Daddy’s Princess in Training Part Five


                                                    Daddy’ s Thoughts  As I look down at my beautiful sleeping angel I smile in memory of the past loving moments and closeness we have shared and enjoyed these last six years. Her bright intelligent mind, her softness of heart, her deep devotion to me causes my heart to over flow with love and tenderness that I have never felt for or from another living soul. “My child, born from my seed, the love of my life, my princess lover, my daughter.”   “A quirk of fate made her my child although our souls were tied and meant to be together through time.” “I felt it from the day she was born and placed in my arms that we had been together in many previous lives.” “A cruel turn of fate placed us in our present situation.” These are the thoughts running through my mind as I plan my final training of her and prepare my sweet angel for her adventure. Her total trust, love and devotion for me will be tested in just a few short days. I have placed everything in motion, therefore, it is too late to turn back time.   She has been trained in all that is pleasurable, to be sensually erotic, without the barriers of society’s established rights or wrongs.                                                          FINAL DAY OF TRAINING      Opening my eyes I see daddy looking down at me smiling as he brushes my hair back and kisses my forehead.   “Mmmmm, Good morning daddy.” I had such a good sleep” as I stretched my body and tried to shake off the sleepiness of the previous night I looked into his eyes and smiled. “Good morning my love.” “I didn’t have the heart to wake you my sweet angel.” “Your body was so exhausted from yesterdays training you needed the rest.” “How do you feel my love?” “Mmmm, I feel good daddy.” Daddy chuckled, sat down on the bed pulling me into his arms softly stroking  me and said “Ah to be young and have such a resilient body.”  “No soreness or tenderness anywhere sweetie?” “No daddy.” “I have a question though, about last night.” “What troubles you angel?” “No daddy, it’s not like that.” “Last night I felt like, I don’t know, almost like I was in another world.” “I’m not complaining” I laughed. “It was unbelievable.” “I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.” “At the end, before you stopped it all, I couldn’t stop cumming.” “It was wave after wave after wave  orgasms crashing over one another.” “It was the most intense feeling.” “Why was it like that daddy?” “Honey, your body has developed such sensitivity to touch and stimulation that even I didn’t fully realize the depth of your erotic and sensual reactions.” Göztepe escort bayan “I believe it was a combination of several things.” “Your nipples, which are already highly sensitive to stimulation,  were kept under constant stimulation by the nipple rings.” “Then when you add the constant attention to your clit ring, the additional new stimuli to your rose bud, with the vibrating dildo, and of course, my 10 inches filling your little kitty well your bodily sensations were alive from head to toe.” “There was one other stimulation, which was designed to intensify orgasms, you were unaware of.” “It is called an electronic orgasm enhancer.” “If you recall, those were the patches you felt me place on your ankles.” “This is designed to send electrical impulses to the pelvis which includes your clit and kitty.” “Yes daddy I remember.” “I believe your little body was so highly and erotically stimulated you entered what some people call sub space.” “You were in your own world of intense erotica and all you could do, at that point, was respond to the feelings your body created.”  “We will continue with all of that today and add additional components to increase your stimulation.”  “Why don’t you jump in the shower and prepare your lovely body for daddy and your final day of training.”  My whole face lit up as I jumped out of bed. “You mean it daddy?” “We’re going to England?” “If you pass the last two parts of your training today then, yes my pet, we are going to England.” I smiled knowing full well I would do whatever it took to complete my training. I was going to England!! After my shower and some breakfast we talked for a short time about nothing important, just spending time together and letting our food settle. “Are you ready to turn yourself over to me my little princess?”   “Oh yes daddy, always.” Daddy picked me up from the chair and carried me into the bedroom and laid me in the middle of the bed.  He spoke softly “Today will be similar to yesterday my pet, no talking unless it is your need for sexual release  or unless you are frightened and need daddy’ s reassurance.” “Yes daddy.” Daddy raised my head and put the blindfold in place. I could hear him moving around the bed placing  items along the way. Daddy spread my legs wide and I felt him lift my ankles to place the cuffs on one then the other.  “How does that feel angel?” “Not too tight?” “No daddy.” “I’m going to attach you to the bar now honey, as he secured the ankles.”  “I am spreading you a little wider today so let me know if you are uncomfortable.” Escort Caddebostan “It is needed for this portion of your training.”   