Elderly Great Grandmother Needs Help!


Elderly Great Grandmother Needs Help!It was a Thursday morning and I was working from home when the phone rang.“Hello” I answered. “Oh, hello dear, sorry to bother you, it’s Dorothy from next door, is Sandra home?” She sounded distressed.Sandra is my wife and was at work. “No she isn’t Dorothy. Is everything alright?”Dorothy is an 83 year old Great Grandmother and has lived in the house next door for 60 years. She is a widow of 20 years, has white curly hair and looks like your typical elderly English lady, short, overweight and with a massive chest. She dresses like any Grandmother too, wearing knee length tartan skirts and plain blouses or floral dresses. She has had trouble getting around for a number of years since a fall and now has regular home help visits twice a day. On occasions my wife has also helped her out. One time I remember was when her washing machine door had jammed and I was asked by my wife to go round to try and fix it. After several attempts I managed to free the door and shouted through to Dorothy that it was fixed. “Thank you dear, would you be so kind as to empty the washing out and hang it out for me?”“No problem” I replied and started to pull out the washing. Now being 32 I had never thought of Dorothy or any woman her age in a sexual way. But as I started unloading the washing, just handling her large cotton knickers, massive bras and support tights, my cock began to get hard. Her bras were huge and the labels read 44GG! Her tights were all tan coloured and had reinforced heels as well as toes. Trying to compose myself I quickly hung the washing on her airer and bid her a good afternoon. I’m sure she had a sparkle in her eye as she thanked me.Anyway, back to my tale.“Oh dear. It’s no good you will have to come and help me. It’s 5 hours until my home help arrives and I need to go.”“Go where?” I asked.“To the toilet. The back door is open and please be quick” and with that she hung up. I didn’t know what to do. But would could I do apart from help her. I took a deep breath and went round.I opened Dorothy’s back door and called out to her. “I’m in the living room, please hurry!” I went in and the türbanlı aydın escort poor dear looked in such a state. I helped her up and we made our way through to the bathroom which fortunately was on the ground floor. I helped her into the bathroom and told her that I would wait outside. “No, I can’t stand up without supporting myself and as I’m holding myself up I can’t pull my tights and knickers down. You will have to do that for me and help me onto the toilet”. She then grabbed the towel rail and bent forwards slightly thrusting her enormous behind in my direction. I could feel myself going red and also a growing feeling in my trousers. “Please hurry up” Dorothy pleaded. I moved forwards and knelt down behind her and gripping the hem of her skirt and slip lifted them up onto her back. What a sight I was presented with! Tan support tights and large white cotton knickers. By now I had a full hard on. Instead of just grabbing the tops of her tights, I deliberately placed my hands on her thighs and slowly slipped them up and over her backside, then reaching the tops of her tights I slid my thumbs in and started to pull them down with her knickers, down to her ankles. I looked up to see her bottom hole and huge swollen pussy that was being forced down by her large belly. What was I doing and why was I being turned on? Composing myself I stood up and helped her sit on the toilet. I turned away to give Dorothy some privacy….too late for that, but also to hide the bulge in my trousers. The trouble was the sound of her peeing and the moans of relief from her were making me harder. “I’ve finished, please help me up” I took her arm and helped her up at which point she lent forwards again and grabbed the towel rail! “You will need to wipe me” she said.“But…….” I started to try to say……I wanted to but felt nervous.“Don’t be silly” she said with a slight chuckle. So I took a handful of toilet paper and knelt once again behind her. “Wipe from the front to the back” Dorothy instructed. So nervously I started to slowly wipe her pussy. The first piece of toilet paper was instantly wet türbanlı aydın escort bayan and I couldn’t help myself but sniff it before putting it in the toilet. It smelt musty but not unpleasant…..I grabbed some more toilet roll and returned to wiping her pussy. This time I wiped further forward to where her clit would be hiding, untouched for who knows how long. I was becoming hornier and hornier and as I wiped her again I trailed my middle finger outside of the paper and ran it the full length of her pussy. Dorothy let out a soft moan and remained lent forwards. Was she enjoying this? My mind was going in all directions…what was I thinking….I wanted to lick her elderly pussy…how would she react? It was now or never, I had to taste her pussy. I pushed my face forwards and inhaled the musty but wonderful odour of her pussy….slowly and tentatively I extended my tongue and touched her lips…she shot forwards with a groan…….I was in trouble now but instead of going ballistic she pushed back onto my face…my tongue now went to work on her, running up and down. The taste was sensational! Dorothy was trying to move her legs apart but her tights and knickers were stopping her. So I reached down and pulled her ankle up whilst supporting her weight with my other arm. I pushed her slipper off and then after much struggling due to the strength of the support tights managed to get her leg free. She immediately put her foot down and spread her legs wider.“Finish what you started dear” was all she said. The old girl was loving this!She thrust her hips back towards me and I resumed my licking and by the fact she could now spread her legs I could now reach her clit…..Dorothy’s moaning was now constant and she was purring like a cat…I managed to move my head enough to allow my fingers to start rubbing her and although difficult at first I managed to slide a finger inside her and boy was she tight….as my tongue and fingers worked her pussy Dorothy’s breathing became more rapid….was she reaching an orgasm??? Could women of her age still orgasm??? I continued, speeding up my tongue action türbanlı escort aydın and working a finger inside her…..she thrust forwards then back and let out a cry and with that a gush of liquid erupted from her pussy….I lapped like a dog trying to swallow as much as I could. Her breathing steadied but I needed to cum! I had to fuck her! I pulled my finger out and spread her bum cheeks. Her hole needed to be licked and so I ran my tongue over it and Dorothy let out a whimper….I drove my tongue in and forced it inside her….it was unpleasant at first but I was too horny to care….one hand went between her legs and I started to rub her pussy whilst my other hand went down to my trousers and I was able to release my cock….. I stood up and guided the head of my cock towards her pussy….pushing forwards I found that surprisingly my cock started to slide in but she was ever so tight…..slowly I inched further into her until, sliding in and out until I was fully inside her…..Dorothy let out a moan and said “Oh my”.…….I was inside my 83 year old neighbours pussy….a Great Grandmother….what was I doing??? I now didn’t care….I started to fuck her, slowly at first but then increased my speed…….Dorothy’s grip on the towel rail became tighter and her wrinkled spotted hands went white……I looked down as my cock worked her pussy thrusting harder…..I felt Dorothy’s pussy tighten on my cock and as she did I started to unload my cum into her elderly body.I withdrew my cock and watched as my cum poured from her pussy. I now felt shocked over what I had just done. I pulled my trousers up and helped Dorothy sit back down on the toilet. I was about to apologise but sensing my anxiety she looked at me and with a smile said “Thank you dear. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did?”“Oh Dorothy I did! That was wonderful!”“Now can you put my knickers and tights back on please?”I knelt down again and slid her knickers up to her knees and then slipped her foot into her tights and pulled them also up to her knees. I helped her up and she grabbed the towel rail and after lifting her skirt onto her back I first pulled her knickers up and with a bit of effort pulled her tights up before dropping her skirt down.I then helped her back to her chair and said “Is there anything else I can do for you?”“No thanks dear, you’ve been a great help to me.” “OK, I best get back to work then” and turned to leave.“Be sure to come and see me soon.” Dorothy shouted as I was leaving. “I will” I called back…….oh I will!

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