Daddy’s Little Helper Ch. 02


© Jefferson Merrick 2022

If you haven’t already read Part One of Daddy’s Little Helper, it might help you understand this second phase a little better.


I lay, naked under the fluffy towel, on the bed scrolling through old social media posts looking at pictures of my mother, Melissa. Some included me and a few had Dad in there too but mostly I looked at the ones of just her, her smile, her vitality, her energy, bursting out from the screen of my smartphone. I missed my Mom so much. She had been gone almost a year now and the pain still felt raw. She had so much life to live, so much beauty, so much strength but it all disappeared in an instant in the fitting rooms at Nordstrom that afternoon eight days before my eighteenth birthday. An aneurysm, they said. I waited for my dad to finish his ablutions, as he called his, pee, shower and shave. Then it would be my time to do the same.

Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok took up less and less of my time now that I had a full-time job with Dad’s firm. He made me his PA to give me something to do during the dark days following Mom’s death. Now I had grown into the role and fulfilled a really worthwhile function. I loved the job and the generous salary made the nine, sometimes ten-hour days worth every minute! Dad and his partner, Jerry, about the same age, ran a haulage company employing sixty drivers. The twenty-six, soon to be forty, eighteen wheelers were mobile for around twenty hours a day. Keeping them all rolling with full loads kept the office staff busy. I had the task of keeping Dad and Jerry up to date with everything that happened that ran outside the norms, the glitches, the hiccoughs, the breakdowns, the despatch of the repair crews, the day to day minutiae of running their offices. I even made the coffee a couple of times a week!

I had become a member of the Aston and Maddison Haulage Company team within weeks of joining. A few in the office disliked the fact that I had only just reached the age of eighteen, without a college degree but after a few weeks of effective work, they saw that I indeed had the smarts to do the job Dad had given me. Now, almost nineteen, I had the confidence to hold my head up and had proven to everyone that my more than pretty face hid a competent and energetic PA to the two bosses. At the office, I maintained a totally professional demeanour, all the while my pussy hungered for Toby Aston’s tongue and his rigid cock while my nipples ached to be sucked and pinched.

Dad and I had a secret. A secret so taboo that we had learned to keep even a hint of it from our daily lives at the headquarters of the company. I maintained a discreet distance from my father, and Jerry, of course. No touching, no smiles unless the joke was for everyone, no messages, no texts, no phone calls, no sneaking off for quick fumbles or fucks. We saved everything for behind closed doors at home.

I drove our Tesla each way while Dad sat in the back and caught up on his social media. Twenty five minutes each way and he fulfilled his duties to his pages and managed to catch up on the latest news. On arrival at our home in the burbs, I drove the car into the double width garage and lowered the electronic door closed behind us. We both rushed inside, Dad to the downstairs bathroom, me to the upstairs en-suite and showered away the grime of the day, paying particular attention to my pussy. Dry, teeth brushed, hair combed and wrapped in a large fluffy towel, I lay on the bed and scrolled. Dad would be a few more minutes since he liked to relax on the toilet after work, his regular dumping time! I didn’t mind. It gave me more time with Mom.

I heard him coming up the stairs. The door to his bedroom swung open and he stood, naked, smiling, his cock semi-erect, and said,

“Ready or not, here I come!”

He said the same thing every day we did this routine. It had become a habit and both of us laughed every time he said it. I dropped my phone onto the night-stand on Mom’s side of the bed and threw open my towel. Daddy grinned, wider than ever. He rushed to the foot of the bed and knelt in the middle, I had arranged the pillows to my liking already. And now, to accomplish complete submission in the presence of my lord and master, I opened my legs invitingly, wide, knees raised and let him assume the position. Our first time, a few weeks after my last birthday, had been rushed, a clumsy but still satisfying bout of hurried sex that set us on this torrid journey of incestuous love and debauchery. Today, Daddy took his time, kissing, licking, sucking, pulling my lips, flicking my clitoris, fingering my pussy, drilling into me with two, sometimes three fingers. In ten minutes, I had three, earth-shattering orgasms.

That first time I had blown Daddy since I couldn’t let him come inside me. We had no condoms in the house and Mom had been on the pill. Now I had been taking the pill for several months and insisted he blast his load deep inside me. I loved the feel of his cum jetting hot and powerful inside my cunt. Now he sucked, licked, fingered yenimahalle escort my pussy and kissed my clitoris, sucking it and the surrounding skin into his mouth, pinching, squeezing, rolling it between his teeth, building the pressure inside me until I could stand no more. I exploded onto his face, a small gush of liquid covered him. He laughed, sucked, licked some more and swallowed.

