Eight – part 3


This is part three of the story of “Eight”.
In this part we meet Jane the third member of Eight and she has an interesting flashback to her teens. Hope you enjoy her little adventure and maybe the memories it might bring to you.
Thank you very much to the people who have read my little story and even bigger thanks to those who have made comments. Your thoughts are valued very highly.
Hope you enjoy this part.

Gradually she calmed down and Jane began to ease the monster from her now wide-open arse.

As it came out Jane massaged her arse cheeks and gently pushed them together until her arsehole slowly went back to its normal condition.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.” Rene said “I strongly recommend that you try that as soon as you feel you can.” She then promptly went to sleep with a silly grin on her lovely face.

Margaret picked up the dildo and said that she wasn’t even sure she could take all of it the normal way while George and Pete agreed that it wasn’t something they thought they could do. Pete then confessed that he had never had anything bigger than Margaret’s finger in him but was very curious to find out more. George and I strongly recommended to him that he start small.

I pulled some soft blankets from the shelf and lay down beside Rene as George pulled Jane down to his side and Margaret asked Pete to lie beside her. I noticed that she still had hold of Jane’s monster and assumed she was going to test her earlier statement.

The next morning we awoke looking like giant sardines neatly arranged in a row of 6. Margaret and Pete looked a little sheepish because things had gone a little further last night than they had intended but after everybody had kissed everybody and Jane had worked her magic with a morning coffee Margaret asked if this was how we awoke n
every morning. Adding that it was kind of nice.

Pete nodded and wrapping a towel around his waist headed for the bathroom. Rene leaped to her feet and grabbed his towel saying there was no room for modesty when she wanted to admire the scenery. Pete laughed and hung his towel neatly folded over his morning glory erection. We all laughed as George said he would be more impressed if he could do it when the towel was wet and cold.

I made an appointment and all six of us appeared in Dr Marten’s surgery early that afternoon.
Rene and I went in to see him first and explained that we would like to be tested for all possible STDs. His nurse drew a couple of tubes from both of us and he took scrapings from under my foreskin and a swab from Rene as well as doing a PAP smear. Neither of us particularly enjoyed the experience but were impressed by his thoroughness.

After we had dressed he sat behind his desk and gave us both a little smile as he said that he didn’t know what we had been doing or what we might have in mind but did say that some of the current crop of nasties weren’t curable and that we should always practice protected sex. Rene shocked him a little when she told him we practiced every day and he sighed and told us to pick up the results of our tests in four days time.

He must have wondered what was going on when the next two couples to visit him had identical requests. George did say that his little spiel at the end of the examination was a little terse but at least we had accomplished what we wanted.

We had a drink at a local tavern with Pete and Margaret who had to return home and do domestic and business things. We promised to keep in touch and a lot more when our test results were back.

That night we met the next couple on our list – no deal and we all parted amicably with no hard feelings.

Three days later the phone rang and a gentleman introduced himself as Dennis. He spoke to Jane who said she was reasonably impressed by his calm voice and obvious good manners. We arranged to meet at the same coffee house as we had used with Margaret and Pete who were now ringing daily and we were all counting the hours till our tests came back.

Dennis and Anne were waiting when we entered the coffee lounge and immediately stood up when we came in. Dennis is one of the most compact men I have ever seen
and it appeared he had difficulty finding clothes to accommodate his obvious physical fitness. Rene and Jane later said they wanted desperately to eat him. Particularly after he had greeted them European style and kissed their hands.

If Dennis was an attractive man for Rene and Jane then Anne was an absolute knock-out. She greeted us quite formally and I was hard pressed to identify her slight accent. It turned out she had been born in India to an Indian mother and English father and educated in England. These were two of the most attractive people we had ever met.

Three hours flew past and we all consumed sufficient coffee to bring on an early heart attack. We talked about anything and everything, we joked, we laughed, we almost wept at Anne’s description of what had happened to her father, and we talked freely about what we all wanted.

It turned out that just like Pete and Margaret these people had been toying with the idea of extending their sex lives but had not yet met anybody they felt they could relate to.
Suddenly Dennis looked at Anne and said that before they came in they had devised a secret signal to each other if they thought they were meeting the right people and another if they thought this was just another meeting that was going nowhere.

Anne’s reply was to stand up and kiss him. “I think we don’t need the signal.”Turning to us she asked. “Would you like to see where we live?”

We looked at each other and simultaneously said. “Yes!”

We arranged to meet at their house in about an hour and they gave us an address in one of the nicer suburbs.

We all trooped outside and piled into George’s toy car. He is a vintage car enthusiast and owns a magnificent and fully restored Mark 10 Jaguar. Dennis nearly had a premature ejaculation when he saw it and obviously we all shared another common interest.

