Donny Ch. 02

Double Penetration

We sat there panting for a bit, naked, across from each other, our cocks now soft and squishy and only semi-erect; feeling all nice and sated. I noticed that his was still wildly engorged, or maybe that was its normal state.

“I just can’t get over how big you are.” I told him. He began to look a bit concerned and shifted a bit in his seat, closing his legs a bit. “No, no. Don’t hide that incredible cock. I love to look at it. I love how big you are! I totally turns me on!!”

He visibly relaxed a bit and smiled slightly. “Yours is amazing too.” He said quietly, taking in the view of me sitting nude in front of him. “Your cum is really tasty”.

“Yours is incredibly delicious! C’mere with that big beautiful dick again.” He stood and moved over in front of me. “Mmmmm, so thrilling.” I moaned as I took him in my hand again.

I kissed along the length again. His hand came gently to the back of my head. I reached down and made a tight circle around his balls with my thumb and forefinger; they barely reached around. I gently squeezed and tugged until his ball sack was nice and tight, his balls perfectly displayed in the tight skin.

“You really don’t mind how big I am?” he asked, kind of shyly. I looked up into his eyes.

“I LOVE how big you are! Your sweet cock is huge, and beautiful, and sexy and turns me on completely. Don’t ever be shy with me about this perfectly wonderful penis.” I looked down again, examining every inch of him and his big balls. “Your balls thrill me! They flood me with so much luscious cum.”

I lifted his cock out of the way and leaned in to kiss them both, working my tongue lovingly over the taut skin. He moaned with passion as I kissed and licked both his huge balls.

“God, these produce so much delicious cum.” I moaned into his crotch.

“If you don’t watch it, you’re gonna get more.” He hissed through clenched teeth.

“Don’t threaten me with a good time.” I teased. “Or a hot meal.” He laughed. “That would be so yummy right now. I love the taste of your creamy cum.” He was getting harder again. His cock may have been too large to ever get ‘rock hard’, but was hard enough.

As I continued to lick my way around the amazing length of his penis I wondered why he never met anyone that loved his big dick the way I did.

“Why does your mother give you such a hard time about dating?” Donny tensed a bit and went very quiet. I finally looked up into his eyes and saw that I had upset him with the question. “Hey, sorry. I didn’t mean to pry. You don’t have to explain anything to me.” He shook his head slowly. I just gently held that huge cock and caressed his big balls as he seemed to get his thoughts together.

“It’s kind of difficult to talk about.” He finally said quietly, moving back to his chair. He looked distressed. “It’s gonna sound so weird.” I slid to the floor and moved over to him, gently opening his legs and moving up between them. I took another hold of his giant penis and just kept petting him telling him not to worry about it. He didn’t owe me anything by explanation.

“No.” he said, “I want to tell you. I want to tell someone, and you seem like you might not freak out.”

“I won’t.” I assured him. “Whatever it is, I would never judge you. I have no right.”

Donny began a long story about growing up without a father, who had ditched out on his mom when Donny was too young to ever remember him. He had run off with a local tramp, 20 years his junior, who had never had a real home and latched onto Donny’s dad like a fly on flypaper. His story wandered through a youth of isolation and loneliness, where only his mother ever really cared for him closely. School was tough and by high school he dropped out as kids were making fun of ‘Mr. Horsecock’. Gym class was brutalizing as the boys in the locker room would poke fun at his enormous penis. Halfway through his sophomore year he dropped out and never went back. His mother tutored him at home.

“Mom always took care of me.” He said wistfully, staring off at long lost memories. He returned from his reverie to look me square in the face. “Mom always took care of me.”

“She sounds wonderful.” I told him, quietly. He gave me a sober look.

“Mom always took care of me.” He enunciated each word carefully. bursa escort bayan He gave me a look like I wasn’t getting it. “You know what I mean?” I shook my head, not knowing what he meant. His eyebrows raised up and he gave me a meaningful look like, ‘You get it?’

The full realization of what he meant suddenly blossomed in my mind. Donny had that stricken look on his face again.

“You mean …” I couldn’t figure where to start. “She took care of you?” I dared not get this wrong. “How did she do that?”

“You know.” He said sheepishly, with a questioning look.

“I’m not completely sure I do. Tell me.” I just waited patiently. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t freak out. I think I understand, but it sounds … delicate.”

There was a long pause, followed by a huge sigh.

“She …….” He was so quiet I almost couldn’t hear him. “She does that.” He said gesturing to me. I hadn’t realized that I was gently stroking and caressing his growing erection.

“She does this?” I asked looking down at my hands around his massive shaft. He moaned in the affirmative. I looked back up into his eyes. “She does this?” I stroked him with greater energy, indicating what she might do. Donny nodded again. “She jacks you off?” he continued nodding. “It’s okay, I’m okay. Don’t be shy of me.”

I leaned down and began kissing and licking the head of his gorgeous, huge meat.

