Doing the Job a Wife Just Won’t Do

Big Dicks

Shortly after retiring from my first career I decided to embark on a second one in education. While this didn’t last very long because I grew disenchanted with the utter fools in administration, the brief time I was teaching unveiled a side, or maybe it could be called a “perk”, of teaching I’d been unaware of.

I completed my degree and enrolled in a credentialing program. Part of that program required that I spend a period of time in the classroom with an already fully credentialed teacher. In my case this partnered me with Betty. Starting a second career meant I was considerably older, by 25 years or so, of other prospective teachers. This meant I was closer in age to long established teachers than I was to newer ones. Betty as one of these long time teachers.

In everyone’s lives I think that there’s a person you meet and you’re immediately attracted to them. Call it pheromones, call it a “connection”, whatever you call it I felt it with Betty and, luckily for both of us, she felt it too. Neither of us expressed it of course, we both had been married to others for decades. In Betty’s case she had been married to Bobby, a retired county sheriff, for almost 20 years and I had been married to Dena for nearly 30. I was only 2 years older than Betty .

I first met Betty right at the end of the school year and she wasn’t all that much to look at. She was in her mid 40’s, a but on the plump side, with flaming naturally red curly hair. She was taller than most women and was an inch or two shorter than my 5ft 11in. She and I hit it off right away as if we’d known each other for years, the jokes and sarcastic comments were flying. She was blunt and very open about nearly everything. I learned that the “carpet matched the drapes” and a dozen other things most couples wouldn’t share. We had a good laugh at those sex focused conversations.

Ok, two and a half months after meeting her we got together in the classroom to prepare for the school year. The Betty who arrived was far different than the Betty I’d met. She had lost a ton of weight and I commented on it. Turns out just after we’d met she had gastric bypass surgery because she’d never been able to lose weight and finally had had enough of trying. She really looked nice and said she’d lost 60 lbs and now weighed 130 ish. Those were 130 very shapely pounds. There’d been a rocking body under that fat.

Betty was outgoing, tough, brutally honest, but fair with the kids… Betty was a natural in the classroom. Honesty and openness was her hallmark.

Fast forward a bit… we’d been in the classroom for several months and Betty, Bobby, Dena and I had become very close friends. Betty and Dena both loved horses of which Betty had 4, Bobby loved BBQ and I loved cooking it, we’d get together at least a few weekend evenings a month to sit around the hot tub just yacking and enjoying each other’s company.

Around about Thanksgiving we were walking together headed to the classroom in the morning. I had mentioned being tired from the weekend and she’d asked what I’d been doing to get so tired closing her comment with, “a little too much nookie last night? Gotta get sleep ya know.”

I smiled, “Nookie had nothing to do with it. I’m just pooped.”

Very nonchalantly Betty said, “Bobby sometimes needs a pick me up in the morning. When that happens I get a protein shake for breakfast.”

I stopped and put my hand on her forearm to stop her, “You mean THE protein shake?”

She chuckled and said, “Ya, THE protein shake.” before starting to walk again, “You and Dena should try it in the morning, wakes me up every time.”

The comment had taken me quite by surprise. We’d bantered back and forth about sex before but never had she offered up something quite so intimate.

I quickly stepped to catch up, “Not bloody likely, um… how should I put this… protein shakes are not in Dena’s repertoire of activity in the bedroom.”

She leaned a bit toward me as we walked “What do you mean” she asked.

“Really now? Do I have to draw you an explicit picture of someone not getting a blow isveçbahis job?”

“Explicit is the word but I find it hard to believe in this day and age that a blow job isn’t part of heterosexual couples sex life.”

“Well it isn’t part of ours. Not that I wouldn’t like to include it, but she says no and no amount of begging can change her mind. Believe me, I’ve tried every form of begging and bribery I can think of.” I said.

Betty shook her head and said, “Shit, so… you’ve been married all this time and… never?”

I shook my heard.

“Damn, you poor man you.”

Our sex life was fine to me. Maybe that’s revealing it itself, “fine.” I was ok with it because I loved Dena and she was open to sex nearly anytime I wanted it but it was restricted to pretty conventional sex with no oral component. But I was ok with that.

That night I told Dena about our conversation and although a bit embarrassed, Dena didn’t otherwise say anything about it.

We got together the next weekend and I suspected the girls had talked because a few times they were whispering to each other and kept looking at me. Dena told me later that it was exactly that they were talking about and that night she had shown a fleeting interest in giving me a blow job but after one lick stopped and climbed aboard.

Ah well…

We had 2 weeks off for Christmas, Betty decided to get a boob job over vacation. Dena and I thought her tits looked fine but Betty said they sagged a lot and were generally “disappointing.” Her surgery nixed our hot tubbing for several months but we’d still get together.

