dropped my dress off my shoulders so I was just there in my bra, knickers and shoes as he caresses every inch of me, squeezing my ass, biting my nipples through my bra until he just ripped it off me. I was there holding his head firmly against my tits savouring how much he wanted me!’Carrie was riding my face as she recalled what happened. I was licking and sucking her labia as she moved in slow circles above me. My face was covered and I’d swallowed so much juice it was hard to imagine how much fucking they had done.Carrie continued talking, ‘We made it over to the bed and I straddled him, my pussy was so wet and aching so much for him I had to get him inside me so I gently guided him in before sitting to take his full length.’ With this she sat further on my face so my tongue had no option to enter where a cock had been not long before. Carrie reached round and felt for my cock….’Mmmmmm Dan there’s a big patch of precum here…are you going to cum listening to what a slut your wife has been? It was so good fucking a young stud like him I’m gonna have to find an even younger model next’ I feel my balls tighten as Carrie starts to talk openly about having even more lovers and how Phil’s fat cock stretched her in ways she never knew possible. His cum dripping from her slutty cum- filled pussy straight down my throat.‘Fuck yes Dan that feels good, eat it like the pair of cum sluts we are. I swallowed his hot creamy load and he fucked me twice tonight as well as this afternoon so Phil’s well and truly filled me with his seed.’I feel my cock straining, my own hot load getting ready to set itself free. My tongue lapping at her pussy, more cum still sliding down my throat. I’m in heaven cleaning artvin escort bayan and pleasing her listening to her tell me what a slutty hot wife she’s becoming.‘I begged him to take me from behind so I could feel his massive cock even deeper in my cunt. Oh my god I am such a good slut. He pounded me that way for about 5 minutes before I pushed back far enough it made my pussy explode into the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. As I came out of my orgasmic high he came hard, feeling his cock swell and his hot cum filling me it sent me over the edge again….I’ve never experienced 2 orgasms so close together before and I need you to suck my clit til I cum again.’Carrie starts fucking my face harder my tongue along the length of her pussy as she tells me about how they 69’d until they both came on each others faces. My orgasm began to build, my cock swelling and balls tightening with her every word. Carrie started moaning ‘Oh God Dan it feels so good being a slut, I am such a slut Dan but I love that you let me and love you more than ever that you want me to keep fucking guys. It makes me feel so sexy and slutty. I can’t wait til I fuck Phil again!’ Hearing how she wants to fuck him again sent me over the edge, my cock erupted, strings of hot cum hit Carrie on her back and down onto her ass. Carrie keeps riding my face as I lay there exhausted, feeling the last drips of cum leak from my cock on my stomach. I focus my tongue solely on her clit now to make sure she finishes. A few minutes later Carrie’s breathing changes, shallower…before she starts orgasming on my face. Her body is now well and truly spent and she rolls off me, kissing me deeply before falling asleep with her head on my chest.We wake to my alarm about an hour later….kissing tenderly as we wake up. We shower together, washing and cleaning each other intimately but knowing there wouldn’t be any more fucking that morning before breakfast and check out. Over breakfast Carrie takes my hand, ‘Dan, Phil is in town on the 28th for a conference, he asked if he could stay over the night before.”27th and 28th….that’s when I am away on a training course…’ I try to act casual about it but am excited and scared at the same time. ‘I know,’ Carrie said blushing slightly, ‘That’s why I said yes.’TBC – find out what happened when I was out of town

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