Divorce and my Mother- In- Law Part Seven Guess Wh


Divorce and my Mother- In- Law Part Seven Guess WhIt was my birthday and there was a party for me at Eddie and Darlene’s. Among the people invited were my parents. I was nervous about it but Melody said everything would okay.The party started at seven on Saturday. Eddie was cooking hamburgers, hotdogs and other goodies on his nice grill. Darlene was mixing the drinks and sampling as the evening went on. Dad, Peter senior, was into his third margarita already. My Mom, Polly was sipping the same one she got when they arrived. There were about twenty-six people in all at the party. Some were couples Eddie and Darlene had swapped with for long before I ever knew Melody. The rest were couples we had brought into the fold. My favorite couple,part of Eddie and Darlene’s group, Wendy and Alphonse were talking to my parents far away from the rest of the crowd. They were a very open couple and I had fucked Wendy several times while Alphonse was spending some time with Melody and Darlene, usually together. Melody and I were staying away from the drinks because Darlene was mixing them in killer proportions and they tasted really great, so someone could easily find they were in a stumbling drunken state. I walked over to talk to Mom and Dad, who were chatting with Wendy and Alphonse. As I came up I realized the conversation was on the freedom inside an open marriage, the same one Wendy, Alphonse and I had discussed several times on other more relaxed and more naked nights. My Mom was a bit uncomfortable about the subject, but kept quiet while my Dad expounded on how having a little strange pussy keeps a marriage strong. That was what I heard as I approached. “So how’s everyone doing here? Anyone need another drink?” My Dad looked at me with this wicked grin and said, “We are doing just fine here. Having a great conversation about marriage.” I nodded my head and walked away. I heard my Dad asking Alphonse if his son agreed with the freedom in marriage ideas. Alphonse said, “I don’t have a son.” My Dad said, he was talking about his own son…me. Wendy started speaking in the enthusiastic way she always did. I heard her say that their son Peter was a wonderful lover. I just kept walking.Melody asked me how they were doing over there and I told her the cat was out of the bag, but I wasn’t going to worry about it. She patted my butt and said, “that’s probably for the best.” I decided I finally needed a drink. When I went to Darlene she said loudly, “Peter, Happy Birthday Baby!! Did you come for a drink or for a birthday kiss?” I smiled and bent down to give her a peck on the cheek. She threw her arms around me and gave me an open mouthed sloppy slightly drunk tongue kiss. That was when I noticed my dad weaving his way to get another drink. I took a drink from the table and waited.Darlene said, “Peter Senior, your Peter Junior is a wonderful son-in-law! Dad thanked her for that and asked, “So tell me Darlene, is he as good a fuck as Wendy tells us?” Darlene squeezed his arm and said, “He is the best! What a nice cock he has and he really knows how to keep a woman happy!” I groaned and walked over to Melody. “What’s up now?” she asked. “Well now Dad knows that I have fucked your mother. Knowing him, he will be hitting on someone very soon. I don’t know how my mom will handle that.” Melody just sighed and said, “well, we believe in this. We can’t live a lie. You had to know this would come out sooner or later.”I looked back to where Darlene was making the drinks and saw she had been led away by my Dad to the group he had been in all evening. Darlene was sitting down talking animatedly with Wendy, Alphonse, my Mom and Dad.My Mom soon stood up and was walking away. I asked Melody to come with me over there to see if we could salvage anything from the situation. Mom was going to walk past us without saying anything and I stopped her. Uh..how are you doing Mom? Can I get you anything?She looked up at me and at Melody, her eyes blinking. She opened her mouth to speak and couldn’t say a word. Melody gave me a look that meant for me to go on she would talk to Polly. The two of them walked away and settled down in a corner where there klasbahis güvenilirmi were no people.Darlene smiled up at me as I approached. “Peter darling, your father is curious about our arrangement.” He looked up at me and said, “Your mother has opted out of this conversation. Sit down son and let’s talk about sex.” I looked at him and said, “Gee Dad, don’t you think it’s a little late for The Talk?” Everyone laughed. “Well, it started out after Melody and I split up. The openness I got from Darlene and Eddie was sudden and beautiful and it’s kept Melody and me together.” He nodded his head and asked, “So you and Darlene have fucked each other?” I nodded my head and said, “In the past six months we have had sex probably forty times. Melody and I have a great sex life now that we are more open about everything.” He nodded his head and smiled broadly. “I am very proud of you son.” I thanked him for that, but said it only worked if Melody was okay with it and she really was.He looked over at Darlene and said, “I have always wanted to fuck you Darlene. I love those long legs.” Darlene giggled and said she was flattered and she was ready for him anytime…anytime after Polly was okay with that. My Dad’s expression went from triumphant to doubtful in an instant. “I fuck whoever I want Darlene. I have all through our marriage. Polly is okay with that because I always fuck her when I come home from a night with another woman.” Wendy broke