Donna’s Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 06-08


(Authors Note for Book 2, Chapter’s 6 – 8)

Donna’s Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02; Ch. 06-08 is a continuation of Donna’s Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02; Ch. 04-05 (duplicated in that submission) which followed Donna’s Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02; Ch. 01-03 as separate submissions. These three separate Bk. 02 submissions all followed Donna’s Ultra-High Heels Bk. 01 which was posted in its entirety (12 Chapters) under the Fetish category.

These three Book 2 submissions can be read in sequential order, but it is highly recommend that Book 1 be read first since it would be helpful in understanding the character development of the main players. I tried to make the transition to Book 2 as seamless as possible by briefly summarizing some specific events of Book 1 while trying not to be excessively redundant. The prelude that follows is summary of Book 1 repeated with this submission.

Book 2 Prelude

Summarizing Book 1

Donna Scott was a recent graduate that had just earned a Master’s Degree in Law from a St. Louis based university in May of 1962. After graduating, she started working as the legal assistant for Kevin Madden who was the sole owner a prestigious law firm in downtown St. Louis. Donna in the first two months working at the law firm had also been assigned a couple of times to help a private detective, Jeff Douglas, whom Kevin occasionally hired to research certain background information for some of the clients he represented. On these occasions, when Donna’s time on these assignments entailed either office or time in the field working for Jeff, he would reduce his billing rate to Kevin’s law firm.

About two and a half months after Donna starting working for Kevin, he had her go on an undercover assignment to investigate a local high heel shoe and lingerie shop to determine if there were any un-scrupulous activities going on at that store. Kevin had gotten word from the retired previous owners of the shop that there may be something afoul there since a long-time customer of theirs was in the store when the FBI came in and asked pointed questions of the women assistant Manager.

Donna did visit the shop, posing as a potential ultra high heel customer, in order to possibly determine if there was any illegal activity going on. As it turned out, there was no problem at the shop since the FBI was investigating another company that had done some business with the store. However in the process, Donna became immediately attracted to Ken Fowler, the new manager of that shop. Their mutual attraction quickly led to a very torrid, romantic, and loving relationship between the two of them! Donna had, in turn recently moved from her apartment into Ken’s Clayton townhouse and they were now involved in a series of erotic sexual adventures.

Her first new found obsession was learning to wear the highest of ultra high heels for which Ken was giving her daily training at his shop. In addition, he was assisting her in a figure training program that would benefit Donna when she started modeling for his new forthcoming catalog. Also in this short period of time since meeting Ken, Donna voluntarily became involved in several other fetishes, including nipple training, corsets, garters, exotic bras, and starting her own induced lactation program!

But most importantly, when Donna realized after Ken had strapped her into his bra measuring stand at the shop, she understood that she had a deep down, previously unknown sexually submissive side to her normally aggressive personality! At this point she knew that it was a pivotal moment in her life and to their long term future relationship!

A couple of weeks after Donna had moved in with Ken, Mrs. Linda Chatsworth visited Kevin’s law office in order to make some legal changes to their revocable trust. They were rather routine changes, but in the process Linda noticed Donna’s 5-5/8 stiletto heels that day and was somewhat jealous since she had on 5-1/4 inch stiletto heels that were lower than what she normally wore in public. After talking to Donna when they left Kevin’s law office and after having a very confidential discussion about their mutual interest in ultra high heels, she invited Donna and as well as Ken to their house on Friday evening in order for her to witness the sighing of the legal papers since Donna was also Notary Public.

Chapter 6 (Book 2)

Later that same Friday afternoon, Donna received another phone call at the office from Linda with change of plans when they arrived at the Chatsworth’s that Friday evening. She said that the more she got to thinking about their previously agreed to dress requirement, the more she thought that they should change it to emphasize their waists since they were going to be wearing corsets. In other words, why not take advantage of the situation and give the guys a good show from a cinched waist standpoint?