We called in at Dr Marten’s surgery and picked up our test results as his nurse smiled knowingly at us and seemed to be regarding George with a slightly less than professional eye. He swears to this day that he didn’t notice but we all did.

They obviously wouldn’t give us Pete and Margaret’s results so we phoned them on the way to Anne’s and Dennis’s place and told them that we thought we might have found our fourth couple. Margaret said she would tell Pete about the results as soon as he came home and said she hoped we would have fun and that she wished she was there too.

Dennis’ and Anne’s home was easy to find and as we pulled into the drive George gave a little whistle of surprise. In the drive was parked a beautifully restored XK140 Jaguar in its original British Racing Green colour and still with its racing livery.

We all admired it and George stated that Dennis had a magnificent taste in cars and an even better one in women. Of course he went on to say that his second observation was due to the way he had been looking at Jane and Rene. Their reply was to grab his hand and put it onto his dick saying as they did it that that was where he kept his brains. We all laughed as Anne came out onto the balcony above us and beckoned for us to meet her and Dennis at the side entrance to their home.

Dennis asked us if we had spotted any stray cats in the driveway and Jane asked were all green cats as attractive as that one.

Dennis said that before we went inside there was something he wanted to show us and pointed to a huge shed that occupied his entire backyard and extended into the next street. “I bought the old house behind us, knocked it down, and built my little play pen.” He explained.

He opened a small personnel door and we stepped back 70 years into a fully equipped prewar service station. Everything was in perfect condition and the only that weren’t genuine thirties were the gleaming and very late model diagnostic equipment and
enough machinery to maintain a motor dealership.

This man is very serious about his hobby.

He asked us to follow him and opened a small door at the rear of the shop.

Later, George said that he felt faint when he saw what was inside. Four rows of almost every model Jaguar that was ever built and on top of them a mezzanine floor with a fully restored Spitfire aircraft occupying the centre space.

Anne came silently into the room – more like a hall really – and said. “Beautiful aren’t they?”

Dennis said. “Yes, they are but nothing compared to the three ladies in this room.”

I thought to myself that it was a bit overdone but it definitely had an effect on the three women present who each stood up a little straighter and I thought their chests were looking even better than usual.

Anne promised that we could return later to admire Dennis’ toys and he dropped another bombshell when he told us that actually most of the restoration work on the cars and aircraft had been done or supervised by Anne and that she is a qualified engineer.

She led us out of the shed – if that is a proper description of what it is – and into their home via a billiard parlour and up a set of stairs in to a lounge/dining room which could have accommodated at least fifty people.

When everybody was comfortably seated with their drink of choice in hand – fifty year old Scotch and ice for all three men, Vodka and tonic water for Jane and iced tea for Rene and Anne – Dennis said that there was something he wanted to say at the outset.

He said – very formally. “Welcome to our humble home!” He then went on to say that although they had been looking for another couple for some time we were the first that they had actually invited back here. Then he went on to say further that he and Anne had had a discussion before we arrived here and that as far as they were concerned they had not just found another couple but as a bonus two.

He then took a brown envelope from a drawer and without a word spread it out in front of us. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The document was a pathologist’s report and it read exactly the same as our own. I took mine and Rene’s re4port out of my pocket and spread it out beside his and Anne’s. “Snap.” I said.

Wordlessly George laid out his and Jane’s report and the smiles and looks of delight on our hosts’ faces could have made a movie.

“Well, that solves a major problem.” Anne said.
“We were trying to think of a way to ask you to get these but obviously this is just another area we think alike in.”

Jane looked a little uncomfortable and said. “Anne do you mind if I ask you a very personal question and please don’t think I’m being rude.”

“Of course not.” She replied.

Jane went on. “According to the date on your report you are 61 years old – how come you look so good?”

Before she could answer Dennis looked at Anne and asked her if he could show us what they jokingly called their little secret. Anne hesitated for a moment or two and then said very quietly. “I just hope these lovely people won’t be dissappointed.”

Dennis said that what we were about to see was something that only he and Anne had ever seen and that regardless of anything that might happen between us tonight or at any other time they would really appreciate our absolute discretion.

He then picked up a remote control and dimmed the lights in the room and at the same time a motor silently moved a heavy curtain to reveal a home theatre TV screen. Rene moved over to where Anne was sitting and took her hand and said, “Anne, what you are about to show us is obviously very important to you and Dennis. Are you sure you Ankara escort want to show us?”

Anne just nodded and in a very quiet voice said she hoped we would like what we were about to see.

