Discovering the Smoking Fetish Ch. 03


The final chapter.


Just like I did at the dinner table, I needed to up the ante, or rather, I wanted to up the ante with Steven’s smoking fetish. As my intentions grew bolder, and my body started to frequently become irritable for a cigarette, I began to question who wanted to explore this fetish more, me or Steven?

It was a Friday, two weeks after I had given Steven a smoky tit-wank, and he hadn’t mentioned smoking at all since, not even during sex. I was frustrated. Had he suddenly decided that he no longer wanted me to smoke for him? In fairness, we were both busy with work, and the sex we had wasn’t exactly passionate. It had been more about satisfying an urge than desiring anything in particular.

As I was due some time back in lieu, I took the day off to implement my latest plan. I dressed for work as normal, so Steven wouldn’t suspect a thing. I wore a traditional white blouse, knee length black skirt, black stockings, and red heels. My hair was long and wavy, and my make-up was light, no different to how I would appear for a normal day at the office. It actually made me feel sexy dressing for work on my day off to surprise my boyfriend.

I took the train into the city centre, enjoying the lecherous gazes from the male passengers around me, before heading to Steven’s place of work. I had only visited his tall office block a few times when he needed a lift home. To access it you had to walk through the pedestrianised zones, because it stood amongst the shopping malls. I was full of naughty excitement when I took my seat on the empty bench.

Having timed it to perfection, I sat just before 10am, Steven’s morning break-time. I texted him to ring me when he was free, and within seconds my phone rang. I answered it with a big grin.

“Beth? Is everything ok?” he asked.

“Yeah, yeah, everything is fine. Are you alone?” I asked, plugging headphones into the phone jack on my phone.

“I’m just on my way to meet a colleague in the canteen for a coffee. Why? What’s up?”

“Can you go somewhere in the building where you can see down into the shopping centre?” I spoke hands free.

“What? Are you outside the building?” he laughed. “Why aren’t you in work?”

“Never mind that,” I laughed to, unable to contain my excitement. “Can you do it or not?”

“I can go into the meeting room, but why?”

“Go in there.”

“The meeting doesn’t start until half ten.”

“More reason to go in there now.”

“What are you playing at?” he laughed again.

“Just go into the meeting room, Steven, please.”

“Fine, but what do I do then?”

“Just let me know when you’re in there,” I told him, opening my handbag and taking out my packet of Richmond Superslims and pink lighter. I then listened, giggling as Steven hurried up the flight of stairs leading to the meeting room.

“Now what?” he asked, a little out of breath.

“Go to the window and look down at the benches. The benches outside the music store,” I instructed him, with my heart fluttering.

“Ok, what am I looking for?”

I didn’t look up; I wouldn’t have known which window he was standing in anyway. “Do you see the young brunette on her break? She’s sitting in her office attire. She has big tits, just how you like them. If I’m not mistaken I think she’s holding something of interest to you.”

“Holy shit!” Steven laughed, before settling down. “Yeah, I can see her.”

“Do you think she looks sexy?”

“She looks damn sexy from where I’m standing. I can see her stocking clad legs and the sexy bulge at the front of her blouse. I’m not too high up that I can even see her red lips.”

“Just imagine a cigarette between those red lips, drawing on the cigarette and staining the filter.”

“Oh I am, but I hope she hurries up before I get disturbed.”

Without further ado, I slid one of the thin, all white cigarettes up and out of the packet. Then, trying to imagine I was all alone, which I sort of was, I placed the soft filter between my cherry red coated lips.

“Ohhhhh, fuck!” came a deep groan through my earphones.

Nonchalantly, I held the cigarette firmly between my lips and pressed down on the lighter. Another groan entered my ears from the headphones, as I brought the flame to the end of the cigarette and sucked on the filter. It felt exhilarating, knowing one, Steven was watching me, and two, I was smoking publicly for the first time in a long time, satisfying my own demons.

Just like the women in the videos that Steven enjoyed watching, I removed the cigarette from my lips and naturally inhaled the ball of smoke deep into my lungs, like I didn’t have a care in the world. Relaxing, as the nicotine did its thing, I did my thing and crossed my right leg over my left as I exhaled a long, steady stream of thick smoke.

Yet another deep groan of approval entered my ears, and I took yet another deep, nonchalant drag. Realising how much I missed smoking during my own work breaks, I forgot about Steven watching me for a moment, and genuinely submerged myself in the pleasure I was receiving from the cigarette.