Also, Linda said that rather than wearing cone bras which would be erzurum escort featured the following weekend, she now thought that they should both wear some other style of pointed bra like the Maidenform or a bullet bra in order to be different from the party she had planned the following weekend! They could still tease the men with loosely tucked-in silk blouses that could be manipulated by each of them in order to display their pointy bra cups when either of them wanted, while at the same time showing off their tightly cinched waists!

Donna agreed that was a fabulous idea and she would give Ken a call and have him bring home a standard pointed bra in her size from the shop, since she didn’t have one at the apartment that would fill the bill. She also suggested that they wear bullet bras since she now wore the somewhat pointed Maidenform Chansonette bras to work most of the time. Linda agreed since she didn’t have the Fredrick’s “Pointet” bra similar to one that Donna had purchased a couple of years ago. That bra would have been the next step up in pointy bras, behind the bullet bra, followed by the cone bra which was the sharpest of them all. They also agreed that their outfits would consist of simple tight fitting black pencil skirts hemmed to about two inches above the knees, and the previously agreed to, white silk blouses that would loosely fit over their bullet bra cups tips, but still be cinched at their waists by a wide black suede belt! Finally, they agreed that matching black suede stilettos with 6 inch heels would be the appropriate height for the occasion.

After she hung up from talking to Linda, Donna called Ken again and told him that he should pick out a bullet bra for her to wear under a heavy silk blouse that evening. She also suggested that he bring home the pair of black suede, open sided, T-strap 6 inch stilettos that she had tried on, but not worn that day in the shop when she had first met Ken. For whatever reason she didn’t have any black suede 6 inch stiletto pumps at the apartment. Although she did have some black suede belts at home, she also wanted Ken to bring a 4 inch wide one from the store to wear with the her outfit this evening.

Donna stopped off at one of the two large department store chains in St. Louis on her way back to Ken’s apartment after work so that she could pick out a silk blouse that she and Linda had agreed to wear that evening. Donna found, and set aside several blouses that seemed to fill all the proposed requirements since they were front buttoning silk blouses that would probably loosely fit over her bra cups and fall straight down to well below her waist. She had purposely selected them all from the extra-tall rack in her size, so that they would leave a lot of extra material at her waist. The blouse she finally picked out and took to the dressing room to try on, seemed to be made of the heaviest silk material and was certainly the dressiest of the group since it had some silver-like detailing around the neck and at the material edges where they buttoned together in front with small silver-like buttons.

Donna removed her work blouse and tried on the one she had just picked out, while still keeping on her skirt in order to try and achieve the overall effect that she had in mind. She continued by loosely tucking in the tall fitting blouse in such a manner that it fell over her Maidenform bra cup tips, but wasn’t tight enough to stretch the material so that it wasn’t inordinately tight fitting. Donna then cinched her belt to simulate how it would look when the blouse was belted over her tightly laced corset. It achieved the exact look that she wanted since she had left enough slack above her breasts that the heavy silk material drooped down above her breasts to flare out and upward by her Maidenform bra! The blouse was long and loose enough so that it hung almost straight down from her breasts before being tightened at her waist by the wide belt!

When Donna looked in the mirror and saw how the blouse and bra combination presented such a different but sexy look, it stirred her mind to remember a long forgotten image that she recalled from a promotional still photo from a movie magazine that she had seen when she was a teenager of 16 or 17, seven or eight years ago. For some reason it had made an impression on her at the time because of the unusual sweater pose by the female star in the movie titled ‘Human Desire’ in the 1954 or 1955 timeframe. Donna inexplicably remembered that Gloria Grahame was the star and that the promotional pose had her leaning back, with Glenn Ford looking on from a telephone booth.

It showed Gloria in a turtle neck sweater that had enough slack around her collarbone to allow the heavy sweater material to droop downward from there to about the upper half of her bust line where her breasts were obviously captured in a semi-bullet bra and, which in turn dramatically pushed the sweater up and out and gave escort erzurum the impression that her breasts were slightly angled upward in a very sexy manner!

