Destiny Rules


I’m Michael. And I’m the guy from matinee madness who said “let’s get out of here,” while I was in the middle of getting a fantastic blow job from the most beautiful women I know, Melissa. In hindsight it seems like a bad move on my part, but maybe it wasn’t at all. Let me explain. How can I say this best, except, It’s not the destination it’s the journey that turns me on. Besides I’m a patient man, I usually get what I want and if not I always get what I need.

Funny thing, we didn’t consummate our relationship that day, Melissa actually chickened out on me. She just wasn’t ready. That’s ok, I knew that anyway. It sucks knowing things are going to happen (or not) in advance most of the time, but I accept the gift of perception I have. On the way to my house she called me on her cell phone and apologized and told me she needed to get home, she was feeling some regret, never having done anything remotely like that before. I told her I understood and what’s more I respected her for it, it goes to the kind of woman she is, and the thing, one of them anyway, that I like about her. I told her not to worry about me and nothing that had happened so far made me think anything less of her. She thanked me for understanding and we said good-bye.

I still was quite aroused when I got home, I had muscle memory of her sweet lips on my cock, oh God she is so beautiful to look at and to talk to, but when she finally had me it was more than I could imagine. It would have been very easy I thought just let her finish me right then and there, but for some reason I wanted it to be a little more. I don’t know, maybe I wanted to make sure it was the right thing too. You see, she’s married, I think it’s pretty much over, but I don’t do this lightly, in fact I never had before and I wouldn’t now, except for one thing. This just feels right, like there is a destiny here that I have to follow.

Anyway, I don’t want to be the reason for anyone’s divorce or troubles, but I would like to be there for her as a friend. The only problem is we look at each other and we have this connection, a meeting of minds that begs a physical side, and it’s really hard to ignore it. I was getting harder just thinking about it and decided to get undressed. I undressed and looked at myself in the mirror. My arms are well cut and my chest is ripped, abs could be a little better, but the rest of my body was pretty tight. My cock was handsome and a fine organ, One I was proud to play with and had never let me down.

I Escort Akbatı remembered Melissa’s shaved pussy and wished she had followed me home, by now I’m sure her legs would be spread and I would be tonguing her in preparation for the big plunge. God, I couldn’t wait to fuck that sexy bitch the way she needed, slow and tender than hard and deep, taking all of her and making her love it. I’d bend her over and shove my cock in her doggy style and of course she’d do it, she’d do it gladly I know. I’d make her beg me to fuck her by ramming her fast for awhile then slowing way down and eventually withdrawing all together. When she turned around to see what was wrong I’d pull her hair lightly but firmly and give her a deep lover’s kiss, let her know how much I wanted her then I’d make her taste my cock and her pussy juice too. After she did it for a minute or so I’d let her lie on her side and I’d fuck her at that angle. She doesn’t know it, and it’s been awhile since I have, but I can last about an hour without coming if I want to, so if she’s multi, she’s in for a treat.

Since my cock was rock hard I coated it with almond oil and stroked it slowly, watching the veins bulge and feeling that Melissa was right there with me, probably watching and playing with her clit, waiting for me to give her some more. The telephone rang just then and normally I’d ignore it but I had a premonition it would be her, and it was. She sounded breathless.

“I’m sorry I left you that was awful of me to leave you hanging like that.”

“Don’t worry about me, I understand. It’ll work itself out in time.”

“What are you doing, you must be so horny.” Was it an invitation to phone sex?

“Of course I am. God, your lips on my cock was the best. You have no idea how good that felt.”

“Oh yes I do. I almost came just doing it to you. Y’ know if you didn’t stop me I would have just kept going until I made you explode in my mouth. God, I want to taste your come badly, I don’t know why you let me off the hook.”

“Because I wanted more of you, though I must say that coming in your mouth sounds pretty good, my cock is rock hard again.”

“Will you jerk off for me? I want to hear you come, now that I’ve seen your beautiful cock I can imagine you playing with it better. Play with your balls too, I didn’t get to put those in my mouth but I want to.”

Her words excited me and I jerked off harder still. I lay down so I could relax and cradle the phone under my neck Aksaray escort so I’d have two free hands to play with.

“Are you fingering yourself?” I asked.

