Enticed Pt. 3 – A Picture’s Worth

Self Shot

I knew Blaise’s birthday was coming up in a couple weeks. I wanted to do something special for him, especially after the expensive lens he got me for Christmas. But, I couldn’t afford much. It had to be special, specifically tailored to him, and yet, uniquely me all at once.When the idea came to me, it hit me like a thump on the head. Nude pictures. Glamour shots. Whatever you want to call it. As a professional photographer, it seemed only natural that I take some provocative shots of myself for him to enjoy. And, they have the added bonus of having been shot — at least, some of them — with the lens he bought me.It would be the perfect gift. Photos of me from fully dressed to completely naked shot just for him on a lens he provided. The only problem was that I wasn’t sure how many photos to shoot or how long it might take to shoot, process, and print them. And, I only had two weeks.The idea had just popped into my head Saturday just after I left Blaise’s house. I didn’t want to waste any time. So, I started shooting that Sunday right after Blaise left my apartment. It was fate that the apartment was already clean.I loaded a roll of black-and-white film into one of my cameras because I could develop and print black-and-white at work. That would be the quickest way of getting some prints to Blaise. And, of course, they would seem more artsy in black-and-white.Color film would be a different consideration. We didn’t do color processing at work, or have color chemicals or paper and it would look suspicious if I suddenly brought some in. Of course, you couldn’t just drop off nudes at your neighborhood Fotomat or Kmart, either. Oh, you might get away with one or two shots on a roll. But multiple rolls of nothing but bare dick and balls would throw up a red flag. I did plan to shoot some color. But I would have to send it off to a professional lab that understood the concept and legitimacy of nude photography.I hadn’t seen many nude photos of men or gay magazines, so at first, all I could do was imagine which poses I’d seen of women that might look good with a man instead. I had been thinking about it all night and had ideas for different spots in my apartment where the natural light was good and places where I might need to use artificial light or reflectors. A shooting plan was formulating in the back of my mind the entire time he and I were cleaning that Sunday morning.One thing I was pretty sure of was that a lot of male models had clean-shaven balls. I already had been shaving my shaft for several years because my fiery red hair grew halfway up, which was uncomfortable both for me and for the few — okay, two — girls I’d been with. I’d never tried shaving my balls; I was afraid the wrinkles would be a real problem. As it turns out, shaving them, even with a plain dry razor was easy after a hot shower. The worst part was trying to see what I was doing to get everything back to my asshole completely hairless. Fortunately, I was limber enough to manage. I left all the hair in front though. I didn’t like the completely hairless look I’d seen before. I didn’t want to look like a ten-year-old or a porn star.As soon as Blaise left, I hopped in the shower to make sure everything that ended up on film was clean, and then quickly shaved.For the next seven hours, I shot myself with my camera on a tripod and a long, air-controlled remote shutter release in several different outfits — or I should say in and out of several outfits all over my apartment. I did shots in just jeans, in jeans with the button undone, in jeans with the zipper undone, in jeans pushed halfway down my ass. I did poses in just a button-down shirt. I did poses in just underwear, tight and loose boxers. I did poses in just shorts and a tank top and, of course, the swim trunks Blaise liked so much. Cheesy or not, I even took a few wearing only my brown leather bomber jacket. With each outfit and each location, I slowly reduced the amount of coverage to zero so that I had a wide variety of poses completely nude.I made sure there were plenty of poses that left nothing to Blaise’s imagination. In some I was sitting on the couch in a position that would be familiar to him, legs spread, one foot on the couch, knee up, half-hard cock well displayed. Some showed me standing with my dick straight out like a flagpole on the side of a flesh building. Many showed me holding my meat out offering it to him, both half-hard and fully erect. I knew these would be pretty popular because Blaise hadn’t really seen me jack myself off yet except for the few minutes he watched me play in the shower. I felt he might enjoy seeing me really handling my own cock for a change. I even did a few macro shots — extreme close-ups — of my swollen glans and puckered hole.Ideas would come to me just walking through the apartment or while shooting something else. I sat on kitchen chairs, the couch, the bed, the floor, you name it. I did a few shots leaning against and sitting on my kitchen counter that I thought looked really good. At one point I got the idea of doing a series of shots showing me roll a condom onto my erect cock shooting from a couple of different angles, that burned up almost an entire roll of film. At the time, of course, AIDS was a major thing, and this shoot seemed topical. There’s some of my photojournalism at work.I wanted to shoot some of myself in the shower but I had to have the water too hot. The steam made photography impossible in my little bathroom.I stayed at work late Monday night to develop and print the twelve rolls I shot the day — and night — before. I