Dennis held his breathy for a moment and clicked a button on his remote control. A title appeared on the screen which simply said –

There followed a series of digitized snap shots of Anne growing up in India and going to school and university in England and Australia. The only sound was a very soft harp playing in the background and what sounded like some strange Indian music using the sitar and other things.

The production was brilliant and what could have been a very boring family album was brought to life by the quality of the presentation – and then it happened.

Dennis and Anne appeared together on the screen and walked toward us holding hands. He was wearing an obviously expensive casual outfit and she was dressed impeccably in a blouse and skirt. I glanced at Anne and she was red faced and breathing quickly and I thought this will be interesting.

On the screen Anne and Dennis let go of their hands and he disappeared into the right side of the TV screen. For the longest moment Anne’s image looked straight at us and then she reached up to her throat and removed the necklace she had been wearing. She then started on the buttons of her blouse and the music kicked up a notch as “The
Stripper” began to come from the hidden speakers.

The first thing that became obvious was that Anne had nothing on under her blouse and although she is quite well-endowed her breasts jutted proudly into the air. Her nipples were quite erect and she stood for a long time with her hands on her hips and her eyes closed.

Almost imperceptibly she unfastened a catch on her dress and undid a side zip. Her skirt fell to the ground in a soft pile around her ankles. Again she wore nothing under her skirt and her mount stood out proud at the bottom of her flat stomach.

“Jesus Christ.” George.

“That is just spectacular.” Me.

“Wow!” Jane.

“You are one very beautiful lady with or without your clothes.” Rene speaking directly to Anne.

Dennis said nothing but I could see the pride written on his face and Anne just sat still and said nothing.

On the screen Anne moved across the room to a table and selected a dildo from a collection that had been laid out in readiness. It was quite large and looked slightly evil as it lay on the couch where she had placed it. She then selected a smaller one with a peculiar dent in the middle and I realised I was looking at a perfectly made butt plug.

She lay back on the couch and closed her eyes as she picked up the smaller of the dildos and inserted it without any ceremony into her fanny which by now was pointing directly at the camera. She twisted it around a few times and removed it slick and shining from her fanny. She looked it over carefully as if deciding what to do with it and then very quickly jammed it straight into her anus. I heard the girls gasp as neither like things put into them as quickly as that. Anne whispered, “I had to do it quickly or I wouldn’t have gone through with it. You see that was the first time anything went in there and it was only last year so I’m not very experienced.”

Dennis appeared on screen without the benefit of his clothes and both Rene and Jane licked their lips when they saw the size of his donger. “Big man – big cock,” said George.

“Small man – all cock,” I muttered.

“So Confucius say,” Dennis added.

We all laughed and the tension in the room evaporated.

The screen Dennis picked up the remote control for the small dildo which was sitting
snugly in Anne’s rectum and gave the control button a slight turn. Her eyes flew open as she felt the increased vibrations but she soon closed them again and appeared to relax with a little grin on her lovely face. Jane said that she could relate to how Anne was feeling and that she just loved having a dildo in her backside as an accompaniment to whatever was happening elsewhere in her. Anne nodded and said that she hadn’t enjoyed it at first but that once she had got used to it now looked forward to doing it almost every time.

Dennis put down the small control and picked up the large dildo which he coated liberally from a tube of KY jelly of the same table. Anne looked down at what he was about to do and spread her legs as wide as she could with her knees raised slightly. Rene asked her how she felt at that moment and she answered simply – “nervous.”

Screen Dennis placed the tip of the large dildo, and it was quite large, against the front of her fanny and Anne reached down and adjusted the angle a little. Dennis gave the faux cock a few strokes up and down her slit and began to push it into his lady. Again her eyes flew open and I began to think that she was right when she said that she was not very experienced. Dennis withdrew the dildo and then fed it into her a little more than the first time. Finally, when he thought she was ready and after he had whispered something to her he slipped the whole thing into her so that just the end was sticking out. Anne then did something I’d never seen before, she raised her hips slightly and literally sucked the rest of the dildo into her so that just the wire and the control knob were outside her body. She then reached down and turned the speed up to max.

What followed would have been unbelievable if somebody had just told me about it. Dennis knelt in front of her and placed the tip of his cock against the entrance to her fanny and entered her on top of the dildo. I couldn’t believe my eyes until I looked and could just see the end of the dildo below his cock. We all clapped and Anne looked embarrassed.

The end was inevitable. With his cock clasped firmly inside Anne and the vibrator humming away on his cock Dennis only lasted a few seconds before he shot his load into her and withdrew his still spitting cock which she grasped and squeezed until he was empty.

The screen went blank and we all sat in silence until Anne spoke.

“Well, I guess I don’t have too many secrets now, do I?”

