Enslaved by Myself Ch. 10


“I’m sorry Valerie, I really quit. And since you won’t stop trying, I’ll have to restrain you.”

I said, trying to sound as calmly as possible, doing my utmost best to resist submitting. Valerie suddenly looked afraid, hopeless. I grabbed her wrists and I could easily hold her still, I was impressed by how weak she really was, I was starved out for months yet her strength was nothing compared to me.

“No please, don’t!” She suddenly said, sounding desperate. “Don’t be like your clone, be my cute sub again.”

She’d try one more time after that, but at this point, I had decided, I was done with being submissive, done with being humiliated, controlled, tricked, and manipulated. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you, and I would never rape you, Valerie, I truly love you,” I said.

“I love you too, so much, you’ll always be my only and sweetest subbie, now please, I beg of you, let me take charge.” That was her last attempt.

I just ignored it and put her hands behind her back so I could hold them with one. I escorted her upstairs where I handcuffed her to the bed, blindfolded her, and tied up her feet. “I’m sorry Valerie, I won’t hurt you, but you wouldn’t stop trying.”

As she was about to say something I put a ball gag in her mouth. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything sexual. I just need you to realize you don’t control me anymore.”

I went downstairs and finally enjoyed my true freedom. I was free to do what I wanted now, with no one to control me or humiliate me. I decided to eat some junk food, do some exercise and take a long and peaceful shower.

In the shower, I suddenly thought about my clone. I missed him, but I also hated him, for what he did, to both me and Valerie. I still felt my submissive side fighting in my brain, wanting to submit, but I kept fighting it.

Later I checked up on Valerie. I removed her blindfold. “Do you understand the situation now?” I asked her. She looked up into my eyes and nodded. “Good girl,” I said, it felt weird, I didn’t mean it to be sexual.

“Let’s go check up on my clone,” I said. I put the collar with a leash on her so I could escort her more easily. I removed the handcuffs from the bed but handcuffed her hands behind her back and I undid the knot on her ankles. I held the lease and she followed me obediently, but fear was in her eyes.

I didn’t say anything on the way down, but I felt excited going to my clone and showing off what I had captured. I knocked on the door and opened it.

“Hi master, look who I have captured for you,” I said proudly while presenting Valerie to him and pulling her closer.

My clone was pleasantly surprised, suddenly cheerful. “I’m so proud of you, slave, I knew you wouldn’t be able to defy me, and that dumb bitch clearly wasn’t dominating enough for you. Your reward will be great, but I should punish you Esenyurt escort first, but more importantly, quickly get me some water!”

I stood still, I was just joking and he totally fell for it, I decided to play along more. “Should I leave the bitch here?” I asked as I handed him the leash. Valerie started crying softly, feeling betrayed and afraid about what’s to happen. Then suddenly I was worried about submitting again, this joke was going too far. Right after that, I realized I forgot about the bat.

I suddenly pushed my clone to the floor, he was much stronger, but he was weakened by not having drunk water for so long and actually fell over, pulling Valerie down too. I grabbed the bat, and the phone hurried out after grabbing Valerie, suddenly afraid he could still overpower me with his strength. “I was just joking, clone, I’ll never submit to anyone again, now be a good boy and surrender to me, water is on the menu.” I locked the door quickly.

Valerie seemed relieved. “I’m sorry Valerie for scaring you like that, just felt like pranking him and see the look on his face.” Not much later, Valerie smiled with her eyes, enjoying the face he made too.

I now had the phone back and all I had to do was wait for my clone to surrender. I didn’t want to be like them, I wasn’t going to force him to be my sex slave and degrade him into submission, but I couldn’t let him leave either. I couldn’t let Valerie just go either, she knew too much, she’d keep trying, she could convince other people to help her and it just was too dangerous.

I also was still in love with Valerie and hoped she wanted to stay, hoping we could still be lovers. I was thinking of ways to make it work.

I decided to give Valerie a room, that I could lock on the outside, but where she wouldn’t need to be tied up. I put the bed in her room and handcuffed her to it. I took my toolset and changed the lock so that it would be lockable from the outside, which was quite challenging and time-consuming. By the time I was done both Valerie and me were really hungry.

I made her some food, and fed it to her, while she was still handcuffed. She complained a lot, but I explained the situation. She asked me why I wouldn’t just let her go if I wasn’t going to force her into anything and I explained that too. I apologized a lot to her and brought her back to her room, locking it. She seemed more understanding than I had expected.

Later I brought some water to my clone. I knocked on the door and asked if he surrendered yet, he refused. I still wanted to give him water though, and told him to move to the back of the room, I tested if he obeyed, and he did. I left the water and left.

I told Valerie I’d be out, and that she should not try to escape, telling her she’d be shocked really hard by the collar, but I moved her handcuffs Etiler escort bayan from her hands to her ankles, so she could use her hands freely, but would still struggle to escape.