was impressed isvecbahis I had more keepers than junk. It took a couple hours to print just half the shots I wanted to share with Blaise. Tuesday would have to be a late night, as well, to finish all the prints. I made sure I made two prints of each so I would have a copy for myself.On the way home that night I stopped at a Mom-and-Pop gas station and convenience store that I knew had a wide selection of porn magazines. I bought the two gay magazines they had as research.At home, I started looking through my shots with a critical eye and found that my favorite shots all seemed to be a little more conservative. I liked the ones where I had only a bit of red pubic hair peaking out of low-slung blue jeans, or maybe just a tease of the tip of my dick slipping out from under a sheet on the bed. Of the nude shots, my favorite pose — and what I saw as the sexiest — was shot from directly in front of me. My knees were up and my dick and balls were either hanging straight down between my thighs, or my dick was hard and pointing at the ceiling or even laying back on my stomach. Something about those shots really turned me on. They also highlighted my smooth balls.Comparing my shots to the magazine, I found that I liked my work a lot better. A few shots lined up. But, most of the magazine photos were much more in-your-face with spread ass cheeks and close-ups of waiting assholes or two or more guys together and what looked like rough use of a model’s dick. I liked my attempt at art and glamour instead of the strong XXX of the magazines. I hoped Blaise would like it, as well.At this point, I hadn’t even considered the possibility of butt play or anal sex. Blaise hadn’t mentioned it either. Maybe it had to do with AIDS. But I assumed gay men liked at least seeing men’s asses as much as straight men liked women’s butts. So, I included some shots of my ass coming out of jeans, hanging out below a button-down or tank top, and completely uncovered. I even did a few bent over to give a clear view of my asshole — in a nod to the magazines. In a couple, I teased by covering it with my hand. Another shot I really liked was one of these showing my asshole, yes, but also my dick and balls hanging clearly down between my legs. With properly controlled lightly, my smooth balls and taint were on full display.While these were shot in black-and-white, I had loaded color print film in one of my other cameras so I could shoot both color and black-and-white throughout the process. I tried to shoot only the best poses in color because that was really going to cost me. There were only four rolls to ship off. But, I was confident they would be full of great, sexy shots.My grand idea here was to have them shipped back to Blaise’s address. So, when they arrived it would be a whole new surprise. Between now and then I would have to get him alone to show him my black-and-white prints.I waited none too patiently for him to arrive at work Wednesday morning. As soon as he did I headed to his desk and asked what he was doing after work.“Nothing, as usual,” he said.“I want to come over and show you something”Of course, he always was up for me showing him something. I told him I’d meet him at his house by 5:30.He had just gotten in when I pulled in behind him later that night. Blaise gave me a quizzical look when he watched me walk in carrying a folder of photographic prints.“What’s going on?” he asked. “Are we being watched or something?”“Of course not,” I replied, indignant. “Just sit down and look at these.”I placed one hand on his shoulder as I pushed the folder into his hands.When he opened the folder and saw the first black-and-white shot of me bare-chested in jeans leaning on the arm of my couch, his eyes got big and he exclaimed, “Oooh!”I explained that I had shot these as a birthday present for him. But I just couldn’t wait for him to see them.He didn’t speak for a minute, staring lustily at my photos. I thought he might not have heard me.“You don’t have to get me anything,” he finally said without looking up.“So, should I take these back?” I asked reaching for the folder.“Oh, hell no,” he cried. “You better get your hands away.”He headed for the couch as he flipped through the 8”x10” prints one by one slowly, savoring each one like a connoisseur. I sat right next to him on the couch and found my hand resting on his thigh while he looked through the prints. Eventually, I actually saw a drop of saliva fall from his mouth as he stared at one photo.The dress pants he was wearing were a little tight in front and I could see a bulge developing and slowly straightening in his crotch. By the time he’d flipped through the entire stack, there was a visible stain of pre-cum on his pants where his raging hard-on ached.While he flipped through the photos he pulled out specific prints.“I want to see this pose in person,” he said. “And this one.”When he got to the ones that showed my shaved balls and taint he said, “Ooh! You shaved your balls! I definitely want to see that up close!”“Did you shave your asshole?” he asked, pulling one print up close to his face.I explained that I wasn’t sure about the butt and asshole shots. But I’d seen a few photos of men like that and they all had shaved balls, taints and assholes. Blaise said he loved them.“I’m not really into anal right now,” he admitted. “But I’ll try anything you want.”“These are just photos I thought you’d like,” I answered. “What we do is entirely up to you. If you don’t want to do something, we don’t do it. I don’t know what I’m doing, what a man likes, isveçbahis giriş or what I’m expected to do. You know I’ve never been with a man before. Or had a friend with benefits, or boyfriend. Whatever this is.”He paused and cocked his head slightly.