George stood up and slowly began to remove his clothes in a parody of a strip tease while Jane moved over next to Dennis and began to undo his trouser belt.

I sat next to Anne and felt her tremble slightly as I touched her breast. For a moment I thought she was going to reject me but then she reached down and stroked me through my trousers so that was OK.

George looked at Rene and they both smiled as they both started to explore each other’s very familiar bodies.
Before very long we were all naked.

Jane was sitting astride Dennis with his entire shaft buried inside and the look on her face said she had no problems with that.

Anne was a little reluctant at first but soon moved so that I could easily enter her in the conventional way. I asked her if there was anything wrong and she just sighed and said that she was a little nervous as things had gone a little faster than she thought they would.

I reassured her that all she had to do was say stop and that is what would happen – of course I hoped she wouldn’t.

Her reply was to pull my head down to kiss me and then whispered in my ear so softly that no one else could hear. “Please fuck me long and slow and hard but gentle.”

With that she opened her legs wide and pulled my cock into her after which she breathed in and I could feel her stomach muscles contracting at which time I received the same treatment as the dildo in the movie. I had never met a woman who could do that before but it should happen to every man at least once in his life – just so that he can experience it. When I asked her how she did it she smiled and said that her mother taught her from the time she was about ten years old.

I was amazed and asked her if she had already started screwing at that age to which she that of course she hadn’t but that her mother had begun her sexual education as soon as she had her first period. When I asked her about what happened to her virginity she said that in her mother’s culture no value was placed on a useless little piece of tissue and that it had simply been disposed of with a quick and fairly painless thrust by her mother. More and more surprises.

I sensed rather than saw someone come up behind me and winced slightly as Rene planted a dildo in my back passage and then leaned down and whispered something to Anne who tensed a little and then nodded agreement. The next thing I knew Rene had reached down between us and inserted an identical butt-plug into Anne. She then went to work on Anne’s breasts with her very educated tongue while George continued to plough into her from behind.

I looked across at Dennis and saw Jane had very nearly brought him to an orgasm and that she was also red-faced and panting – a sure sign that Jane has not got far to go. Anne began to drum her feet on my arse and waves of tremors ran up and down her stomach – it was too much for a mere mortal like me and we both came together – for what seemed like hours.

George had cumm in Rene’s swollen fanny and she crawled across to Jane and Dennis and began to stroke the crack in his bum. George took over from Rene and began to work on Anne’s nipples. She moaned and said she wasn’t sure she could take any more.

Dennis then asked Rene in a very formal way that almost made us all laugh. “Please
enter me Rene.”

Rene obliged by gently inserting the same butt plug that she had used on me into him and screwed the speed control right up. Dennis moaned and immediately filled Jane to the point of overflowing at which point he literally fell out of her.

“Oh shit!” Moaned Joan. “Will somebody please finish me off.”

Dennis came to life immediately and apologised profusely as he inserted four of his well manicured fingers into her and slowly worked his thumb into her also. Jane couldn’t believe what was happening but opened her legs as wide as possible. Dennis smiled and gave one last small push and looked satisfied as his hand disappeared into her up to his wrist. We had all seen movies where women got fisted but George and I were far too big with our great hams and rather than risk hurting our highly prized ladies we had never had more than three or very occasionally four fingers in either of them.

Anne smiled and said. “Don’t worry he won’t hurt her.”

Dennis smiled in turn and began to twist his hand gently from side to side as Jane began a very long and intense orgasm. The more she wriggled and came the more he moved his hand until she started to cry and beg him to take it out. George looked worried and asked her if she was in pain to which she replied that wasn’t the problem but she couldn’t take any more orgasms in one session.

Jane rolled onto her stomach and sucked in huge gulps of air as she slowly came back to earth. After a while she staggered to her feet and walked across to Dennis and kissed him so deeply that he couldn’t breathe properly. “Thank you.” Was all she said.

Dennis then asked us if anybody would like a nice warm swim and led us downstairs to an indoor pool which was about the temperature of a warm bath.

On the edge of the pool were six glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice and it wasn’t till months later that I found out that the other person in the house was Anne’s mother.

So far I was the only male who had enjoyed Anne on this afternoon but after a while George swam across to her and duck dived underneath her. The look on her face was proof positive of what he was doing down there. Denis meanwhile had swum across to Rene Ankara escort bayan and obviously was giving her quite a lot of pleasure with his well-educated fingers.

Jane floated over to me and said. “You know how I feel about you Brian.”

I replied that I loved her too and that she didn’t have to tell me how she felt.

