Error Message


Nearly three a.m. your time,Shouldn’t you be sound asleep?Yet here you are,And a different kind of wrongnessSets off its warning chime.What woke youAnd drove you to action?Days ago, our words couldn’t be spilled quickly enough,Tumbling over one another in liquid fueled combustion,Synergy firing Sincan Escort on all ten cylinders as weFeverishly wished the keys would keep paceWith the naked lane changes of our racing lust.Too illicit to be infatuationAnd too forbidden to Etlik Escort last,The nature of our lockingCould only end in wreckage.The seconds tick by,I wait for your lead as I have learned to do.The clicking only yieldsAn error messageInstead Çankaya Escort of yours.You didn’t have to writeBut, damn it, you didn’t have to erase.Did you suffer shame, regret,Guilt, embarrassment, contempt?For you, I think they are but short term notesDeferred until fresh assets replace the used.You will refinance in another name,But entrenched affection wire transferredThe last of my strengthTo a fraudulent account.All questions why are devaluedAgainst the scrip currency of things we said.Connections so quickly unraveledAre but counterfeit bonds.I am the oneWho will be liable forThe deficit due and payable in pain. 

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