Ebony Facesitting Dominance Ch. 01


All the while my thoughts tell me no, I’m not going to do this. Yet at the same time, like a helpless insect drawn to the glowing light of a bug zapper, I continue my trek to her. My first time meeting someone I’d only communicated with previously on line, I follow her instructions and with nervous anticipation wait in the room in for her arrival.

My mind tells me to get up, yet my knees are on the floor in position of submission as she had instructed. As she comes into view, I’m unprepared for the reality of her beauty. A gorgeous caramel skinned beauty with long brown hair hanging over her shoulders, framing her big tits. Her face made up exquisitely, as if done by an artist, with her eyelashes lengthened to an extreme degree.

She walked softly as she approached me, placing her steps like a model walking the runway. Glorious hips that cascaded outward, in drastic contrast to her very slim waist. Voluptuous thighs, exposed by her dainty black negligee that stopped at her waist. Sexy feet barely covered only by the straps of her black stilettos. I could exit out of her images online at will, but there’s no escaping this magnificent view. No escape from her beauty, her sexiness, her power.

The melody of her words as she speaks to me, I’m not 100% sure of everything she said to me, but the meaning I did decipher was all too clear – hello bug, prepare to be zapped!

No doubt recognizing my captivation with her, she quickly let me know that this would be no mushy, heartfelt, lovey-dovey encounter. I sought what she provided, and she intended to deliver in dominant fashion.

I was shocked into this reality as I felt my head and neck snap back, with little care for how such a forceful impact would affect me. My body was now defying the laws of physics as I was lifted and somehow suspended against the wall behind me, held up only by her ass as it pressed powerfully against my face. My lower half dangling limply against the wall and floor as the force of her ass mashing gaziantep escort into me steadily increased.

As my thoughts now bounced from measuring the pain in my neck and head, and whether or not I had been concussed. To thoughts of how much longer will it be before I pass out due to lack of oxygen. In the next instant I went crashing to the floor, ending my concerns of suffocation by her large, yet extremely soft ass, while the pain in my neck and head remained. Before my body came to rest, her voice rang out, but this time lacking the melodious tone that I had heard in her introduction. She demanded that I acknowledge my understanding of how things would go. That I was here for her enjoyment, her entertainment, and her service. “Damn…nice to meet you too” I thought to myself sarcastically.

After acknowledging that I’d understood completely, she quickly read me my rights. Essentially, I had no rights. Once I crossed that threshold, she was the law, and that included not only the judge, jury, and executioner. It also meant the bailiff, courtroom stenographer, prosecutor & defense, “and any other individual that my smart ass might think up as being present” she hissed with disdain. She let me know that the preferences I shared with her in email “didn’t mean shit”.

I’d watched her clip entitled Ass Buffer, and let her know that I’d taken a liking to it, hoping she’d tailor my experience to what I’d seen in that clip. She laughed loudly as I lay there on the floor looking up at her. I couldn’t help but think back to moments ago, when my face was pressed deep into the crack of her ass, hindered only by the silky smooth material of the black panties she was wearing.

I must have let on somehow that I was entertaining an enjoyable thought, as I was snapped back into reality by her bare foot pressing into the side of my face, forcing me to look up at her. “Are you fucking daydreaming?” she demanded to know. Before I could muster an answer escort gaziantep her toes were in my mouth. I feared she’d try to gag me, but didn’t dare pull back. I was fortunate in that she only allowed her toes to dance on my tongue lightly.

She then began to come out of her panties. Her movements were slow and sexy, yet deliberate. Pulling her foot from my mouth so that she could come completely out of those silky panties. As she did so, she explained that our time together would be shortened due to the effect that her day had on her. Not only would it be shortened, but my role would be to make her cum, then “get my ass out”. I would do this she said, by thrusting my tongue as deep into her asshole as it would go. I would not touch her with my hands, it would be tongue only.

I tried my best not to reveal my excitement at the thought, yet the hardness nearly bursting through the front of my shorts betrayed me. “You like that do ya?” she asked rhetorically. “Well don’t get use to it, just get your fucking face over here and tongue this ass! “Yes goddess” I mumbled. Had I been a cartoon character, a silhouette of myself could have been seen, left behind as I darted to her with the quickness. Knowing this, I slowed my movements in an attempt to not seem so anxious. She got on all fours, her big beautiful, bare ass before me. I was in a trance as I moved in, yet shaken from it by the sound of one of her hands landing hard on her ass cheek, as she demanded “lick this ass!”

As soon as my face made contact with the soft brown flesh of her ass, I felt her push back against me. I appreciated her helping me, as without using my hands it was a little difficult for my tongue to get to its target. I felt an ease of access suddenly, as my face moved deeper into her chocolate ass. Her cheeks surrounding my face, and seemingly my entire head, I realized that she’d now had both hands on her ass, pulling her cheeks apart.

“Get that ass baby, that’s gaziantep escort bayan right eat it up” she said as I lapped away viciously at her asshole. I extended my tongue as far as I could, stiffening it and thrusting it into her asshole. Her movements let me know that she was enjoying it, or at least appreciated my effort. I vaguely heard her voice, I thought giving me more encouragement. Unfortunately my ears were nearly covered by her ass cheeks so I had little idea if it was in fact encouragement or chastisement.

Regardless, I didn’t relent, in fact I ramped you my effort. Making growling noises as I moved my head around, up and down, side to side, doing my best to not be predictable with my effort. In my enjoyment I lost track of time, but relished every second of eating her ass. I felt her hand on the pack of my head, pulling me harder into her, as if I could possibly get any deeper.

I then felt her body stiffen, and a strong rumbling within her. “Damn it, she’s cumming” I thought to myself. Glad to know that I’d satisfied her, yet at the same time sad as this would mean my time with her was ending. Her hold on my head was vice-like, and I was no longer able to move the way I desired. She moved my head for me, but that was mostly just her holding it in place as she bucked her ass forcefully through her wave of orgasm.

The erotic aggression came to a slow halt, but I ramped you my tongue action in an effort to go for round two. She’d have none of it, pulling away from my face and swinging her leg over in such a way that it caused her to in one swift almost acrobatic gesture be up and standing over me. No “thank you”, no “nice job”, no “atta boy” or pat on the back. Just a simple “out!”

As I sat in my car revisiting the events, I was so appreciative of my imagination as it replayed it all in crystal clear fashion. I was shaken from my daydream by the buzz of my phone. I smiled after reading it, then rehearsed those words in my head as I drove away. “You’ll be useful, I’ll be in touch” I was both relieved and a bit concerned at the same time. Relieved by the thought that I’d satisfied her, but concerned about what expectation she may have of me now, and if I’d be able to meet these expectations.

Nevertheless, I was hers now. I knew it, and so did she.

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