Erectile Dysfunction Woes


The night was clear and the wind blew softly over a nearby lake. Silver-textured moon beams spread across the bed where a couple was locked in sexual intercourse, emitting sounds of pleasure and disappointment in the final moments of their mating.

“Oh God! Don’t stop! I’m so hot,” a woman’s voice cried out.

Jim Washburn could feel his wife’s hands dig into his buttocks. Her hips were rotating under his body as she tried to counteract his increasingly flaccid erection and bring it back to life. She reached down and stroked the shaft of his penis methodically, pinching and rubbing the tip; however, she could feel it softening in her grasp. Disheartened, she turned to the side and began to rub her clitoris in ever-increasing circular motions until she uttered a sharp cry. Her legs had lifted in a final spasm as she reached orgasm.

Once again, Jim Washburn was relegated to the role of an observer who massaged his wife’s breasts and stroked her thighs in a supportive role.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he said. “I tried but I just can’t seem to last.” His wife, Marylene, patted his face and said reassuringly, “It’s okay. We’ll work this out.”

She had really been patient for the last few years with his intermittent E. D. At forty years old, Jim had experienced irregular sexual performances; he did very well at times but, more and more, he could feel his confidence wane as he approached climax. He would go from his customary rigid state to a premature softening and collapse that increased his frustration and left his wife unfulfilled and disappointed.

A few months ago they had seen Jim’s internist who had given him some pills. At times, these seemed to be working. His performance level improved…he even thought things were back to normal. Sadly, however, after a few weeks, the medication became less and less effective. Jim re-entered the spiral of frustration and anger at himself that only made the condition worse.

Friends whom he confided in gave him a variety of tips that they found useful in their marriages. After following their advice, he still had not recovered his regularity…certainly not what it should be for a man in the prime of life. He even tried suggestions in a book devoted to “curing” your E. D. that proved to be ineffectual.

He knew he was lucky to have such an understanding wife. Marylene was still a very attractive woman. At thirty-eight, her body had fared well after three children. Her breasts were still full and well-shaped with large aureola around the nipples.

She looked good in a bathing suit and, at the beach, she was often the object of male stares. Once, as she passed in front of a group of college-age youth, she could hear “wolf whistles” that made her laugh.

Early in their marriage, like many young couples, they had been very sexually active. Jim’s performance was almost mechanical if he were aroused. In fact, there were times, especially in public, when Jim had to hide his erection when he brushed against his wife. Marylene would tease him about his “sensuality.”

At parties when they had drunk a little too much, she would, in a discrete manner, rub his crouch just to feel his penis grow hard. It was an awkward situation that they often laughed about later. She had labeled him “the walking hard on” in a playful manner when he approached her at the end of an evening and the house was quiet. She looked forward to those erotic moments.

The children came along in due time, equally spaced apart (at around two years). Michael, the oldest, was a difficult birth but Susan, their second born, was much easier and Allison, the latest, was more of an accident than planned for, but they had welcomed her as eagerly as they had the other two.

Since all children were still at home–Michael had been accepted at a top-notch college for next year’s freshman class; he had acquired enough credits to skip one year in high school–mornings were very busy. Marylene’s days were full of household chores, part-time work at a doctor’s office, shopping, and a variety of minor tasks. This schedule gave her most of the afternoon to herself. She felt very much in control and was happy in her personal life.

She viewed their sexual problems as something to be dealt with step by step. Everything would be all right, she told herself whenever there was an “episode.” Jim was just going through a “bad patch.”

At forty going on forty-one, Jim Washburn was a successful engineer with the local utilities company. His job had placed him on a fast track for promotion and he found himself incredibly busy at times. Both Marylene and he had discussed taking a family vacation to Hawaii or Disneyland in California just to break the everyday, monotonous pattern. It would give them something to look forward to. The children were all in favor of getting away…just like the Chevy Chase family holiday movies. Daughter Susan had even chosen a daring bikini that her mother did not approve of.

