E134:The honeymoon continues

Dolly Little

From London, Donald and Emma take a ferry from Dover to Dunkirk.  They enjoy the view as they cross the channel, sitting close together, hugging each other.  When they arrive at Dunkirk, they spend several hours viewing the museum in honor of the allies during WWII and remembering their grandfathers who had fought in that war. In the late afternoon, they get a train to Paris, where they stay for a few days.  A side trip to the Rivera to the sun on the beach and play games like they have in the warm ocean water adds to their visit.  Emma realizes how things they have done in the past, still are so enjoyable to do over and over again. After the time at the beach, they spend the evening in Monaco, gambling some, enjoying the views from their hotel and along the shore.  The next day, over an early breakfast, Donald tells Emma that they are going to Amsterdam next.  Emma is excited about the chance to see the canals, windmills, and tulips there. But she is aware that Donald seems to be hesitant about something.Emma questions him, and Donald confesses that just part of the time, maybe a day or two, would not be so much honeymoon, but work.  There is the annual international convention of the International Academy of Sex Research (IASR) being held there this coming week.  He had been asked to be a speaker at one of the general sessions.  It happened long before anything started with Emma last year.  Donald fumbled as he explains that with the Institute for Sexual Exploration (ISE) moving in this new direction now, to be able to present the new platform for research would be a significant feather in the ISE cap.  No one knows about what is going on yet, and this would be the perfect opportunity to announce ISE’s new venture.Emma smiles at him as he nervously tells her.  To think Donald would worry about such an opportunity, it is a nice cap to their honeymoon, and a way to adjust back into the work world they will be facing on their return.Emma tells Donald it sounds fascinating, and she would love to attend and hear him speak. And so they hurry to the train station and get a compartment to themselves for the twelve-hour journey from Monaco to Amsterdam.Marveling at the scenery on the route, Donald tells Emma more about the association, and what he plans for his speech.  Emma praises him glowingly.  And then, after looking out the window bursa escort as the countryside goes by, Emma looks into Donald’s eyes with lust.He is overcome by this passion steaming from Emma and moves and locks the compartment door and lowered the shades to the corridor.  He comes back and now sits next to, instead of across from, Emma and asks her what she desires. Emma looks at him with a wicked little grin as she tells him she wants the international speaker to fuck her right now.  As she says this, Emma unbuttons Donald’s pants and pulls them and his shorts down to his knees.  Standing in front of him, Donald watches Emma move her hands up under her dress and pull her panties down and off.Donald is ready, excited about the daring of Emma these days, and as she squats over him, lowering her cunt over his throbbing cock, she leans and kisses him deeply and lovingly.Between staring into each other’s eyes and glancing at the passing view, Emma bounces up and down on him.  Donald holds Emma’s hips and directs her pressing in deeper and more profoundly.  They go on this way for a rather long time.  When either getting close to the tip, they slow and just rest with Donald’s cock in Emma as she clenches against him. They go on this way slowly and blissfully for close to an hour.  Well, they do have so much time to kill. They are moving towards the summit for each of them to back off and just rest, gazing out the window at the changing scenery.After so long, they are one more time building to a final climax when they feel the train beginning to slow, and looking out the window, they realize the train seems to be coming into a station where the train stops.  Suddenly, having the people on the platform able to see, somewhat, what she and Donald are doing sends this magnetic energy through Emma’s body.She bounces faster and harder on Donald’s cock. He is getting more and more to the point, as is Emma.  She kisses Donald, but then they both turn their faces enough towards the platform to see if anyone is watching them.  It is like that afternoon in the train car in Chattanooga again.  Remembering that, and the other day at the shoe store, Emma realizes she is becoming a bit of an exhibitionist, as it seems Donald is now too.  The broadcasts they have done do always stir her so, knowing how many are watching.  