She kissed me and said. “Do you mind if we don’t fuck just yet? My stomach feels

like a train has been through it – I don’t know how many orgasms Dennis gave me
with his hand but I lost count at about nine and then he just kept going. When I feel better I’d like you and George to talk to him about what he did and see if you can repeat the performance.”

I held up my hand so that she could see how big it was and she said that if she could take Dennis on a first time basis she was sure that with practice she could manage both George and me. I suggested that both of us at the same time might be a bit too much and she gently bit my ear. “Shut-up!” Was all she said.

By now George was on the edge of the pool resting on his elbows as Anne slid up and down on him and judging by the look on her face she was very close to another orgasm.

Jane and I swam over to them and Jane took hold of my now thoroughly hard cock and fed me into Anne’s rear end. She stopped for a moment and then groaned and continued to move while Jane held us both in a strong embrace. I could feel George through the wall between Anne’s cunt and her arse and as her stomach muscles started to spasm we both emptied our cocks into her.

When we came down from the ceiling we looked over to see Rene getting a taste of what Jane had experienced earlier. By the look on her face she was as far gone as Jane had been and Dennis was obviously enjoying himself enormously.

Rene is much noisier than Jane during sex and she was literally screaming as he twisted his hand and wriggled his fingers inside her. She had raised her hips and was thrusting against his hand while she counted out loud and her stomach muscles contracted visibly under her taut skin.

I turned to Anne and asker her. “Does that hurt?”

She replied. “Yes it does but trust me she doesn’t want him to stop just yet.”

Finally Dennis leaned forward and asked Rene if she wanted to stop and she nodded “yes”. He withdrew slowly from her and she repeated Jane’s earlier actions of lying on her stomach panting and just getting her breath back. She looked at me and smiled and said. “Don’t argue – just learn how to do that.”

We all moved back to the lounge room after drying ourselves on some freshly warmed and obviously very expensive towels. Dennis handed us each a towelling robe which he said was in case we felt cold. These are beautiful considerate people.

When we got back to the lounge there were drinks waiting for us on the table and I wondered again who was looking after us. I think George was also conscious of someone else’s presence as he looked around the room carefully.

Anne looked a little uncomfortable and I a small voice said. “Did Dennis hurt you girls with his little hand trick?”
Rene’s reply was to walk over to Dennis and kiss him deeply while stroking his now half erection. “Thank you Dennis, thank you so much for a truly fabulous experience. I hope you’ll do it again for me – after I return to normal because I’m still all tingly down there.

Jane then walked over to him and put his now almost full erection into her mouth for a few seconds, when she stood up she simply said. “What Rene said.” She then turned her back on Dennis and slowly lowered herself onto his now rock-hard cock, wriggled her arse and settled down for what was obviously going to be a long slow shag.

I said. “Before anybody else gets too carried away can we just talk for a minute? Do you good folks remember we talked about Margaret and Pete earlier? I’m sure you’ll like them because they are very similar to all of us and their tests came back this afternoon so they’re ready to rock-and-roll. I’d like to propose that the day after tomorrow we all meet at our place for dinner and whatever happens afterwards.”

Anne looked at Dennis who nodded across Jane’s shoulder and we all began to talk at once about what had happened that unforgettable afternoon.

Jane stood up suddenly and Dennis looked surprised and disappointed at the sudden end to what he had been enjoying but he need not have worried. Jane led him to the raised couch in the middle of the room and treated us all to a magnificent demonstration shag.

We all clapped and cheered and set up a clapping rhythm which Jane and Dennis quickly fell into cadence with until it was obvious they were close to cumming. Then Anne did something to Dennis which I’d heard about but never actually seen.

She reached down and squeezed the base of his cock until Jane had obviously cumm and only then did she release him so that he could unload into Jane. “I must teach him some manners,” she said, “gentlemen always cumm last.”



Since my sixteenth birthday I’ve been the original horny little bitch.

You see, it was on the day after my sixteenth birthday that I gave up at last what I had been itching to be rid of for quite a while.

My mother had thrown a party for me and my friends but before all the festivities had sat me down for a birds and bees, mother/daughter chat which at first had not gone so well when she told me that I was the result of a late night petting session that had got out of control and was the main reason she had married my dad.

“Great!” I thought. “I always wanted to know I was the cause of a shot-gun wedding.”

Mum went on quickly when she saw the look on my face and explained that she had no regrets, that I was really important to her, that she and Dad were still in love and really comfortable with each other. It was just that she didn’t want me to get hurt.

The end of the conversation came when she handed me a small packet and said. “If, should I say when, you get into a situation where you really want to do it, make sure he uses one of these. Do you know what it is?”

I blushed furiously and could feel my face getting redder and redder.

