Watching My Loving Parents Ch. 05


Mom’s voice stirred me in my sleep, early on Wednesday morning. I looked at my bedside clock and it was just 6:45am. She was talking to someone outside the kitchen area and I could just barely hear the conversation.

“I wonder how big he is now, Sundari – we haven’t seen him since he was around 12. I just hope he follows his father” said Mom. “Anyway, while you are giving him the oil bath today, tell him about the special oil” Mom continued.

“Ok, Rani-ma, I will tell him about it” replied Aayahmah.

“I have to rush off now. See you later, Sundari” said Mom, obviously heading off to work.

“And, if you get the chance, check out his little bird” suggested Mom, from a little further away, her laughter following her sentence.

“Ok, I’ll try but he’s a shy young man now” answered Aayahmah, giggling in return.

Then silence downstairs – Mom had left for work.

I wondered what that was about – I was sure they were talking about me but what had prompted that? Curious but still feeling sluggish I decided to catch some more sleep and ask Aayahmah later. Anyway, Dad would be upstairs getting ready for work, so no chance to talk openly to her then. I dozed off soon enough, without a care in the world.

Some time later another female voice awoke me from my slumber.

“Wake up, my handsome prince” whispered Aayahmah into my ear, her hand gently brushing my hair.

I opened my eyes and saw her angelic face. She was sat beside me, dressed in her usual morning sari attire. I looked at the time – 9:10am. God! That had been a deep sleep.

“Good morning, Aayahmah” I wished her, slowly rubbing my eyes and pushing away the blanket from my torso.

“Good morning, Chellam – did you have a good sleep?” she asked, her hand stroking my bare chest.

“Yes, just wonderful. What about you?” I asked, clasping her hand and bringing it to my face to kiss it. My cock was waking up from his slumber too, slowly unwinding.

“Me, too” she replied. “After the beautiful love we made, I slept like a log. You satisfied and exhausted me completely with your pounding, darling” she continued, smiling in reflection.

Her hand slid down under the blanket searching for the source of her satisfaction, then finding and grasping my hardening prick.

“Mmmm….looks like he’s still not satisfied” Aayahmah teased, stroking my cock over my shorts.

I smiled at her and asked “What were Mom and you discussing early this morning?”

“Why? Were you eavesdropping on us?” she queried.

“No! I was turning around in bed when I heard Mom talking to you about the special oil” I answered.

“Your Mom was just curious as to how big your lingam was” Aayahmah said, her hand now sliding down under my shorts and encircling my erect member with her fingers, pushing the blanket away.

“You should have told her” I laughed, winking at her.

“Very funny, Mister” she responded with a tweak of my prick, smiling at me.

“Why did the conversation start in the first place?” I asked.

“Well, she kept advising me about the oil bath, what oil to use, what herbs to use, how to massage you thoroughly all over your body and then she wondered about your genitals. Knowing that your Dad has never talked to you about these things, she was a little curious as to your physical development. That’s why she asked me to advise you about the oil, to help with your physical development” she explained.

“God, if only your Mom knew that you have a cock to rival your Dad’s” Aayahmah cooed and pulled the front of my shorts gently over my rock hard prick, exposing the throbbing meat.

“And, if only she knew the sexual development her son has made over the past few nights” she laughed, stroking and squeezing my penis.

“So, are you going to tell her?” I asked.

“Tell her what?” she returned my question, her fingers pulling my foreskin all the way back and admiring my swollen cockhead. Her tongue licked her lips lewdly.

“Well, she asked you to check me out!” I replied and then asked “are you going to tell her?” teasing her and enjoying the manipulations of her fingers.

“Maybe” she said and then bent down to kiss my cock. “Mmmmmm…..” she purred, sucking on my cockhead for a few seconds, twirling her tongue over the sensitive knob.

“Hey, it’s dirty. The oil is still there” I said and lifted her head away.

She raised her head and said “Nothing is dirty with you, Chellam” and then bent down to kiss my chest, pulling up my shorts over my hard prick, but keeping her hand over it.

I hugged her to my chest and we stayed like that for some time, relishing the close and open relationship that had developed between us over the past few days – not just sexual but love, trust, care, respect and friendship, beyond the mother-son type relationship that had already existed before.

