Dirty Dishes


I stood in the doorway of the kitchen, arms crossed, glaring at the pile of dishes that had piled up in the sink. The same pile of dishes James had promised to do yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon, and before I went to bed. I’m normally perfectly okay with doing the dishes and cleaning around the house, but when James tells me he’s going to do them, I expect him to do them. Call it petty, call it something I shouldn’t get angry over, but a bitch feels what she has to feel.

There are two options here. I could go into the office, interrupt his game watching, and ask him to do them. Or I could do them myself and give him a well-deserved attitude until he makes it up to me. The latter seems more entertaining to me.

I sighed and walked over to the dishwasher, opening it to see it full of clean dishes that James had also neglected to put away. The steady boil in my stomach sped up to a raging boil, and I grabbed the silverware, almost throwing them into their proper places in the drawer. Now that my attention was on the silverware, I began to get even more agitated when I realized some of the big spoons were in the little spoon spots, and vice versa.

“You’re fucking kidding me,” I grumbled, putting them into their proper spots. I made my way back over to the washer and grabbed all of the plates, lightly tossing them into the cabinet without hazard. I continued putting the dishes away at a louder volume than necessary, hoping, praying it would lure James from the office. Or at least, let him be aware of my sour mood.

Once the washer was empty I started scrubbing the various food covered dishes and utensils. They didn’t need to be as spotless as I was making them to go into the dishwasher, but I needed something to distract me from yelling at him.


I snapped my head to the doorway of the kitchen to see James standing there in his underwear, arms crossed, eyebrows raised. I could tell from the look on his face that he knew I was upset, “Yes, James?”

“Is something bothering you that you may want to talk about?” He asked, but I turned my attention back towards the dishes, deciding to ignore him. James sighed heavily and approached me, snaking his arms around my waist, resting his head on my shoulder. I shrugged my shoulder and nudged him away from me, doing my best not to look at him. “Baby don’t do that, come on.”

“You said you’d do the dishes,” I said under my breath, plunging my hand into the water to get a knife wet, “And you mixed up the little and big spoons.” James laughed, wrapping his arms around me again, pressing himself against my ass. His calm and nonchalant behavior made me even more angry.

“You’re really angry over spoons?” He asked as his hand grabbed at my hip, pulling me into him tightly. He then trailed his hand up under my shirt and rested on my stomach, right under my breasts. It was hard to ignore the tingly sensations that dipped up and around my stomach, but I was too angry to act on it.

I dropped the knife and turned around, pushing him away from me with more force, “Yes James, I am angry over the damn spoons. There are two slots for a fucking reason, one for the big spoons, and one for the little ones,” I crossed my arms and leaned against to counter, “And you said you would do the dishes, but you never did. You couldn’t even empty the dishwasher!”

“Yeah, I said I would do the dishes. Just because I haven’t done them,” James walked back over and trapped me between his hard cock and the counter, “Doesn’t mean they’re not going to get done,” he tipped my chin up and kissed me, running his tongue over my bottom lip lightly.

I gave in and stood on the tips of my toes, deepening the kiss, making it more hungry. But the anger came back as quickly as it went, and I grabbed either side of his head, pulling him off of me, “Go finish watching your game, or something. I’ll finish this.”

“It’s already over.”

“Then find another one to watch,” I spat while putting a almanbahis handful of silverware into the dishwasher.

“Oakley,” James breathed out, I could tell he was getting agitated with me, “Why do you have to be so damn uptight about things being clean? Just fucking relax, I told you I would do them,” he paused. My jaw clenched and I gripped the counter, hoping he wouldn’t say what I think he was going to say. “You’re being a bit of a bitch, you know that?”

I laughed and faced him again, walking towards him while giving him the dirtiest look I could muster. Once his back was against the fridge I got in his face, “Why can’t you just do the fucking dishes when you say you’ll do them!”

“Look, I’ll do them okay?” He glared at me and walked over to the sink, reaching into the water to find the sponge.

“No,” I ducked under his arm, standing to face him, in between him and the sink, “Go back to your office and do something else,” I said slowly while very close to his face.

His eyes narrowed, “Oakley, fuck off. Seriously.”


James grabbed my waist and lifted, sitting me on the counter. He spread my legs apart and pressed his hard cock against my pussy, grinding against it, “Why don’t we both leave them, go have some fun, and I’ll do them when we’re done.”

I tried to push him away, to close my thighs, but he was putting dead weight against me and I had no leverage, “James that’s not what I fucking want right now, I want the dishes done. Just let me fucking do them and we’ll forget about this, yeah?”