Out the corner of my eye, I muğla escort noticed a guy standing against the wall of the music shop, smoking his own cigarette. Instinctively, I glanced at him, exhaling as I did. Noticing the music stores brand logo on his t-shirt, I smiled politely and took another drag. He grinned back; his eyes skirting the length of my legs before his eyes settled on my face and cigarette.

My heart was fluttering big time now. I had my boyfriend up in a window to my left, breathing heavily into my ear through my headphones, while another guy stood to my right, eyeing me up. Did he have the smoking fetish to? I wondered.

Now that I had two men watching me smoke, I decided to increase the fun. Whilst continuing to smoke, I began to rock my right leg slightly as it hung over my left.

Steven not saying a word only added to my excitement. I truly was experimenting with my exhibitionist side; I was loving it. I drew on the cigarette again and held the smoke deep inside my body for a few seconds. When I exhaled, I leaned forwards and pretended to adjust the strap on my dangling heel. What I actually did was loosen it, before I sat back up and took a deep drag from my cigarette.

Continuing to rock my leg, I began to smoke the second half of my cigarette. I stopped glancing at the guy outside the music store, although the last time I looked I noticed he had finished his cigarette and remained in place watching me.

As I exhaled another satisfying drag, my heel slipped. I couldn’t hide my delight as it hung by my toes, which forced me to smile. Steven’s groans were increasing, his breathing was now heavy, and I wondered if he was masturbating in the window over the sight of me smoking and flirting.

Taking the last drag, I was sad it had to come to an end. I held the smoke deep one last time, tilted my head up to Stevens office building, and exhaled. I hoped I was looking in his general direction when I did it. Now that the cigarette was smoked, I leaned across to the bin and stubbed it out in the ashtray on top, before fixing my heel back in place.

“Did you enjoy the show?” I asked Steven, remaining hands free.

“I love you,” came his response, “but I seriously need a wank before this meeting starts.”

We hung up the call, with me giggling, as I put my headphones away. I hadn’t thought about the impression I must have left on the music store guy. He must have thought I was teasing him specifically as I was sat by myself. I soon got my answer.

“You got a number, sexy?” he shouted over to me.

I turned towards the music store, having gotten up from the bench with my bag over my shoulder, ready to leave. “Yes thanks!” I shouted back.

“Can I have it?” he chuckled, full of confidence.

“No thanks!” I smiled politely.

“Awwwwww, sexy, why not?”

Ignoring the man, I headed off for the second part of my plan that day.


Walking off in the direction of Ann Summers, a British multinational retailer company specialising in sex toys and lingerie, I felt more than confident that Steven’s smoking fetish was alive and kicking. Approaching the entrance to the sexy store, I headed straight to the fetish type clothing for inspiration. As I browsed the section, unable to settle my heart on anything I could imagine myself wearing, a mature female assistant approached me.

“Can I help you with anything today?” she asked politely.

I must have looked confused because I didn’t know how to reply. I certainly needed help, but I couldn’t find the right words.

“I urm … yes … I’m …” I stuttered, staring with embarrassment at the dominatrix outfits and accessories.

As I eyed each outfit, I tried to imagine myself playing the role of a smoking dominatrix, and that was deterring me. I didn’t want to risk ruining it by failing miserably in the role.

“Are you specifically looking for fetish wear?” she inquired.

“I don’t really know to be honest,” I sighed, “I’ve not considered fetish wear before.”

“Is it the material you’re curious about? The style of clothing? Or something else?”

“I want to surprise my boyfriend with something … different,” I let out.

She smiled. “That sounds lovely.”

“I urm … the thing is … I was thinking …”

“Is this your first-time buying clothing like this?” she cut in and lowered her voice.

“Yes, is it that obvious?” I laughed at myself. “I’ve bought plenty of lingerie before, but nothing like this. I don’t know where to start.”

Bless her, she was doing her best to help me, but I was being useless. As I muttered and mumbled for the next few minutes, doing my best not to reveal Steven’s smoking fetish, she knew she could get a sale out of me, if only she could get me to be a little more open. In the end I decided to blurt it out.

“He likes me to smoke for him, and he has watched videos of women smoking in this type of clothing. I’m wondering if … I urm …”

“I understand,” she saved me from any further embarrassment. “Let me show you a new range that has only come in this week.”

