Discovering My Craving to be Bound and Dominated


My high school years in Birmingham were typical, I suppose, and although I played football and had plenty of good friends, there was one boy, Jason, who hated my guts. My name is Ken, and I was the star, starting quarterback on the team for all four years of high school. Jason was never able to take the starting position from me, and he functioned as my backup, either sitting on the bench most of the time, or occasionally substituting as a wide receiver, who I only rarely tried to connect with.Those kinds of things happen all the time in sports, at all levels, but for some reason it bothered him more than most. I didn’t help much by teasing him about it, and we often got into arguments and even fights. It made things even worse when some of the team sided with me, and he was ridiculed by them for his behavior and lack of performance, while I got a pass. Some of the other poor performers sided with Jason, so he did have some support. I’ll admit to instigating some of our confrontations, but he was openly hostile to me most of the time.We somehow made it out of high school without doing any permanent damage to each other, and he was even angrier with me and jealous when I got a full scholarship to a Division I college. He thought he should have started as quarterback and had the chance for a scholarship, but he ended up having to settle for going to a Division III college where he played as a backup quarterback again.As far as I was concerned, Jason was out of sight and out of mind after we graduated from high school. But the reasons for this story are to document the circumstances of how, where, and when we got together again years later; the role his younger sister played in making that happen; and the impact it had on my life.Coming Home to Birmingham and Meeting MeganI was successful paying quarterback at the college level, but not nearly good enough to be drafted by the NFL. That’s why I was thankful that I studied hard and got a useful degree in business administration, which enabled me to get a good job after graduation, with a Fortune 500 company in Atlanta. I worked there for four years, feeling a little like a fish out of water being away from my family and old friends. Then I got an opportunity to transfer to my company’s regional office in Birmingham.Although I dated a few girls in Atlanta, I never found the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. When I moved back to Birmingham I got reacquainted with a few of my best friends from high school who had either never left the area or who had also moved back, and more of my friends contacted me after the word spread that I was back in town. So, there I was at twenty-six years old, hitting the bar scene with my friends who were still single and some married friends.I had been going out to bars with my old friends for about two months, when one night I met a beautiful girl who looked familiar to me. She went out of her way to flirt with me, and after she told me that her first name is Megan, and her last name, which I won’t repeat here, I realized that she’s the twenty-one-year-old, little sister of my old nemesis from high school, Jason.Megan was a freshman when Jason and I were seniors, and I could hardly believe what a beautiful woman she had become. She’s five feet and seven inches tall, weighs about one hundred and twenty-eight pounds, and with her light brown hair and eyes, she looks amazingly like the sultry actress, Haley Bennett. You might know her from movies like, ‘The Girl on the Train’ and ‘The Magnificent Seven’. Megan had filled out with shapely D-cup breasts and an amazing ass.She seemed to be very attracted to me, which was surprising since she openly acknowledged and even teased me about the rancor between her brother and me, and how much Jason despised, and even after all those years still dislikes me. I also learned that he was back in town and had been married for three years to a girlfriend, Janice, from high school that he got reacquainted with after coming home from college.Megan and I soon became a couple, and sex with her is amazing. She seems insatiable most of the time, and she loves my thick, circumcised, seven-inch cock and big, egg-sized, low-hanging balls. She’s also kinky and likes to play games almanbahis dominating me and ‘forcing’ me to do things I hadn’t done before. For example, I had never been into oral sex that much, but she soon had us in the sixty-nine position, with her on top sucking my cock, as she pressed her thick-lipped, hairy pussy to my mouth to suck. She even had me eating her out after we fucked, which was way out of character for me.I’ll digress for a moment to let you know that I had always been the dominant person in my relationships with others, as evidenced by my success as a quarterback and other aspects of my life, where I was the one primarily responsible for my success and achievements, and relished being the one calling the shots. I was also the dominant person in my sexual relationships, starting in my junior year in high school, so it was unusual for me, but exciting, to yield to Megan’s desires. It was kind of a relief, really, to have her take charge of our sexual relationship.We dated for several months, with Megan becoming increasingly more sexually aggressive with me as time went on. She even sits on my face, and I began to love the feeling of being helpless under her and forced to suck her pussy. She got bolder as she learned that I was willing to yield to her dominance, and before long she took it a big step farther.One night she was sitting on my face with me eating her out after we had just fucked, and she shifted her weight forward until