Dowdy Mother in Law Ch. 06


I now realised Viv had a really kinky side to her, that was music to my ears. One of the kinks I’d noticed is she liked referring to herself as my mother, as she did just then. I found the idea of incest role play exciting so I went along with her, “Yes please mother, I want to suck your titties and put my hand up your skirt.”

“Oh you darling naughty boy, let mummy get them out for you.” she was unbuttoning her blouse as she said this.

She undid half the buttons, then lifted her bra, releasing her heavy melons. She held up the tit closest to me, put her hand behind my head and drew me to her nipple, “Go on then you naughty boy, suck mummy’s tit.”

I opened my mouth and placed it on her breast, the nipple, areola and some of the surrounding breast I sucked hard. The nipple was firm, I flicked it with my tongue, “Yes, that’s it, keep sucking mummy.”

I was in heaven. Because of the way she was sat in my lap I couldn’t suck the other, so I cupped the other in my hand, “You naughty boy, mummy didn’t say you could touch her other tit. Do you want to play with it, do you want to pinch the nipple? Mummy will let you.”

“Hmm, mm.” I couldn’t speak with my mouth full of my mother in law’s breast.

“You’re so naughty, you’re not really supposed to do this to mummy but you’re making mummy’s breast tingle and you’re making mummy’s pussy wet. You can put your hand up my skirt to feel it for yourself if you want.”

I released her other tit and put my hand on the inside of her thigh. Her breathing was getting heavier.

“Go on, you can slide your hand under, mummy will let her naughty boy do that, that’s it keep going, higher, all the way, Hnnnngh! Oh yes, you are touching mummy’s privates.”

This was the wettest I’ve felt her, she was soaking.

“Is your penis getting hard in your trousers because you are doing naughty things with mummy?”

“Hmm, mm.”

“You can put your fingers in mummy’s vagina if you want, mummy will let you.”

All this time I didn’t stop my exertions on her tit and I slipped two fingers into her cunt.

“Ooh, so naughty! You can put your penis in mummy’s vagina if you want, mummy will let you. Do you want to do that?”

“Hmm, mm.”

“Mummy’s going to lift her skirt and lie down on the rug, then she’s going to open her legs wide so her naughty boy can see her vagina.”

Viv got off my lap, her breast shiny with my saliva, the nipple far more erect than the other. She lifted her skirt, lay down and opened her legs.

Nothing was said, but somehow we both knew the roleplay had ended, it was now time for son in law to fuck mother in law.

I stripped off my clothes and lay over her, taking my weight on my arms, my eyes gazing into hers that were gazing back at me. Her arms were around my neck.

I manouvered my hips until I could feel my cockhead was at her entrance. I moved inside her very slowly, without breaking our gaze, in my peripheral vision I could see her expression changing to one of raw lust as she felt what I felt. Every contour of her vaginal walls as my cock continued it’s slow, but relentless, entry into her depths. Then, when I was as far as I could go. I held it there. Gripped by her warm, wet, silken sheath.

Our gaze continued, how could eye contact alone convey so much information? So much was passing between us as I held myself inside her.

I spoke, I gave no thought to the words prior to speaking, I did not compose the sentence, the gaze did, the words that came out were, “I love you.”

Tears welled up in her eyes, “I love you.” she replied.

We smiled and I started to move, slowly at first but then gathering pace until I was thrusting fast, she was moaning and grunting, her legs went over my shoulders, this gained deeper penetration, I was slamming into her hard.

“Oh, that’s it…, that’s it…, do it…, cum in me…, let it go…”

I roared as I came, Girne Escort my arms and legs trembling, my cock held still inside her, pulsing with each spurt, there were five or six forceful ones and as they started, Viv orgasmed with me then held me tight.

We remained locked together, both panting.

“Well that’s it then.” I said.


“Apparently I’m yours forever now.”

She smiled and we kissed passionately.

“Let’s take this to bed.” she suggested.

“Yes lets.”

So we did. Our naked bodies spooned together in her bed under the duvet, my arm over her, holding a breast, her hands holding my arm.

She sensed my breathing becoming regular, “I’d better set the alarm, I don’t want Phillip coming home and catching us here asleep in bed together, what time?”

“What time is it now?”, she showed me the clock, 4:30, “make it 6:30, but I’ll probably wake before then.”

I didn’t, having been up at 5am, then putting in a shift, then two steamy romps with Viv, a bombshell announcement about a divorce, another bombshell that I had fallen totally in love with her and it was reciprocated. I was dead beat.

