Enjoying Valentina

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I’ve always dreamed of having a best friend who’s almost like a sister. About six months ago, my parents moved to a new city and at first, I was really upset about moving. Once I started my new school, I met the nicest girl there. We were in a lot of the sames classes and started talking and we hit it off right away. I finally had the best friend that I dreamed of.Her name is Elena and we get along like we’ve known each other for years. We’re both seniors at Elmsford High School. We both like the same things, which makes it really nice when you’re best friends. We spend a lot of time together on weekends with each other. We switch off every weekend. Sometimes she sleeps at my house and other times I sleep at her house. I like going to her house, because she has a really hot step-brother. Often times, I’ve fantasized about making love to him. I don’t even know if he’d be interested in somebody like me. I think he’s in his early twenties.Whenever I go to her house, I’m always hoping that maybe I’d run into him and we just wouldn’t be able to get our hands off each other. I know this is a crazy thought, but this is what I think about. Elena likes to come to my house, because she really likes my sister.I’ve often wondered if Elena likes girls. She’s never hit on me, but when she’s over my house, she likes to be near my sister, Miranda. My sister is twenty and I really believe that Elena would like to be with her. Again, she’s never said that she did, it just appears to be that way.My sister is the kind of a person that’ll go either way. I’m pretty sure if Elena approached her, she’d definitely would have fun with Elena. But, that’s another story for another day. ~~~ “Mom, can I sleep at Elena’s tonight?” “Sure, honey that’ll be fine.” Elena invited me over to her house and I was so excited. I knew that her parents were out of town. Her stepbrother, Marco was home and going to be keeping almanbahis an eye on her. I was so excited that maybe I’d have an encounter with him. I went upstairs to pack a bag and then took my shower. I put on my bikini and a cover-up and grabbed my sandals. Elena has a really nice pool and hot tub and we were going to spend the day enjoying ourselves outside in her back yard. “Mom, can you or daddy drive me to Elena’s?” “I’ll take you over to Elena’s house, Valentina.” “Okay, thanks daddy. I’m ready to go.” My father and I walked out to his SUV. I climbed in and put my safety belt on. “Are you girls doing anything fun, today?” “Just hanging by the pool. I’m sure we’ll have a nice day.” “Sounds like a wonderful day, darling.” We drove for a little while and then my father pulled up to Elena’s house. I grabbed my stuff and kissed him goodbye.”Bye, Daddy.””Have a great time. Don’t forget to wear suntan lotion.”I ran to the door and rang the bell.Ding, Dong “Valentina, come in. We’re going to have the best time today.” I walked into Elena’s house and she too had her bikini on. Elena was a very attractive young woman. She has brown long hair, brown eyes and is about 5’6.” She’s small chested and has a nice body. I’m 5’7” and have black curly hair and green eyes. My chest is much bigger then hers. But we both looked really great in our bikinis. I was wearing a white bikini with a cover up over it and Elena’s was wearing a yellow bikini with no cover up.“Do you want to watch television or go by the pool now? I figured we could watch some television first and after lunch we could go out by the pool.” “Okay, that sounds great.” I followed Elena upstairs to her bedroom and she put on MTV and we sat on her bed. We were both leaning up against the pillows. Elena has a full size bed and it’s the kind that’s pillow-topped and very soft. “I know this is going to sound weird, but do you like almanbahis yeni giriş girls?” “I never really thought about it, Elena. I mean I’ve only ever been with guys.” “But, if you had the chance to be with a girl, would you?” “Like I said, I never really thought about it.” “Well, I guess you know that I like girls. But, I also like boys too. I guess you could say that I’m bi-sexual. I know we’re best friends, but I really like you and would love to please you.” “What do you mean by please me? “I mean I want to be with you. You know, you wouldn’t have to do anything. I would just enjoy you and that would be it. You wouldn’t even have to do anything back to me.” “Well, I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted to be with a girl. I’ve never thought about that ever.” “Why don’t you just let me show you and like I said you don’t have to do a thing.” I was really a little weirded out that Elena wanted to be with me. However, I really wanted to be with her brother later and didn’t want to go home. So, I figured I’d just let her do what she wanted to do with me. I would just call it experimenting. Elena was a pretty girl and I guess I was kind of interested in what it would be like to be with another girl.“Okay, but like you said, you’ll just do stuff to me. If I change my mind, I’ll let you know.” With that, Elena sat on top of me, and now we were face to face. She leaned in and gave me a kiss. It was just a simple kiss, but then she pushed her tongue into my mouth and we kissed a little deeper. She was a really great kisser. I was just letting her do all the work, because I wasn’t even really sure this was for me. She then helped me off with my cover up and then I was just left in my bikini. She then unhooked my bikini top and then pulled my bottoms down. I was now on the bed on my back and she was kissing me all over. She spent time on my large breasts. She was sucking and nibbling almanbahis giriş on my erect nipples. It really felt different then with being with a guy. She seemed to be more gentle, while she touched my body. She really seemed to know what she was doing. I was feeling all kinds of different feelings. I was starting to feel very aroused. I felt a lot of wetness building in my pussy. She then kissed all over my stomach and even tongued into my belly button, which was a very sexy feeling. I just watched her enjoy my body. I was definitely getting horny. I was definitely enjoying this.She then opened my tan thighs and dove into my pussy region. She just stared at it for a minute and then placed kisses at the center of my pussy. I had never actually ever had my pussy kissed like that. Most boys, just get down there and shove their fingers in and take a little taste and immediately push their cocks into you. This was very different and I was enjoying it. Elena licked my pussy lips very slowly and worked her tongue all over my clitoris. I was really horny and started to moan. My hands were holding her headboard. I was grinding onto her face, which made her push her tongue deep into my slit. “Oh God, that feels so good. Fuck!” Elena was tongue fucking me and I was moaning and groaning and enjoying myself getting licked into orgasm. I was so excited and had orgasm. My pussy juices flowed out of my bald pussy. Elena drank my pussy juices and then pushed several fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me, which got me very excited. I had another orgasm and she drank down my hot juices.She must have licked me for close to two hours and she never seemed to want to stop. My legs were shaking and my body felt like butter. I did notice that Elena’s door was now opened and I noticed that Marco was standing in the hallway jerking off and watching us. I was now interested in watching him jerk off. He seemed to have a really big erection. While Elena was licking my pussy, I now was dreaming of Marco fucking me. I really needed to somehow find a way to leave Elena so that I could be with Marco. I just didn’t know how to exactly do that.

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