“She does this?” I asked mouthing the head of his cock. Donny froze, as if this was really too much information to divulge. Lacking an immediate shake of his head told me that she did in fact suck his cock for him. “Does she do this?” I asked again taking his cockhead in my mouth. God, it was so huge it filled my mouth. He was getting harder. He couldn’t bring himself to respond. Fear filled his eyes, but I knew that she did. “Does she enjoy sucking your cock?” still no response, but no denial either. “Does she love the taste of your cum as much as me?”

Donny nodded, almost imperceptible at first. “Yeah?” I asked. “She does?” He nodded again. “God, why wouldn’t she? Your cum is so delicious, no wonder.” Donny just seemed to be overwhelmed by the fact that I didn’t judge, or criticize. I just kept sucking the head of his big cock. “Mmmmm I know why she must love this cock, it is fantastic, Donny.” I went full bore of bobbing up and down, sucking his big cock with complete abandon. I would remove it now and again to tell him that I thought that was sexy and loving and wonderful for them both. I told him that she loves him completely to want to pleasure him that way. “I bet she’s wonderful at sucking you, isn’t she?” He nodded more emphatically. “Yeah! That is so exciting! She must give you so much wonderful pleasure with her mouth!”

Donny was really getting into it now. The pleasure of my mouth and the thrill of sharing such an intimate activity, coupled with what must have been the conditioned response to getting sucked pushed to the edge of orgasm in no time. His hands found my head.

“Oh Steven, lover. Suck that cock! Yeah suck it! I love it! Oh yeah take it! Make me cum. Here I cum! Here I cum!!!” He exploded again into my mouth. I couldn’t begin to catch it all, but got most of it, anyway. I gulped and swallowed as he fed me a quart of sweet, delicious, thick semen. “Yeah! Swallow all that cum, man! Yeah! Drink it down, baby! Suck it, Steven. Suck it!”

He collapsed back into his chair. I just kept kissing and caressing his cock, and his thighs, kissing them. I kissed my way up his tummy, his chest his neck. I moved up and climbed onto his lap, my cock harder than before. I kissed his lips, slipping my cum-coated tongue into his mouth. He sucked it clean. I began to whisper into his ear.

“Oh Donny, that makes me so hot! Thinking about her sucking you, taking that big cock, getting all aroused by pleasuring you and giving you a blowjob. God, I would love to watch that. You make me so turned on.” My cock was rock hard and pressing against his stomach. His hands reached in and found it, squeezing me. “Oh yeah! Feel how turned on that makes me. I would love to watch your mom sucking your gorgeous big fat cock! I want to help her pleasure your big penis. I want to watch her take your thick creamy cum in her mouth. Watch her taste you, drink from your big görükle escort penis.”

I reached back and took hold of his fat squishy dick; he as still so thick and firm in my hand.

“Oh yeah! This cock! I want to watch you stuff her face full of this fat cock. Oh yeah! Make her suck you so deep!” I was panting into his ear. Oh, Donny! I love your big cock! I love it.” My hips began to move against his squeezing hands. “Have you ever fucked her?” I blurted.

“Yes.” He told me. “She loves my huge cock in her tight little pussy.”

I was thrusting forcefully into his hands as he whispered this admission into my ear. He was telling me about being nude with her, touching her, stroking her, fucking her. I lost it and began to shoot my cum all over his chest.

“Oh yeah, Steven! Shoot it baby! Shoot it lover! Cover me in your sweet cum. Mmmmm It’s so warm on me.” I was covering him with it. His hands were slippery with my sperm. “I want you with us. I want you to fuck her too! I want you to fuck her while you both suck on my big, fucking cock!”

I was stroking his huge cockhead over my asshole wishing that it could fit in me. There was no way on the world that it would, but to feel him completely up inside of my body would be amazing. That she could, and would, take him inside her body was an incredible turn-on!! I took his face in my hands and we French-kissed deeply for awhile, as he stroked my back and my butt, holding me tight to him.

I finally moved up and guided my still erect cock into his mouth.

“Yeah baby. Suck me! That’s it! That is so wonderful. My sweet cocksucker!” I fucked his mouth for a little while longer than pulled him to his feet. “Come with me.” I led him by the hand into the bathroom. “Oooh yeah, swing that big dick, baby.” It was swinging back and forth like the incredible 16″ of thick cock that is was.

Once in the bathroom I pulled him to me. “Oh I LOVE your big dick.” We wrapped ourselves around each other and made out some more. “I want to watch myself play with you.” I told him, standing him in front of the mirror. I moved behind him, wrapping my arms around him. I am taller by a fair amount, so I could easily see us together in the mirror. I reached around and took his huge cock in my hands. “Oh yeah! Look at that.” I posed it this way and that, stroking and fondling.

I stood next to him, our arms around each other. “Look at us. Sexy lovers. Sucking each others’ cocks. Feeding each other cum.” I turned his face to mine and, watching out the corner of our eyes, watched in the mirror as we played tongues. I got down on my knees. “Yeah! Let me see my mouth full of that gorgeous big dick.” We turned to profiles as I began kissing and licking all over the shaft and the head.

“Ooohhhh yeah!! I look good with your fat cock.” I glanced up to see him watching me intently. I began wrapping my lips around him and pushing him in deep, then pulling off completely, only to do it again. I was watching myself in the mirror. He looked impossible huge in my mouth. “How do I look, lover?” I asked him. “How do I look taking that fat cock?”

