Debbie – The Cougar. Part 1


Debbie – The Cougar. Part 1When I was in college I had lots of friends both male and female and had my share of fun. My closest friend was Mike, we would hang out at Mike’s mom place. She had a big house about 30 minutes from campus and had divorced some rich guy and moved there to be near Mike. Mike was a real good looking guy like me and the first time I saw his mom Debbie & I knew why. She was smoking hot and had this gold-digger look about her. Always dressing much younger than her age (late 40’s) and they had a pool which gave me ample opportunity to see his mom in a bikini. She would walk around the pool with high heels and a tiny bikini, which she filled well and always seemed to flaunt her stuff when Mike’s friends were there. She was overly attentive at times offering you a drink and bending over in front of you to give you a real good look down her cleavage. She had rock hard fake tits (34 DD) to with a great ass that fitted her sexy body perfectly. She had blond hair that looked natural and from the look of her tiny bikini and nice shaved snatch. She kind exuded class and slut at the same time which made her even sexier. Debbie wasn’t real tall maybe 5’4” but had shapely little legs with nice tight calves and always would give me wood when I saw her. You could tell she loved the attention her showing off was getting her. We guys would talk about her when Mike couldn’t hear us saying how hot she was and she was begging for some young dick. My buddies were a little intimated by her but I just could not get enough of her. I had banged a few older women before but nobody this hot and rich.Once, a bunch of us were around the pool and talk came up about jobs. I said I was going to put out flyers about mowing and handyman stuff and Debbie overheard us. She walked up and said how badly she needed some help and we set a time for a day for me to come back and do some odd jobs but I was pretty sure what Debbie wanted done and was excited to get to work for her.I was supposed to come over that next Saturday morning but I got a call from her on Thursday morning saying she needed me to fix a few things for her and I agreed to be there at 4:00 pm. She said she was having her nails done at 3 and if she was late to just wait a few minutes.I was got there and she was not home, yet so I sat in my bike in the driveway and waited. About 10 minutes post 4:00 pm she pulled in her Mercedes convertible. She had the top down and sunglasses on and when she stepped out of the car I nearly got a hard-on seeing her. I had come prepared with a muscle shirt on and shorts showing off my build and when I approached her she apologized for being late and gave me a look over and said come on in. I love watching women from behind as they walk and flaunt their stuff and Debbie……….. türbanlı düzce escort She had the sexiest walk I had ever seen with her ass swaying in a tight almost knee length black and high heels. VERY SEXY. She was nice and tanned and had no panty hose on. But I could see the signs of a thong under her dress because it was so tight. Once in the house she said you can get yourself a beer if you want but I had a hard time taking my eyes off her and it took me a second to reply. She had on these gold earrings and some gold light necklace chains. The dress had a nice low cut and her tits looked great in it. Although I have always preferred natural tits to fake ones it is exciting to see hard nipples in a dress and it confirmed easily she was not wearing a bra. As I stood there with a beer she took off her sunglasses and put them with her little purse on the table and sat down and crossed her legs. She fiddled with her ear and earring as she said “So Vicky! What do you charge for your services?”I said “Well! (My throat was dry watching her) Like … like the flyer says……… 50/hr.” In those days that was good money. She was eyeing me up and down and said with a smile, “Well! Thanks a lot but I am sure you’re worth it, but then there are things in life worth more than money wouldn’t you say?” I said “Something Yes. But money does help.” She stood up and said “How are you with plumbing” I said “I am good with my hands, worked on cars and carpentry and some plumbing”Debbie “I bet you are; I have a leaky faucet” and walked toward and down this hall and I just followed her. She led me into this huge master bedroom with the attached bath. It was impressive with the huge bed with large carved wood bedposts and candles all around. She pointed at the sink and there was a very tiny trickle coming from the faucet and she said “See what you can do with this.” I said ‘Ok!” and walked in and looked at it and simply turned the handle tight and it stopped dripping and I walked back to the doorway and looked into the bedroom and as I froze. I could not believe what I saw…… It was simply divine. Debbie stood there with her back to me while slipping the top of her dress down slowly off her shoulder. The pearly white smooth radiant skin was glowing. My jaw just dropped and my heart skipped a couple of beats. I just kept starring at her when she turned her head slightly towards me, looked me in the eye & said with a smile “That was quick. I hope you’re not that quick with everything you do.” There was a big lump in my throat as no sound came out. It took me quite some effort to say “It just needed to be tightened” my voice trailed off.