Enticed Pt. 4 – Moving Pictures

Almighty Ass

While shooting the nude stills for Blaise I got the idea that I needed to make a video for him, something he could watch whenever he wanted, whenever I couldn’t be there to give him a show. Besides, why shouldn’t I join the homemade porn industry that was just starting up back then?This was a major project I worked on each night for a couple weeks. I was trying to give him about an hour or so of me doing different things and posing in my apartment, in different clothes, standing, sitting, lying down, stripping for him — just like the still photos. I also knew that I would need to come up with something good for a finale.At first, I was reticent about masturbating for him. But, I think we crossed and burned that bridge when I started letting him suck me dry. Still, there was something to seeing someone please themselves. And, I thought Blaise would like to see me cum by my own hand and thought that masturbation would be a good finale for my video “portrait.”I had recently bought a camcorder and low-level editing equipment with money I’d received from a deceased aunt. The equipment wasn’t the best, but it took every penny. As a photographer, I thought videography could be a new direction I might pursue someday. So, I could consider it a professional expense on my taxes. The camcorder was bulky and heavy but it was a good model with decent features for the price.Since it was February, I had to be careful about when I did my shoots. I wanted as much natural light as possible. So, I had to shoot fast and furious when I got home early from work and when I had time alone on the weekend. I couldn’t cut our Saturdays short. But, I could take advantage of Sundays. Blaise tried to spend his Sunday afternoons with his mother.I used my still photos as a storyboard for the video. I had taken a video production class in college. So, I was aware of cut-shots and alternating angles, and I had a reasonable handle on editing. Shooting different angles meant both the shooting and editing processes would take much longer. But the finished product would be worth it.I shot little vignettes that, essentially, were videos of what I showed myself doing in the stills. I had a few minutes showing me pulling off a polo and sliding my hands down my chest to my jeans to slowly unbutton and unzip them. I slid them down my legs to reveal a half-hard cock bulging against tight bikini underwear. Then that slowly headed south. When I’d shot it all from one angle I got dressed again, moved the camera, and did it all over again. I even did a close-up showing the point at which my bikini-covered cock first popped out of my jeans and when the bikini itself came off.I also shot a vignette that showed me waking up in bed. The single sheet was pulled off to reveal my raging morning wood with sunlight flowing through the blinds in the background. A close-up watched as I started to lightly rub the underside of my meat laying back on my abdomen. Between my fingertips, I pinched the wrinkles of my frenulum leading up to the cyclops eye and pulled and shook it. I kept stroking and playing until a drop of pre-cum showed itself. Then I dipped my fingertip into it. A cut showed me put my finger in my waiting mouth.I shot a vignette stripping out of the cut-off jeans I’d worn to mow Blaise’s yard with close-ups of my glans peaking out one of the legs. I did a few minutes showing me vacuum my own living room in the trunks he liked so much. I ended that one with a shot of me stretched out on my couch in the wet, sheer trunks drinking a beer with a close-up of my hard cock visible through the trunks.I had only one tripod so I chose to shoot a vignette showing me shooting my nude crotch with a 35 mm camera handheld. Büyükçekmece escort bayan I was just pointing the camera at my dick and balls at different angles. But, I was actually shooting film and developed and printed that roll to work the stills into the video.Each of the vignettes ended with me nude. The ones in which I was sitting included a few minutes of me rubbing myself to an erection and fondling my balls. That already was a bit more than I’d done for him in person.I also did some video duplicating the still photos Blaise liked showing my smooth balls, taint, and asshole. In the video, he got to see me juggling my balls and sliding my fingers over the smooth skin.I spent a couple hours each night that week editing these snippets together. It was coming together very well. But I knew I was missing something. I wanted to end this with a bang, a man-made bang. I just couldn’t think of the right place or way to do it.The following Saturday, I headed to Blaise’s house to help him clean up. The day went as it usually does. But, just as I started washing our breakfast dishes, Blaise got a call. After only a minute on the phone, he came to me and said he had to leave for a couple hours. He sounded disappointed. His brother wasn’t going to be able to take their mother to the grocery store. And, she was ready to go.He was very apologetic, but I told him not to worry about it.