Dad helps his Son to get his Mom

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My name Raghuram Chandra. I am a senior financial manager in one of the reputed MNC. My age is 55 and I am a workaholic.

Let me tell you the story of our family. Here the hero of this story is my son Rahul 20-year-old final year B Com student with good athletic type body. And the heroine of the story is my wife Vidya 40-year-old with huge boobs and good body structure. She is a voluptuous kind of women with soft and big breasts.

Let’s get into the story. The incident took place 3 years before when my son is 20 and my wife is 40. Now my son is 23 years old and my wife is 43. Rahul was in his final semester.

I used to take a lot of businesses trips so I didn’t have enough time to give him. That’s why I went his room to guide him and to give advice on future to perform father duties. I am never a strict kind of dad I always made him feel like I am his friend.

I knocked on his door, he welcomed me and we talked. Suddenly I got a call from the office. I needed to give some data immediately but I didn’t bring my laptop today. The home PC was not working so I borrowed my son’s laptop.

After sending my mail ID I started to check my son’s laptop. I know every boy does naughty things on the laptop. I am good at computers so I searched all the hidden files and history of browsers. I got tons of porn but what I got interested from all of them was mom son related videos, images, files.

He even got some files which say a guide to fucking your mom. Then I checked the browser. I got amazed he visits mom son forums and chats with some persons related to mom son sex. I got a very bad feeling for him.

I don’t want to discuss this with him and I cursed myself for not giving time for him so I called him and gave him the laptop and went to my room. In my room my wife is reading some magazine, I didn’t disturb her. After some time my wife started to come towards me and asking for sex.

Yes, women reach their sexual peak in the early forties. She is 12 years younger than me. I know she is more sex demanding women. I have given enough sex to her all these days.

But now I feel like I am lagging behind in performance. I have already used Viagra and all but it created more side effects. I don’t want my sexual incompleteness to make her search for another man.

Coming back to the present I refused sex so my wife got upset started to sleep. Now I am more interested to know my son’s thoughts. I want to know how much he is spoiled. So I made some fake account and sent him a request.

I got an immediate response from him asking about my name and all. I started to chat with him every night. I gradually understood he is interested in mature women and mom son relation. So I asked him do you fantasy your mother for sex, he said yes.

First I got angry but later on, I got aroused that my son fantasies about my wife. Later on, as days go he exposed himself to me every way. He said that is a life goal and dream is to fuck his mom and make her pregnant.

I don’t know what happened to me. I too fantasized that my son fucks my wife that night and had a family together. I got charged and fucked my wife. She appreciated me that it was like 10 years before sex. She asked the reason behind it.

I told her that a sex chat online made me do this. So she also got interested in that stuff she requested me to show that. So, I gave her a laptop and introduced her to my son as my wife. I gave complete freedom to my wife to flirt with my son. She initially resisted but later found it very pleasurable so we continued doing it every night.

As days go on we chatted everyday discussed incest, mom son, father daughter and more incest talk. My wife was also excited about incest. Sometimes we did video chat also. I only showed my body and wife body to my son and the same from another end also.

The result of online chat started to show in the house. As I observed both my son and wife started to look each other in a different way. I found out my wife is also reading mom son sex stories and watching mom son porn. I don’t know why I was getting aroused by all the chats.

The situation made me feel like I am matchmaking my wife and my son. One fine day my son asked me to see us. He also put an offer that can he fuck my wife. My wife blushed. I told her to enjoy the life you can fuck him if you want. Then she replied that she is ready for sex.

So one fine day he asked us to meet. So I sent a visiting pass of an event taking place in a 5-star hotel. Then I told my wife about the hotel and arrangements to see the boy. She got more excited.

I told him to come in a white suit and red roses so that we can identify him. I told him that my wife will be coming in sleeveless red saree and a red rose in her hand. He accepted that.

On that day we told our son that we are going to some party and we will be coming late. He told us that he is urfa escort also going out with friends. He didn’t see his mother as he was busy to get ready. Knowing everything I smiled to myself.