“What’s the matter Vicky?” she said turning towards me & I saw the most türbanlı düzce escort bayan beautiful pair of boobs ever in my life. Her perfectly shaped tits were sticking out, almost mocking my youth Her cleavage running deep and her almost pink areola with the nipples standing out proudly deifying her age.She slowly stepped towards me saying “I have seen the way you look at me. Why do you think I picked you out? I have seen that big dick get hard looking at me. Now I want to see that dick for myself and see if you know how to use it.”She slipped the dress off slowly almost doing a striptease for me and stood there striking a pose, only in a thong and her high heels. The puppy fat on her body at the right places made her looked like the Greek goddess- Aphrodite. I was mesmerized… spell bound.She woke me out of the spell when she ran her shapely fingers caressing my chest asking in a sensual voice “What are you waiting for darlin’? You have got the hottest piece of ass you have probably ever seen, standing right here in front of you asking you for it.”With that, I kind of returned to myself and pulled off my tank top as I held her and smothered her lips with mine, kissing her and running my fingers in her hair as our tongues probed around in each other’s mouths. Her nipples were real hard and I could feel them against my skin and I was totally rigid already and ready to burst from my shorts. I slowly slipped my hand down to hold her hump while placing wet kisses on her neck and below her ears. Her ass was so big round and soft that I could not stop myself from pressing them and giving it a playful slap. Her ass cheeks jiggled each time i slapped them. I could feel she was enjoying it, as she too starts caressing my butt pressing them gently while the other ran on my back. Then I grabbed a handful of her hair from the back of her head and leaned down to suck her nipples while rolling my tongue on it, one at a time and she was going…oooohhhh…oooohhhhh….it feels so good. Slowly she I pulled back and dropped on her knees to pull my shorts off. I stood there with my thick dick pointing straight up at her and she grabbed my shaft with one hand gripping it tight and whispered “Yes! Just as I had imagined it.” She gave it a wet Kiss.Slowly, she began kissing the inside of my thighs, working her way closer and closer to my aching dick. Her hand was busy too, sliding the skin up and down, revealing the swollen, purple head and then covering it again. I could feel the clear pre-cum bubbling out of the head of my dick, as she caressed me and licked and sucked closer and closer.Boy! O! Boy! It was so bloody harm inside…… felt as if my dick would melt. I could feel the tickle of her breath on my türbanlı escort düzce dick as she poked her tongue out and rant the tip of it over the end of my dick, lapping away at the slippery pre-cum that she had spreads all over my swollen knob. Moving closer, she looked up at me, gave me a sexy wink and then opened her mouth wide and pushed her hair away from her face. I watched as she slid the head of my dick between her lips and into her mouth. She ran her tongue over the head, swirling it all over my throbbing dick until I thought I would cum right then. She sensed my dick swelling in her mouth, ready to spurt thick slimy cum into her throat, and bit at the head, gently, to calm it. Then she pushed her head further down onto my dick, until it filled her mouth.She moved her hand away from the base of my dick and bobbed her head up and down a couple of times and then pushed my dick right to the back of her throat. I heard her gagging a little as the tip of my dick slid over her tongue but she did not pull back, but swallowed, taking my dick deep into her throat.My feet were shaking like jelly as I could not stand any more. I had to take a break. I somehow managed to pull all my power to interrupt and mourned…”Can we please go on the bed?” Without any words being said Debbie stood on her feet & led me to her massive bed and pushed me on it. I landed with a thud on my back with my dick still aching but standing like a pole. She stood there with her back towards me and slowly bent over to take off her thong in the most sensual way. While she bent, I saw her shaved snatch with her huge pink lips of love peeking out. I think I saw a drop of pre-cum on the lips which suggested she was getting wet too. Then she crawled up the bed sensuously on her all fours caressing my legs looking in my eyes. Her pedicured nails running all over my legs which felt like burning streaks from molten steel. On her way up she stopped at my ball sack to kiss and suck my balls for a minute or two. This was totally a new sensation for me running shivers up my spine. Since I have never shaved down there she continued ahead towards my dick which had some tension relief-ed thanks to the break. I was in fucking cloud 9. Debbie swallowed my dick again, the muscles in her throat rippling cares-singly against my throbbing dick and starting the familiar ache, deep in my balls that meant I had to cum. I tried to croak out a warning to her, so that she could pull back, but I could not find the strength and she did not seem to be listening anyway. She carried on bobbing her had up and down on my erect dick until I could do nothing to hold back the hot spurting cum. I felt my dick spasm in her mouth and throat, pumping jet after jet of thick sticky cum into her throat and mouth until she dribbled some of my load down my dick and over my balls.Sliding my dick out of her mouth, she whispered, huskily, “I’ve wanted to do that for a very long time. I’ve watched you looking at me and I wanted to tell you that I’d do anything you want. Now, Fuck me with that big dick of yours Vicky. I can’t take it anymore.”To be continued………….

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