On the outside, everything seemed kaçak iddaa normal: they were a typical suburban family with many interests and two doting parents who followed their children’s activities with interest. Jim even found time to attend an occasional PTA meeting at Allison’s school. Marylene volunteered her time at bake sales and other school-related events.

Deep down inside, the issue of Jim’s sexual failure became a subject of primary concern…at least for him. For a while he thought about consulting once again a “sex therapist” but he hesitated: it meant dragging Marylene to another “tell-all session” with a complete stranger. There would be, of course, no guaranteed results. It would entail a humiliating confession about the most intimate portion of their lives. She would not be in favor of exposing herself again to a judgmental arbiter whose prognosis would require a radical alteration of their sex life…something they had tried before.

One evening, after Marylene had gone to bed, Jim stayed up to watch a murder mystery series on television that he found fascinating. He was on the point of going out to the kitchen for a snack when a commercial came on that made him stop and pay attention. The announcer, a middle-aged actor with premature greying hair, was sitting on the edge of a bed. At his side was a younger, almost voluptuous actress whose hand was placed in a consoling manner on his upper arm. A background male voice spoke up: “Sorry, I know you’re disappointed but I can’t seem to help myself…” Jim came back into the room as the voice continued. The woman stroked her partner’s arm and laid her head against his shoulder in a compassionate manner.

“Darling, you’re too young to have to suffer like this. Doctor Philibert has discovered a miracle procedure to help you become the dynamic lover you once were. Let’s make an appointment and get his advice.” A detailed and somewhat suspect description of the treatment followed with an e-mail address and a telephone number for you to call right away. Highly trained specialists were waiting to answer your questions.

Jim was intrigued by this advertisement and wrote down the e-mail address and telephone number. The advertisement had promised that Dr. Philibert’s technique did not use any form of medication that could have serious side effects. It involved an innovative, non-invasive scanning of the lower body and brain area with dramatic results and minimal discomfort.

As usual, Jim was very skeptical about such an announcement; given the circumstances, nonetheless, he was willing to investigate this offer. It could well be a scam but then he had already tried so many “remedies” that one more “miracle” proposal wouldn’t hurt.

Of course, he had to be careful not to take any suspicious pills. He had read articles about the foreign origins of these supplements and how they could be toxic, if not deadly.

He and Marylene didn’t keep secrets from one another–so before he committed to any program, he would discuss his decision with her. He climbed into bed and gave his wife an affectionate peck on the cheek. She stirred and said good night. He moved closer to her and for the first time in a long while, Jim had a positive feeling about his erectile problem.

During a coffee break the next day at work, Jim closed his office door and dialed the number from the television advertisement. He received a recorded message that asked him to choose from a series of numbers related to “registering” for a treatment program.

Out of curiosity, Jim pushed the number that “new” members or future volunteers should use to receive more information. A woman’s recorded voice–obviously that of a professional actress–specified a list of categories which corresponded to his interests. He selected “sexual performance” and heard another female voice propose a menu of items that were relevant to this condition.

Jim pushed “premature ejaculation” and heard a click. This time, a woman’s voice responded that sounded human. Just to be sure, Jim asked if he were speaking with a human being and not a robot.

The woman chuckled and affirmed that she was indeed human. “Yes, I get asked that question a lot,” she answered. “If you don’t mind, before we go any further, I need to ask you a few basic questions. You may, of course, refuse to cooperate–as you wish.” Her tone was very professional and encouraging.

Jim agreed to her request. He was ready to hang up if he thought anything was irregular or inappropriate. She guaranteed Jim complete anonymity and hoped he would answer as honestly as possible.

She introduced herself as “Dr. Horowitz” and quoted for him a list of her qualifications, all of which sounded very impressive. She worked with the organization that Dr. Philibert had founded ,”Painless Revival,” but she had kept her position at a prestigious university nearby where she was a tenured professor of medicine with a specialization in sexual “dysfunctionality.”