The assistant led muğla escort bayan me to the end of the section, where we came to stand in front of collection of outfits. To be honest, they all looked so sexy it was impossible to choose anything with my inexperience.

“Firstly, relax and don’t feel embarrassed,” she smiled gently. “The majority of women who come in here are in a very similar position to yourself.”


“I recommend you try something which will be a stepping stone to the more dominatrix style clothing. Perhaps you’d like to try this outfit on?” she suggested very professionally, as if she was recommending a dinner dress. “What are your measurements?”

“I wear a 34DD bra and I’m a 10 waist.”

“You’ll need a medium then.”

“It looks fantastic. He’ll love it,” I spoke with wide eyes, as she held up the high necked, red, matt finished, PVC-coated polyester outfit.

“Equally important, so will you,” she grinned, before proceeding to go into detail. “As you can see it has a two-way zipper that runs from the neck and through the crotch, before it stops at the top of the buttocks. Its 85% polyester and 15% elastane, so it does stretch a little for comfort. Do you want the black, over the knee, boots to go with it?” she asked, taking the boots from the lower rail.

I gasped at the outfit and then at the boots, instantly falling in love with both, “Can I try them on?”

“Certainly,” she said, handing them over to me. “The changing rooms are at the very end on the right.”

“Thank you so much!”

“You’re very welcome, let me know if you need anything else.”

I darted off in the direction of the changing rooms and was relieved to find nobody else in that area of the shop. I stepped inside and drew the thick curtain across, checking there were no gaps down the sides. Excitedly, I got naked and then took the outfit off the hanger. The assistant was spot on with the stretchiness. The elastic in the outfit helped me get it on far easier than I first imagined it would. Next, I sat down on the soft cushioned bench and pulled the black polyester boots up my legs and over my knees, before checking myself over.

Standing in front of the large mirror, glancing at my unrecognisable reflection, I felt giddy with excitement. It was the sexiest I had probably ever felt.

“Steven is going to love this,” I whispered to myself, hand on hips trying to play the part. “You’ve been a very naughty boy, Steven. You’ve been fantasising over women smoking cigarettes again haven’t you?” I giggled. “Oh, I know what’s missing!” braking from my role-play to open my handbag for a cigarette.

For the next few minutes I drew on the unlit cigarette and exhaled seductively at the mirror, pretending to smoke. With the zip right up to my neck, my large breasts bulged tightly inside the red outfit. Steven would be able to open up my body in a matter of seconds, but he was going to have to endure some sexy smoking and tortuous anticipation before I let his fingers anywhere near the zip. The boots completed the look. They felt great and sexy, and I couldn’t wait to see Stevens face.

“Did you like them?” The assistant was patrolling the changing rooms when I came out fully dressed, holding both items.

“I love them, thank you so much!”

“Glad I was able to help. Have a lovely weekend with your boyfriend,” she winked with a big grin.

“We will. I can’t wait!”

Before paying for the outfit and boots, I added something else to my collection that caught my eye at the till. I then left the store with a spring in my step, before I lit up a cigarette and headed back to the train station, smoking with confidence as I walked through the city centre.


“Anything interesting happen at work today?” I asked Steven, when he entered the apartment.

“Actually, it’s funny you should say that.”

“Oh yeah? Why’s that?”

“It’s nothing,” he waved me off with a smirk. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me?” I managed to play along with a straight face.

“I don’t want you getting jealous.”

“Jealous? Why would I get jealous?”

“Well, there was this stunning brunette outside the office this morning.”

“Oh yeah?” I raised my eyebrows and continued to play along.

“Yeah, hot as fuck she was. I had to go into the toilets and have a wank over her.”

I nodded, pretending to look non-to-pleased as I approached him. “Let me get this straight,” I looked into his eyes, sliding my hand up between his legs. “You had a wank over a woman in the street?”

Steven smiled. “I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry, Beth, but when she started smoking a cigarette I just had to. You know what I’m like.”

Steven played straight into my hands. It was completely unintentional of course. I expected him to come home to try and lynch me after the little smoke show I put on for him. Instead, he had decided to role-play, probably his way to make light fun of the situation. But what he actually did was add the final ingredient I needed to pull off what I had planned for him that evening, or rather us.

“How sorry escort muğla are you?” I unzipped his trousers and slipped my hand inside.

“Ohh,” he jolted. “I’m very sorry.”