“Oh, Steven, so hot! Mmmmmm you look so beautiful sucking me!” He was going back and forth from looking down into my eyes, to watching in the mirror. “Oh, it looks so good! And it feels so good!” His hands found the back of my head. “Oh, lover! Take it! Yeah! Take it deeper!” He was pushing pretty hard now. “Yeah, just a bit deeper. You give such wonderful head, baby! What a beautiful blowjob!!”

I was straining to see myself as he fucked my mouth harder and deeper. I gagged pretty hard and he pulled back.

“Oh, sorry. You okay?” I caught my breath.

“Yeah, fine. Do it again, force feed me that huge cock, baby.”

“Oh yeah, lover. Take that fucking cock. Take it deeper! I know you’ve never been fucked by a cock this big before! Let me ram your throat with this big dick!” I was choking hard, but loving his assertive ramming, again and again.

I was drooling like crazy as he kept up the onslaught. “Swallow that big fucking cock, sweetie. Yeah lover, take me in your throat.” I had a hold of one hip and a tight grip on his huge balls. He kept one hand on the back of my head and grabbed his shaft with the other. “Yeah! Swallow bursa escort bayan me. Take me down into you.” His incredibly thick cock was squishy enough to force its way past my tonsils. I hadn’t swallowed a cock since college, but now, Donny was on a rampage. The thick head completely filled my throat as it turned the corner and started down. “Yeah that’s it! That’s the way lover. You’re doing it!” he hissed through clenched teeth. “Oh Steven, you’re doing it!”

I rolled my eyeballs to the side to be greeted by the sight of his cock disappearing down into my throat. I looked like one of those snakes consuming a small animal. My mouth looked unhinged and my throat was literally swollen with gorgeous, big, thick, long cock, pushing deeper and deeper. I noticed that I only had a little over half though and had to quit.

I pushed him back out of me, and practically fell, panting, against the wall.

“Oh my god!” he said. “You did it! You swallowed my cock!” He was jerking off as he stood over me, clearly wildly turned on! “Oh, baby! You deep throated me. That was incredible!” I watched him stroking his cock and holding his big balls, right in front of me. I was catching my breathe and watching with amazement! “Oh fuck, baby. That was so great! That was ….”

A deep growl began inside him and grew, as his hand flew over the length of his cock. He was creeping closer to me, as he jerked off. I sensed that he was close.

“Yeah Donny! Stroke that cock. Stroke that beautiful, big fucking cock! Shoot it! Cum for me. Cum ON ME!”

He did!! I watched, amazed, as he squirted long, thick creamy ropes of cum all over my body, head to toe. I realized that my mouth was hanging open when a big splash landed on my tongue. It was instantly warm and tasty. He was literally covering me in warm sperm.

He staggered back and practically fell onto the floor, leaning against the wall opposite from me. We were both panting like we’d run a marathon. We just looked at each other and began laughing. Wild abandon, having just performed some of the sexiest, most intimate love-making either of us ever experienced. I was covered in cum and needed a shower. The only shower was by the pool outside. We peeked out and noticed that it was quite dark by now. We had been inside playing for over 2 hours.

I snuck outside and took a shower, in full view of anyone that might happen by. No one did. We got dressed and then somewhat sheepishly hugged for a bit. We chatted a bit about when we might get together again. I wanted to see him on the weekend. He had returned to his cautious self, perhaps expecting that this was it and I would never call again. I said that I definitely would. Just before we left the clubhouse I pulled him aside and kissed him once more. I apologized briefly and, getting down on my knees, opened and pulled down his pants and underwear.

“I have to see you once more.” I told him. “I have to kiss my lover’s penis goodbye.” I took the head in my mouth again once more. “Oh baby, I have to see you again soon.” I was looking up into his eyes in the darkened room as I caressed my cheek with his massive shaft. I bobbed up and down on the spongy shaft again for a moment.

Standing, I told him, “I want to make love to you again soon.” He kissed me quickly.

“How’s this for soon …” he dropped to his knees, opened my pants and began blowing me again. I cradled his face in my hands and fucked him in the throat for a brief period before shooting again, weakly, into his mouth.

“Oh Donny. Oh yeah baby. That is so good. Oh sweetie, you suck me so good. I am so excited that we love each other’s cocks so much!” He just moaned around his mouthful of my cock. I looked down at him kneeling there, his pants open and huge penis laying gently across his thigh. I practically swooned for it.

“I am busy tomorrow, but can I see you Friday evening?” I asked him.

“Of course.” He replied, and then caught himself. “Shit!” he said. “I have to take my mom to the doctors in the evening on Friday. We won’t get back until around 7:30.” I replied that that was fine, we could go out after. He told me that he needed to hang around the house after her appointment, to keep her under observation.

“Can we hang at your house? Would she mind?” I asked him. He seemed unsure, but then thought ‘fuck it’.

“It’s my house too.” he said. “Yeah! Come on over about 8 and we’ll hang out.”

We dressed, kissed, hugged and then went out into the cool evening. I went to my car and Donny, walked home.

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