She put her arm across my shoulder and said. “Don’t be embarrassed Sweetheart, I’m trying to stop you from getting hurt. Do you know how to use them?”

I shook my head and thought my face was going to catch fire – I couldn’t look her in the eye. “He puts it on his thing doesn’t he – so he can’t make me pregnant.”

She patted my hand and said. “You open this and get used to what it looks like and I’ll be right back.”

She returned a few minutes later and locked my bedroom door. “When you get into a situation where it’s going to happen the boy is going to have only one thing on his mind so you have to be in control. This is what you do.”

She then produced a cucumber from her pocket and laid it on the bed while she tore open one of the little packets. “This is about the size and shape of most boys,” she told me and showed me how to roll the condom onto the cucumber. After a few tries I got the hang of it and my fingers stopped trembling.

Mum hugged me and said. “If there is ever anything you’re worried about – you just have to ask me. OK?”

I hugged her and said. “Mum, I love you.”

“I know Sweetheart – just be careful.”
When we had lunch that afternoon nobody except Mum and I could understand why I looked at the cucumber and laughed a little.

That very night I had my sixteenth birthday party and accepted an invitation from my boyfriend Steve to spend the next day at the beach. We drove to the beach at Kernell and spent the day just lying around on the warm sand and swimming.

In the early afternoon Steve said that I was starting to burn and started rubbing some sun tan lotion into my back. It felt great.

He started rubbing the lotion into my shoulders and when he got down to the straps on my bikini top casually undid the bow and let the straps fall to my side. This didn’t particularly worry me as I often did it when I was sunbaking to stop getting strap marks on my back.

Steve didn’t say anything but kept rubbing the lotion into my back and occasionally let his hands slip down my ribs and rub the sides of my tits. When he started on my lower back I couldn’t believe how hot I was feeling and when his hand slipped under the top of my bikini bottom I asked him to stop. “Steve, people will see. Stop it please.”

He reached up and retied my top strap. Too tight but he wasn’t to know that.

He lay down beside me and kissed me long and slow and said. “Do you want to go up into the sand dunes so I can put your suntan lotion on properly?”

“No way,” I said. “I know what happens to girls up there.”

He looked into my eyes. “Nothing will ever happen to you with me that you don’t want to happen.”

He sounded so sincere and I must admit I was very curious. “Promise?”


We gathered our things and slowly walked up the beach. I was convinced everybody was looking at me and thinking about what they thought we were going to do. I stopped and Steve looked into my eyes again.

“What’s the matter?” He asked.

“You won’t do anything bad will you?”

“I told you – nothing will happen you don’t want.”

My legs felt shaky as we continued up the first sandhill, down the other side and over the next.

Steve spread our towels on the soft sand and we lay down side by side. He turned my
burning face towards him and kissed me deeply – his tongue slipping into my mouth and exploring my teeth. I’d never been kissed like that before and was surprised to find liked it – in fact I liked it a lot.

“We came up here for you to rub suntan lotion on my back remember.”

He smiled and I handed him the lotion as I lay back on my stomach. This time his hand slipped right down the side of my breast and he took a full handful of me. This was another first for me and I froze not knowing quite what to do.

Another first, my nipple was getting hard and Steve gently rolled it between his fingers – it felt so good. He kissed the back of my neck and tugged at my shoulder as he asked me to roll over.

I hesitated and then slowly rolled over onto my back clutching my bikini top to my breasts. I looked into his eyes and said. “Promise – remember?”

He nodded and after a few minutes placed his hand full on to my breast as he gently took my bikini top and placed it on the sand beside me. I thought I was going to die with embarrassment as this was the first time anybody other than my mother had seen my breasts and even she hadn’t seen them for a few years.

He lowered his head after a long and slow French kiss and gently took my nipple into his mouth. I couldn’t believe what happened. My whole body felt hot and I felt a warm sensation between my legs. Stop!

I sat up and covered my tits with my hands. “Steve – I’m sorry. Please stop, I feel really strange.” Then I looked down and couldn’t stop myself from giggling.

The front of Steve’s bathers were sticking out like a tent.

He saw where I was looking and said. “You caused that.”

Steve sat cross-legged in front of me and taking my hands in his asked me to sit in front of him. Somehow it seemed ok that my breasts were swinging free in the breeze and I no longer tried to hide them. We sat like that for a long time and reminisced about our childhood romance and the good times we had enjoyed since I was fourteen and Steve was fifteen.

He asked me how I felt and I told him much better and then Escort Ankara he asked if I’d ever been with a boy like this. I told him no and he said he’d never seen a girl without her top before and that he thought I was very beautiful. I looked down and was surprised to see that both my nipples were bigger than I’d ever seen them.