The silk blouse that she saw herself wearing in the mirror seemed to dramatically duplicate that same image as the photo Donna membered from a few years ago. She then struck a few different poses and realized that she was going to be able to achieve a variety of different sexual looks with that blouse by different subtle body language movements that she and Linda had agreed were in order for the meeting with the guys at the Chatsworth’s house that evening!

Donna changed back into her work suit and bought the blouse that she had tried on before going back to Ken’s apartment. On the way there, she thought about how she should fix her makeup for tonight’s meeting. In some way, because of her witnessing their signing of the legal papers, it was a semi-professional meeting, but Donna realized that it was certainly much more than that since she and Linda had become so quickly involved in some of their common fetishes.

Since Donna had spent some time after she started working for Kevin, and while quickly adapting to and embracing the new office dress requirements of 5-1/4 inch stiletto heels, she had started studying the more refined aspects of makeup in order to achieve different looks for every occasion. That included her roles when she did some, so called detective assignment work, with Jeff Douglas when she briefly worked with him after starting with Kevin office a few months ago. On those occasions, she was pretty much not in the forefront of those assignments, but she did take into account how her appearance would affect the investigation that she was assigned to help with, and therefore made an effort to dress and appear appropriately made up for the each occasion.

Therefore after Donna arrived at Ken’s apartment, she started getting ready by redoing her make up for the evening by changing from the professional office look to a different softer look since she would be wearing those sexy black suede T-strap pumps with the ‘hoop-and-Pin’ buckling system as well as the silk blouse, belt, and the bullet bra that Ken was bringing home from the shop! She therefore wanted to portray a more glamorous image than what she showed at work. Donna decided not to go so far as making herself up to look overly risqué, but rather to accent her somewhat provocative attire for the evening without being over the top. After some thought, she decided to go with a softer, but somewhat sexy look that would set the tone for the evening. By lightly applying a very soft base that she really didn’t need, but would set off her slightly darker eye shadow, red lipstick and gloss, as well as her darkened eye lashes without being so intense that she would come across as overly made up; Donna thought she had struck the proper balance for the evening.

She had decided to wear the skin colored kid leather corset with the Gwendoline-style butt enhancing feature, but she first changed into a classic pair of her padded black bikini panties and seamed black thigh high nylons held in place by a black a garter belt. She then began the process on lacing herself into the corset that for the most part, Ken had generally performed. Donna thought back to last night when she was strapped up in the lacing stand and had no control when Ken tightened the corset laces prior the her milking procedure. Donna loosened the front lacings so that she could easily put it on and hook the back busking together so that she could start the lacing process. She wanted to learn the proper lacing procedure for herself and not necessarily have to depend on Ken to complete the process in order to eventually achieve a 40-20-40 perfect hourglass figure!

It took her some time to alternately tighten the left and right laces from the top down and eventually get to the point when she needed to take a deep breath in order to trim her waist measurement to the 23-1/4 inches that Ken had achieved last night. It took almost all of her arm and hand strength to tighten the last few laces before tying them off at the lower end of the corset. Donna, rather awkwardly, tighten the side laces of the lower butt lifting portion of the corset to where she hoped she had achieved the 38-3/8 inch hip dimension that Ken had attained last evening.

Linda was really getting into the forthcoming gathering with the Chatsworth’s and was getting even more excited as she finished up tightening the corset and looked at herself in the mirror just as Ken walked in the front door. He quickly walked upstairs and set her shoes, bra, and belt, that that she had requested, on the spare bedroom bed before giving Donna a long a lingering kiss. She did a few additional finishing touches on her makeup and then gave Ken a quick rundown of the changes that she and Linda agreed to later that afternoon, and reaffirmed that she erzurum escort bayan was really thrilled about their visit to the Chatsworth’s house that evening.