You know how it is when you wake up in a bed in a room you’ve never slept in before, a bit disorientating for a few seconds right? Well imagine that, but then add to it a moist, aroused pussy in your face and a warm mouth sucking your hard cock.

I extended my tongue and flicked it on the clit in front of me.

“Ooh! Well, hello sleepy head, it’s 6:30, I woke a bit before and read a bit before deciding to wake you up. Carry on with what you just started.” she wiggled her pussy in my face.

This woman was insatiable but I was only too happy to oblige. I put my fingers on the inside of each thigh and opened her up, I sucked her clit between my lips and moved my tongue side to side over it rapidly. I could feel it enlarging. I sucked each of her labia into my mouth sucking them in turn to their full length. Then lapping my tongue all over her moist pussy and inside her vagina.

Viv had the head of my cock in her mouth, her tongue stimulating my glans, with one hand she was stroking my shaft with rapid firm strokes, with the other she pressed on my anus, I did the same to her.

“Mmmm!” was her response.

She inserted the tip of her finger inside me, again I did the same thing to her.

“Oh God, yes, oooh!” she cried, “I’m cuminnnnng!”

Her sphincter was pulsing and gripping me tightly, she was stroking the full length of my cock, I couldn’t hold off my orgasm and started shooting cum, she didn’t put her mouth on me, she was just letting it spray out.

After we came down, she turned around. She had my cum in her hair, on her forehead, her cheek and her chin, she was licking her lips, so I guess some had gone in her mouth as well. She had totally painted her face.

“Oh that was so erotic David, I loved having your finger in my bottom and then when your cum spurted onto my face, I loved that as well.”

“That was an amazing way to wake me up Viv, at first I didn’t know what was happening or where I was.”

“You’re where you belong.”

“I know, but I do have to go now.”

“I know.”

I went to the bathroom, (remembering to wash my face) she lay on her bed watching me get dressed, one hand on a breast the other idly stroking her pussy.

I went to kiss her goodbye, she put the two fingers that had been playing with her pussy in my mouth. I sucked them both clean and then kissed her, “I’ll see you Thursday after work, until then, I love you.”

“Bye David, I love you too.”

I drove home feeling on cloud nine. I stopped for a Chinese takeaway on the way back.

I ate it in front of the TV with a can of lager. the program I was watching finished at 8:00. I washed the plate and cutlery then tidied up and took the packaging of the meal and the empty Magosa Escort can out to the dustbin at the side of the house.

As I turned to go back in the house a car, a red Mini, pulled up on the street. Yvonne was in the passenger seat. I couldn’t make out the driver, only Yvonne was illuminated by the street light. I assumed the driver was Cathy. As Yvonne opened the door the driver leant over to her, Yvonne leant back towards the person and they kissed! Not a peck, a full blown kiss, from the way I could see Yvonne’s jaw moving.

Yvonne’s bi? I felt my cock stir, imagining her and Cathy doing much more. They must have thought it was safe for them to kiss outside like that because our curtains were closed, the light from the TV flickering on them. I couldn’t be certain it was Cathy, I could only make out Yvonne. It might not have been Cathy, it might have been a guy, with that thought I felt a pang of jealousy.

Yvonne got her keys out to go in the front door, simultaneously I returned to the kitchen through the back door.

“Smells like you had a Chinese?” she asked, “Any left over?”

“I did have a Chinese and sorry I ate it all, you still hungry?”

“Nah, just greedy, I had a chicken and chips in a basket earlier.”

She kissed me.

“I didn’t hear a car pull up, what car has Cathy got?”

“A little red Mini, a nice new one.”

So it was Cathy!

I didn’t say what I saw, I thought I’d let it lie for a while. I went up to bed for my early start and left Yvonne watching TV.

The following day, Wednesday, was a day without seeing Viv. After Yvonne and I had eaten we were watching TV when the phone rang in the hallway, Yvonne went to answer it. She closed the door to cut out the noise of the TV, I didn’t hear what was said.

She came back in looking shell shocked, “Could you turn off the TV please?” I got up and turned it off.

“That was my mum, her and my dad are getting divorced.”

“Really?” I tried to look as shocked as Yvonne.

“Yes, apparently she’s had enough of his bad attitude and he’s also been seeing another woman.”

No mention of VD so I guess Viv withheld that. Viv had never told Yvonne that she and Phillip didn’t have sex, Yvonne worked that out for herself and didn’t know the reason why.

“How do you feel about that?” I asked.

“To be honest I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before now, except I didn’t think mum had it in her to do it. She sounded so decisive on the phone just now, and she sounds happier than I’ve ever known. She sounds like a different person.”

“How’s you dad taken it?”