in and said, “I’m afraid you are a cheater Doug. That is someone who is a thief in the open relationships we all have.”He looked at her and asked, “So you have never fucked anyone Alphonse didn’t know about?” Wendy smiled sweetly and said, “We have free choice and can fuck who we want, when we want as long as we talk about it with the other partner later. Does Polly have that same freedom?” Dad said that his wife wouldn’t fuck someone else if she had to do it to save her life. Alphonse asked if Dad had ever said she was free to fuck others? My Dad shook his head and said she refuses to talk about it.I looked up then and saw Melody and Mom walking toward us. As they got closer I saw that both women were smiling. Mom moved in front of Dad, squatted to the ground and said, “Doug, in all these years you have been fucking anyone with a skirt I have been angry and thought how unfair life was. Melody has told me that an open marriage saved her marriage with our son. If you are going to fuck other women, I want to meet them and if those women aren’t cheating too, I want to meet their husband or significant other. From this night forward I will fuck any man or woman who is interested in me sexually.” With that she stood up and I vacated her chair, helping her sit down. Mom gave me a big hug, then kissed my on the lips. In all my years Mom had never kissed me anywhere but on the forehead or cheek. It was a sexual kiss and obvious to everyone there.”It took me several minutes to regain my composure, but I had always had a thing for my Mom as all boys probably do. I bent down to her and kissed her on the lips again while my hand went to her left breast and squeezed it gently. “Mom, anytime you want to have sex with me, let me know. I have always thought you were one of the sexiest women in the world. I have fantasized about you many times. Melody has known about that fantasy.”Mom smiled and said, “I know. Melody talked to me about that. That’s why I am smiling.”That was the moment Eddie called out, “Dinner’s ready everyone! Come on and grab a plate and another drink if you wish and let’s get to eating and see what comes after!”Eddie had plates spread out on the table and piles of hamburgers, piles of hot dogs, and grilled tomatoes and squash. The food was gone in twenty minutes and people were now sitting and talking about sex and open marriage. My Dad and Mom were sitting next to each other away from the others talking earnestly. It looked to me like he was apologizing to my her. She was very relaxed talking to him. I saw my father lean forward and kiss Mom tenderly. The two of them got up then and came over to where most of the group were sitting. My Mother klasbahis yeni giriş said, “Peter Senior and I have had an epiphany this evening. That which separated us within our marriage has now set us free. We, as a couple, are very new to this open marriage concept, but know it will only make our marriage stronger. There was applause from the crowd and shouts of support to the newly open couple. My parents stood their with an arm around each other. My Dad spoke then and asked a general question. “How do we, in a group like this or in any other group determine how we might mix in with others? If we just wanted to watch and make a decision about what to do…would that be one way to do it? Several people said that was the only way and a discussion came from several couples about how they had started out.Eddie held up his margarita and said, “To Polly and Peter and their new lives together!!” There were glasses raised. Everyone looked happy and were looking around at the group with love. Wendy stood up then and said, “on a night like this, where we celebrate a birthday for a wonderful young man, perhaps if there is sexual activity it might start with committed couples being together. Of course it can move on from there.” There was a murmur about that and general consensus was reached that this was a good idea.I stood up then with Melody and said, “Melody and I were almost split up from each other and have a stronger relationship now because we were helped by Darlene and Eddie. I would like to raise a cup to Darlene and Eddie who have been open for many years and to Peter Senior and Polly who have started their new relationship tonight!” All the participants stood up and raised their glasses to the two parental couples.I turned to Melody, put my arms around her and kissed her tenderly. I looked into her eyes and told her I loved her and would forever. She repeated the same to me. We gave each other the look we did when we were on the same wave length and we turned to the crowd and said, “We will start the evening of open love”. We undressed unhurriedly but were soon naked. My cock was very hard as we were the focus of the entire group. We kissed again, standing in front of all. My hands went to Melody’s breasts, caressing them and pulling lightly on her nipples. Melody kissed me and slid down to her knees. We looked at each other. Melody started licking my cock and rubbing my ass. I held her head and started moving my cock in and out of her mouth. A murmur came up from others and we felt, without seeing, the other couples coupling. There were twenty-six people in the crowd including us. Twenty four were naked and doing some sexual loving act together. Melody was on her hands knees now looking at the crowd. I moved in behind her and slipped my cock into her. We saw my parents, the last clothed couple, start undressing. We looked away from them so they would feel comfortable in the new situation. When I looked back Mom was on her hands and knees