Ex-Wife ‘Lets Loose’ Ch. 2


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As we lay there recuperating from our recent sexual bout, Freda arose and said she was going to go make us a snack and that she would return shortly.

As I lay there relaxing after the most intense sexual experience of my life, my mind started wandering. I thought to myself, “Where did she get the idea of peeing on me from?” It was totally unlike Freda to experiment in bed. In fact, our sex life had been rather on the dull side lately. Another thing that surprised me, was the fact that she had just sucked me off. Freda never, ever does that. She makes it a point of refusing to swallow my cum, or even let me shoot-off in her mouth. She did it once, many years ago in our younger days, when we were both stoned on some good hooch, but has refused to do it since then. Why now? She sucked me like she had been doing it for years, and had swallowed my thick cum with gusto!

Freda returned with some ice cold beer, and cheese and crackers. After she got comfortable, I asked her where she had come up with the idea of pissing. She just gave me a very sexy smile, then said “You’ll find out soon enough, lover-boy!” This information really got my mind to spinning.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Again, she just gave me that sexy smile.

“You remember what you told me the other day, about your favorite fantasy?”

“You mean the one about making love to two women at the same time?”

“Yep, that’s the one, Herb.” “I decided to make your dream’s ‘cum’ true, Big Boy!”

“How, Who, When?”

“Oh, in about 5 minutes, I would guess, as for the How and Who… you’ll just have to wait and find out!”

I was totally shocked and flabbergasted, to say the least. What did Freda have planned for us, and who was the second female going to be? I was thinking of the women that she knew, but none of them seemed the type that would even consider having a threeway with an overweight man such as myself.

Freda got up from the bed, went to her dresser, pulling out a dark blue hair scarf, then returned to the bed.

“Ok Herb, ready to play the game and meet my surprise for you?”

Nervously, and expectantly I replied, “Yes.”

“Good, then the first thing you have to do is let me use this scarf to blindfold you. DO NOT remove it until I tell you it’s ok to do so.”

Shivering, I sat up in the bed, allowing Freda to blindfold me.

“Good, now wait here… and NO peeking!”

I heard her open the bedroom door.

I heard her whispering to someone.

I then heard giggling from out in the hallway.

“Lay down baby”, Freda said.

The next thing I felt, was the bed moving from someone climbing on it, then a pair of soft lip’s were kissing me. Their tongue slipped into my mouth, searching out mine, then sucked it deep into their mouth. I moaned loudly, starting to raise my hands to caress whoever it was kissing me.

“NO… hakkari escort bayan keep your hands down. No touching, YET”, Freda exclaimed.

The kisses got more intense and passionate, literally devouring me with their hunger.

Suddenly, the lip’s left my mouth and started traveling down my chest, to my nipples, licking, sucking, and gently biting them. Needless to say, my cock was at full mast, rubbing against this woman’s soft, sweaty belly. She continued driving me up the wall with her little bites and licks on my sensitive aroused nipples. I never knew my nipples were so sensitive. Then the lip’s moved lower, licking all over and around my big belly. The tongue delving into my bellybutton, killing me slowly with her erotic licking. God, this woman was fuckin’ fantastic!

The licking stopped momentarily, as I felt the bed move again. All at once, the licking resumed… This time up and down the length of my throbbing cock, then another tongue started licking around my nipples again. These did not stay there long, but instead traveled down to meet with the other one at my crotch. One licked the head of my swollen meat, while the other licked around my hairy balls, dipping lower occasionally to lick around my asshole. I had never experienced anything like it before in my life. Two hot mouths working on my crotch together as a single entity. Driving me slowly insane with lust!

I was ready to cum, but wanted it to last forever.

Then, all of a sudden, my cock was sliding into something incredibly tight, and a wet cunt settled over my face. I shoved my tongue deep into the musky tunnel, and began sucking on a HUGE clit.

“Fuck my tight ass, Herb” Freda screamed at the top of her lungs.

I started pumping my hips in a mad frenzy, giving her fast, hard thrust’s as I felt her pounding herself up and down my pulsating pole. Then I felt something else… a tongue licking all around the exposed portion of my cock. “Ohhhhhhh” Yeah baby, lick my hot pussy while he fuck’s my ass.” Freda gasped.

Shit, this was wild. The other woman was eating my wife! Only in my wildest fantasies, would this really happen.

“Ohhhhh, gawddddddd yes, shove that beautiful long tongue deep into my pussy. Eat your fucking horny sister’s cunt, you sexy slut.”


Good lord, that meant it was Maryann humping wildly on my face!

Then, it happened… My entire crotch was covered in a flood of wetness. Freda was pissing on me again. My hot sister-in-law was licking and slurping it all up as she pissed. Maryann just moaned and slurped up more of Freda’s golden piss.

It was so mind-boggling, my body went into overdrive. I cried out, “I’m gonna fill your tight ass with my cum, Freda.” The thick creamy sperm started blasting out of my overfilled ball’s, filling her tight ass with cum.