I am curious how will my wife reacts when she sees our son in the hotel. We left home at 8 o’clock. I took my wife to the hotel. It was a huge function, maybe about 400 people attend that function. We were enjoying the event.

My wife was very much tensed about what was going to happen. I knew my son is already here and searching for his fuck mate. I saw as my son entered the hall. So I told my wife I want to use the washroom and went away to see the drama.

My wife was facing her back to my son. He looked everywhere and finally found his fuck mate who is wearing a red sleeveless saree. He approached by saying, ” Hello mam.” My wife turned and was surprised to see her son and she said, “What are you doing here?”

But my son realised that the women he is talking about is his mother and he was stuck there. My wife later seeing his white suit and red roses she got a sudden shock. They were looking into each other’s eyes but didn’t utter a word.

Suddenly on the stage, the best couple award was announced that was us Raghuram and Vidya. Everybody looked at our table. They assumed that my son and my wife are a couple and called them on stage. Here both my wife and son were stunned by the incident.

My wife didn’t try to find me and the organizer was asking them to come on the stage. They both went on the stage in a shock. They went to the stage and got an award. Everybody requested a romantic dance from them.

My wife and son did as they were told, and within a minute all the people started to dance with their partners. Here my wife was dancing with her virile son. While dancing, she asked my son, “Is that you who was always chatted with me?” My son said, “Yes.”

She again asked, “Did you know that it’s me?” My son said, “No mother, I didn’t know it’s you. If it was you I would never do that.” For that my wife asked, “What do you mean? Am I bad looking?”

My son said, “No mom it’s ….” My wife said, ” I am old is that right?” My son said, ” No mom your not old, you’re so beautiful every man’s dream is to get a wife like you”.

My wife said, ” So you want a wife like me?” My son replied, “Of course mom who wants to miss you?” Saying this he gave a light kiss on his mother’s cheek. But my wife got aroused and pulled him towards to her. She gave a long smooch they even exchanged their saliva.

After that, they started to kiss like hungry dogs using their tongues. I was aware of the situation that we are in public. So I went towards them and disturbed them. After seeing me they both got separated.

I took them out of the hotel. I started the car they both were in the back seat of the car. They both were looking at each other like hungry lions. But they also have a fear that what I will say when we get home. I saw in the mirror that my son put his hands on my wife’s thighs and started to rub them.

My wife let out a small moan and guided his hand towards her pussy. My son started to finger her pussy. She held his head and started to kiss without thinking that I am in the front seat. Now both of them got aroused and started to kiss wildly.

My wife opened my son’s pant and mouth fucked his tool for some time. Then my son pulled her saree and her blouse and squeezed her huge breasts. I know I can’t drive home. I don’t want anybody in our locality to know what is happening in the car.

So I drove the car into the woods which is also a huge park. But still, it is a forest area. My son now ripped her all clothes and made her sit in his lap. He started giving his best strokes. She still had half covered blouse and half opened saree.

I liked their guts. They were doing all this in the backside of the car while I was driving. I was tensed that someone would see us. After some time I reached the woods. I stopped the car and went away leaving them free. Both got out from the car.

My wife spread her saree on the ground and opened her legs for her son. My son jumped and positioned his dick and started to fuck her in the missionary position. They were shouting. I was busy guarding them.

My son fucked her very hard. His down shots matched her up shots. They were doing in the synchronised way of fucking. He was licking and squeezing her breasts and her lips and I got very aroused in the meantime guarding them in lonely woods.

Finally, after 20 minutes, they both moaned loudly and my son fell on my wife body. Now they were kissing and fondling each other. I left them for another 20 minutes. But when I came back after a smoke, they already started another round.

I was amazed. What a scene it was, the chubby big breasted and big assed mother with a handsome good dicked virile son, fucking in urfa escort bayan a night in nature. Their pounding sounds were echoing all over woods when their flesh was contacting.

