East Coast, West Coast – Part Two


Everything was dark. The light was off and I was lying face down and naked on the hotel bed. Scott had placed the pillows from the bed beneath my lower stomach, in order to raise my ass up. I had never felt more vulnerable. The air-conditioning was on and the cool breeze made me more aware of my nudity. My legs were open. I knew he’d be able to see my wet snatch and worse, the tight knot of my asshole. I was sweating.He hadn’t tied me up, but then, he didn’t need to. He’d told me not to move, so I wouldn’t move. Simple as. I could hear him moving around the room, doing god knows what. For the hundredth time, I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. Scott was practically a stranger. And there I was, naked, open, dripping for him. My ass clenched instinctively as I remembered his earlier statement.Your wet pussy, your smart mouth and then your tight – and I’m guessing virgin – little ass.“The waiting is the best bit, isn’t it?” Scott said unexpectedly. I guessed that he was somewhere near the window. “Are you thinking of everything I’m gonna do to you?”His voice came closer and I felt his hands move up the backs of my legs. It was all I could do not to close them. He stopped at my ass and squeezed it roughly, pulling my cheeks wider apart. I moaned as his tongue attacked my tight hole unexpectedly, making me clench. Then he spat against it, working the moisture in with his tongue.“Imagine if your father knew where you were right now,” he murmured. “He’d fucking kill me.”My hands curled into fists as his tongue moved down into the wet pool of my snatch. He dragged it up again, coating my asshole with my juices.“You know what he said to me, princess? He said you were a real nice girl. A real good girl. Is that true?”I swallowed hard.His fingers gripped my ass harder.“I asked you a question.”I squirmed. “I don’t know.”Scott pulled back suddenly and then I felt his weight shift on the bed as he got into position behind me.“I’m gonna fuck you, Ally. You’re not to cum.”I had to push my face into the bed sheets to muffle my scream as he drove hard into my tight pussy. I hadn’t been with anyone for a long time and Scott felt unbelievably thick and invasive as he buried inside me. He didn’t give me a chance to get accustomed to the feeling; as soon as he hit home, he pulled out again, almost to the tip before thrusting back in. His hands caught Escort Akbatı my wrists, pinning them to the small of my back. He groaned with each lasting thrust.“You – are – so – fucking – tight,” he hissed.He pounded into me relentlessly, my body forced to absorb each violent thrust. I was covered in sweat from sheer exertion and my hair felt damp. I turned my face to the side, gasping as I clenched around him. He let go of my wrists then, instead gathering my hair into a loose ponytail and tugging it so my upper body was lifted off the bed.“You’d better not cum,” he grunted. “Or you’ll fucking regret it, kitten.”His free hand groped one of my tits, fingers digging into it before twisting the nipple painfully. I squirmed as his hand moved stealthily down my stomach to stop at my snatch, one fingertip finding my hot, swollen clit and circling it relentlessly.“Scott – you can’t – you’ll make me cum, please!”He didn’t stop. He pushed his fingertip against it, making my breath catch in my throat. He kept fucking me with short strokes, his finger bumping against my wet clit with each movement. My hand went around his wrist, trying to tug it away. I couldn’t. He was far too strong. His mouth moved to my shoulder, licking and biting my skin, tracing a path up my neck. Then he let go of me. I caught my weight on my hands so I was effectively on all fours.His hands moved to either side of my narrow waist and gripped hard as he began fucking me faster and deeper, pushing his length into me like I was a toy. His thrusts shortened as his breathing did and then I felt him jerk, pulsing inside me as he came.“Fuck,” he hissed. “You are so fucking – tight.”He’d come but I hadn’t. His weight gave momentarily and he moved onto the bed beside me. My pussy felt swollen and wet, still throbbing with need.“Touch yourself,” Scott breathed. I looked at him. The only light in the room came from through the window. He stood up, having recovered remarkably quickly and watched me patiently. I was still on all fours. Uncertainly, I slipped my right hand between my legs, my fingers brushing my clit. My eyes closed.“I want to see you make yourself cum,” Scott said. “Maybe then I’ll let you off on the ass-fucking.”I didn’t need to be told twice. My fingers slicked back and forth hurriedly. And yet, I couldn’t feel it coming. Maybe Aksaray escort it was the way Scott was watching me, like he knew I couldn’t do it. I rubbed my fingertip over my clit and it felt good but not good enough. I felt self-conscious.