“I’m almost finished here,” I said. “I’ll lock up when I’m done. Just call me later. Maybe we can get a pizza later or catch a movie.”“That sounds good.” He brightened up instantly. I think it was the first time either of us had suggested doing anything together besides lunch or our little play dates at his house. I think we both were surprised the suggestion was mine.The minute he closed the door an incredible idea popped into my head. I knew exactly how to finish my video.I threw on some clothes and rushed out the door as soon as I placed the last glass in the drying rack. Ten minutes later I was back with my camcorder and tripod. I used Blaise’s hidden key to get back in and started setting up for my vignette in his house.Just like I’d done with the still photos, I wanted to give Blaise a video record of the things we’d done together so far. So, I headed into the master bedroom and set up my camera across the bed from where I’d been standing on that first night I stripped for him. I wanted to give him the same perspective he’d had on that night. I knew I had to hurry. But even so, I shot some close-ups and alternate angles.I also had brought the clothes — or similar ones — that I’d been wearing that night. I stripped slowly out of them on camera and started rubbing my cock to get it going. I stroked and played for a few minutes, making sure to get my play from multiple angles.Then I headed quickly into the living room to shoot myself naked on the couch, rubbing and fondling. I also shot a couple minutes of close-up play in there.Since I couldn’t shoot in a steamy bathroom, I bit the bullet and showered with water barely warm enough to allow me to get hard. First, I shot myself undressing and stepping into the shower. I jumped when the cold water hit my bare skin. But, after a minute or two, I acclimated to the temperature and got busy soaping myself up, playing with my dick and balls. I even turned around to show some ass play. There were no cut shots of the actual shower because enough was enough. But, I did shoot some cut shots of myself walking through the dining room into the living room in the towel. Finally, I set up in the kitchen so Blaise would have video of me getting a beer out of the fridge and walking over to the Escort Çatalca kitchen table. I sat in a chair and put one leg up on the table letting the towel fall open. This one, of course, included plenty of video from the perspective of looking straight at my swinging dick as I sat down and the towel dropped open.While the camera rolled, I rubbed the wet beer bottle over my meat to get it wet and started rubbing it to an erection. By now I was so turned on that the coldness of the bottle meant nothing. I leaned over and spit on my glans just as Blaise had done and started jacking myself. When I felt I needed more lubricant, I reached for the beer and poured some on my hot cock. The cold liquid was electrifying as it ran over my shaft, down and over my balls, and between my scrotum and thighs. I stroked the length of my shaft and rolled my palm over the head until I uncontrollably threw my head back, eyes clenched shut. I exploded hot streams of cum feet into the air, some landing on my stomach, some on my thighs, some even in the puddle of beer on the floor. The first few went so high they left the video frame. This was the first time I really wished I had two cameras, one to get a full view of me in the chair, and another to get a close-up of my exploding cock.The feeling was incredible. But, even though I was sweating and my chest was heaving, I had to clean up quickly and get out before Blaise returned and caught me creating his best surprise yet.He called me later that afternoon and we met at a local burger joint for dinner.While we waited for our food Blaise pulled his hand out of his pocket and held his fist out to me over the table. I raised an eyebrow and slowly held out my upturned hand.He dropped a key into my waiting palm.“What –”“It’s the key to my house,” he said. “You’re welcome any time.”“I already knew that,” I said. “But, thank you. This is…special.”I immediately added it to my key ring right next to my apartment key.We ate a little more quickly than usual and spent the night at his place.After I went home the next day, I spent a few hours editing the footage I’d shot at Blaise’s. Since I’d already edited the footage from my apartment, it didn’t take too long to have a finished product. My editing equipment was hardly what you would call high-end. But it was just good enough to do a decent job on Blaise’s video. It took extra time, but I was even able to include decent segues and fades and a soundtrack of classic rock and current songs with sexual themes; many were songs I knew he liked.The minute I was happy with the finished product I headed to the office to use the copier to make correctly sized copies of one of my photos to replace the label of the tape and its case. I chose a shot that included only my bare torso, no face or genitals, so it wouldn’t be too suspicious if someone else happened to see it laying around. I went straight home to glue my labels on to the tape and case. I couldn’t wait for Blaise to see this! He was going to cum in his pants!It was nearly 7 p.m. when I rang his doorbell.