Every time he hits her. He was balls deep in her pussy. I can sense that my son has reached the place I never ever reached in her pussy. His dick explored all the undiscovered places in his mother’s pussy. I really got jealous by seeing my son who is pounding his mother at midnight in a lonely and romantic woods.

I also thought I missed my chance of fucking my mother in my teenage. He actually made me think about my mom which I never had. Their fucking reached high and they reached their climax. Finally, after about 30 minutes they stopped fucking and felt exhausted.

I went near them looking at their fully drained body. Now they came into actual reality and both were finding their clothes to cover themselves. But I said, “Don’t be tensed, put on your clothes we will talk in the car.”

Both started to wear their clothes and got into the car. I told them, “See I don’t have any problem with your affair and whatever happens happens. I know you both wanted this that’s why I arranged all this.” Now, this was the time for them to get shocked.

Still, they didn’t know that all things happened here was planned by me. Of course, not the fucking in woods wildly. They believed that they accidentally met and chatted online. But I told them everything.

My wife asked why I did this. I explained, “Because you are now 40 years old. This is your sex peak time. I know I can’t satisfy you. I know eventually, you will find some other company.”

I discovered your son’s fantasies for you. So I decided why to let outside man inside you when we have a man inside the house who is fantasizing about you and will take good care of you. So I decided it’s better our son will fuck you rather than an outsider.

An outside man will treat you like a whore. Our son will not treat you like a whore. He will love you as a lover and our family name will be preserved. Now they were relaxed. I told them that I don’t have any problem with my son fucking my wife. You both can enjoy anytime you want.

Now onwards I will fuck my wife when I need. I am not that strong in sex. They both become happy and kissed each other. But stopped in middle after seeing me. I said don’t worry you can do anything in front of me. I don’t care so they resume their kiss.

Then we reached home they didn’t care about me. They reached inside home holding each other. I parked the car went inside. As soon as I entered home, I heard the moans of my wife and my son in my bedroom. I knocked on the door.

After 2 minutes they opened. My wife was fully nude and she held a bed sheet in front of her breasts to cover. She said, “Honey can you please excuse us and sleep in Rahul’s bedroom tonight”. My son also added, ” Yes dad your bedroom has a king-sized bed and mine is a small one.”

I said yes and they looked happy. My son thanked me and told goodbye. I too said goodbye to both. As soon as I turned they closed doors and locked it from inside. All night I was hearing their moans. Pounding sounds started to grow more.

I went to my room listening to my son and my wife’s moans. Gradually I fell into the hands of sleep while my son was fucking my wife in the next bedroom. I never thought my son would do domination on my wife. She was doing everything my son told her to do.

Early morning I got up and made coffee for me and for them also. I knocked on the door but it was open. I saw the room was messed up and both my son and wife were asleep in bed holding each other naked. My wife and my son were fully exhausted.

I can feel that and thought some serious fuck has been made. I didn’t disturb them. I put the coffee on the table came outside closing the door behind. I ordered food from outside. While receiving the food my neighbor friend asked me how was the night.

I asked what night. He said he heard all night the moaning of my wife and me. I didn’t know how to react. A son fucked his mother entire night, making his father sleep in the next room. In the morning a neighbor asks the father how was the night.

This is a very bad thing for any man. But I controlled myself. So I said, “Yes that was good.” I was little close to him that’s why he asked such kind of question. He said the lady is still sleeping it seems. I said yes but little did he know that she is sleeping with my son and what he heard all night is my son and my wife moaning.

After 11 o’clock they both came out and my wife said, “Thank you for coffee, dear.” Later they had their meals and my son said thanks for ordering food from outside, as his mother is tired from last night marathon fucking.

After some talk, they said they were going to trip to Manali and Shimla for 2 weeks. I was amazed by escort urfa their plan. How fast they decided to do this. I said, “Okay but 2 weeks is too long.” But my son interrupted and said, “Dad I think we need more than 2 weeks. We can’t suppress our inside fire at least 2 weeks are needed.”

