Doin’ My Mom Ch. 01


Incest Freak Fucking Fiction… It Ain’t Real Though

“Oh God! My baby’s soooooooo good. Hehehe. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. God yes! Do mama, baby. Do me good. So, so good. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

Mom grins back at me, rubbing her clit as I drill her butt. The bed creaking from the motion in the sex ocean. My mom’s beautiful butt winking around my cock. Eating it up as it drives so deep and steady up her tight, but cozy hershey highway.

Hey, I’m James. My mom Kelly and I are chillaxin’ in her bedroom. Nothing special. Just a little butt fuck fun between loving mom and loving son. Nothing out of the ordinary for us.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm. Your dick’s so big in my ass, baby. I love it so much. Uhh! Fuck mama’s ass, baby. Fuck it. Fuck it so fucking good! Uhh! God!!! I love that big dick in my tight ass! Uhh! YES!!!!! WHEW!”

Mom has me smiling. She’s also got my dick pounding hard, ready to blow. We’ve been ass fucking for the last hour and a half or so. We started right after Jeopardy went off. We both dig that show.

We popped open a bottle of wine, drank it, played along with the show… I was on a roll for awhile… fucking physics questions… and got ready for butt fuck fantasia. Mama lubed her beautiful booty up, and I watched with a big ass smile on my face. She pumped my cock to get it ready for action during the 18th century French poets category while she finished lubing that rump. Her favorite butt plug oiled up nice and messy, then shoved up her tight hole and left there for the rest of the show, did the trick perfectly.


“My God, baby! I’m cumming again! Oh my God!!!!! UHHH!” She closes her eyes, rubbing her throbbing clit extra fast, squirting all over me and the bed spread. My grin so wide and lusty. My cock still driving steady up that sweet, tight highway.

I grab onto her all natural 34FFs, and squeeze. My cock twitching hard in my mom’s tight, cock seducing ass every time I squeeze her tits… which I do a lot… a whole fucking lot.

“UHH! FUCK! GOD YES! MORE! MORE!!!” Mom rides out her orgasm, absolutely loving the feeling of my dick mightily throbbing in her perfectly tight butt. She’s smacking her extra perky clit repeatedly, then rubbing it round and round in a circle as she finishes up cumming.

That’s it. A few more thrusts extra deep up that rump, and it’s cum time.

My 14 inch rod spasms repeatedly in mom’s tightly gripping ass, blasting out several thick globs of semen, painting her hershey highway pearly white with sweet, creamy jizz. One fat blast after the other. Glob after glob. Thick, gooey seed shooting hard up my mom’s feverishly quivering butt. Oh hell fucking yeah, dude. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.

“OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!! WOW! SO MUCH CUM!!!!!!! I LOVE IT, BABYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! YES, YES, genç gaziantep escort YES, YES, YES! GOD YES!!!!! UHHH!” Mom rests her head on the bed, eyes closed, still rubbing her clit. She gently bites her bottom lip and smiles. Her body trembling from our combined orgasms. I lean down and hug her, holding her hand and softly rubbing her fingers, softly kissing her cheek and neck as well. Mom smiles bright, lustfully rubbing her face on mine and purring happily as I keep up the soft kiss barrage. My drained cock still twitching in her ass. It’s happy… and, so are we.

I know I’m biased, but, I’ve got the most beautiful mom on earth. Tall, blonde, long legs, great ass, the most luscious lips you’ve ever seen, a super sexy smile that’ll have you wanting to fuck her brains out, and… the most awesome tits ever in tits history. All natural 34FF mounds of insanely perfect, breast perfection. Jesus! Those tits! To see ’em is to believe ’em. And, to fuck ’em is even better. Way better. Ha.

My mom’s 54 years old, and I swear, she’s hotter than any 20 something chick out there. Time has been extra kind to her. Extra, extra, extra, extra kind. Ha.

I’m 20 and I’d rather fuck my 54 year old mom… even if she wasn’t my mom… than any 20 year old hottie I just met. Mom’s that fucking gorgeous. The queen of all gorgeousness. That’s her unofficial title. I gave it to her… while I was giving my big ass dick to her. Boo yah!


“Yes, mama?”

“Will you take your cock out? I wanna take a pic of it and show Christy. She hasn’t seen your new tattoo yet.”

“Anything for you, my love.”

“Awwwww. Mama loves you more than anything, baby. Thank you, sweetheart.”

My mom walks over to me in the living room, and gets her phone out of her purse. I whip out my soft cock, and my long blonde haired super goddess mom takes a few pics. Moving my soft, but still massive cock around so she can capture the entire tattoo from every possible angle.

I recently got a tattoo… gold stars with white trim… covering my entire cock and balls. Every inch. It took a lot of thought on my part to finally go though with it, but, I finally took the leap. It’s my first tattoo. I figured I might as well start off with a bang. Ha.

“God, you have the most gorgeous cock I’ve ever seen, baby. I absolutely love the tattoo. Yummy. Hehe.” Mom takes a few more kinky, detailed pics, moving my dick side to side, and lifting it up to get the underside of my shaft, and also my balls.

Mom is the first to suck my newly tattooed cock, and she’s also the first to fuck it. The perfect choice for both. Most definitely.