my face was buried in her luscious ass. I panicked at first, thinking that she didn’t realize what had happened, but soon learned that she did it on purpose.I could barely hear her above me laughing as she said, “That’s it, Ken, you like having your face buried in my pussy so much that I just knew you’d like having it enveloped in my big ass. That’s it, sweetie, suck my shit hole for me.”She pressed down on me even harder as I struggled to breathe and get away, but after I learned to twist my face slightly to the sides to breathe, I started to enjoy being held down, demeaned, and used by her in such a disgusting way. It felt so exciting and emotionally stimulating to yield my self-respect to Megan’s desires, and I would have done anything to please her.We continued our more aggressive relationship for a few more weeks, and after Megan realized that she had me wrapped around her finger and pussy, she began to make taunting comments about my former hostile relationship with Jason. The first time she mentioned it, I had just finished ejaculating in her sweet pussy, and she was sitting on my face, facing my head, and looking down as I slurped my own cum from her pussy.Megan looked me in the eyes, and I sensed a little anger as she said, “Jason would really be pissed at you if he knew you were fucking his little sister. You were very unfair to my brother back in high school, and as much as he would be disappointed in me for fucking you in the first place, he’d love that I’ve got you eating your own cum from my pussy and sucking my asshole.”I couldn’t respond with my mouth covering her pussy, but after I was finished eating her out, I tried to explain, saying, “Yeah, I know that Jason and I didn’t get along very well back then, but it’s not all my fault. I couldn’t help it if I was better than him and the coach gave me the starting position, or how jealous he was of me then. I know that I shouldn’t have teased him so much about it, but he was an asshole about it too.”We had more conversations about my relationship with her brother over the next few weeks, and she seemed to be angrier all the time, blaming me for most of the conflicts. It was clear that as close as I had become with Megan, she still sided with her brother, which shouldn’t have been a surprise. And it was almost like her newfound animosity, which was in the context of an otherwise good relationship, was fueling even more of her dominating behavior.Megan was becoming more verbally hostile during our love making. For example, one night she was sitting on my face as I sucked her ass, and she said, “That’s right, suck and tongue my asshole, Ken boy, and just imagine what it would be like if I tied you up and invited Jason over to force you to suck his cock and asshole. That might even almanbahis yeni giriş the score a little for the bullshit you put him through.”I had never been attracted to other boys or men sexually or had any homosexual thoughts. So, at that point I had no interest in having any contact with Jason, much less sucking his cock and ass. But I must admit that in the context of our evolving relationship, where I was becoming more submissive to Megan sexually, it was arousing having her intimidate me further with the threat of binding me that way.Megan Introduces Bondage into Our RelationshipWhen I went over to Megan’s apartment the following week, and we were lying in bed after our first fuck, she said, “I’ve been thinking about spicing up our sex lives a little more, and wondered how you’d feel about letting me tie you up? It turns me on so much thinking about binding a big strong man like you, making you helpless, and at my mercy. Do you trust me enough to let me tie you up, so I can use you as I desire?”The idea was somewhat appealing to me, but I needed to know more, and asked, “How do you know about bondage, and have you had any experience doing it? If we do this, how do I know that I’ll be safe, and what would you want to do to me?”She said, “I’ve never done anything like this before, but I have been researching it a little. I don’t plan on us doing anything very exotic to start, and I thought we’d learn our way together. I was thinking of maybe starting with you in a spread-eagle position on the bed, or maybe hogtied on the bed. Then I can surprise you with some things that should be a turn on for you.”She paused for a moment and continued, “I’ve learned a little about the knots, but I’ll have a knife nearby in case we need to release you quickly. We can also use a safe word, that will let me know that you’re in distress. I also learned a little of the terminology, and I would be called a ‘rigger’, since I’m the dominant person in this scenario, and you would be the ‘rope bunny’ or ‘rope slut’, since you’re in the more submissive position.”I wondered if she planned on reciprocating, and I asked, “I guess that sounds interesting, but will you want me to tie you up too?”She laughed and replied, “No, don’t be silly. The whole idea is to make a big man like you vulnerable to a lady like me, and I think I’ll get off on being your mistress and having control over you. You will call me Mistress Megan when we play like that.”I thought for a few seconds and said, “Wow, it does sound like you’ve been thinking about this. Do you already have the rope, or would you like to try it another day?”Megan reached down under her bed, and I think I looked a little surprised finding out that she had purchased a coil of one quarter inch, soft, braided cotton rope and what looked like four padded cuffs. She smiled at me and said, “After all the fun we’ve been having, and how accepting you’ve been of me pushing the limits with you, I just knew that you’d be okay with me tying you