During her recovery period Betty had to wear a firmer than normal bra to keep them from jiggling around too much.

It was mid April and Betty had called Dena to tell her that her doctor had cleared her to get into a hot tube and she wanted to celebrate. This meant more wine than we usually had on hand. They both loved that sweet Moscato stuff so I picked up 8 bottles on the way home. They went straight into the wine cooler and I prepared some nice thick hunks of dead cow.

Three bottles were consumed during supper and once all the dead cow was consumed we sat talking and drinking more wine as things settled. Dena is a cheap drunk, she’d already been tipsy during the meal and the additional drinking meant I’d get laid tonight for sure. She got horny when drunk.

Betty grabbed Bobby’s hand and pulled him to us, “Come on you, time for suits. I’ve been wanting this for months.” Off they went to change in our guest room as we got changed in ours.

By the time Dena and I returned to the porch Bobby and Betty were already in the tub. Betty was sitting on Bobby’s lap facing him and they were in the middle of a pretty passionate kiss.

“All right you two, get a room for that kind of stuff. This hot tub is G rated.” I said.

A wobbly Betty stood up to to get off of Bobby’s lap as she said, “ya, ya, ya… story of my life, never appreciated.” By the way, Betty was stunning in the bikini she was wearing. She still looked her age but had a rocking body with all new tits, but that’s the best way to put it.

Bobby piped up with, “I appreciate you honey.”

To which the inebriated Dena added, “I hear you appreciate her plenty, especially where shakes are concerned,” as she dangled her legs in the hot tub, choosing to sit on the side for the moment. Shakes had turned in to our little code word for blow jobs.

Betty looked at Dena grabbed her ankle under the water and tugged on it, “Ya, and what’s up with this no shake stuff?”

Dena stuck out her tongue.

“There’s the spirit girl, put that tongue to good use.” Dena stuck her tongue out at me and then smiled as she shook her head.

I made an unhappy face and said, “spoil sport.”

The girls went back and forth for quite some time as Bobby and I sat watching. At one point he leaned to me and whispered, “Kinda interesting they’re arguing over you and blow jobs.”

I shrugged and we clinked glasses and chose not to interrupt.

This had to have gone on for 5-10 minutes isveçbahis giriş when Betty waved in my direction and said in a bit too loud a voice, “are you telling me this grown man is going to go through his entire life without ever experiencing a proper blow job?”

Dena replied, “Damn straight. I’m not going to give him one.” Dena paused for a moment then added, “Hell if you like them so much you can be in charge of giving him one.”

We all laughed, but Betty also leaned back and looked at me with a devious smile on her face.

Betty then screwed up a serious face, “Just maybe I will then,” she looked at Dena, “Were you serious or being silly?”

It was clear Dena really hadn’t thought this through but she thought for a moment before replying, “ya, sure… if he wants one so badly… Oh and Bobby agrees, you’re Bobby’s… he has to agree.”

I smiled and looked at Dena, “Pimping out Betty are we?” then I looked at Bobby and said, “wellllll, hmmmmmmm?”

Bobby sat for a moment and looked at Betty, then at me, then at the bubbling frothing water before looking back at me and asking, “Really? Never?”

I merely shrugged, “what can I say” as I jerked my finger toward Dena, “it’s ixna on the lowbna objna.”

Bobby looked at Betty and shrugged.

Betty stood up and stepped over to me and poked her finger into my chest, “Ok you, understand this is a one time thing, and there’s a very clear limit to this. No touchy touchy, no fucky fucky, no fooling around, and no reciprocation. This is a one time thing, it’s… it’s a gift. Ya, there ya go. A present from Bobby and I to you.”

I was a bit in shock and simply nodded to her but looked at Bobby, “You sure you’re ok with this?”

Bobby raised his bottle to me, “Just enjoy. We’ve talked about this for awhile, I mean adding someone else to the bedroom.”

Betty took a wet swing at him, “Shut the hell up about that.”

Bobby continued, “This is close, so ya. I’m ok with it. But this gift most definitely isn’t from me… in any way shape or form. No need to give me a blow job in return. I’m good.”

Betty pulled Dena by the arm into the water next to her.

She gestured to me, “Ass up on the edge,” she commanded.

I raised myself up by my arms and as my hips came level with the waters surface Betty pointed to where my suit was tied and said to Dena, “Undo those and pull then down.” She was taking charge.

Dena glanced up at me and briefly hesitated before reaching over and pulling at the string untying it and then grabbed the suit at my hips and slid them down.

There was a pretty good pup tent already started and the suit caught on my cock as it slipped off. My cock bent almost all the way down and then suddenly released it sprung up tossing water onto Dena and slapping me on the stomach.