“Really? That’s not what you want, hm? Then why is your pussy wet?” He asked, grinding harder against me.

“It’s…” I trailed off, suppressing the urge to moan, “I-It’s not.”

James slid my panties to the side, dipping his finger just beyond my pussy lips. He trailed that finger up, lightly flicking my swollen clit, and pulled it out. He put my panties back in their place and brought his finger up to where we could both see that it was glistening with my juices. He locked eyes with me and licked it, “You’re a terrible liar.”

“And you’re a fucking asshole who didn’t do the dishes,” I weakly shot back and brought my knees up, pushing against his hips. It took him off guard and I was able to slip past him.

“It’s not my fault you’re a fucking clean freak and that doesn’t make me an asshole, you know that,” James put a heavy hand on my shoulder and brought me back to him, “Come on, you know you want me right now. Stop being stubborn. I’ll drag you to the fucking bedroom by your ear like a child if you keep this up.”

“Just because my body wants you right now, doesn’t mean I want you right now,” I whispered just before he grabbed my head and kissed me. James started walking me backwards, his hands all over my body, keeping me close to him. I didn’t pay attention to where we were going until I landed on our bed, on my back, “James, fucking stop.”

“Stop being a fucking cunt, yeah?” He said to me in an exasperated tone before literally ripping my panties off of me. He roughly spread my legs and knelt down, blowing hot air against my pussy, “Tell me that you don’t want me to eat your dripping wet pussy, Oakley. And I won’t.”

I didn’t want him to, but I needed him to. I wanted so bad to hold onto my stubbornness but he makes it too damn hard, “James-”

“Yeah that’s what I fucking thought,” he mumbled against my pussy before spitting on it. James licked down one side of my pussy, then up the other where he found my clit. I felt his lips fall around it and he began lightly sucking on it while flicking his tongue at the same time. The movements he made against my pussy made me melt, and all of the tension in my body was quickly replaced with an overwhelming pressure.

I let my head fall back onto the bed and I grabbed his head, pulling him closer to my pussy. The sucking and tongue teasing became faster, making me moan out his name and grind into his mouth. James grabbed my hips and almanbahis yeni giriş held me down as he came up for air. He looked at me with an almost eerie look in his eyes before going back down. But this time, his tongue plunged into my pussy. He circled my clit with his thumb at a fast pace while using his tongue to fuck me, and it didn’t take long to bring me to the edge of an orgasm.

James must have felt my impending orgasm too, because he pulled away just as I was about to let go. I whimpered at the loss of pleasure as he stood up, freeing his hard cock from his boxers. His cock sprung up as he did this, and I found myself wanting to taste it. But why should I give him that pleasure, if he wouldn’t even finish mine? He looked down at me expectantly, but I sealed my lips and shook my head instead, “Oakley,” he warned, stepping closer to me.

“James?” I mirrored his tone and let my head fall to one side, sending him a sweet smile, “You really expect me to suck your cock when you ruin my orgasm like that?”

“You want a fucking orgasm? Fine,” James huffed and walked over to our special drawer, pulling out a vibrator, “Stand up.”


James interrupted my protest by grabbing my hair, pulling me off of the bed. I didn’t know he had grabbed a pair of handcuffs until my hands were behind my back with them tight and uncomfortably locked around my wrists. We stayed standing up, and he held my ass tightly against his cock, his head poking at my asshole.

My breath started to quicken as I felt a few drops of lube slide between my cheeks, James used his cock to rub it in. He walked us over to a wall and pressed my face against it to hold me still. He guided his own cock back to my asshole and started to thrust in. I whined from the light pain, “Shut the fuck up, Oakley.”

“Fuck you,” I weakly insulted, but was greeted with his hand tightly grabbing at my throat. I inhaled sharply and grunted as he cut off my oxygen, pushing harder inside of me. Once his cock was halfway inside of my ass, he stopped. His hand fell from my throat and I gasped, getting as much air as I could. He fumbled to turn on the vibrator, but after a few seconds it roared to life.

James flipped it to the highest setting, and that’s when the real panic kicked in. In one swift movement, he pressed it directly against my clit. An orgasm instantly rocked through my body and my knees buckled, causing me to fall into James. He wrapped his arm around my stomach to support me and thrust his entire cock into my ass at the same time. The pain caused me to scream out in the middle of my orgasm. James started to thrust, almost pounding into my ass while holding the toy tightly against my clit.