and Dad was fucking her doggy style. They both were watching us. When they saw us look at them they both smiled. I was mesmerized watching my mother’s gorgeous tits swaying with the movement of fucking. Eddie and Darlene were close to them, but my parents hadn’t turned to see who was near them. I saw their heads turn suddenly and realized Eddie and Darlene were calling to them. The four parents stood up then and walked to each other. Eddie shook Dad’s hand and he gave Mom an open embrace. Darlene and Dad were already petting by that time. Eddie and Dad each sat on patio furniture. Darlene was already positioned just above my Dad’s cock. My mother was kissing Eddie while he fingered her cunt as she sat across his legs. I saw her hand on Eddie’s cock. My Dad, by that time, had Darlene leaning over the picnic table and he was pounding her from behind. Melody and I were approached by a couple we had known of but not had relations with. The woman had huge tits that had no bit of sag in them that I could see. They were both shaved. They said they had always known we were a special couple and had wanted to spend some time with us. Melody was klasbahis giriş sucking his cock ( don’t remember either of their names). He was grinning as her mouth took his cock all the way down her throat. His wife and I were kissing while I felt her massive gorgeous tits. We wound up putting a lawn furniture cushion on the ground. She had me on my back, riding my cock as she leaned forward so I could suck on her nipples.I heard my mother’s voice then inches from my face. “You have the most gorgeous tits. My name is Polly what is yours? The woman told Mom her name, but I still can’t remember what it was. “Peter, do you mind if your friend and I have some fun?” I got up from the cushion and said, “Of course not Mom. I hope you don’t mind if I watch.”Mom smiled at me and said she had been with some women when she was in college and it had been years. I kissed her lips and gently felt her breasts and said, “Have fun Mom.”I watched the two women as they hugged, then kissed. Soon enough the woman with the big tits was on her back and my mother was on top of her eating her cunt. I watched the woman spread my mother’s lips and start lapping at that beautiful red insides. The place from which I sprang thirty years ago that night. I was watching them closely and the woman asked my mother if this handsome young man could fuck her while her mother was on top of her. I knelt by mom and said, “It was her idea Mom, but I have wanted to do this for years. If you aren’t ready for that I understand completely. Mom’s eyes were blinking as she looked at me. I kissed her gently on her lips and waited for her to decide. “Peter, I want to suck your cock.” I took a deep breath and then knelt in front of her face. Mom looked at the stiff prick throbbing in front of her face, then moved her mouth over the tip and started moving her tongue around the head. She held my shaft right near where they joined my balls and stroked me as she sucked. She was definitely into that! She quit though and said, “If you want to fuck me Peter, I want to be on my back so I can watch your face. You don’t know how many times I have fantasized about that son.”The lady under mom had heard all of that and moved from under her, kneeling next to the mattress waiting to see one special moment happen. She signaled others and soon there was a small crowd standing naked looking down at us. Mom looked at the people and then concentrated on me. I leaned over my her, my knees at her crotch as I kissed her lips tenderly, my hands on both her tits rubbing them lightly. I had the heels of my hands moving just barely touching her nipples. She went crazy and shouted, “Fuck me now Peter!” I moved back and watched her spread her legs and bend her knees. I moved my head down to her cunt and lapped it for several minutes. Everyone was watching now and I was glad of it. Mom moved her hand down between her legs and grasped my prick as I moved to her slippery cunt. When the head slipped inside she wasn’t the only one that groaned. It was like a chorus of groans as the others watched this special fuck. Mom’s blue eyes looked up at my blue eyes. She had the facial expression of a woman who was getting fucked, her eyes droopy and her lips swollen and full. She pressed her clit against my shaft as I drove my cock in and out of the cunt that birthed me. “I love you so much Mom.” She put a hand up and touched my cheek, a touch she had used on me all my life. “Fuck me son. Fuck me hard. I want you to shoot your seed inside of me, just to feel it there knowing this would be wrong if I was able to conceive another c***d. I saw Melody looking down at us smiling and holding Eddie’s cock in one hand and my Dad’s cock in the other. “Fuck her hard Peter,” she said me. I kissed Mom once again and said, “Mom, I am ready to shoot my seed deep inside your cunt. I have thought of this many times when I first started masturbating. I never thought I would get to do this.” I worked my hips hard driving into my mother’s cunt. It was sloppy wet and the sound of fucking was easy to hear because it almost seemed everyone watching was holding their breath.”Now Peter! Now! Give it to me son!” My cock ached with pleasure as my semen started spurting into my mother. I pounded her cunt for the longest time getting every seed out of my balls and into her. When we were done I collapsed on her. Mom caressed my head as her cunt muscles squeezed my shaft.When it was obviously over the crowd applauded.

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