Daughter’s Pearl Necklace


Daughter’s Pearl Necklaceby king nothing By the time my daughter, Amanda (Mandy), had gotten to high school I could she was developing well ahead of her time as far as her breasts went. Her entire time in high school they just kept growing and the rest of her body began to catch up. By her 18th birthday Mandy was one of the most beautiful young women I had ever seen. As I mentioned her breasts were incredible and were at least a very large C cup if not a modest D. She had a petite frame with a fit stomach and one of the most incredible asses ever. To top things off she had movie star looks. Don’t ask me where she got them because her mom isn’t nearly as beautiful. All of these developments didn’t help the fact that I had been fantasizing about her quite awhile and in fact only added to the frequency of my fantasies. To me it wasn’t disgusting or unhealthy, because I loved my daughter more than anything and I just wanted to show her how much I loved her. So whenever I stroked myself I would imagine my cock sliding between my baby girl’s big tits. I loved titty fucking and I would shoot a bucket of cum fantasizing about fucking Mandy’s breasts. There was just something about seeing my dick slide in and out of cleavage that was very erotic to me. I tit fucked my wife just about every time we had sex but her breasts were much smaller than Mandy’s and they had to be pressed together quite hard to make a good runway for my dick. My wife and I always made a comfortable environment in our home when it came to how we dressed and Mandy had taken to often just wearing a tight t-shirt and short shorts or just panties. Most of her shirts were very thin and you could easily see her dark areolas through them. Not to mention her nipples were almost always hard. Often times I would have to act quickly to try to conceal the erection I would get from looking at her delicious breasts and ass. Then I would have to excuse myself and get to the bathroom and jack off to relieve the pressure in my balls. Often times I wondered if she knew what she was doing to me and did it on purpose. Though we weren’t strict about dressing around the house the one thing we forbade Mandy to wear until she turned 18 was a bikini. We knew how horny high school boys could be so we made her wear a one piece suit so as not to reveal too much of her early developing breasts to eager eyes. This upset her somewhat because she loved to hang out with her friends and go swimming during the warm summers and she didn’t want to look stupid. But she soon found out that she seemed to get a lot of attention from boys despite her bathing suit so she stopped worrying about it. One Saturday afternoon early in the summer it was hot and sunny and it also happened to be the week after Mandy and her friends went shopping for new bikinis after she had turned 18. Mandy came bounding downstairs and announced she was going to go for a swim in our pool. As I turned to face her my breath caught in my throat and I couldn’t have forced a response if I had to. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had on the smallest bikini I had ever seen. The top was barely big enough to cover sekabet yeni giriş her nipples and the bottoms clung so tight to her skin I could immediately tell she was completely shaven. Her already tanned skin looked so smooth and she had cleavage that seemed to go on forever. I could feel my cock twitch in my shorts. She didn’t seem to notice my lack of a response and she turned towards the sliding doors overlooking the deck. Her ass looked amazing as the material of her bikini was working its way between her cheeks ever so slightly showing the amazing shape of her ass. As she reached the door I finally managed to respond. ” I might join you a little later,” I said. “Okay daddy,” she responded. As she went out the door I ran upstairs to the bedroom and grabbed my swim trunks out of my dresser and put them on. My 7 ½ ” dick was semi-erect and it got caught as I pulled my trunks up and I had to tuck it in as best I could. My wife came into the room and started talking to me, but I wasn’t paying any attention to what she was saying. I was too busy thinking about what I was doing. I was rushing to change clothes and get down to the pool in order to look at our daughter’s cleavage. These thoughts sobered me somewhat and by the time my wife had finished talking my dick was limp. She ended by saying she was going to take a nap for an hour or so, and I told her I might go for a swim as I decided to still go down to the pool but not to be so worked up over seeing Mandy’s tits. I went outside and lay down on a lounge chair as Mandy finished her swim and climbed out of the pool. Seeing her hard nipples trying to poke through their tiny constraints destroyed any resolve I had about not getting worked up. I felt my flaccid dick twitch in my trunks a second time that day. Mandy lie down in a chair opposite me and reclined it so that she was sitting at about a 45-degree angle. The chairs were sitting so that she and I were almost directly facing each other giving us each a perfect view of the other. We didn’t say much as we took in the sun’s warmth. After a couple of minutes she opened a bottle of sun tan lotion and began applying it to her tight stomach. Her hands worked up her stomach and started massaging lotion into her breasts that were still straining to get free of their captor. I couldn’t help but thinking that with how pert and big her tits were they would hardly have to be pressed together at all to accommodate a cock. Speaking of cock mine was forming a tent in my swim trunks that was far beyond the point of concealing. But that didn’t matter because I was too concentrated on Mandy’s massaging of her tits to realize my predicament. All of a sudden I was pulled from my fantasy. “Are you okay daddy?” Mandy asked. “You’re staring at my tits.” “Oh I’m.. I’m so sorry baby. It’s just that… well… I’m so sorry,” was all I could manage. “It’s okay dad. I understand how guys like to look at them. I actually like it.” She said. I said, “Well that doesn’t matter. I am your dad and I shouldn’t be doing it, because it’s wrong.” “What’s so wrong daddy? I like when you look at me. I’ve seen sekabet giriş your pants grow when you look at me around the house. Just like now,” As she nodded toward his raging hard-on. “Do you fantasize