“What are you doing here?” he asked pushing the door open for me. “This is an unexpected pleasure seeing you both Saturday and Sunday.”“I have something for you,” I said. I held up the tape. “It’s a little something I’ve been working on.”“Something else?” His eyes popped when he saw it was a video and he recognized my photo on it.“What’s it called, ‘Hot-Ass Stud?’ ” he asked walking to the VCR.I shut the door as he sat on the edge of the couch. The video opened with an image of me in my living room pulling a shirt over my head.He didn’t even seem to notice that I sat on the end of the couch, watching him. Esenler escort He was motionless throughout the entire 75-minute tape. He didn’t blink. His mouth was slack and I think I saw a drop of saliva fall from his lip. At one point his left hand went to his crotch and started rubbing through his jeans.He moaned and let out a long breath when he saw me put a pre-cum covered fingertip in my mouth.“Oh, I know those shorts,” he said a couple minutes later.“Holy shit!” His exclamation could’ve been heard outside when he realized I’d shot some of the video in this house, in his house, without his knowledge. “Wait! This is exactly what we’ve done!”“This is amaz–” He stopped breathing when he saw me jacking off in his kitchen. He reached over and grabbed my thigh when my image poured beer on its dick.By the time he saw the closing close-up image of my cum mixing with beer on his floor his chest was heaving.“Oh. My. God!” he yelled getting up from the couch. There was a sizeable wet spot visible on his shorts. I think he did cum in his pants.“This is amazing!” He said, dropping back on to the couch to hit Rewind.“When did you do this?” he asked finally looking over at me. “How did you do this?”“Well, most of it was shot at my apartment a little at a time over the last couple weeks,” I said. I was starting to pull my shoes off.“You spent two weeks on this?”“I shot the footage here yesterday after you left.”“Yesterday? How did you get all this done so quickly? This is amazing!”“I already had everything done except what I shot here,” I explained, pulling my shirt off. “Adding that it wasn’t too difficult. I did that this afternoon. And, I just made the labels at the office a little while ago.”As soon as the tape was rewound, Blaise hit play again, his eyes never leaving the screen.While he was occupied, I went to the bathroom, showered off quickly, and returned in my trademark folded towel. I brought a hand towel, wet washcloth, and small bottle of lube with me. I spread out on the end of the couch with the towel draped loosely over my crotch. Now that he had watched me jack off on tape, I supposed it was time he watched me do it in person.I started rubbing my balls first. I knew he probably would finish the tape before he remembered the real me was in the room. So, I wanted to go slow, but be ready when he finally noticed me again. By the end of the second showing, I had walked naked to the kitchen without him ever seeing that I had nothing on and was already half hard.He finally looked over at me as he hit the Rewind button for the second time. I think his hand was shaking.“Shit! When did the hot-ass stud get naked?”“While you were pre-occupied I had a shower and a beer,” I said, stroking my cock. “I was thinking that, now that you’ve seen me manhandle myself on tape, you might want to watch it in person.”Some sort of animal, guttural moan came from his throat as he stared at my groin and the hand that was fondling it.“I’d rather watch this in bed if you don’t mind.”“Let’s go,” I said and walked out.I was sitting up with one knee up and the other leg spread wide as I started lightly stroking my cock again. Blaise lay across the foot of the bed facing my groin. He was close enough for me to drape one leg over his hips. I had brought the towel and washcloth with me.I rubbed and stroked and pinched my frenulum again just like the video. And, when pre-cum showed up it went straight to my mouth. As the pleasure built I watched his face and his eyes as they watched my hand move up and down. I squeezed a little lube into my hand and slid my butt down some as my breath became more labored. I reached around my raised leg to rub my taint and asshole with one hand while I squeezed more lube on my glans with the other. I started massaging the lube into my meat moaning and grunting a little with each stroke. Blaise was rubbing my shin with one hand. I couldn’t see the other, but I could feel something else moving just out of my sight. I was a little surprised he still was dressed.

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