Dad is Watching


“I’m off up to bed then.” announced my wife, Tracey, at 11pm when the tv show we were watching ended. “Ok then love, I’ll be up in a little while.” I replied, knowing full well I was intending on staying down a lot longer and probably end up sleeping on the settee, as I was increasingly doing those days. She wasn’t really expecting me up anytime soon, she’d gotten used by now to having the bed to herself, it was a blessed relief for her to not have to be kept awake by my snoring I suppose. We were both in our mid fifties, which isn’t that old but intimacy in the bedroom between us just seemed to be getting less frequent, even though we had the house to ourselves since our only daughter, Catherine, had grown up and flown the nest.

Tracey had a mildly irritating tendency to sometimes pop back down soon after she’d gone up because she’d forgot something or other. Once I was sure she was settled and not coming back down, I put the “Honey suite” channel on, one of those late night adult chat channels. I don’t ring in, I just watch the hot young women on there showing their stuff, before settling down to sleep. This was becoming my nightly routine.

On one particular night, when I switched on to the channel, immediately there was a close up shot of a glorious pair of tanned perky tits filling the entire screen. The girl was rubbing them with her hands and jiggling them up and down. The camera then zoomed out a little to show more of her body, but not her head yet. She was the most perfect type of babe you could possibly imagine, like a Baywatch era Pamela Anderson; tanned all over and with a perfect womanly figure. Her screen name was “Lexy.” I had my hand down my sweatpants tugging my hardened cock as I watched her gyrating around in just a thong.

The camera then zoomed manavgat escort out a little further still, finally showing her face. I froze for a moment, stunned. It can’t be! I thought to myself. It can’t be!…but it was…It was our daughter, Catherine!

She was 26 years old and had left home a couple of years ago. She had trained to be a veterinary technician, following in her mother’s footsteps, but she also decided that she wanted to capitalise on her looks by doing some modelling around it. As the modelling work gradually began to snowball, to her mother’s dismay, her studies to become a vet started to go on to the backburner and eventually fizzled out.

She was in a relationship and living with a man 25 years her senior. He is a good bloke, despite the age gap between her and Catherine, I get on well with him, and Tracey was very fond of him too. He sold his successful business 10 years ago and he and Catherine were living in the “area manager belt” in the nice part of town, a world way from our house where she grew up; so she has done very well for herself in a way. Her mother accepts her glamour modelling but prefers not to dwell on it too much. We had no idea she was now working on the Honey suite channel though.

A part of me wanted to go upstairs and tell my wife Tracey that out daughter was doing this, but I refrained because it would devastate her if she knew, and then there is the small matter of what I was doing watching that channel in the first place, which would have been more than a bit awkward. So I decided it would be wise to keep it to myself.

I wasn’t sure what to do with this hard on I had given that It was my daughter on the screen. I changed channel to try and watch something else manavgat escort bayan but my curiosity got the better of me and I ended up switching back.

There she was, doing her thing, she looked so happy enjoying her body, and it was a great body, she really had become a magnificent woman. I was proud of her.

I stayed up later than I normally would, watching Catherine, or should that be Lexy?! It felt a bit wrong but my eyes were all over her and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t getting a little hardened as she writhed and snaked her womanly hips seductively.

By now it was 2:am and It went to an obligatory 30 minute preview of Honey Suite’s services, which I suppose was an opportunity for the girl on shift to get a break. I thought about calling it a night and going to sleep. I don’t know what compelled me to do it but I sent her a text. “Hey, I’ve been watching, you look great.” I put, with a smiley emoji. I immediately regretted it; she must have been mortified. She responded almost immediately.

“Oh hello daddy tee hee. Didn’t know you watched Honey Suite. You horny devil, does mum know.” she put, with a devil emoji.

This was a typical reaction from Catherine; ever since she was a girl, whenever she was caught doing something she would always own up and own the situation.

“I’m going to sleep, give us a wave when you come back on.” I texted back.

“Ok, will do. xxxx”

At around 2:30 she was back on, and true to her word she blew a kiss and waved at me through the screen, before getting down to business, taking calls and shaking her stuff. I got hard again but this time without any shame. I sat there stroking myself off looking at my daughter’s fine ass. That husband of hers escort manavgat is a lucky man, I thought to myself.

The line must have been free as she was looking at the camera wiggling the phone to encourage someone to call, so I decided to ring the number; I spoke to a call handler, not telling her that I was “Lexy’s” dad of course, and to my surprise I was put straight through to her.

“Hello love.” I said. She recognised my voice straight away which caused her to blush a little. Knowing the call handlers are listening in, I just acted like a regular caller. “My cock is rock hard.” I said. She opened her mouth and simulated sucking me off, I played along at my end and began tugging at my cock imagining it was in her mouth while on screen her head was going up and down. “hmmm, good girl.” she heard me say through the receiver.

“Let me shag you from behind,” I said to her. With a sultry smile she got herself into a doggy position with her ass pointing towards the camera. “Give it to me, darling!” She said to me over the phone. I tugged even harder on my cock as I imagined I was pounding her as she was doing a thrusting motion at me on screen.

“Oh god, yeah!” She heard me say as I tugged away at my cock.

“Come on, fuck me!”

“Oh, yeah” I tugged harder!


“Oooohh yeeeeaah!” Tugging faster and harder still. I was ready to cum at this point!

“CUM IN ME, COME ON BABY!” She screamed at me down the phone.

“Aaaaaaaaaagh!” She heard me shoot my load.

“Oh that hot cum feels so nice in my pussy” she said to me as I emptied the last of what I had onto the living room floor. I then abruptly ended the call.

I was looking at her on screen. She spun around to face the camera; her hair was stuck to her face and she looked quite flustered as she blew me another kiss and waved goodbye at me through the screen.

I turned off the tv and went to sleep very contented and satisfied having had virtual sex with a gorgeous young woman who just happened to be my daughter. How I would feel about her the next time we meet in person I didn’t know. Only time would tell.

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