“OK, let’s get moving with your oil bath before the sun gets too hot” requested Aayahmah, standing up and pulling me out of bed. As I stood up, she rolled her ponytail into a bun and gebze escort fixed it to the back of her head.

“Let me use the toilet, brush my teeth and wash my face first” I said.

“Yes, do that and then bring the wooden stool from the store to the edge of the open area. You can have your oil massage there in the shade” Aayahmah instructed and then left the room.

After I had finished with the toilet and washing up, I wore only my shorts and brought the wooden stool to where she had requested me. There was a medium-sized stainless steel pot filled with oil on the floor.

Aayahmah came out of the kitchen a few minutes later, carrying a tray – another small bowl of oil and some bottles holding herbal powders were on the tray. She had taken off her sari and was in her pavadai and short blouse, her curvy waist and belly sexily exposed – that pavadai (underskirt, worn under the sari) and sari blouse combination is such a sexual turn-on!

“Are you ready for your bath Chellam?” she asked, putting down the tray on the floor.

“Yes, Ma” I replied.

“Sit down on the stool and relax. I will start from your head” she said.

She stood at my side and poured the oil (from the small container), using her fingers like a sieve, on to the top of my head. She told me that it was pure coconut oil (unlike the adulterated stuff you buy in the shops). Then she used the tips of her fingers to rub and massage the oil all over my skull, concentrating on my crown.

“Usually we use two types of oil for the bath, coconut or gingelly (sesame). Some people swear by coconut while others use gingelly only. We use coconut oil for the head and a mix of both for the rest of the body – a tradition from your ancestors” she explained.

Oil was soaking and slowly dripping out of my hair, down my face and neck. Aayahmah used her fingers to scoop it off and then massaged my skull again. She stood behind me and held my head against her body; then ran her fingers through my hair repeatedly, from my forehead over the top and sides to my crown, her fingertips gently pressing my skull, as if drawing all the energy to the crown of my head. She did the same to the back of my head, exerting a soothing pressure over my skull. She finished off with a massage of my temples using her middle fingers – that was indeed relaxing.

She then moved to my front and held my head upright. She rubbed my forehead, using both her thumbs, full of concentration, drawing my skin outwards. I was staring straight into her beautiful bosom – treasures to mentally massage my mind as her fingers worked on my head. I kept admiring her cleavage and the partly exposed mounds of flesh as she oiled my ear lobes and the insides of my ear.

Satisfied that my head was done, she hugged my head to her breasts.

“Was that good?” she asked, hugging me tight.

“Excellent, Ma” I replied, my oily face nuzzled in her bosom. Involuntarily, I rubbed my oily face in between her cleavage.

“You will get me all oily” she said, pushing my head back gently.

“Good, then I could give you a massage as well! I would love to massage your body” I teased her.

“You would, young man, you would” she responded, with a little giggle.

“Has anyone given you an oil massage before, Amma?” I asked.

“Yes, your Mom has done it many times when I have had an oil bath” she replied.

“Your private parts too?” I queried cheekily, my eyes opening wide.

“No, you silly boy” she laughed, pinching my cheek.

Moving again behind me, she scooped some oil from the big container and applied it to my neck and shoulders; then used her fingers to slowly press and massage my skin and muscles. It felt really good and I felt the tension going out of my neck. After some minutes of that and sure that my neck and shoulders were loosened, she gently “broke my neck” (like “breaking your knuckles”) on both sides.

“Mmmm…thanks, my neck needed that after last night” I said, reflecting back on her sitting on my face.

“I can imagine, Chellam – maybe I was too heavy for you” Aayahmah replied, working on my back now, using her fingers, thumbs and occasionally using the pressure of her palms, making sure that every inch of my back was caressed with oil.

She finished with my back by gently rubbing her fingers down my backbone, from the top to the bottom a few times, inducing a warm glow along my spine. She then proceeded to work on my arms, first the right then the left, massaging it seemed every bone, muscle and tendon in my arms and ending with each finger. She also made sure that my arm pits were soaked with oil.

“Ok, let’s start with your front now” she said, moving to my front and prompting me to stand up.

She started with my chest, rubbing oil and massaging gently, from my shoulders down and then moving her fingers in a circular motion around my breasts and nipples. She asked me to hold my hands out to the sides and massaged my torso, slowly running her fingers from gebze escort bayan my back to the front from both sides, and moving from my chest down to my waist.