But now, seeing the few faces bursa escort bayan on the platform eyes glued to their window is something so close. That does it for Emma, and she arches her back and lets out a low guttural moan as she topples the summit.  As her vag sides clench against Donald in her ecstasy, he watching out the window, actually making eye contact with one man.  Which presses him forward enough to cum deep and entirely up in Emma.She leans against him, both just breathing heavily until they feel the train beginning again.  The rumble of the train going down the tracks adds to a little after play sensation for them until Emma gingerly lifts herself off him, takes her panties to wipe her cunt of all the juices dripping from her.She hands the panties to Donald, who smiles, and then lifts them to his mouth and nose to enjoy the scent of passion and taste their fused juices.After that little play, Donald leans back, and Emma lays by his side, her head on his legs as they both sleep for a couple of hours.Awake later, they compose themselves for the arrival in Amsterdam soon.  Donald tells Emma that arriving when they do, after checking into the hotel, they would be in time for the start of the evening entertainment.  Enjoying viewing the trade in the De Wallen area of Amsterdam.  Emma looks at him quizzically, not really knowing about this particular area of the city, but when Donald explains the meaning of the area, a broad grin comes across her face.Settled in the hotel, after a quick bite to eat, Donald leads Emma to the Rosse Buurt. Explaining along the way what the different areas are and what is offered.  They are a bit early for the district to come to life around ten or eleven.  So Donald and Emma make a stop at first the Erotica Museum enjoying all its exhibits, then to the Museum of Prostitution, the Red-Light Secrets.Donald and Emma have a good time looking at all the exhibits and learning more.  The audio tour is funny and interesting.  When they get to the place where you could sit in the chairs in the window like the prostitutes, looking out on the actual street as people went by.  Emma feels this funny tremor running through her. Donald notices and is becoming aware of Emma’s enjoyment of having people watch her when in a highly aroused state.  Donald hugs Emma and asks her if she would like to sit in escort bursa the chair for a bit?Emma shyly nods.  Donald helps her in the seat and then steps a bit away so he can watch the responses from the street as he tells Emma what to do.  It seems like she is almost under a spell as she responses to each of Donald’s directions.  Emma wonders what others feel like when they sit in this chair.Donald tells her to spread her legs wide and lift her skirt up to the top of her thighs.  Emma sits there with her legs apart as Donald takes pictures of her with his phone.  Emma finds herself leaning forward as people stop to look. She is letting them see the top of your breasts, her lacy bra with the nipples just peeking out. She is rather aroused by the time Donald leads her to the rest of the museum.The last stop is at its “Confessions Wall,” where visitors could post sticky notes of their secret confessions.  Donald and Emma stood and read some, laughing together over them, and for some poking each other about things they should try. Emma whispers to Donald, “Should we post our own?”  Donald nods yes and hands Emma a note and pen and takes a couple himself and began writing. Emma thinks for a moment and then writes, ‘Until a year ago my life was barren.  Now it is overflowing with the joy of the discovery of my sexual being.  Thanks and love because of one person. Donald writes two posts.  The first, ‘Years of sex meant nothing until the right person appeared to show me sides of things, and myself, I never allowed to be considered.  Now my life is full, and what it is meant to be.’They show each other their notes, each smiling at the other’s sentiment.  But then, Emma watching over Donald’s shoulder, he writes the second one as he tells Emma, “As this is the Confession Wall, perhaps I can rid myself somewhat of my demons.”His confession read, ‘Part of my youth haunts me still, and as much as I hate what happened, there is a part of me that relishes it also.  My love helps me cast out this torment, but I hope one day they will be exercised from me.’Emma hugs him. She is squeezing him to her, understanding that strange desire which happens in the small bedroom.  Donald does not need that game played out that much anymore, but seeing this confession of his, she realizes that it is still this taunting desire he still has.Leaving the museum, we stop at a couple of peep shows for a bit, and by then, it was after eleven, and the street is waking.  All around is aglow of red as all the windows are lit.  The women and men sometimes are showing their wares. 

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