Son loves father_3


Son loves father_3″You’re…you’re…driving me…insane,” I stuttered as excitement dripped from my engorged big clit.Liberally, Daddy coated his fingers with lube from the bottle I had in my purse. “Alex, I want you to know this is going to hurt. But, once the pain subsides I think you’ll found it quite enjoyable.””A girl was made to be penetrated and I so want to be penetrated by you. Just get me really ready first,” I replied. My voice was full of excited but mixed emotions.Daddy slowly fought his middle finger past my sphincter and wormed it all the way into me as my face twisted into a grimace. As he pulled it back I moaned, when he pushed it back in I groaned. Kissing my butt, he comforted me with soft words of adoration and when my body finally relaxed with the single finger inside me, he added another digit.”Oh!” I squealed and then sighed as he repeated the process of working his fingers in and out of me. When my anus grew accustomed to the twin digits sawing back and forth, Daddy separated his fingers ever wider, stretching my butthole.At last he seemed satisfied. He kissed my buttock again and said, “I think you’re ready.”I feel the wet bulbous head of his cock as it tapped my tuzla escort butthole. I was glad he had spread some lube on it too. I held my breath and clutched the bed sheet as Daddy slowly penetrated me with his hard cock. Tears fill my eyes and I screamed into the mattress.”No more…no more…you’re splitting me in half.” I wailed and rose up hands and knees.Daddy paused allowing me to adjust to his girth. He tenderly caressed my back, “Relax Alex, it’s half in…just relax the pain will pass.”Once my screams died down to a whimpers, Daddy gently and softly said, “You’re doing fine. Just think of the pleasure you’ll soon be enjoying…” He drove the rest of his cock inside me then completed his thought through gritted teeth, “…and giving me.”At last I could feel his testicles resting against my taint. I felt full. I blew out a deep breath. Slowly, my body relaxed as the pain grew less severe.”Your ass is so tight, Alex, it feels so good.” Daddy reached underneath me and began to stroke my big clit. It pulsated in his hand and he squeezed it. “Are you ready for me to fuck you now?””Yes,” I mumbled with anxiety.He slowly brought his hips back sliding his cock back out of my ass.”Shh, ataşehir escort Shh,” I hissed as my sphincter tried to expel it from my body.Just when his cock was about to fall out Daddy thrust his hips forward propelling it back into the depths of my innards.”Uh-uh,” I moaned when his testicles again made contact with my taint.Daddy didn’t allow me to rest and quickly reversed his hips until his cock was just barely inside me again, only to push it back into me clear to the hilt. As the tempo of his thrusting hips increased he increased the speed at which he stroked my big clit.My mind reeled between pain and pleasure then slowly sided with joyous pleasure as Daddy slowly thrust himself in and out of me. I moaned and groaned with elated ecstasy.”Like that, huh, Alex,” barked Daddy slapping my ass.I squealed.”Say it,” he demanded.”Yes, Yes,” I mumbled as my body rocked in unison with his cock throttling in and out of me.Daddy smacked my ass again, “Yes, what?””Yes, I liked getting fucked by you, Daddy.”He laughed and I could feel his cock jiggle within me. “Good, because I like fucking you.”I screeched as Daddy pulled by hair forcing me to arch my back. Tears ran down my face as he buried pendik escort every inch of his cock deep into my butt. My ears rang with his blissful bellows as his cum shot into my innards. I reached between my legs lovingly squeezed his balls as they emptied deep inside me.After he spent himself, Daddy left his still hard cock fully interred in my ass. With light-speed jerks, he stroked my big clit then he viciously slapped my ass. The savage smacking sound reverberated off the walls like a gunshot.My eyes rolled back in my head as the sharp pain lit the fuse of orgasm, suddenly, ejaculate exploded from my big clit. The pleasurable pain overloaded my senses and I surrendered to the black. I collapsed into the puddle of my own cum.”Alex, are you with me?” Daddy asked with earnest concern as he patted my face.I blinked. I was sprawled on my back. My body tingled with gratification, but I couldn’t move anything. I blinked again and the blurriness gradually retreated from my eyes. Slowly, Daddy’s hovering figure came into focus. It took several moments for my breathing to return to normal. Finally I gasped, “That was so intense. I have never felt so much pleasure.”The knowing glint in Daddy’s eye was almost as bright as his smile. He whispered, “I love you Alex, I love you so much.””I love you too, Daddy.” I giggled with a gratified grin then asked, “Did you enjoy your date?”Thanks clarkroberts for the story

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