“Uh-huh.” That breathless voice again, I loved it, husky and sultry, I could not wait to fuck her, but I’d surely come for her. The thought of her wet shaved pussy came to me again. The way she responded to my every move as if it was magic was exciting and perplexing to me. Perhaps there was a destiny here, beyond the immediate. I loved the way her mind worked, the dress with no panties underneath for example. This was a woman who thought about sex as much as I did, trust me that was rare!

“Melissa, please talk to me. Tell me what you see, what you want and what you’re going to do about it. I love to hear your voice.” Her breathing was heavier now.

“I’ve never done this before, Michael. I’m not very good at saying what I want to, but you make me want to try.”

“Yes try sweetheart. You can do this, I know you can. Pretend you are looking at me, it will come to you.”

“Ok, well here goes. Your cock is wonderful! It’s just right, Michael, just right. And it tasted so good in my mouth; I could just suck it and play with it for hours if you let me.”

“I’d let you!” I interrupted. She laughed.

“You make me laugh, too, and that is good for me as well. Where was I? The way you teased me pussy was great, you have tons of experience don’t you? Don’t answer that. It’s obvious that you love women and know them well, I could have screamed in the theater when you found my G spot with your fingers. I can only imagine what your tongue would be like, or your gorgeous cock inside me, way inside. Is this working for you?” She asked.

“Yes! Keep going!”

“Please?’ She teased me.

“Oh yes, Please! I’d do anything to have you sucking my cock again, anything!”

“Anything? Would you let me tie your arms to the bed? So I could totally have my way with you?’

“Probably, of course I mean. What would you do to me if you could do that?” I was curious after all.

“Oh, you’ll just have to let me try it sometime and see. You have quite an imagination, use it, what do you think I’d do?’

“I imagine you’d tease my cock with your hands, maybe you play with it, I can imagine that. You know I like almond oil so maybe you’d drizzle it over me from my chest down to my cock and rub it in lightly. Or maybe you lightly kiss and lick me from my neck down to my Ankara escort bayan nipples, and then down my stomach around my balls and just grazing the head of my cock with your tongue,”

“Then I’d leave you like that while I went to make a cup of tea, or get a glass of ice water, leave you hanging there, then I’d blindfold you.”

“You would? I always wanted to have that done, would you have a mystery guest come over?”

“You’d like that huh? No, I’m not sharing you. I’d blindfold you so you couldn’t see the surprise I was preparing for you”.

By now I was ready to come, but figured I could make it last at least another five minutes to get some more juicy details out of her.

“I’ll bet you’d straddle my face at some point, I know how much you want me to eat you.”

“You’re a smart man Michael. Yes I would do that, you bet, and you better do it well too, or I’ll leave you there for hours before I release you, either your wrists or your orgasm. I’d sit right on your face and make you lick me everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, and then I’d bend over into 69 and blow you until you couldn’t stand it anymore and then,’

“”Tell me, hurry up I’m going to come for you. Tell me what you want!”

“Then I’d get up very slowly from your face and I’d slowly mount that big fucking cock and ride it with my smooth shaved pussy,”

“Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, “I came like a half man half bear and growled loudly, something I do when I really come. My come shot high and thick, land ing all over my stomach as my orgasm continued in wave after wave. I wished she was there to see it, or to catch it.

“God, I’m coming too!” And she was moaning like she had in the theater except my hand wasn’t clamped tightly over her mouth and she actually screamed my name, it felt really good to hear her say, “Michael,’ or scream it and I only wished I was right there with her, deep inside feeling her come on my cock and wrapping my tongue around hers in a kiss that would seemingly never end.

It took a few moments for our breathing to return to normal so that we could talk again, I noticed it was almost three and thought her kids would be home soon.

“That was great Michael, thanks for a very wonderful afternoon.” Her voice was sad.

“Thank-you Melissa, it was my pleasure, believe me. I hope you’re ok.”

“I will be thanks. I’ll talk to you soon, Michael.”

And she hung up the phone. I tossed the phone on the bed and stared up at the ceiling.

“Of all the cheap movie theaters in the world, you had to come into mine,” I said aloud in my best Bogart imitation. I laughed and got up to take a shower. I thought next time; I won’t let her off the hook.

This is my destiny we’re talking about, after all.


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