Donna then took the bullet bra out of the box that Ken had selected and noted it was labeled as a C+ size. All her cone bras that she got from the shop were custom made for her size and slightly altered after she started lactating and did not realize that there was a standard C+ size available. She noticed that this bullet bra was circularly stitched and radially boned only down to about where the outer diameter of her areola would be positioned it the cups. At this point a separate pre-formed piece of smooth heavy satin material was sewn into and formed the cup tip; giving it the shape similar to that of the pointed end of a large egg if the cup tip was properly filled out, which it definitely would be with Donna’s extra-long stiff nipples leading the way! The other thing Donna noticed was that unlike all her cone bras that had multiple lacings that were critically positioned radially around the bra cups, this bullet bra had only one singular adjustment in the form of a circular buckling strap at the base of each cup that could be tighten to force each breast into the rigidly bone cups!

Donna then asked Ken to help her to put on and adjust the bra and help achieve the look that she wanted with the silk blouse and belted waist.

Of course, Ken was more than willing to assist in that request and stepped behind her and started lightly kissing her neck while he whispered, “I’ll help all I can, but first I want to make sure you’ll properly fill out this bra.”

He then reached around her and with his index finger tips lightly massaged Donna’s super sensitive nipple tips! Her nipples were already semi-aroused by just Ken’s presents in the room and with his expert nipples tip manipulation technique, they immediately hardened and sprang to full attention as they became their usual bright red color when aroused!

Donna squirmed and moaned as she breathed, “Oh my God, I don’t think you’ll have that to worry about that since I have so little control of my nipples when you’re around.”

“I know, but I want you keep the bullet bra filled out this evening, so I put some Velcro at the cup tips to make sure your nipples fully do their job,” Ken slyly commented as he picked up the bra and showed her the Velcro located around the cup tips, just above the very tips so that her nipples would be tickled, but not at their super sensitive tips.

Donna was really heating up with Ken’s announcement and attempted to reach behind her lower back in order to try and find his manhood as he began the process of fitting the bra on her chest. She could feel his hardening penis through his shorts and pants as he slipped the tight fitting cups over her taught breasts, one at a time, before fastening the strap together in the middle of her back. Even before Ken started adjusting the shoulder straps, Donna could feel the firmer and scratchy side of the Velcro, which he had inserted in the bra, start to brush and scratch her sensitive nipples just above the very tips keeping them hard as rocks and causing them to slightly tent the bra bullet shaped cup tips through the pre-formed satin material! Ken then tightened the straps at the base of each cup which forced her milk taught breasts into the rigid pre-formed cups so that they more than filled out the cups of the bra in great fashion and together with his manipulation of her nipple tips, seemed to enhance her chest measurement to its fullest!

Also, the design of this particular bra was unique in that the shoulder straps connected to the bra cups about half way down the upper side of each cup and then through a small loop at the cup base before being buckling to the mating shoulder strap running from the back strap. The two shoulder straps could then be adjusted so that the bullet shaped cup tips could be pointed slightly upward. This was made possible because of the increased leverage that could be applied by the strap connected to each cup at its upper center and fed through the loop at the cup base. In this manner, it gave it the ability to lift the cup tips upward without lifting or totally repositioning each cup as would be the case with a typical bra where the shoulder straps only connected to the upper center at the cup bases.

Before buckling the shoulder straps, Ken asked her if she wanted to have him adjust the cups to point straight out or point slightly upward. Donna responded that for now; adjust them to point straight out because she was going to try and achieve the illusion of upward pointing breasts with the drooping silk blouse like she remembered from the movie photo years ago! Ken adjusted her bra according to her request and finished by acting like he was smoothing the bra cup tips with his fingers making sure that her nipples rubbed against the Velcro while his fingertips touched the tips sending the familiar lightning bolts directly to her clitoris! Ken was insuring that those world class, 1-1/4 inch long ultra-stiff nipples and swollen areolas, would more than fill out the slightly rounded tips of her bullet bra; and once again this was all to Donna’s delight!

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