“Hmm. I hadn’t thought about putting a label on this,” he said. “I’m not sure we’re ‘boyfriends’ really. But friends with benefits might be good.“And, I know a benefit I’d like to cash in right now,” he said, reaching over to stroke my cock through my jeans.“Why don’t you undress me?” I said. As I pulled my hand off his thigh, I made sure to brush against his erect cock in his pants. “Then I’ll assume a pose or two for you.”He hungrily pulled my sweater over my head and nearly popped the buttons off the shirt underneath trying to undo them. The first thing he wanted to see was me sitting with my legs pulled up displaying my shaved balls and taint more than anything. He inspected the area thoroughly, lifting my balls and spreading my ass cheeks. My cock grew and thickened as he did so. By the time he’d seen enough, I was rock hard and ready to be manhandled.He spit directly onto my glans a couple of times and started smoothing it over my entire length. Looking at the photos again and especially watching him look at them had gotten me aroused and I was ready for his attention.He alternated stroking with a loose hand and then a tight squeeze. He pushed into my glans, squeezing it flat against the erectile tissue and pushed his index fingertip into the hole. He made sure to give my smooth balls extra attention and rubbed a saliva-slick finger over my taint down to my asshole for a new thrill. I found myself wanting to touch him, to stroke his shoulders or hair, but I couldn’t reach any part of him without getting in the way of his “work.”He leaned in to drop some more saliva on me.”Would it be better to just lick it a little for lubrication?” I asked, honestly not realizing what I’d said.He gasped and his eyes became quarters.”Are you sure?”I silently thrust my groin closer to his face.He sees immediately snaked his wet tongue from the base to the swollen tip of my cock. Now, it was my turn to gasp. He swirled his tongue around the head several times before gliding back to the base.Finally, he went back to his hand work, stroking my shaft like a master. His other hand had never left my asshole and was now applying gentle pressure, pushing inward over and over.The new sensation — combined with the feeling of Blaise’s tongue — was more than enough to drive me over the edge and I sprayed cum into the air between us. Cupping his hands over my glans he again caught most of it before doing his disappearing act.After he cleaned me up I just half lay on the couch and he gently rubbed over my smooth balls and taint with his fingertips. I lifted and spread my legs to allow him access to my smooth crack. It felt wonderful, but it was relaxing me almost to the point of falling asleep.I had to leave before I couldn’t and, after I dressed, told my friend I’d see him in the morning. For some reason, I was driven to lean in and give him a hug at the door. He squeezed me close with one arm.His smile and elevated mood the next day were obvious. We went to lunch together but spent it eating something from a drive-thru in a parking lot while Blaise thumbed through the prints. He stopped at different ones to point out little details he liked, or to show me ones he especially liked. This gave me another idea.I had to work late that Friday. So, I decided to stay a bit longer to scan my copy of the prints. I then spent a little more time laying out and printing a small photo-book of my shots. It wasn’t much. It was just on plain paper and didn’t have a real cover. But, I thought Blaise would like having the photos in a more compact package.I gave it to him the following day at his house.“I love it,” he said. “I wish this paper was waterproof. ‘Cause this thing’s getting abused.”“I still have the file,” I assured him. “I can print you another one when the time comes.”The next Friday night I stopped by Blaise’s place after dropping off film from some city meeting that ran late. Thankfully, the film could wait until Monday morning since it was already after 10 p.m. I was ready for a drink, but didn’t want to go home to an empty apartment.I rang the bell on the carport door and Blaise was there in a second. Headlights in his driveway lit up the living room like a searchlight.He was watching some movie he’d rented. I dropped to the couch just beside his favorite spot as he went to the kitchen. He returned with a beer for me. He’d taken to keeping my favorite in the house at all times. In a few seconds, he was next to me with a hand on my thigh.“What’s this?” I asked.“Some bad horror flick I rented from that place you like downtown,” he replied. He sat up and reached for the strings of my Nike’s. I knew where this was going and let him have his fun. He liked undressing me almost as much as he liked watching me strip for him.