I watched her as she went about her task without any fuss, admiring her mature face, her natural beauty and her voluptuous body – God, I wanted her so much. Her juicy tits were heaving and gyrating inside her blouse, supported by her bra. She truly had a beautiful pair and they begged to be freed.

She saw me staring at her cleavage and smiled. Playfully pinching my nipples, she looked at me and asked me with the movement of her head and eyes what I wanted. I replied with my eyes pointing to her breasts. She winked at me, pinched the flesh of my tummy gently before using her finger to caress my navel with oil. My cock was stirring to life again, rapidly.

“You behave, young man, until I finish with this oil massage” she warned, before squatting down to start with my legs, her blouse and pavadai already stained with oil. She was doing a thorough job, but looking down to her deep cleavage and the mounds of juicy flesh, which her bra could hardly cover, it didn’t help the stirring in my loins.

She rubbed and pressed my legs from the thighs down to my toes and soles, pulling and stretching each of my toes one by one. Finished with my toes, her hands slipped under my shorts and massaged my upper and inner thighs, making sure they were covered with oil too, somehow avoiding contact with my fast-loading prick.

Then she moved to the back and did the same, caressing and nursing the back of my thighs and knees, down to my heels. Her oily hands went under my shorts again and massaged my bums for some minutes, covering my ass crack too with oil.

Satisfied she stood up behind me, squeezed and patted both my shoulders and said “Ok Mister, finished with you now. Just sit there and relax for some 20 minutes or so and let the oil soak in.”

“What? Finished? You missed something here” I said, turning around to show her the huge tent in my shorts.

“Oh! I thought you told your Mom yesterday that you could do that by yourself” she teased me. Her hand came out to touch and feel my hard cock over my shorts.

“I think you’d better do it. Like Mom said, your fingers would do me good” I responded. I enjoyed the sexual banter and teasing with her.

“Are you sure? It’s so hard….I might just break it” she joked, before squatting down in front of me and pulling my shorts down and off.

“Yes” I hissed when her fingers encircled my throbbing cock.

“He is really swollen and probably needs a special massage. What do you think?” she tormented me again, stroking my cock and looking at my eyes for a response.

There we were, in broad daylight but hidden away from the outside world – in the open area of our downstairs, me standing naked with an erect dick, pointing threateningly at the beautiful face of this wonderful woman; she squatting down in front of me, holding my cock so obscenely in her fingers. This was our world where only she and I existed.

“Do what you want it, Amma. It’s yours” I replied.

Her response was to kiss my cockhead and then suck it in her mouth for a few seconds like a lollipop. All too soon she let go of my erect limb and stood up.

“I’ve got a special for you, Chellam. My love and want of you is making me imagine and do things which I never thought possible” she said and planted a kiss on my lips.

Her fingers started to unbutton her blouse and she discarded it quickly to the floor. Her bra was too small to hold her bountiful treasures and she looked so voluptuous in her bra and pavadai – sexy scenes from Tamil movies flashed across my mind. Lifting her bra-covered tits and teasing me, she asked me again with the movement of her eyes and head, if I wanted them. I nodded.

She slowly unhooked her bra, removed it and dropped it to the floor. Her magnificent tits were set free and my cock jerked at the sight of those beauties, the nipples hard in anticipation of love. I immediately buried my face in between her melons and she hugged me hard.

“Suck my nipples, darling” she pleaded. I obeyed instantly, sucking with fervour one hard nipple after the other, my tongue lapping around her areolas. She moaned in pleasure.

She allowed me the luxury of her tits for some more minutes before she pushed my head away and sat on the stool. She scooped some oil and proceeded to rub the oil onto her tits, looking at me with her beautiful, seductive look.

“Let me do it, Ma” I begged in horny enthusiasm, my cock throbbing in front of her, the veins pulsing with teenage blood.

I took a scoop of oil in my palms and poured it over her breasts slowly. Then I proceeded to massage the oil into her skin, spreading the oil all over her front, over, under and around her tits, her sides, around her neck. I oiled her big, fat nipples with my fingers, teasing the hard knobs. After that I caressed her collars bones and shoulders, escort gebze using my fingers gently but effectively.

“Mmmm….feels good” she purred “it’s been a long time since I had a massage.”

