Dirty Dogging


Dirty Dogginganother story of something that happened about 2 years ago when I used to mainly play enfemme. I had a response to an advert I had placed from a guy who was also a TV but was stuck for transport at the moment and who offered to take me dogging as his TV girlfriend.This was one of my biggest fantasies. I had often been out alone and met guys but never been taken out by anyone as boyfriend / girlfriend.We decided to place an ad together and arranged to meet several guys at Blidworth. The night was a little disappointing and we left but were followed by a guy and diverted to another quiet car park in a country lane. We parked up next to him and I got out of the car and walked round to the passenger side, opened the door and leaning into the car, took my boyfriends cock in my mouth. After a while the guy got out of his car and standing behind me started to lift up my skirt. I was wearing a short denim one, with a roll neck top, boots, fishnets and sexy panties.I turned round and took his cock into my mouth and after 5 minutes of sucking him he came in my mouth.By this time another car had pulled up and after the first guy left the second came over to us. I again leant into the car and began to suck my boyfriends by now very hard cock. The guy stood behind me and, pulling my panties to one side began to finger me. After a few minutes he walked off and we both thought he wasn’t interested asyabahis yeni giriş so I bent over the bonnet of my car while my boyfriend pulled my skirt up and began to finger me.Just then the guy came back, with a condom on and my boyfriend stood to one side to give him access to my waiting hole.In wasted no time in thrusting his cock into me and began forcefully shagging me as my boyfriend offered me his cock to suck, which I gratefully did. It was heaven being fucked by 2 guys at the same time.The guys came inside me and quickly departed, only to be replaced by my horny boyfriend who slid his cock into my wet hole before giving me a good hard seeing too and coming deep inside me, filling me with his lovely sperm.We placed another ad, looking for guys who wanted to meet a TV accompanied by boyfriend at Blidworth and had loads of replies.On the arranged day my boyfriend emailed everyone the time and place and I arranged to pick him up.I bathed, then put on my make-up, before putting on my short denim skirt, black fishnets, cream roll neck top, bra and black lace panties and black, knee high boots (see pics on my profile) I felt wonderful, very sexy, horny and excited at the prospect of being taken by several guys one after another whilst being bent over a picnic table with my boyfriend looking on.I picked him up and we headed for Blidworth. When we got to the selected asyabahis giriş car park it was empty, apart from a couple and a guy stood talking to them at the far side of the car par, but after 10 minutes or so a few cars pulled in and parked up.I got out of the car, feeling extremely horny and was followed up to the picnic tables by a guy. I sat down as he approached and he took his cock out and offered it to me to suck as my boyfriend stood next to us watching.It didn’t take him long before he came in my mouth, filling me with loads of his cum, so much that it was escaping from the sides of my mouth as I continued to suck him. As he was leaving, another guy came over and I leant over the picnic table as my boyfriend lifted my skirt up over my bum to show him what was on offer.He fingered me first before pulling my panties to one side and gently shoving his cock inside me, and he slowly began fucking me. I could feel how hard he was and he speeded up before coming inside me then leaving me with my hole wide open, still bent over the table. I was insatiable now and wanted more but one by one everyone disappeared!!We drove round for a while before pulling into one of the other car parks where I had the fucking of my life!A guy pulled up next to us and walked round to the drivers side of the car. I opened my door and bent over to the passenger side and took my boyfriends asyabahis güvenilirmi cock into my mouth, exposing my shapely bum to the guy, helped by my boyfriend pulling my skirt up over my bum again.The guy came over and fingered me for a while before sliding his cock into me. He began to fuck me, though I could feel he wasn’t completely hard. He was joined by an older guy who egged him on, telling him to fuck the little slut. God, I felt so horny. Then the older guy told the guy who was fucking me to move over, saying what she needs is a good, hard cock inside her.He didn’t disappoint!!After the 1st guy pulled out the older guy forcefully rammed his cock into me. It fely huge. I didn’t actually see it, though my boyfriend said he was extremely well endowed, and rock hard.He stood behind me and rammed his huge cock in and out of me with a force I can’t describe, leaning into me and forcing himself deeper with each thrust. I had been sucking my boyfriends cock as the first guy fucked me but couldn’t continue while this guy was fucking me. He fucked me for about ten minutes without let up before shooting his load deep inside me. He didn’t pull out straight away but rested his cock deep inside me so I could feel it pulsing and throbbing. Eventually he slowly pulled out and ran his fingers around my hole before gently inserting 2, then 3, then 4. God, I thought he was going to try and get the lot in and I was so wide open I could probably have taken them!!After cleaning up, I dropped my boyfriend off and went back to my hotel where I naughtily took a few photos while I relived the evenings fun using my largest dildo to try and fill the huge gap left by the older guy.

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