“C’mon, kitten,” His voice was taunting. “I don’t have all night.”I didn’t look at him. I closed my eyes tight and tried to concentrate on the orgasm hiding somewhere in my body.“Anyone would think you wanted to get your ass fucked,” Scott murmured. “Is that right, Ally? Do you want my cock stretching you that wide, making you scream?”I tried not to listen but his words made me even wetter. I didn’t want him to do it, did I? I’d already felt torn in two by his cock in my snatch – it would feel even bigger in my virgin asshole. I was breathing hard, my fingers working my clit and as I coaxed it, I felt the first glimmer of climax.“If you wanna cum, then cum!” Scott moved over to me, tucking a damp strand of hair behind my ear. “We’ll be here ‘til midnight at this rate. In fact, let’s say you have to cum by midnight or the deal’s off and I’m claiming that ass. Okay?”I had to open my eyes to look at the clock on the bedside table. The glowing green digits read 23:58 and as I stared, it changed to 23:59.“You can’t do that,” I gasped. “I have to – I need to -”“I can do what I want,” Scott said. “My room. My rules. You wanna run, feel free. How ‘bout I give you a safe word? Got any suggestions?”I didn’t answer. I was furiously concentrated on building the orgasm that was beginning to rise through my body.“How about – fucktoy?” he suggested. “No. We need something else. I know. Surrender. Got it?”I was about to cum. I felt the heat rise, the sweat flush across my body, my eyes close and my ass clench. It was there, it was right there, it was about to happen and then -“Time’s up!” Scott announced. His hand closed around my wrist, dragging my fingers away from my throbbing clit. “I own your ass, little girl.”The clock read 00:00. I stared at it in disbelief.Scott pulled me to him, his mouth crushing mine as his hand moved between my legs to caress my desperate snatch. I gasped into his mouth as he kissed me hard.“Don’t worry, kitten,” he breathed. “You’re gonna love it. Now get on your hands and knees. On the floor.”For a second, I didn’t move and then I slipped off the Ankara escort bayan bed and moved onto the hardwood floor. It was cold beneath my hands and knees. Scott moved behind me, sliding his hard cock against my wet, swollen snatch.“It’s a good job you’re so wet,” he breathed. “Else it would have been even worse.”His fingers circled my clit, making me even wetter.“I think this is what you’ve wanted all along,” he murmured. “Sitting there, talking to me with your pretty face and your legs crossed. Did you imagine my dick in your pristine ass?” He slapped my snatch lightly. “Did you?”“No.”His cock moved between my legs, getting wetter and, it seemed, harder. My ass clenched and unclenched anxiously. My heart was fluttering, my palms clammy against the floor. I’d never done anything like it before, had never even come close. And there I was, with Scott Banks, a guy my goddamn father had introduced me to. Was I really going to let him do something I’d never even considered?“Scott,” My voice was soft and weak. “I think maybe this is too -”“Shh.” He pushed my legs wider apart. “You haven’t even cum yet, kitten. Isn’t that what you want?”“Well -”“I’ll make it so good, you’ll forget everything you know. Isn’t that what you want? For me to play with you until it’s all you can think of and then when it comes, it feels like nothing else matters?”I shuddered out a breath and he pressed the head of his cock to the tight, unrelenting ring of my ass. My nails dug into my palms as he slowly insinuated his way in.“Just – relax,” he hissed.I moaned as he found his way in, slowly pushing that big, hard cock into my secret passage. I couldn’t believe it was happening. And he drew it out, made it slow and purposeful. I’d never felt anything like it before. I could hear myself gasping and whining as he fitted the length of it inside me, not stopping until his hips rested against my body. Then he leaned his weight against me, making me aware of just how much he owned me.“You’re such a perfect little fucktoy,” he growled, pushing his hand between my legs and feeling the fresh wetness there. “You’re like a dream come true.”I moaned as he withdrew a little. He began to thrust with short strokes. It felt raw, dirty, primal, something so taboo and unknown. He gained momentum as he went on, moving a little more, making me gasp and bite back dirty moans. I was covered in a slick sheen of sweat, my ass still sore from the earlier spanking, a memory that came back every time his hips connected with my ass.“I think you like this,” Scott grunted. “I think Little Miss Perfect likes getting her tight, virgin ass fucked, doesn’t she? Say it, kitten.

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