After my third orgasm, he rolled off me, his erection jutting into the air like a ramrod. For a man of thirty-nine, he kept in great shape. His circumcised cock twitched in the cool of the air-conned room. I devoured it, taking as much as I could deep into my mouth. I had been trying to get over my gag reflex for some months now but I still encountered the unwanted reaction every time I drew his cock into my throat. The gagging had lessened in recent weeks and I felt sure I could take him right down inside with a few more tries.

Now, his erect cock soaked in my saliva, I knelt over him, held his cock in my left hand and positioned the head at the entrance to my hot, wet pussy. I lowered myself down an inch at a time, pausing to savor the feeling as my greedy cunt gripped his dick. Five pauses later, I felt the hard, swollen head pressing deep inside me. I pushed on down another inch, the pressure hurt but the pleasure was worth the discomfort. I paused, held my breasts and then began to slowly rock back and forth on his pubic bone.

The intense, direct contact between my clitoris and his bone made me come in about two minutes. I rode faster, harder, pressing my pussy down as hard as I could as I rocked back and forth on his rigid penis. The head lodged deep inside felt incredible, hard and a slight pain but I savored the intense, pleasurable feeling deep inside me as my orgasm approached. I squeezed my C cups, pinching the pale brown nipples between my fingers. Daddy, Toby, gripped my hips and pulled me onto him with each thrust down on him. He kept eye contact with me, smiling, whispering to me,

“Come on, Baby. Fuck me, fuck me hard, harder, hurt me. Melissa can hurt little Toby if she wants to. Toby won’t mind.”

Little Toby was not! I responded with,

“Melissa is gonna come on Toby’s massive cock in about one minute. Just keep still and let me ride your beautiful cock. Don’t do anything, Darling. Just relax and concentrate on keeping that fucking wonderful cock of yours hard inside me. Oh yes! Can you see my little bean when I slide forward like this, look, there it is! Touch it with your thumb, that’s it, just keep your hand there and let me fuck you. Oh, Jeez, that feels so fucking good. I am cumming, cumming cumming, just a bit mooooorrrrre! Oh fuck, yes! Yes, that’s it. God, fucking hell, Darling, that is just wonderful. Can I have another?”

“As many as you like, Honey. I am more than happy to lie here and watch you fuck me just like you did when we were teenagers in college. You remember those days, Honey?”

“Oh yes, Darling, I do! My body feels the same now as it did all those years ago and you haven’t aged a bit, Darling. You’re still as virile and horny as you ever were.”

The very first time Dad had an orgasm with me he called out Melissa’s name. I had laughed at the time and didn’t mind it a bit. When I mentioned it to Dad as I got off the bed, he apologized and cried.

“I’m sorry, Honey. I didn’t mean to. I guess I just did it out of habit. I won’t do it again, I promise. I’m sorry.”

I paused at the bathroom door, naked, lean and toned as I posed with the door frame as my support. I looked at him and said.

“I don’t mind, really. You told me I look like her so let me be her for you. You can pretend I am Melissa and I’ll pretend to be your wife, just in the bedroom of course. We have to be careful not to let anyone know about this. I’ll call you Toby in here and you can call me Melissa, okay?”

Daddy paused. He looked good lying naked on my bed that day almost a year ago.

“Okay, yes, I’d like that.”

“Right, you can have that third beer now, Toby! You have my permission after giving me all those spectacular orgasms!”

He grinned and I left him to go wash up. And so it began, Toby Aston got to fuck me, his wife, as often as we both wished, which turned out to be almost every day! Daddy went to Walgreen’s later that afternoon and stocked up on condoms. Six boxes of Kimono’s Microthin XL! Daddy’s a bit larger than average, so he tells me! We tried them out that night and had the best time with him coming inside me for the first time.

Now, I sat on top and relaxed for a few seconds. I felt just a bit overheated after that bout of frenzied riding on his big cock. We rode bareback since June. I had been on the pill for about three months. I leaned forward and kissed Toby on his mouth. Our tongues danced with each other, swapping saliva. I felt his cock twitch inside me. He was ready for me to resume. I wanted just one more orgasm before it would be his turn. He had given me three with his mouth and escort yenimahalle already one on his cock. Just one more and I would be done.