“I didn’t speak to him, but she said he’s adamant that the house is not going to be sold, he’ll re-mortgage it to pay her out but she’ll get the minimum she’s entitled to from him, not a penny more.”

“Well a court will decide that, not him, if they can’t agree.”

“That’s what she said, she saw a solicitor today and she explained everything to her. It’s not pleasant there at the moment and until the dust settles she asked if she could stay for a with us for a while, in our spare room. I said I’d have to ask you first. How do you feel about that?”

“Er yes, I suppose so. I get on with her a lot better now and as long as we don’t have to wait on her hand and foot I’m OK with it.”, I felt such a fake, but what else could I say?

“Thanks David, you’re a star, I’ll call her back and tell her.”

Yvonne went back in the hall. Viv obviously was wasting no time and had found a good solution for getting away from Phillip and closer to me. Yvonne returned.

“I’ve left mum holding, she said to thank you so much and would you be able to pick her up tomorrow after work?”

“Tell her yes, no problem, I’ll be there about 2:30.”

Yvonne went to tell her, I went up to bed leaving them chatting on the phone. I lay in bed, my cock getting hard as Lefkoşa Escort I imagined being woken by Viv every morning when I was on lates as soon as Yvonne had left for work.

I also thought about Yvonne and Cathy, when did it start? How far has it gone? I thought because of Yvonne’s willingness to try anything once that she was probably bi-curious and it was something she was experimenting with. How far would the curiousity go?

Would she want to share or ask if I wanted to watch? Would she have to persuade Cathy or would Cathy just be up for that anyway? Is Cathy lesbian or bi? From remembering how she was when I met her, I thought probably lesbian, but who knows?

With these thoughts I drifted off to sleep, I didn’t relieve myself, I saved myself for Viv.

The next day I was at Viv’s for 2:30

I opened the door, there was another woman in the kitchen, stood with her back to me, looking out of the window. I wondered where Viv was, “Oh Hi, I’m David I’ve come to pick Viv up.”

The woman turned to face me and my world turned upside down and back again.


She broke into a smile, “This is my true self, I had the same reaction as you when I saw it.”

Her hair was cut into a chic bob, ending at her jawline, her hair wasn’t mostly grey, it was a classy silver. The spectacles were gone, her face was professionally and tastefully made up. She was wearing a red jacket that accentuated her curves perfectly, a black top with a good amount of cleavage but definitely not tarty, a black skirt that ended just above her knees, high heels and what I hoped were stockings. She did a twirl. She was gorgeous. She now looked her true age, late thirties, I could not believe the transformation.

“Well now young man, put your tongue back in and let’s get going.”

She’d already packed her cases, two of them and there were a couple of large cardboard boxes. The cases went in the boot easily, the boxes would have to go on the back seat but they were too big.

The Escort was a two door and even with the front seat right forward I couldn’t get them in. I decided to empty them enough that I could squash them enough to get them in. One had pillows and a quilt.

“We’ve already got bedding for the spare room Viv.”

“I prefer my own.”

That was one box in. I started to take things out of the other box, one item was a red rubber bladder about the size of a large lemon with a length of rubber tube attached. I looked at it and held it up to her with a WTF??? expression on my my face.

“Not out here!” she snapped, “I’ll explain later.” she raised her eyes heavenward and shook her head, then she looked at me and smiled.

Once loaded I helped her into the car, she deliberately flashed her legs at me, she was wearing stockings!

By the time I got in the driver’s seat her skirt was now mid-thigh.

“Do you want to feel my legs with stockings on? You can if you want to, I have silk knickers on as well.” she said in her sultry voice.

I turned to look at her to say I really need to concentrate on my driving, I’m shaking already as it is. I couldn’t believe this was Viv, she was absolutely stunning drop dead gorgeous.

What came out instead was, “I can’t believe this is you Viv. I’ve seen glimpses of this while I’ve been with you, the flash of your eyes, the curve of your mouth, the well defined structure of your face, but to see it all put together, I am literally stunned. I’m shaking already as it is, so if I don’t concentrate on my driving we’ll end up in a ditch or hospital. So behave.”

“OK, I will.” she paused, then asked, “Is your cock hard?”

I sighed, put my head on the steering wheel and bumped it about three times then turned and kissed her, my hands on her breast, between her legs and in her knickers.”

“Oh God! Yes that’s it, ravish me.”

Neither of us cared we were still outside her house but there was nobody to see us and they wouldn’t have recognised her if there was.

“I’ll continue this when we arrive, let that be enough for you for now.”

“She just looked at me with a sultry expression and a knowing smile.”

To be continued (in about two week’s time, I’m taking a break)…

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