He then placed the  patches on my ankles once again. “Mmm baby, you are already wet my sweet.” as he ran his finger lightly along my slit. My body jumped half off the bed. He laughed and said “I thought that might be the case.” “Honey your body is so sensitive it is impossible for you to be able to stay still, the way I wish, therefore, I will need to secure your upper body.” “Are you ok with that?” “Yes daddy.”   Daddy then placed each wrist in a cuff and attached them to either side of the bed so I was spread eagle with each limb at one of the four corners. Daddy touched my clit ring and my body jerked but was secured  as I was unable to move more than  6 inches in any direction. “Another new thing for you my pet” as daddy attached larger cuffs on both of my legs just above the knees pulling them slightly upward and secured to the bed. I was very wet by this time and becoming quite excited at the thought of it all. I felt daddy breath against my ear as he whispered “Yes, baby, now” as he gently touched my shoulder. All of a sudden and without warning I felt a warmth and strong need centered in the core of my womanhood. I could feel the walls contract as a strong and powerful orgasm was rapidly approaching.  “Daddy oh daddy, I’m cumming.” “Ahhhgggg daddy.” My hips pumping wildly unable to connect with anything but open space. Daddy whispering in my ear “Yes, my erotic angel, cum for daddy.”  Daddy gently ran a finger along my cheek and lightly kissed my lips. “Very good my precious girl.” “Your mind and body remembered your trigger words and the touch to make you cum.” “I’m very proud of you my love.” “Mmmm I love to taste you” as he takes possession of my mouth. Licking my lips, opening my mouth with the tip of his tongue, as he slides in to gently duel with my tongue. “I can feel your body heat as  you warm to my touch” His finger tips slowly running the course of my body, refusing to touch my breasts or center. Teasing my body. Without warning daddy takes a nipple in his mouth grazing it with his teeth making it stand tall and hard as I cry out ” Ahhh daddy, please.” He slips the nipple ring over it, secures it and takes the next nipple sucking it into his mouth, gently holding it between his teeth as he attaches the other ring and secures it allowing the chain to rest between my breasts.   “You need to cum again don’t you baby?” “Yes daddy please.” “Mmm yes angel and I need to taste Bağdat Caddesi escort your nectar” as he slowly runs his tongue across my clit ring.  My body jerks as I moan and cry out. I feel his tongue slide up my slit opening me and penetrating me with his tongue. I go wild trying to reach his elusive tongue to no avail. “Patience my love” as he avoids my clit and moves away from my center. I cry out “Daddy please I can’t wait I need you.” “Shhh easy my pet.” I feel daddy’ s breath against my ear as he whispers “I have another surprise for you my sweet.” “I will place a pair of headphones over your ears.” “You will not be able to see or hear anything.” “With these two senses blocked it will leave you with taste, smell and touch.” “Your sensitivity to these will be heightened and take you to a new level of erotic sensations.” “Remember last night?” “This will be even more intense.: “Honey do you trust daddy to keep you safe and cared for no matter what happens?” “You know I do daddy.” “I have always trusted you to take care of me and will always do whatever you ask of me.” “You have always shown me your love and have given me nothing but incredible pleasure.” “Once these are on you will see or hear nothing other than what is on the headphones.” “Daddy is here to protect and care for you.” “Just remember that I wish to give you the most intense possible pleasure you can achieve.”   The music started with a slow sensual vibrating beat traveling down my body. It was intoxicating and soothing at the same time. Daddy would change it accordingly. In her mind she could talk about what daddy was doing to her. “Daddy is moving me a few inches to the edge of the bed and turning my head.” “I feel his fingers tickling my lips as he places one in my mouth, opening me to him and for a brief moment he allowed my to lick and suck it.” “Mmm his tongue licking at my lips and sliding into my mouth.” “He opens my mouth wider with his fingers and places the head of his rod into my waiting mouth.” “As I slowly lick the head and feel it slowly enter my mouth I feel a surge of desire and suck him into my hot mouth craving any kind of contact.” “Not being able to move or touch him inflamed my need.” “Daddy inched his was down my throat until I had all of him and began to gently pump in and out against my tongue.”  “I could feel daddy tug on the nipple rings and fingering my clit ring all at the same time.” I thrashed around and cried out my need.” “Daddy’ s hands held my head while pumping in and out of my mouth, a little faster each time, as I sucked and sucked his hardness.” “I felt his fingers enter my sopping wet kitty as he rode my mouth.” I was bucking and moaning for release” begging inside my head “please daddy please” knowing he couldn’t hear my thoughts. As he stood over me I could feel him tensing and trembling stroking the inside of my mouth faster and deeper as he headed toward his orgasm.

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