I began again, riding slowly at first, then faster as the pleasure increased, the pressure deep inside grew as the tension built. Somewhere deep inside me, a trigger snapped and my orgasm began its journey through my body. I rode faster, ground down on him hard and felt the explosion of electricity, of plasma, of whatever it is that makes an orgasm so freakin’ special! I roared my appreciation and screamed as I came.

“Fuck me!!!!! Fuck me!!!! Oh, fuck, yesssss!”

I collapsed onto his chest, my breasts squashed between us as my body shook and shuddered with pleasure. I licked his neck, sweaty from his tense withholding plus his energetic jerks to push his cock as deep as it would go as I came down on him. He had earned his pleasure and now he would get his reward. I gripped his shoulders and rolled over, he rolled with me, keeping his cock inside me as we adopted the classic missionary position. Do you think the missionary wives would have their legs wrapped over their husband’s shoulders, pussy gaping wide, hips thrust up off the bed to allow their husbands to plow deep into them, grunting with pleasure with each deep thrust?

Toby stroked into me, long and slow for about five minutes with the occasional pause to allow the intensity to subside, prolonging the action. I loved it. I squeezed my pussy muscles around his cock, milking him, trying to make him cum. We grinned at each other, acting like a pair of black and white loons in a rainstorm, loving every second of it. His tempo increased, going from a slow rock ballad to a up-beat disco pace until he reached his maximum of about 160 pumps a minute. He didn’t need the full minute though, not at that pace. After about thirty seconds at his maximum rate, he roared, threw his head back and came with a mighty shudder, a final thrust of his hips, smashing his cock hard up against me as his seed burst forth, hot, molten, turning me into a shaking pile of jelly as I came along with him for my sixth orgasm of the day. I grabbed his shoulders, pulling him close, hard up against me as I felt the love drain into me, his cock pulsing, my cunt grasping, draining every drop from his now deflating cock. We clung to each other, needful, desperate to feel the vacant space diminish, to lessen the loss we both felt so deeply. Minutes passed, Toby rolled away, his hands resting on his heaving chest, his body glistening with sweat after his exertion. His semi-limp cock lay on his thigh, a tiny drop of cum clinging to the tip. I dipped my finger, wiped it off and licked my finger clean.

“Darling, you are the sexiest woman I have ever known. Considering I only ever had sex with Melissa, and I thought she couldn’t be any more sexy, but you are a league above that. Where did you learn to behave like that?”

“Watching porn, mostly, and reading a lot of erotica. That and listening to the girls at school and college. A few of them would be right at home in some of the porn I’ve watched. It’s where most of us learn about sex now, not that porn is real, of course, but it does give you pointers!”

Hmmm. I wonder.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Hmmmm?”

“Nothing, really. Listen, Jerry has found himself a new girlfriend. She’s a lot younger than his ex, twenty-four. He sort of invited himself over for lunch on Sunday. He thinks maybe you two youngsters might hit it off. Jerry hasn’t told anyone at work yet. He wants our opinion on her before he goes public. I think he’s embarrassed by the age difference!”

“Great! That sounds so cool. We’ll have to be careful not to do anything that might arouse their suspicion. No touching. Pretend we’re at the office. What shall we cook? I can do the roast chicken if you like?”

I had begun cooking at the weekends, the same dishes that Mom cooked when she looked after us both so well.

“That’d be great. We can stop off at Lidl and get the stuff we need on the way home from work later. What are your plans for tomorrow?”

We had been shopping at Lidl ever since he and Jerry won a contract to distribute their product from the massive warehouse in Perryville, close to Baltimore, in Maryland. Saturdays were set aside for some ‘my time’. About six weeks after Mom passed, I had begun hanging out again with Sophie and Sarah, my old buddies from high school. They lived together in midtown, lovers since I don’t know when, way back at junior high, I guess. We had hung around like leeches for self-preservation at high school. They needed me because they were lesbians and I stood almost six feet tall and took no shit from anyone. I needed them because they never said a word about my height or my breasts, both of which rapidly increased when I turned thirteen. We became besties and have remained so ever since. I stopped seeing them after the funeral but when Sarah called one afternoon and told me to get over to their place for dinner, yenimahalle escort bayan I didn’t hesitate. Now we spent most Saturday afternoons together, shopping, taking coffee, maybe watching a movie and then dinner together downtown. Toby played squash or tennis with Jerry every Saturday afternoon so we didn’t feel like we were missing out on each other. Saturday mornings almost always began with a slow screw after a warm shower, setting us up for the rest of the day. I always rode Toby to orgasm, telling him he needed to conserve his energy for the racquet games later with Jerry. They were pretty evenly matched according to Daddy.