Now I’m not a huge guy but I am told that at 6.5 inches from the base of my balls to the tip (as measured by Dena) and 5 inches around I’m bigger than average.

I was a bit embarrassed by everything but made my self as comfortable as possible given my cock sticking out like it was. I leaned back on my elbows.

Dena nodded at my cock and said, “It looks like he’s ready” and she leaned on her arm on the edge of the hot tube next to me.

Betty waggled her finger, “Naw, naw, this isn’t going to be a porn show now.” She grabbed Dena by the side of her one piece suit and pulled her away saying, “Dena, toss me that towel.”

Dena fetched the towel from next to Bobby and tossed it to her. Then she sunk into the water next to Bobby.

Betty draped the towel around her shoulders so that Bobby and Dena couldn’t see and then scooted herself between my legs. She put her arms onto the tops of my thighs with her elbows on the outside, her hands resting on my legs next to my junk. She looked up at me and smiled a serious yet playful smile, “You ready for this?”

I could only nod.

Betty looked at my cock and then raised up until she was over it. She took the towel and pulled it up over her head like a shroud, from my perspective I couldn’t isveçbahis yeni giriş see her anymore. Her head went down a bit and I felt the softest wet thing touch the tip of my cock, I closed my eyes.

The next few minutes were shear heaven. One moment her tongue was swirling around the head and the next I felt her mouth close over the head as she went down only enough to take the head in and then she was up and down a little then swirling her tongue. I don’t recall how much time passed but it couldn’t have been very long and I could feel myself getting ready to cum.

She had begun to fondle my balls and I suppose she sensed it coming. She timed it perfectly. I was about to tell her I was cuming when I felt her lift up off my cock and heard her said, “hey, you two doing ok back there?”

The distraction, obviously intentional was enough that I stayed at the edge… but didn’t cum. The thought flashed through my mind that we’d not discussed my cuming and what she was going to do, swallow or not? Just as quickly I decided I didn’t care.

I opened my eyes to see Bobby and Dena nodding. But Dena had moved. She was now sitting up on the edge of the hot tub leaning over to her right, apparently watching the towel bob up and down.

The towel descended again, but she slipped down and didn’t stop where she had been. My cockhead touched the back of her throat and then bent a bit into her throat. He tongue licked out to swirl around the top of my balls.

I closed my eyes again and thought “This must be a deep throat,” but heard myself groan as I lay leaned all the way back and my hands found Betty’s which were palm open next to my hips supporting her, my hands stroked up and down her arms as she began mixing all the sensations, tongue, throat, lips, licking, an almost overwhelming feeling building.

Then a set of lips met mine. They tasted like wine, it could only be Dena. My right hand found the back of her head and I pulled her firmly against me as I sucked on her lips as Betty sucked my cock.

The feeling began to wash over me and I whimpered just a bit, Betty raised up and swirled her tongue around the head but kept her lips firmly locked around the shaft. I took a deep breath and held it as the orgasmic wave hit me. I started to cum and emptied myself into Betty. I felt a good half dozen or so ejaculations as my balls clenched and unclenched.

A few moments after the last spasm I felt Betty raise up off me but Dena kept kissing me, my body shivering from time to time in recovering from its exertion.

I opened my eyes and there was Dena smiling down at me, “you going to live through this?”

I rolled my eyes, “Oh my God, that was intense.” I stroked her hair and for the moment forgot Betty and Bobby were there adding, “the feeling was so isolated, so intense, when we make love there’s so much else going on, so much else to play with, almost distractions… ah, damn… “

That’s when I noticed that Betty was using the towel and wiping my cock and balls. I realized, “she didn’t swallow.” But ultimately didn’t care.

I sat up on my elbows and Dena grasped my hand to hold it. The towel was now a ball covering my lap and Betty sunk down deep into the hot tub until her head was under. She came up smoothing her hair and spitting out water.

I held the towel tightly to cover me and slipped down into the hot tub. Dena tossed me my suit and I slipped it on under water.

“So, how was that?” Betty finally asked.

I started to laugh, “How was that? Simply amazing Betty, simply amazing. Thank you so much, both of you, thanks so much.”

Betty and Bobby started talking as if nothing had just happened.

This all happened a few months back and since then I’ve left the classroom for a job with fewer idiots in charge. We’ve continued our suppers and hot tubing up and this evening has not been mentioned. I’d hoped Dena might get intrigued, she didn’t, our sex life hasn’t changed significantly. It has however some how effected them.. there has been more than one occasion where Betty has called to talk to me and she’s mentioned that they were open to a, well… a closer relationship with them but keeping Dena in the dark. So far, I’ve rejected the offer out of hand. But she keeps asking, so…

We’ll see where that goes.

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