Tube 1970s


Tube 1970sThese stories are true!!I was at college in the 1970’s, I had to travel on the London underground trains, most of the time I travelled during the ‘rush hour’ when the lifts were out of order you needed to use the stairs, if I saw a girl wearing a short skirt I would hold back and look up at her watching her knickers as she climbed the stairs, I’m sure sometimes they knew. On one occasion I sat opposite a lady in a mini, she had white knickers on with little teddy motives on, I slyly put my hand in my pocket, pulling slowly on my knob, after a while she noticed the movement and caught my eye, she then looked down at my bulge and very slightly opened her legs, bit by bit, wider and wider until I could see the little teddies, I was really shy but as I was coming in my pants, she caught my eye again and grinned. This has stayed with me since then as it only ever happened once!Sometimes the train was so full you couldn’t get on and had to wait for the next where as with the last we were packed together like sardines, the vibration of the train and being pressed up against strangers used to make my cock hard for most of the journey, if I was marsbahis güvenilirmi lucky I would position myself so I had a woman’s arse or hip rubbing against it, occasionally I came in my pants like this but often or not it might need a little help from my hand. I’d slide my hand into my pocket and massage the bloated knob until I was just ready to explode then I’d put myself back up against the person and finish to job, sometimes my timing would be out and I’d end up with a hand full of goo, if I could I’d try to transfer this onto the unsuspecting traveller. When the train was really full I would slowly reach down, pull their skirt or dress up a little and wipe my hand or cock off on the inside of the material, I often imagined what they thought it was once they arrived at the office and sat down on a wet patch.Once while doing this with a lady in a long pleated skirt, I was so horny I gained some Dutch courage and undid my flies, letting my cock pop out a bit to feel the roughness of her skirt, my cock was in heaven rubbing the glans against her, suddenly I felt a hand gently hold my cock and begin to slide it up and marsbahis yeni giriş down, she was as brave as me, tossing me off in a crowded train. It was the first time anyone but me had held it, it felt good, I wished it could have lasted for ever, she began to pull it up and down faster and finally gripped it hard forcing me to shoot my load; most of it hit her skirt with only a few drops landing on the floor. She held it until it began to subside then pushed it back into my trousers, I quickly did the zip up and all was back to normal. She got off before me, I tried to catch her eye as she left but she looked away, I followed behind her down the platform, her skirt was covered in spunk, some of it still running down it; I was really puzzled but imagine my surprise when I guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was doing anything that evening; the penny dropped it wasn’t his hand but hers, I mumbled something about being busy and walked away but I have to say no woman has ever given me a better hand-job.There were no cameras on stations in those days so you could do (within reason) what you liked, graffiti was everywhere marsbahis giriş and the loos looked like an art gallery, with convenient little holes drilled in the wall to allow you to se into the next cubicle, I never understood why someone would want to watch another take a dump until one day I peeked through a hole and saw a guy wanking, this was the first erect cock other than mine I’d ever seen-even in pictures. I could see him pulling the foreskin back and forth, it was making my cock hard too, so I released mine from my jeans and wanked alongside him, after a while my legs ached and I sat on the seat, still trying to see his cock, all of a sudden the door to my cubicle was pushed open (locks all broken) and there he was, standing in front of me with his rock hard cock a foot away from my face; he closed the door and put his back on it to stop it being opened. Remembering the time before I leaned forward, took his cock in my hand and began to toss him off, his cock was really hard, longer than mine but thinner with a glowing red knob, I must of done this for a few minutes when he said in a gruff voice “suck it”, unfortunately this burst the balloon and I stopped and walked out leaving him there, this was such a shame because I was really desperate (and still am) for him to shoot his load over me!!I spent 5 years travelling on the underground, lots of other things happened but these were definitely the best…Isaacasi

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