I rubbed his cock through his boxer shorts, taking the lead in our little game. I hadn’t intended on initiating my plan so soon, but as the moment seemed appropriate, I decided now was a good a time as any.

“You need to be punished. Do you agree?”


“Good boy, because you didn’t have a say in the matter anyway! Now go and take a shower. You’re disgusting!”

“Sorry,” he grinned.

“You will be,” casting him a serious look. “And you shall address me as mistress. Now go and shower and get on the bed when you’ve finished.”

“Yes mistress!”

I started giggling as soon as Steven disappeared. It felt a little strange being dominant like that, but I enjoyed the little taster.

Whilst Steven showered I quickly stripped down to my lingerie. In just my matching black, lace bra and pantie set, with red heels, I quickly set out the new outfit and boots in the lounge and placed the additional accessories beneath the pillows in the bedroom. I then poured myself a glass of wine before sitting on the lounge window sill. Nobody could really see me through the slats in the blinds, especially from the top floor of the apartment block. Regardless, as there was the possibility, I opened the blinds fully and lit a cigarette.

I felt like the blonde in one of Steven’s online videos, languidly smoking in my lingerie, whilst staring out at the world. It was thrilling, filling my lungs with smoke and then inhaling as I thought about the possibility of a stranger with the smoking fetish watching me. Would he be masturbating? Recording me for his little collection? The idea of having my own smoking fetish video online caused me to gasp with excitement, as I exhaled a thick plume of smoke at the partially opened window.

Perfect timing, I thought, when I heard the shower stop as I inhaled the final drag. With a satisfied grin, I exhaled and closed the blinds before crushing out the cigarette to resume my dominance over Steven.

“Dry yourself and get on the bed!” I ordered from outside the bathroom.

“Yes, mistress!” came his chuckling response.

He wouldn’t be chuckling for long, I told myself. Soon he would be in agony, begging me to make him cum.

“I’m ready mistress!” came another chuckled response, from the bedroom this time.

Steven gasped aloud when I entered the bedroom in my lingerie and heels. His eyes focussed straight on my breasts, as they always did. I held back showing him any approval and walked towards him grinning naked on the bed.

It was hard for me not to roam his toned body with my own gaze as I approached. I was super horny after the days actions, especially smoking in the apartment window only minutes ago. I climbed onto the bed and slapped Stevens hands away when he tried to touch my body.

“No touching!”

“Yes, mistress,” he chuckled.

“And stop laughing! You have nothing to be happy about! You cheated on me today!”

Steven immediately fell into line, role playing with the seriousness I had been trying to create.

I’m sorry, mistress, it won’t happen again.”

I took Stevens right hand and placed it at the top of the bed. I then took his left, with my heaving bust hovering above his face, and placed both hands close together above his head. Then, retrieving the two pairs of metal handcuffs that I had purchased along with the outfit and boots, I listened to him squirm and sigh with anticipation beneath me as I cuffed his wrists to the bed.

Satisfied he couldn’t escape; I felt a sudden sense of power come over me. I smiled devilishly at him and then left the bedroom without saying a word.

“Beth? I meant mistress! Where are you going?”

I closed the bedroom door behind me, giggling as I went into the lounge. I picked up my glass of wine and quickly downed it. My adrenaline was pumping and I needed to get control of myself if I was going to do this properly.

I booted up my laptop and quickly searched for a smoking dominatrix video. When I found one that looked the part, I spent a few moments studying it. Steven sounded concerned, calling his mistress from his trapped state from the bedroom. It was time.

“Quiet!” I exclaimed, entering the bedroom still wearing my lingerie and red heels.

I walked to my vanity unit with ashtray, cigarettes and lighter, and sat down to fix my hair and makeup. Knowing Steven could see my reflection in the mirror, I lit a cigarette. I heard him gasp and squirm as I exhaled through my nostrils and instantly took a second drag. I then delicately placed the cigarette to rest in the ashtray, freeing my hands to place my hair into a bun on top of my head. Picking up the cigarette again, I took my time and closed my eyes, displaying the power and pleasure I held in that moment. I drew my third drag and inhaled the thick smoke into my body. More groans and squirming could be heard from the bed, particularly when I exhaled. Studying myself in the mirror for a moment, I held the cigarette upright between my fingers, allowing the smoke to smoulder upwards, before I took another drag and exhaled through my nostrils once more. Leaving the cigarette to dangle from my lips, I picked up my thickest mascara and began to apply it to my eye lashes.

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