I decided to buy some things for Valerie’s room, like an Android tablet that couldn’t connect to the internet and since my recent life was mostly about sex, I couldn’t think of much more entertaining things than a lot of sex toys, and I suddenly felt curious what kind of modern toys they had by now. Of course, I also needed to keep an eye on her, so a hidden camera felt necessary, along with some other miscellaneous stuff.

She was sleeping when I got home, I installed the camera secretly and decorated her room some, I left the many sex toys in a gift box, for her to open when she woke up. Some of the toys were really interesting with detailed shapes and special vibration functions, most were focused on female pleasure, I really hoped she’d enjoy them. I also had installed some games and entertaining things to do on her tablet, including a lot of books she might like and a bunch of movies and series.

I hadn’t given my clone any food since, just water. I was starving him out, just like he did to me, in the meantime, I exercised, built some muscles, and practiced self-defense. I was still worried he could beat me somehow, but not for long.

I felt pretty guilty about the situation, I did take away their freedom, but I felt like I had no other choice, and at least I wasn’t degrading them into submission as they did to me.

A while later I checked on my clone and apparently, he was finally willing to surrender. “I surrender, you won. I’m sorry for everything I did to you, please forgive me.” He said. I didn’t really answer but smiled at him. “So what are your plans with me? Are you going to reverse our roles?” He asked.

“No, that’s not my plan, I won’t force you to be a slave, I’m better than that, I’m better than you,” I said. He seemed offended. “So are you just going to let me go? I’ll leave you alone, I can move to a different country, take a new name…”

“No, I can’t let you go, too much of a risk,” I responded.

“So, I’m just stuck here? With nothing to do?”

“Pretty much, until I think of something better,” I responded.

He seemed upset, but somehow not angry as if he really gave up. “Master, can I have some more water now?” he asked.

“You don’t have to call me master, you’re not my slave, but yes, I’ll get you some.”

I came back with a big bottle of water that would last him a while. “I think you’re still too muscular for food, try to burn some calories, do some exercises if you’re bored,” I said as I was about to leave.

“Wait, please stay. I think I’d like to submit to you, master, if that’s okay with you.” He got on his knees and kneeled to me.

I Escort Eyüp guessed being isolated and imprisoned for so long is even worse than being a slave. I decided to give him a chance. “Hmm, well you do deserve some payback and punishment, but I don’t know. How about you think about everything you did to me before, and imagine yourself in that situation.”

“Okay, master.” He said. He closed his eyes, and suddenly started slowly masturbating. He was pretty serious after all, but I left the room. Apparently, he continued when I was gone.

Then I decided to check on Valerie, using the hidden camera. She was masturbating too and using some toys. The toys apparently were working really well as she was visibly enjoying it a lot. It turned me on, I wanted to fuck her so badly, she was so beautiful and sexy, but I wasn’t going to force myself on her. I just decided to masturbate myself too, watching her.

The next day I brought some food to my clone, refilled his water, and talked some to him. He still wanted to submit and started masturbating again, degrading himself for me, hoping I’d accept him. I enjoyed his desperation, laughed at him but I left. Moments before I closed the door I saw him aim his cock at his face, about to cum. I kinda wanted to see that, but my decision to leave was already made.

Then I made some delicious food for Valerie. But when I opened her door she was masturbating with some toys, sitting on her bed, legs spread towards the door as if she hoped I’d catch her.

“Oh, hi master.” She said. “You don’t have to call me master, you’re not my slave,” I responded.

“But I want to be your slave now, also thanks for all these toys, I really appreciate them. I want to give you something in return too, a sex toy.” She said as she was still vibrating her pussy. “It’s me, you can have me, please use me as you wish, please fuck me, I want to be your toy.” She said with a big smile.

I was already hard from seeing her play with herself, but now I was diamond. I decided to play along and placed the food on the floor. “Okay, thank you, Valerie.” I unzipped my pants, got my cock out, and moved towards Valerie. I didn’t’ say anything, I just turned her around and placed her in a Doggystyle position.

I shoved my cock in her very wet pussy and used her as she wanted me to use her, as a fleshlight. It’s been a while since I actually fucked her, so I was done pretty quickly, I came into her, giving her a creampie. I turned her around again, used her face to wipe my dick off, and put it in her mouth for a second for some extra clean cock. Then left without saying a word.

A little while later I checked the camera, she was masturbating furiously, enjoying my cum. Moaning loudly enough I could hear her, even though the camera didn’t have a microphone.

I decided life wasn’t so bad having two sex slaves desperate for my attention. I’d do my best to be a good master, and not be cruel to them, but still enjoy them to the fullest. Although a little cruelty is allowed with my clone because he surely deserves some harsh punishments for what he did to me before. I’m sure he can’t wait.


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