“God, this is a beautiful cock. So yummy looking too. Hehehe.” Mom blows me a kiss. She puts her phone down gaziantep genç escort on the coffee table, and strokes my soft, tattooed monster. Nice and slow. Her wickedly sexy grin… and her hand… makes my cock throb nice and hard in her hand as she gently jerks it.

My mom licks at my lips, smirking so sexy. She keeps up the gentle cock jerking too, her hand perfectly gripping my shaft, not tight, just right, pumping my meat as she looks deep into my blue eyes. Her green eyes sparkling with love and lust together. Her deep, intensely loving mom feelings for her only son pumping steadily through her veins.

We kiss. Our lips very passionately locking and fucking. I love my mom more than anything, and that powerful feeling pulsates hard through our kiss. Our tongues wildly dancing with each other. Our spit rolling freely between our mouths. Mom’s hand stroking my now half hard, star covered cock a little faster. Massaging my meaty shaft so skillfully as she steadily pumps it.

“I love you.” Mom whispers to me through our kiss. I smile. She does too.

“I love you.” I return the sweet favor. Our smiles beaming bright with loving delight. You can feel our love between us. It’s permeating the space around us very, very nicely.

And of course, the phone rings. (Buzzkill groan)… Mom lets it ring. (Real happy grin)… Even flipping it off with her left hand as we kiss, and as she pumps my hardening cock with her right.

It finally stops ringing. Mom drops to her knees and smiles up at me, softly rubbing her perfect face all over my now hard cock. She lifts it then rubs her face on my balls, lovingly kissing and licking them as she goes. I laugh. I’m in love, dude, so I laugh. Mom laughs back. We love being together. We love pleasing each other. We just love each other. It’s a freaking beautiful thing to behold.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Mom’s immense delight with the taste of my gold star covered cock as she sucks it pleases me very much.

I stand there in our living room, grinning from ear to ear, my right hand on the top of my mom’s blonde head. She sucks me deep and extra passionate, her ravishingly gorgeous lips wrapped tight around my mighty, long and thick shaft, rippling up and down it as she eagerly gobbles up my dick, inch by huge throbbing inch.

“Hmmm… Might as well get a few more pics before you blow your load down my throat… You don’t mind, do you, sweetheart?” Mom mischievously grins up at me, kissing my gold star covered shaft, and happily rubbing her face on it, as she waits for my response.

“Anything you want, gorgeous. God… anything you want.” I laugh, groaning heavy also, from mom’s extra sexy cock worship.

“Hehehe.” She blows me another sweet kiss, then grabs her phone off of the coffee gaziantep genç escort bayan table.

Mom lifts my cock, feverishly snapping away with her camera, lapping up the precum drooling from my piss slit as well.

She lifts my balls too, snapping a couple of pics from under my bulging, thick and meaty nuts. Those gold stars throbbing mightily from how much my nuts are heaving in pre-orgasmic anticipation.

Mom kisses them, smirking wickedly as she does. She puts her phone back on the table, then gets back to some deep throat cock pleasuring of the highest and horniest order.

Mom’s blonde head is a blur. She’s speed sucking me, her full, luscious lips sucking tight, her cheeks sucked in from the powerfully intense sucking force of her lips, her tongue wildly dancing around the underside of my massive shaft. My nuts so fucking ready to shoot a massive gooey wad right into the sexiest mouth ever.

Mom winks up at me, her eyes sparkling with cum craving anticipation. Her tongue tip tapping playfully on my lurching shaft, then licking up and down it slowly, then quick. That’s it. It’s cum dump time!

My jizz shoots outta my cum bazooka with incest fueled cum euphoria… mixed with some really impressive jizz spurting power and awesomeness.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. More! More!”

What mom wants… mom definitely gets! One fat gooey wad of cum after the other races from my big tattooed balls, up through my even bigger tattooed shaft, right out into my mom’s heavenly hot mouth… for her to drink. And, oh my God, she does. Every single drop of semen I have anywhere in my body.

My legs shake from the intensely stimulating sensations exploding from my cock and balls.

My insanely happy groans echoing loud through our house. Oh fuckity fuck yeah, bitches!

All of my decadent sex cream being very, very enthusiastically swallowed down by the incredibly perfect love of my life while I so happily growl away, smack dab in sperm shooting heaven. Mom squeezes my ass and sucks so voraciously, gorging herself so totally on my sticky seed, her mouth blazing up and down my monster as I cum. Her hands squeezing my real nice ass so tight. Her lips very lustfully locking down on my cool ass gold star covered, massively throbbing, massive member. Worshipping it and devouring it with the furious love only a sex crazed super mom can. Jesus! I love my mom! I… love… her!!!

Mom takes a few more pics of my now cum drained monster, licking and kissing the spongy, tattooed tip, then taking a couple of more pics to show everyone.

“Thank you, my love. Yum, yum, yummy. Hehehe. MWAH!” Mom blows me a beautifully sexy kiss and giggles, licking my tip once more. I smiles down and lovingly caress her perfect, sweet smiling milf face. The most beautiful creature the world has ever seen. And, she’s my mom.

I’m beaming, dude. Not only from my eternal love for my mother…. But also from her deepthroating me again, laughing away so damn sexy as she gobbles down my meat with no trouble at all. A perfect mom, and a perfect cocksucking slut. Truly the perfect woman. Ha.

Check ya next time, horny bitches. Peace and sweet pussy grease.

By : DickThePimp

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