up. Let’s try it right now.”I said, “I guess I’m okay with trying it, but what’s that safe word thing all about that you mentioned earlier?”She said, “Well, from what I’ve read, you can decide on a safe word and other signal, in case your mouth is obstructed at the moment, to say that will let me know to stop what I’m doing to you. It’s supposed to be a way for you to feel safe, assuming you trust me enough to know that I will stop. What safe word and signal would you like? And by the way, I’ll know that you’re a real, wimpy, pussy boy if you ever use the safe word.”I answered, “Well, I guess I’ll say ‘hut-hut’ unless my mouth is being use or covered at the moment, and I’ll tap you three times wherever I can, if I can’t talk.”She looked pleased that I was willing to try it, and she said, “This is going to be so much fun, and it’s interesting that you’re falling back on your old quarterback days, with that hut-hut safe word. You can go ahead and lay spread eagle on the bed while I figure out these cuffs and attach the ropes. And don’t forget to call me Mistress Megan.”Meagan first attached the cuffs to my wrists and ankles. Then she used a knife to cut the rope into four, five feet long pieces, before fumbling around with the almanbahis giriş ropes, attaching them to the cuffs and four bed posts. Before tightening the ropes, she pulled from under the bed what looks like a three feet long spreader bar, with clips on the ends, and attached it between my already widespread legs.I asked her what the bar was for and she said, “I read a couple of articles that said a spreader bar like this makes the person being tied feel even more vulnerable, and it enhances the experience for everyone.”She tightened all the ropes, and I had never felt so vulnerable in my life. My arms and legs were spread to the maximum, and my genitals and whole crotch area were fully exposed. I wasn’t sure what she would do next, but soon found out.Megan didn’t need to force me to eat her out and suck her ass, and when she mounted my face, facing my feet, and began fucking my face with her whole groin and ass area, I wondered what else she had in mind. I couldn’t see what she was doing when she leaned over to her nightstand, but the next thing I heard was a cigarette lighter clicking. I would soon find out what she was doing.I felt the beads of hot wax dripping on my chest and stomach, as she laughed and said, “Hey, sub, this is what you get for being such a prick to my brother, and I hope you like the stinging of the hot wax on your skin. But don’t worry, I’m using a soft wax that melts at a lower temperature, and it shouldn’t do any permanent damage.”The hot wax didn’t hurt that much, but I struggled against the ropes and her weight on my face anyway, thinking that it might give her a thrill. I liked being in the vulnerable position and was intrigued that she was still commenting on my past, bitter relationship with Jason, and defining my punishment and submission to her in those terms.I was surprised when she didn’t drip the wax farther down my torso, even down to my cock and balls, especially since she saw that I was obviously aroused by what she was doing and getting a hard on.She laughed and said, “You must really like what I’m doing, sub boy, since you’re getting all nice and hard for your mistress. And I’ve been thinking of something else you might like, since you don’t seem to mind eating out my nasty ass and eating your own cum from my pussy. Just relax and open wide, and I’ll wash down all that cum that you just ate from my pussy.”I didn’t know what she had in mind, but soon felt and tasted the strong flow of her piss. I had never even heard of people drinking piss, and I suddenly found myself swallowing time after time to keep from drowning in it.She laughed again and said, “I read about doing this a long time ago and have been wanting to try it with you ever since we started dating. How does it taste, sub boy? Do you like drinking the piss of the sister whose brother you fucked over? Maybe I should get Jason over here to feed you a little of his piss too.”It never occurred to me to give the safe signal, and I found that I was starting to enjoy her pee, after the first couple of swallows. It wasn’t just the piss itself that turned me on, which was mostly bland and maybe a little salty, but also the idea that I was helpless and forced to take her bodily fluids that way. And her continuing references to Jason were strangely exciting for me, maybe somehow like I was being punished for my part in it.”Megan finally moved off my face, and before going down to suck my hard cock for a few minutes, she asked, “How did you like that, sub boy? Did you like sucking your mistress’ ass and drinking her piss? And you’d better remember to address me correctly, if you know what’s good for you.”It was fun playing her game, and I answered, “Yes, Mistress Megan, I loved serving you, and will be happy to do anything for you. But right now, I’d sure like to fuck you.”She moved up and straddled my waist, before impaling herself on my hard cock and riding it to a huge orgasm, while I flooded her pussy with my second load of cum for the night. Then she moved up and sat on my face again, feeding me my own seed.She finally rolled off my face, and we talked as she unfastened the cuffs to set me free. The session was over, and I said, “Holy shit, Megan, I had no idea you’d go so far as to piss in my mouth. I know that you’ve been getting more and more aggressive over the past few weeks, but shit, what possessed you to piss in my mouth. I enjoyed it, but what gives? And why are you still upset about the problems Jason and I had?”

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