about me a lot? Please tell me. I want to know. I don’t think it’s wrong or dirty.” “Well, actually I think about your breasts all the time. They are the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen.” “Really! Thanks daddy that means so much. Would you like to see more of them?” she asked. “We shouldn’t your mom is just upstairs and she might see us.” I said. Mandy said, “Mom won’t see. I’m sure she is taking her Saturday afternoon nap.” With that she pulled the string of her bikini behind her back and her tits popped out like it was a prison break. They were more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined. Her tits had to be a D cup and had adorable silver dollar areolas. Her tanned skin was greasy from the tanning lotion and it was shinning under the sun’s rays. My cock was oozing pre-cum and I had a wet spot on the front of my trunks. “What sort of things do you think about when you are looking at my tits?” she asked. “I mainly think about rubbing my dick between them and squirting my cum on you,” I couldn’t believe I had blurted that out. “You mean you want to titty fuck me?” “More than anything!” I shouted. “Well get over here and put your dick between your baby girl’s tits.” She said. “I don’t know if it would be right” “Daddy, Please do it for me. I want it. I wanna feel your cum on my skin.” Mandy was whimpering. “Well, if you’re gonna beg for it.” I responded. I got up and went over and stood next to her, my dick level with her face. She leaned over and pulled my shorts down with one tug. As she did my throbbing cock sprung out and hit her right in the left eye, leaving a glob of pre-cum where it had landed. We both laughed as it happened. “Oh daddy your cock is so beautiful and thick and your balls are so huge. Can I please suck your big cock?” she asked. I nodded my approval without thinking and she quickly and greedily sucked the pulsing head of my dick. Her mouth was like heaven, so warm and wet. She worked my cock over like a pro. She sucked my dick head as hard as she could then ran her tongue slowly around my balls and then back up the underside of my rigid shaft. When she got back to the top her mouth quickly descended around my dick and she took my entire length to the back of her throat. “Oh yeah deep throat daddy. That feels so good baby.” My balls were tingling but I was determined to hold out. My hands went to the back of her head and I roughly pulled her head forward as I thrust my hips forward banging my cock against the back of her throat over and over. She started to gag a little and pulled her mouth off my dick. She swirled her tongue around the head as her fist furiously pumped my shaft. “Jack daddy off, oh you’re daddy’s little slut huh.” She then used her hand to trap my cock against my stomach and sucked both of my balls into her mouth at one time. She sucked them hard and furiously so that they were dripping with saliva by the time she was done. She swirled my balls sekabet güvenilirmi around in her mouth for what seemed like days liking the underside of my sack the whole time. Finally, my balls plopped out of her mouth and she said, “Fuck my tits dad. I want you to hammer my big tits with that sword of yours.” I reclined her chair so she was lying flat and I stepped over her so I was straddling her. Now I was glad that our lounge chairs were so wide that they could accommodate both of us. I couldn’t resist first leaning down and sucking lightly on each tit for a couple of minutes. Mandy was moaning and cooing her approval. As I sucked her tits I slid a couple of fingers into her sopping wet pussy. If I was going to cum then she should get to also. I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy and massaged her clit. Within a minute she was exploding onto my hand. I couldn’t take it any more so I positioned myself over top of her tits. She lightly pressed them together and I thrust the length of my stiff cock deep into her cleavage. Her tits were so big that only slightly more than the head of my dick came through on the other side. After a few awkward strokes I got a rhythm and my cock was gliding effortlessly through the valley her tits created. With each stroke there was a smacking sound due to all the wetness from the combination of tanning lotion and Mandy’s saliva on my dick. This was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen as my cock slid easily between her quivering breasts. All I could manage to do was moan as I watched the beautiful sight unfold in front of me. Before long Mandy was licking the head of my cock each time I thrust forward. After almost cumming a couple of times I regained my composure. “Fuck me daddy, Fuck me daddy, fuck my tits.” Mandy said breathlessly. “I wanna see my daddy cum on me.” Mandy expertly varied the pressure of her tits around my cock from being almost non existent to the point that it took everything I had to break the barrier that her tits provided. I continued jack hammering her tits for another 15 minutes before I couldn’t take it any longer. “I’m gonnnaaaaa cum.” I said. “Do it daddy. Spray me with your baby-making juice.” I could feel the cum rushing up from my balls and with one last tight squeeze between her tits I let go. My cock was like a geyser, shooting rope after rope of thick jizz all over. That was the most I had ever cum in my life. My first three spurts alone were probably about a ¼ of a cup. My daughter’s open mouth caught several ropes of cum that she eagerly swallowed. Numerous other squirts landed on her face and in her hair. Then I pointed my dick and gave each of her nipples a thick coating of sperm. There was a flash flood of semen running between her tits that ran around both sides of her neck giving her a “pearl necklace.” There was never a moment when I wished I had a camera more than right then to capture the image of my cum covered baby girl. “Mmmm you taste great daddy. I’ve never seen any before but that has to be the best titty fucking ever. Thank you so much. I love you.” Mandy said almost out of breath. I said, “Yes that was incredible and I love you too baby more than anything in the world.” “Can we please do it again sometime?” she asked “I sure hope so baby!” Then I went for a swim and Mandy headed inside to take a shower before her mom caught her with my semen all over her upper-body.

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