He then looked at my wife and smiled at her. She blushed in front of me. I look at them and saw newborn love in their eyes. I said ok. After hearing this my wife said you are the best husband in the world. My son said you are the best dad in the world.

After some time we watched TV. Then my wife announced she is going to bath by winking at her son. My son went behind her and said, “Me too.”

The next day I dropped them at the airport. They really looked the hottest couple. The big breasted voluptuous woman and a big dicked virile boy who are mother and son, which is a very exciting relationship. Whole 2 weeks they fucked like wild animals.

Sometimes they sent me some pictures of their trip. Most of the time when I called them either my son is fucking my wife or they were doing some oral sex. I too masturbated imagining both of them in the snow-filled cold days and nights of Shimla and Manali.

After 2 weeks they returned. I went to pick them up. I found my wife had become more charming than ever. I welcomed them. Later we went home after that trip. I shifted into my son’s room and my son shifted to my room. Every night I hear their moaning without missing.

After 2 months my son had to attend his final year exams. So he shifted to my room and started his study. Now I tried to fuck my wife but I can’t even satisfy her for one percent. She is fully addicted to my son’s large dick.

Finally, after 2 weeks, he finished his exam. As soon as he came home he grabbed his mother and lifted her into the bedroom. He stripped her clothes and parted her legs where her mother’s pussy waiting for her son’s dick. They both fucked for hours.

I know they are not going to come out soon. So I ordered food from outside. Later at 8 pm they came outside and had food. They rested for an hour by seeing TV again. They started to kiss. Then my son and my wife went inside the room and locked the door.

I saw that scene and uttered what a scene a beautiful 40-year-old big breasted mother and 20 years handsome big dicked son going inside the room and locking the door naked. As the days go on I adjusted that now the man of the house is my son and the woman of the house is my wife.

Whenever I leave for a trip I would think my wife no longer needed any protection since my son was taking care of her as her husband. After his degree completion, he got a job in a reputed MNC. He used to take my wife for weekly movies and restaurants. They started to live like couples.

One fine day they decided to get married. They asked my permission. I know even if I say no they will reject me and they will get married. I am with them in their house just because I am supporting them for having sex.

If I went against them I will be no longer respected as now my son is financially strong. He took hold of all power and he emerges as a perfect man of the house.

They married in the local temple. That night my wife, sorry my ex-wife, got dressed as a bride in a red saree and ornaments. My son got ready with a white silk shirt and pants. She took milk with her to his bedroom, once it was my room.

He drank half and gave another half to her. Now he has a hunger for sex he stripped her clothes and made her rest on her back. Then he took her in the missionary position. As the room door is closed all I heard their moans.

For me, it was the wildest night to imagine them and masturbate. I don’t know if I am more interested in seeing them fucking each other rather than I actually fuck.

Later on, as the day passes they become less careful. They used to leave their bedroom door to remain open while they were making out in bed. I used to record in my camera and my ex-wife started to dress less. She usually was dressed in transparent nighty or gowns without bras and panties.

As the day went on she became pregnant. The great day came like a flash when she delivered a baby girl. My son became a very proud father and made me grandfather of my own son. Now my job is to look after my grandchild while my son and his mother fuck in the next bedroom.

And within a year they made another child which is a baby girl. Both of them decided to tie up the tubes. Right now they are going to Mauritius for their 3rd marriage anniversary, leaving behind their 2 daughters with me to take care of.

How a single decision in my life turned out all our lives. If I had decided to just give him advice after I found out his intentions he would have been a normal son. My wife would be a normal mom. But now my son becomes a husband with his mom and fathered two babies with his mother.

Who knows if my son didn’t take a step ahead to fuck his mom probably she would have ended up with extramarital affairs. The man from inside the house is better than outside the house. Moreover, incest actually strengthens the family relationship.

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