Hearing her and feeling her relax, I made up my mind to give her a good massage – my horny hard prick could wait. I moved behind her and proceeded to pour some oil on her back. She didn’t protest and I started to work on her shoulders and her neck.

“Please rub some oil on my crown too, Chellam. No need to undo my hair as I oil it every week anyway” she said.

I did as she requested before massaging the sides of her neck, feeling her muscles loosen. “You have to teach me how to “break neck”” I requested her.

“Yes, one day when your Mom is around – you need a guide and a guinea pig” she replied with a giggle.

Finished with her neck and upper shoulders, I squat down behind her and massaged her back, gently pressing my fingers and stroking across her ribs and backbone. Using my palms, I made circles on her shoulder blades, caressing her muscles.

“Mmmm….yes” she responded, pulling her body upright and tight for my efforts.

I massaged for some more minutes till I was satisfied that her back was finished. I lifted her hands to her side and then applied oil to her hairy armpits, rubbing down both her sides to her waist. My fingers toyed with the silky thick hair of her armpits, oiling them together in a strand – God, I loved her body hair.

Scooping some more oil in my hands, I massaged the sexy curves of her waist, starting from her sides and slowly pinching and caressing my way to her back on both sides. I repeated this action and this time my fingers caressed her from the side to the front over her cute little belly, both hands eventually meeting at her navel which I proceeded to lubricate with my forefinger. Then I let my fingers slide just under the waistline of her pavadai and traced the circumference of her waist, applying oil with a gentle caress of her flesh.

She purred like a feline at the attention I was giving her body and said “You make me feel special.”

“You are special, my darling Aayahmah” I replied, my hands moving up to lift and knead her boobs, hugging her to me.

I brought my hands back to her hips and lifted her off the stool, prompting her to stand. I stood behind her and hugged her to me, my hard cock sandwiched against her back. My fingers went under her front waistline again, inside of her pavadai and rubbed her crotch. She brought her hand down and pressed it on mine, pushing her mound hard against my caressing hand.

Her fingers undid the knot of her pavadai and she let it drop to the floor. I humped her from the back, rubbing my cock over her ass crack, separated only by her thin cotton panties. My hands returned to massage and knead her fabulous orbs. Our oil-covered bodies gave us a whole new sensation as we rubbed against each other erotically, stimulating the act of love. We were both sexually buzzing now.

She pulled away from my embrace, turned around to face me and sat down on the stool. Taking some oil in her hands, she pulled me by my erect cock towards her, placed a wet kiss on the bulb and then started to apply oil over my entire groin, gently caressing and massaging my cock, balls, pubic hair and inner thighs with oil.

Then looking at me, she poured some oil in between her cleavage, letting it slowly slide down her skin towards her navel and beyond. What an erotic sight that was – my shiny cock throbbed in anticipation. Still keeping her eyes locked on mine, she encircled my oily shaft in her fingers and pulled me forward, closer to her. She spread her legs so that I stood right up close to her, between her legs.

She placed my cock flat against her body, in between her breasts, in her cleavage and then used her hands and pressed both her honey-melons together, creating a tight envelope around my cock. The feeling was exquisite and my cock throbbed in tune with her excited heartbeat.

Looking at me, she said “Fuck my tits, Chellam. Slide your fantastic cock up and down my valley of love,” tempting me to try something new.

I placed my hands on her shoulders for support, arched my body backward and started to slowly buck and move my hips, stroking my cock up and down her valley, rubbing against her magnificent breasts, as she pressed them hard against my shaft, creating as much stimulation for my cock as possible. Our oily bodies provided ample lubrication and the sheer sensation it was creating in my body was quite unbelievable.

The whole action was akin to me stroking my cock with my own soapy fingers (masturbating) but the sensations, the pleasure, was a million-fold better – the tit-fuck was unbelievable. Feeling her soft but firm mounds of flesh pressed against my throbbing meat as it slid up and down in her cleavage was mind-blowing. If I kept this up, I would explode soon.

“Mmmmm……” I groaned in pleasure.

“Do you like your special massage, darling?” she asked, pressing her tits hard together to give me maximum friction and pleasure, her fingers squeezing her own oily tits in the process.

“Exquisite, Ma. I love your big breasts” I cooed in response, getting used to the motion and enjoying it thoroughly. The stool was at an almost perfect height for our sexual adventure.

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