She felt that Dr. kaçak bahis Philibert (also a tenured professor of medicine) was involved in an experimental project of enormous value to the sexual health of millions of men who suffered from “sexual dysfunction.” She viewed her contributions as a step forward in the search of a cure for Erectile Dysfunction.

Once again, she asked Jim if he were willing to answer questions related to his condition. Jim in turn said he would be willing to cooperate as best he could. To himself, he reserved the option to hang up if he felt uncomfortable at any moment.

“Wonderful,” Dr. Horowitz intoned and began to ask him questions about his age, the age of his “significant other,” any past sexual disorders, and other questions concerning his overall health. There were no questions about his name, address or his occupation.

Jim intervened and inquired about the nature of the program he was applying for. “Jennifer”–she preferred that he use her first name–detailed the program that would be most suited to treat his condition.

She emphasized that this was only an overview of the general procedure; if he agreed to become a member or a volunteer, she would gladly provide additional information by e-mail. She told Jim that the procedure required a deep scanning of lower body tissue and a mapping out the neural pathways of the brain that were essential in sexual arousal. This exploration was non-invasive and required no medication in the traditional sense. It was implemented by clearing out any obstructed veins in the penile area through electrotherapy.

The process was painless and required several treatments to insure its efficacy. More detail would be provided after Jim had agreed to be a member of the “team.” Eventually, if she were willing, the spouse or partner could also participate in ancillary training techniques to enhance the orgasmic experience. This procedure was now in an experimental phase that would be detailed in the e-mail.

Jim found this explanation intriguing but he was still skeptical about the overall results. He agreed to let Jennifer or Dr. Horowitz forward him more information so he and Marylene could talk about the program and decide what to do next.

He gave her his business phone line for any direct communication. She thanked him for his cooperation and hoped they could work together to correct his dysfunction (she avoided terms such as problem or failure).

Jim went back to work with a sense of hope that finally this might be a treatment that would prove effective. He would talk all this over with Marylene tonight.

After the evening meal had been served and the table cleared off, Jim took Marylene aside and explained what he had learned at work about Dr. Philibert’s special treatment for E. D. They were sitting in the living room while the children were watching television in the den.

Marylene admitted the program sounded promising but she was concerned about the experimental nature of the procedure and the ancillary program. Wouldn’t it be better to check with a doctor first and get his opinion?

Jim agreed that he would get in touch with his internist, Dr. Huysmans, to validate the program and its procedures. Marylene said she would like to come along with Jim if he decided to participate…at least for the initial sessions. That only seemed reasonable…it was fine with him, Jim concurred.

Jim spent some time on line to learn more about Dr. Philibert’s “Painless Revival” enterprise. He noted there were positive testimonials with abbreviated signatures (e.g. Bob J., Tampa) but no negative comments which made Jim a little suspicious about the validity of public opinion. Overall, what Dr. Horowitz had told him was explained on the web site. He would wait for the e-mail description before making up his mind.

Jim’s physician, Dr. Huysmans, said he was not familiar with Painless Revival or Dr. Philibert himself. He advised Jim to deal with the organization at arm’s length.

The e-mail arrived the following day and it provided much more information about the procedures that “Jennifer” had explained to Jim during their telephone conversation. It reaffirmed that erectile dysfunction was curable. The program itself was experimental but there had been many very satisfied customers who had communicated their thanks to Dr. Philibert.

In addition, there was an affiliated program in its experimental phase that was seeking volunteers; it involved the use of 3D technology and holograms to simulate virtual sexuality that could enhance erotic pleasure during the sexual experience itself. It was billed as a “whole body” orgasmic sensation procedure. Volunteers would be reimbursed for their participation. Jim viewed this proposal as more science fiction than hard-core science. They were surely not the type of individuals who would benefit from anything this far-fetched.

There was a registration form attached that could be submitted on line or by regular mail. Before doing illegal bahis anything, Jim let Marylene review the descriptive material.