Sundays were Melissa and Toby days. Morning wood we put to good use, as we did sometimes on weekdays. Once we had both cum, quickly because we both needed to pee, we showered together, then another half an hour of raw sex before a late breakfast. The afternoons we spent watching football, hockey, or baseball all the while fooling around and occasionally interrupting the sport to engage in another bout of vigorous lovemaking. Daddy, Toby, had found a renewed stamina and could come three, sometimes four times on a normal Sunday. This weekend we would have to forgo the afternoon frolicking and curtail our naughtiness until they, Jerry and his new lady friend, left, whenever that might be.


Toby opened the door at midday on Sunday as Jerry rolled his Jaguar to a halt in our driveway. He dashed out and ran around to open the passenger side door. A tall, slender, elegant woman wearing hip hugging jeans and a white cotton shirt emerged from the silver-gray car. She looked as if she would be capable of opening the door herself but Jerry extended his hand and helped her out of the seat. They grinned at one another, like teenagers sharing a rude joke. Her sunglasses perched on top of her thick blonde hair, swept back into a long ponytail. I watched from the dining room window as they approached the front door. I heard the greetings and obvious cheek pressing as they came into the living room. I breezed in via the kitchen, letting the smell from the oven waft into the room. I extended my hand towards the beautiful young woman. She stood about a half inch shorter than me, making her about five eleven. I couldn’t help noticing her magnificent boobs. She must be a D cup, at least, I decided as we closed the gap between us.

“Hi, I’m Eva. Pleased to meet you.” she said.

“Hello. I’m um, Jodie. I’m so pleased to meet you.” I replied.

Distracted by her great looking body and her wide, open smile, I had almost introduced myself as Melissa! I would have kicked myself if I had not been in the presence of these three beautiful people. Nobody seemed to have noticed the slip, it was more of a mumble than a sound so no harm done. I deliberately didn’t look at Dad, Toby, worried that such a glance would just add fuel to the fire of suspicion, should there be any.

“What would you like to drink?” asked Dad.

“Eva, what will you have?”

“Do you have dry white wine? I’d love one mixed with soda, a weinschorle, we call it in Germany.”

“Eva is German.” said Jerry, unnecessarily considering she had quite a pronounced accent, not to mention the fact that she had just told us as much. Everyone laughed, even Jerry when he realized what he had said. Eva continued.

“We met when he and your father came to Lidl headquarters in Neckarsulm. I have been with them since I left University two years ago. I work in marketing and of course, I was on the team making the assessment of your company’s bid for the contract to distribute our product in the USA. We told him he needed more ell kah vay, sorry, trucks. LKW is what we call heavy goods vehicles in German. Hence the expansion going on for all of us! I hear you are their PA at the office, Jodie. Are they nice bosses to work with?”

Her smile widened as Jerry handed her a tall frosted glass of white wine with soda and ice. Daddy had found some glacé cherries and added one to the glass. I took the offered juice from Daddy and we all clinked our glasses. Jerry and Eva said,

“Prost!” as he tipped his beer glass to her schooner. Dad and I stuck with,


I returned to the kitchen to check on the progress of our lunch. Everything under control, just like Mom used to be when she cooked for us. Eva came into the room and leaned on the black granite worktop. She crossed her feet and smiled again.

“I do tend to talk rather a lot. It’s embarrassment, mainly.”

“I don’t mind at all, really.”

I checked the chicken through the glass door of the oven. It had already begun to brown nicely.

“Tell me a little about yourself, Jodie. I know some things from Jerry but what about you? How are you, really? Do you mind me asking?”

I studied her earnest, honest face. A hint of a concerned frown furrowed her smooth brow.

“Not at all. It’s nice to have someone else to talk to here at home. I guess you know our situation with my Mom passing a year ago. Dad and I are moral and emotional support for each other. I intended going back to college but now I’m going to stay with the firm. The job is great and everyone seems to think I make a positive contribution. So no college debt! I don’t care that I won’t have a Bachelor’s or whatever, I have a job and a good salary so I’m fine. All I have to do is work for Dad and Jerry until they retire, I guess!”

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