My orgasm passed, just for another one to creep back up. I squeezed my thighs together, thrashed my body from side to side, and did anything I could to shake the toy away from me. But without my hands, it was practically useless, “James… Please,” I pleaded in between moans, he didn’t let up. The familiar tightness in my stomach came to life again and I moaned so loud it was almost a scream. My thighs and legs shook violently, almost convulsing as he took advantage of my sensitivity.

“Please stop, jesus fucking christ, stop!” Tears streamed down my face as I began to cry and thrash my shoulders around to off put his pace. At this point in my head, I was practically begging him to come. Even though I knew he wasn’t close yet, I held onto my optimism, “Fucking christ James, I’m sorry for being a cunt, okay?” I breathed out as the pleasure slowly began turning into pain, “I’ll do anything, fucking anything. Stop, stop stop stop!”

“Anything, you say?” He breathed into my ear, deepening his voice and accent.

“Yes!” I sobbed, “Get the fucking toy off of my fucking clit and I’ll do fucking anything!”

James removed the toy and turned it off, roughly pulling out of my ass. He walked over to the bed, laying down in the middle with his hands behind his almanbahis giriş head. He looked over to me with a blank stare, “Ride my fucking cock.”

I walked over to the side of the bed and jiggled the handcuffs behind me, “Can you-”

“No,” he smiled and shook the keys, placing them on the little table next to him, “We’re leaving them on.”

I glared at him as I straddled him, he looked at me with a smug look. It irritated me, so I turned around, nearly falling over due to not being able to use my hands to steady myself. I didn’t want to look at his face right now, I just wanted to get him off and be done with it. Anger boiled inside of me again when I realized I had to use my ass and not my pussy, and I’d have to figure out how to get him inside of me. It’s not rocket science, but difficult to do by myself when my hands are practically useless. And clearly, he wasn’t in the mood to be helpful. Which, quite frankly, I deserved.

Once I was able to get myself in a position where I wouldn’t fall over, I used the tips of my nearly immobile fingers to find the head of his cock. I grabbed it lightly and maneuvered my ass over it, and guided his head to my hole. I began to put my weight down and sucked in a breath when I noticed the absence of lube, “James love, get the lube.”

“No,” he muttered from behind me.

“Do you want to rip my fucking asshole to shreds?” I asked him, irritation dripping through my voice.

“Is the sky blue?”

“James!” I scolded, but jumped when he spat directly onto my asshole. I accepted that was all I was going to get and lowered myself onto his cock. It was less painful than I thought it was going to be.

“Mmm. Fuck,” I listened to James moan as I sat all the way down on his cock. His balls pressed against my pussy and lightly grazed my now painfully sensitive clit, causing me to wince. I lifted back up and bit my lip at the sensation of his cock almost slipping out of me. Just before his head popped out, I quickly sat back down.

I rolled my hips and moved them in small circles before lifting up again, and repeated this a few times before I felt his hips raise up under me, a silent demand for me to go faster. I did as he asked and began bouncing my ass, instantly getting a positive reaction out of him, “Keep doing exactly what you’re doing, fuck,” James encouraged.

I kept at it, making sure to press down extra hard to give my pussy some attention. Every time I put in the extra effort to press myself down against his cock as hard as I could, he would moan and suck in a breath, and I could feel his cock pulsing inside of my tight ass. Using this to my advantage, I began moving as fast as I possibly could against him. This prompted James to grab onto my ass, one hand per cheek, and squeeze. His hands moved quickly with me as little beads of sweat began to pool on my forehead.

“Get off,” James instructed. I did as I was told and awkwardly fell to the side to get off of him. He put me on my back and sat on my chest, smacking his cock against my face, “Open the fuck up.”

I opened my mouth, his cock instantly invading the back of my throat. The second his balls hit my chin, he came. I couldn’t breathe with his cock in the middle of my throat, and the pressure of him sitting on my chest was quick to take all of the air out of my body. While James groaned and pumped his come down my throat, I felt myself slowly slipping away, feeling the need to pass out. And I did.



“Baby, wake up.”

I felt James’ hand lightly hitting my face, shaking my shoulders. I opened my eyes to see his worried face in front of mine, “Are you okay?”

“Fucking amazing,” I mumbled and sat up. A searing pain pulsed through my head and I grabbed it, “Ow.”

“Here, lay down,” James gently put a hand on my shoulder and tried to lay me down, but I pushed him away, “Where are you going?”

“To shower and get your come out of my throat,” I said and walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind me.

James knocked on the door, “Baby I need to get cleaned up too, come on.”

I started the shower and laughed before walking over to the door, “You can clean up in the sink after you do the dishes.”

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