She read the text over twice and frowned. It seemed to her that this was possibly legitimate but a little risky since it required a form of irradiation of the lower abdomen and a brain scan. She also noted that the so-called “registration fee” was considerable: $500.00 which was non-refundable.

“I know that’s high but we’ve spent a lot more on other treatments that haven’t panned out.” Jim’s voice sounded a little despondent as he looked his wife in the eyes. If necessary, he emphasized, they could ask about the cost of a long-term commitment to get a better idea of what to expect. Marylene gave him a hug and said to go ahead…but with caution.

Later on that night, they made love with an intensity they had not experienced for some time. Afterwards they laughed, saying it was nothing more than the promise of a cure that made everything better. Deep down inside, Jim sensed this would prove to be the most effective way to correct his dysfunction; he was running out of treatment options. They would hope for the best.

The next morning, Jim downloaded the registration form from home (he was very leery about using his office computer for this purpose), filled it out, and sent it back via e-mail attachment. He sent a wire transfer of $500.00 from his bank account to Painless Revival’s. There was an almost immediate confirmation of this transaction on his e-mail page.

Jim was now a certified member of the E.D. team who were desperately seeking a means to recover the sexual intimacy they had lost. He had an almost juvenile delight in being introduced to a secretive world of technological wonders that he would soon encounter.

Later that afternoon, Jim received a congratulatory message from the Painless Revival leadership on his registration “for one of the most innovative and successful programs to overcome the stigma of sexual impotence.” There were photographs of the “therapists” with their biographical information and technical background. It was all very impressive. He noted that Jennifer Horowitz was a stunning blonde about his age who had been photographed near her chalkboard in a tight sweater and black slacks. Jim hoped she would be handling his case, but there was no mention of any assignment in the electronic brochure.

The first meeting of the group (all names would be kept confidential unless the participant agreed to reveal his/her identity.) would be next Saturday morning. If anyone could not attend, there would be a “make-up” session on Zoom. Spouses and partners were encouraged to attend but only for the initial session; any further participation would require an attendance fee.

At home Marylene went over the material in detail and seemed to be pleasantly surprised by the professional character of the presentation. She mentioned that Jennifer Horowitz, whom Jim had talked about, was particularly attractive. Jim nodded in agreement and cautioned that no one, to his knowledge, had been assigned to any of the listed therapists. There was also no indication if any of the personnel were married or single. They would most likely find out about their status during the first meeting.

Saturday morning came on a mild and sunny day. The Painless Revival meeting was being held in a nearby park pavilion, to be followed by a company-sponsored picnic. There was a large meeting room inside the pavilion that guaranteed privacy and a sense of unity.

Jim and Marylene registered at a long table outside the meeting room and received colorful name tags which listed only the first name of the member. There were about twenty-six people overall, many of whom were non-members accompanying their loved ones.

Jim was relieved that he didn’t recognize anyone in the group. Because of the nature of the gathering, there was very little conversing among participants prior to the opening remarks. The spokesperson was a grey-haired, tallish gentleman who looked very “medical” in demeanor.

“Good morning, fellow members and partners. My name is Gary Philibert, the founder of Painless Revival. I am happy to welcome you to the first day of your sexual rehabilitation that has made thousands of men across this land recover their virility and self-esteem.” There was a moment of silence and then a round of spontaneous applause.

Dr. Philibert proceeded to introduce his fellow sexual therapists; Jim noticed that the majority of the ten specialists were women, although the two men among them seemed much older and more experienced.

After an extended explanation of the procedures and anticipated outcomes of the “internship,” Dr. Philibert asked for everyone to hold their questions until they had been assigned to a therapist who would be at their side during the journey to sexual health and personal renewal.

When Jim’s name was called, he was very surprised to find that he had been assigned to Dr. Horowitz. Marylene snorted under her breath and nudged Jim, whispering “Well, she will certainly show you a few moves.” He pinched her thigh and replied softly: “Well, you’ll be the first to know how they work.”

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