I also noticed that his tent had reappeared and it looked so uncomfortable for him and to me seemed to be truly enormous. He saw where I was looking and went bright red and apologised. I felt quite sorry for him and reached across the space towards him and kissed him full and hard on his mouth.
“Steve, I really like you very much and I think I know what we are both feeling but we must be careful – I don’t want a baby.”

He replied that was good because he didn’t want to give me one.

By this time we were again lying side by side and I felt his hand trying to undo the string on my bikini bottom. I laughed and told him he didn’t know much about girls’ clothes and that the front bow was false.

He laughed too and immediately reached down and undid the back bow.

He slipped his hand down the front of my bikini and cupped my fanny in his hand. I clamped my legs together tightly and we lay still for what seemed like ages until I relaxed enough to open my legs slightly.

“Don’t hurt me.” I whispered and noticed that he was trembling.

I felt him move his hand and one finger found the top of my slit and landed right on my clit. I couldn’t believe the feelings that were happening. My fanny felt alive, red hot and soaking wet. I lay back and lost myself in new feelings.

I don’t know how long we lay like that except that he managed to get one finger into my fanny and suddenly it wasn’t nice anymore – I felt a really sharp pain and realised he had touched my hymen.

“Steve! Stop!” I pleaded. “I’m still a virgin and that really hurt.”

He stopped immediately and looked into my eyes with such a look of concern and tenderness that my heart melted.

“Have you got anything to make this safe?” I asked and he replied that he didn’t because this hadn’t been planned.

I sat up and looked deep into his eyes and said. “Steve, if I let you do it to me will you promise to be gentle and careful?” He nodded and said that he wouldn’t hurt me for the world and I told him that I was afraid he was going to but that it didn’t matter if he was gentle. Then I told him about my conversation with Mum and reached for my bag.

His eyes grew wide as I pulled the little packet from my bag and said to him that I hadn’t done this before so I would try not to get it wrong. I pushed him onto his back and he lay still with his eyes closed.

For the very first time I saw an erect penis, actually it was the first penis of any kind I had ever seen not counting a few Greek sculptures in the art gallery, and I almost ran screaming to the beach – it looked huge and I thought there is no way that is going to fit inside me. “We’ll see,” I thought and tore the packet open with my teeth as Mum

had showed me. I turned the condom to the right side and it rolled smoothly down his
shaft with no air in the tip. I was amazed at how silky smooth he felt and I kissed his penis where the condom stopped. He moaned and said that if I really wanted him I had better not do that or it would all be over very soon.

I laughed and lay down on my back with my knees raised slightly and he knelt between my legs.

He did nothing for more than a minute and when I asked him what he was doing he replied that he was just admiring the scenery and that he’d never seen a girl’s fanny before so wanted to have a good look.

I told him that if he didn’t get on with what he was supposed to be doing that looking would be all he did.

He said. “If it hurts too much just say so and I’ll stop – somehow.”

I looked up at him and pulled his mouth down to mine and while we kissed I felt the tip of his cock wiping up and down my slit. I was on fire and trembling like a leaf.

I opened my legs a little more and he slipped a little further in and suddenly it was back – that sharp burning pain. “Just stop a moment will you?” I asked.

He stopped at once and drew back a little – the pain went away but the warm feelings stayed.

I opened my legs as wide as I could, took a very deep breath and grabbed both his buttocks in my hands.

“Do it Steve.” I whispered and pulled him into me.

A burning pain shot through the bottom of my fanny and I felt his whole length slide deep into my insides. I cried out and felt his penis start to throb and realised what he was doing. I cried and laughed and cried and laughed and he cried with me and finally he asked me if it still hurt, to which I replied “a little bit” but it wasn’t too bad.

After the longest time he withdrew from me and I was surprised at how much was in the end of the condom. He pulled it off and buried it in the sand then lay back with a smirk on his face.

I felt deliciously relaxed but still felt that somehow it hadn’t been complete. It wasn’t until I read some books that I discovered that orgasms rarely happen on the first time.

The next time Steve and I tried was better than the first but still felt a bit uncomfortable and on the fourth try we finally had some success. That is we both came.

It happened at Steve’s home while his parents were away for the weekend. I was

feeling a little high and dry as usual and Steve was feeling completely relaxed and
smiling like an idiot until I grabbed at him and called him a selfish shit. He looked surprised when I started to cry and then I told him how I was feeling and asked him if he’d tried reading anything about the subject and he confessed he hadn’t. In those days literature about sex was not easy to come by and there was no internet so it wasn’t really surprising.