“I haven’t seen this one,” I said as I moved and repositioned as necessary for him to get my shoes and socks off. Blaise knew I had a soft spot for B- movies, especially horror and sci-fi. I think he was trying to find a way of appreciating them, as well. At least, for my sake.After my shoes and socks were out of the way, he started unbuttoning my shirt. He took the beer bottle from my hand and set it on the coffee table long enough to get me shirtless. At this point, we both stood up simultaneously. After the first few times, this had become a tightly choreographed dance.Thirty isveçbahis yeni giriş seconds later my jeans were on the floor beside my feet. Blaise left my tight bikini underwear in place. This was his preferred outfit for television viewing — at least, for the first little while. But, he always made sure to give my cock a stroke and squeeze through them whenever my jeans came off. I sat back down and he handed me my beer. His hand was back on my bare thigh a second later, sliding along its length. He would find my cock in a minute.As we watched the movie a thought hit me. Blaise’s birthday was the next day. I had given him my photos last week. But, I felt like I needed to recognize his actual birthday somehow.I supposed I could take him to dinner or something — like anybody else might do. But, I really wanted to do something special, something that was unique to me like the photos. I knew exactly what it would be. And, tonight was the perfect opportunity. I was here unexpectedly. There was no set-up. It would be a perfect surprise. He was in the mood, or would be. I was in the mood and ready for something new. All the pieces fit.I finished my beer and got up.“I’m going to go wash off real quick,” I said, not an unusual thing for me to do. “I’ll be back in a minute.”I was back in less than ten minutes, having showered off quickly. I was only wearing a towel since I hadn’t brought any clean clothes.When Blaise saw me he stopped the movie and turned off one of the lamps, setting a more personal mood.I settled in on the end of the couch in my usual spot. I spread my legs, which pulled the towel open displaying my cock and balls. I wasn’t even half-hard yet.Blaise’s hand glided up my leg beginning at the ankle that was nearest him. On the way up he leaned down and kissed my knee.I made a small approving sound. That was only the second or third time his mouth had touched me anywhere. We’d been “together” for two months and he hadn’t offered to kiss me until last week and just now. If he wanted to kiss me, he just needed to do it. As with other things, I might have to take charge on that one.When his hand finally reached my crotch I already was heating up. It didn’t take long for me to respond to his technique.As he stroked my cock with one hand, his other kneaded my balls like a magician rolling trick balls between his fingers. His face pressed on up to my stomach and he started kissing a trail up to my chest and neck. I let another small moan show my approval.I began running my fingers through his hair.His work on my meat was getting results as a little pre-cum was released and he pushed me closer to cumming.I pulled his head up to mine and kissed him. His eyes showed a little shock.“Do you want to taste me?” I asked, breathless.”You mean lick it again?””Not just lick.”Everything stopped. Blaise pulled back from me and stared wide-eyed into my eyes.“Surprise!” I breathed. “Happy birthday!”.Instantly, his tongue was in my mouth. Our tongues met, not timidly like so many new lovers, but knowingly as if they were long-lost friends. They instinctively knew their dance.Then, he pulled away and just stared at my cock and balls for a long moment. Then he kissed and licked a trail back down my chest and stomach. He didn’t stop until he got down my inner thighs. Then he started working his way back up to the base of my dick before kissing over my hanging balls. He held them one at a time to cover my entire sac with wet kisses. He pulled back to stare at my sex again, then up at my watching face.Finally, he started my first blow job by licking my cock from the base to the tip slowly, then swirled his tongue around the glans. He slowly slid it between his lips. I felt his tongue on the frenulum. And then it was gone. He’d pulled me out. In an instant, I was back in his mouth. He licked over the head and glided his wet tongue around the helmet.I found myself catching my breath every time his tongue hit the wrinkles of my frenulum, causing my breathing to become even more labored.Suddenly, my entire cock disappeared into his mouth. The sensation was electric feeling myself completely engulfed in his hot, wet mouth. His nose was pressed hard against my groin. I don’t know how he got it all in, but I didn’t want to leave.He pulled back and continued caressing the head with his tongue. One hand was slowly jacking the shaft up and down. The other was holding my balls.He engulfed me again to about halfway and undulated his tongue against the underside of my shaft for a long moment. He began darting his tongue against my frenulum side to side, turning it into a punching bag for his wet tongue. Again, I caught my breath and stiffened my back. My entire body was on fire.I can’t count the number of times he hit a spot just right, enough to make my entire body jump, my hips instinctively thrust forward into his face. Up and down he stroked my cock in his wet, sucking mouth. Finally, he pulled me out but ran his tongue down the underside to my balls and sucked each one in turn into his mouth. His mouth seemed tighter, hotter on my swollen balls. I was shocked he could get one completely inside. Now he was pulling and stretching my sac. He knew I loved it when he did that with his hands. Feeling him do it with his mouth made me moan.I found myself being more vocal than ever before, grunting, whimpering, and calling on a higher power over and over again.He licked down below my scrotum toward my taint. I slid down on the couch to give him more access. The feeling of his tongue between my ass cheeks was wonderful, but he came right back up to suck my entire cock into his hungry mouth. I finally realized I was feeling the back of his throat on my glans. Then he began a swallowing motion with his throat and I felt my explosion building. I remember being surprised I had lasted so long.

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