(Pirate Era) Diary of Anne Breckinridge part 1.


(Please note, while I am trying to go for the feel of a historic novel, I will included modern words such as cilt, cock, etc. Just for the ease of the reader. This is the first part of a long story I hope you all enjoy. Please leave comments and feedback.)   Journey to the New World The Diary of Anne Breckinridge                 It is the year of our Lord 1716 and I now dwell in the Americas, within the Royal colony of Virginia to be precise. How I came to be here is quite a tale, and it is the reason I have thus put it to parchment. Therefore I will, without further adue start from the beginning.                 In the year 1715 I, Anne Breckinridge, daughter to a humble middle class merchant of Bristol chose to change my life forever. I was 19 years of age, the youngest daughter and in search of a new life, a New World. I was unmarried, and I think I might have well been put into a nunnery by the way which my father şişli escort acted toward me, barring me from hardly ever being courted by the young lads. I have dark green eyes and dark black hair, a gift from my mother’s mother, but I am of a shorter stature thanks to my father’s side. Standing only 5’5 and weighing some 130lbs I was quite small, but my curves made up for what I was missing in height.   It was in the spring that I conspired to run away from my home and I had managed to save enough money to perhaps get myself passage to the Americas. After bundling together a few of my belongings and donning my green low-neck satin gown I headed off for the harbor in hopes to find a shipmaster willing to take me away.                 I found to my dismay that no one would take me with them.   I therefore chose to steal away upon one of the ships, the Alexandria. I hid myself in the lower hulls of this English made merchantman. I şişli escort bayan found rations and stole them when I needed them. I had managed to find a makeshift home between a number of barrels and large crates, which, was almost a perfect safety from the naked eye. I spent some time hiding there; days had gone by, I did not even know how many had passed. The bread was often stale, and many hours were spent in boredom, I had with me only one book and I was reading it when my first adventure began. As I sat reading I heard footsteps coming down into the hull, then I saw the light of a lantern. I hid, and hoped they would gather what they needed and quickly be on their way. They were rummaging through a barrel but had not found what they were looking for, and so proceeded to search further. The figure came closer to my position and I sat motionless, breathing heavier.                 I made a faint movement and the light spun mecidiyeköy escort toward me, my eyes widened and I held my breath. “Well what blazings have we here?” the man said. He was wearing the short brown pants, common to sailors along with a rather dirty silk shirt. From the light he seemed to be a bit older man, in his thirty’s, but clean shaven with brown hair and blue eyes. “So you are the one whose been stealin’ all our rations!” The man stepped forward and held the lantern up higher, revealing me completely. “Please do not tell anyone, I beg thee.” Said I almost with tears forming. I hadn’t wanted trouble, only to be free from my family, after all I had tried to reason with the captain and pay him for my passage. “Haven’t you got a sweet voice lassie?” the man grinned “We don’t like stowaways much upon our ship.” He grabbed me with one arm and stood me up, I was terrified. He moved the lantern up and down looking over my body and I could tell he liked what he saw. “Please sir, don’t tell anyone.” I said again pitifully. “I will give you all my money, I have 5 pounds 6 pence.”   The man didn’t seem to change his face at all even at the sound of money.

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