He put his arm around me and asked what he could do to put things right. I told him that for a start he could slow down a whole lot and not simply plug himself in and bounce around. I lay back down and opened my legs wide and told him to kindly get to where he usually started but this time I wanted him to have a good look at me first.
When he had done as I asked he wanted to know what I wanted to do next so I told him to look at the top of my slit and tell me what he saw. He pulled my lips apart and said that he could see a little pink thing that looked like a button.

I said that was good and now would he very gently touch it but only after he had wet his finger. He gently scooped some of my fanny juice out and spread it carefully on my clit as I asked him. He looked up in amazement and said. “Hey, it’s gone hard and come out of its little nest.”

“Congratulations,” I said. “Now you know what a clitoris is. Now please lick it very gently.”

He hesitated and then did as I asked and immediately a whole new set of sensations flooded through me as I wrapped my legs around his shoulders. I gasped and pushed myself into his face and he stopped thinking I had been hurt.

“What’s the matter?” He asked anxiously.

“You’ve stopped – you nincompoop,” I replied. “Just keep going.”

He complied and for the first time I felt the ripples of pleasure in my stomach that signalled an orgasm was on its way. When the sensations had built to the point that I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore I said to him. “Now put a condom on and do it to me and don’t waste any time.”

He did as I told him and the moment he sank into me it started. Wave after wave of sensation and I cried out in sheer pleasure. Then something strange happened, because it was only about half an hour since he had been inside me it took him a lot longer than his usual 30 seconds to cumm and I felt another round of sensations building up in me. For the very first time we both came together and for the very first time I saw a new light in Steve’s eyes.

He told me about a year later he thought that was the moment he became a man instead of a boy and that he was always grateful for the clumsy lesson I had taught him.

Steve left school at the end of the year and went off to University – 600 kilometres to the North at the University of New England in Armidale. I stayed in Sydney to finish
my final year at school.

One day Mum caught me looking a bit sad and asked me what was wrong. I replied that I didn’t know and she said that it was obvious what was wrong. I was missing Steve.

I just nodded and she said she understood what it was like and that she missed my dad terribly when he was away. Then she said something which really surprised me.

“You and Steve have been getting it together pretty regularly haven’t you?”

I just nodded and she said for me to wait where I was. She came back and said she knew we’d been together at least twenty times because she’d bought me 3 packets of condoms.

I went bright red and said, “Twenty nine actually – you put one on a cucumber remember?” We both laughed and she said she wasn’t happy about me running out and not asking for more.

I replied that as Steve was so far away I didn’t really need any and she smiled knowingly and said that was precisely why I shouldn’t go out without them. She handed me a new packet and told me to put them in my purse. Then she pulled something else out of her pocket and I saw my very first dildo.

“This’ll help Sweetheart – it’s what I use when your dad’s not around. It’s not a new one but I’ve washed and disinfected it so it’ll be safe for you to use until I can get you a new one.”

I went bright red and couldn’t even speak to say thank you.

She smiled and patted my hand and said. “You’ll find it’s much better than the handle of your hairbrush and safer too. Lock the door when I go out in case your sister comes in – or worse your brother. Enjoy Sweetheart.”

With that she left and I quickly put the thing under my pillow but after awhile I got up and locked my bedroom door telling myself that I was just going to look at it but there was no way I was going to use it.

For a long time I just sat and looked at it and then twisted the little knob on its end. The buzzing sounded to me like a chainsaw and I quickly switched it off and turned my stereo on. The beautiful mellow sounds of The Kingston Trio filled the room. Then I switched it back on.

I sat on the edge of my bed and gingerly put the end of it against my fanny but with my panties still on – then I turned the little knob and – wow! This didn’t feel anything like Steve. In fact it didn’t feel like anything I’d experienced before but it sure felt good.
I pulled the leg of my panties to one side and carefully put it against my clit – that worked. My whole fanny instantly caught fire. I pulled it away – not out because I still hadn’t inserted it – I quickly undressed and got under the covers of my bed.

For a long time I just looked at my new friend and then lay on my back as I usually did with Steve and very carefully put it into myself. At first I had a little trouble but as soon as it got wet it slipped in easily and I found that I could easily control how good it felt by changing the angle so that it touched my clit while it was buried inside me.

Very soon – a lot sooner than I expected – I felt a familiar sensation and before I knew what was happening a sudden gush of fluid came from inside me and coated my hand and the end of the vibrator. “Thanks Mum,” I whispered before I fell into a deep sleep with the vibrator turned off but still nestling inside me.

A few hours later I woke up and Mum was in the kitchen when I wet downstairs. I put my arms around her and said. “Thank you Mum – I love you very much.”

She just smiled and said, “I thought that would work for you.”

And so to the present. Forty odd years down the track.

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