Maryann was grinding her sopping wet pussy all over my willing face as she started to orgasm too. hakkari escort “Ooooohhhhhh Yeahhhhhh baby, suck my wet cunt, Herb.” “Eat your wife’s sister’s juicy pussy good.”

Freda climbed off of me and told Maryann to suck the rest of my load out of my throbbing cock, as she shoved her tongue deep into my musky asshole.

Maryann swallowed me whole, moaning the whole time…

“Mmmmmmmm, Ummmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

Maryann then started peeing, filling my mouth with her delicious golden nectar. She said, “Piss for me Herb, I want you to piss straight down my throat.”

I did as she asked. It was incredible. We were doing a piss-69!

Then Freda decided to add her golden shower to the mix, as she started pissing right square into Maryann’s sexy face.

Finally, we were totally pissed out.

I got up off the bed saying, “How about we all take a nice hot ‘normal’ shower together, before round two.”

Freda said, “I think I want to go downstairs and have a couple beer’s first.”

Maryann and I smiled at her and nodded saying, “Time to refill our piss-pot’s!”

Freda just smiled and said, “An unloaded gun is totally useless!”

We all put our arms around each other and headed down to the kitchen, laughing all the way. Once in the kitchen, Freda went to the fridge retreiving three ice-cold brewski’s.

We all sat around the kitchen table nude, downing our drinks, having a good ol’ time, when Freda asked me, “Well Herb, what do you think of the NEW me?”

“The NEW you, is fantastic Freda, but I loved you even before you deceided to change. What brought about the NEW you?”

“Quite honestly, Herb, our sex life has been going downhill for quite sometime now, as I’m sure your aware of, so, I went to my sister Maryann here, and asked her if she knew of someway to reignite the flames.” “Needless to say, she turned me on to the watersports, AND she also got me interested in some other things that I have not had the courage to explore… YET”

“How did she do it, baby?, I mean, how did she turn you on to peeing?”

“Well, you remember when I went over and spent the weekend with her a few weeks ago?”


“When I was over there, we were sitting down in her basement in her big entertainment room, and she asked me if I would like to watch a porn video to get some new idea’s to liven up our sex life.”

“Herb, you know me well enough to know how I ‘felt’ about pornography, so at first I told Maryann, NO WAY!”

“Maryann looked me square in the eye and told me that I might as well just forget about ever spicing up our sex life, if I was ‘that’ closed minded about sex.” “Relax, Sis, she told me, open your mind to NEW and EXCITING adventures with your husband. Let yourself open-up and ENJOY your body, and your sexuality!” “Don’t be afraid to let yourself go…”

“Herb, I looked back at my sister, and told her, OK, if you think it will really escort hakan help Herb and me, I’ll give it my best shot, Sister dear.”

Maryann then told me, “OK, sis, First thing’s first. Let’s go back upstairs and have a few drinks to losen you up, then we’ll come back down here and watch the video’s.”

I said, “There’s more than one?”

“Sis, I have an entire collection of hardcore video tapes and DVD’s, several hundred as a matter of fact, and if my guess is right, after you’ve seen the first one, you’ll be dying to see them all.”

“Well, we headed back upstairs and proceeded to get ‘Loose’ as Maryann called it. By the time we went back down to the basement, we were both feeling no pain, and giggling like a couple of little school girls.

“Maryann took me over to the entertainment center, opened a drawer, showing me an almost endless supply of tapes and disks, and said, “Pick one.”

So I reached in and grabbed one, handing it to her.

She looked at the title and her face lit-up and she smiled at me saying, “You sure know how to pick-em Sis, you go get comfortable on the couch, while I get the tape rewound.”

“Freda asked, I picked a good one then?”

“Oh yeah Sis, you picked a VERY good one!”

I went over and sat on her couch, trying to get comfortable, but it was way to warm down there in her basement, so I told her so. She said, “I can fix that… follow me.”

We went upstairs to her bedroom, where she went into her closet and came out with two of the sheerest babydoll nightie’s I have ever seen. She looked at me then asked, “Which one do you prefer?”

“You’ve GOT to be kidding”, I said. “You don’t really think I would wear anything this revealing do you?”

“Freda, get with it girl, it’s only you and me here, silly!, it’s not like i’ve never seen you in a nightgown before… Now GROW UP!”

I blushed saying, “Of course, how silly of me.”

We started getting out of our everyday clothes, and as Maryann took off her top, I couldn’t help but look at her in a totally different light. It had been year’s since I had seen her nude, and she looked absoulutly ravishing. She had on a black lace bra and matching bikini panties. I actually started getting wet between my legs, looking at her. Maryann caught me staring at her and smiled, saying, “Like?”

I blushed a deep red and said “Yes, you have a very sexy bod Sis.”

“Your a Hot little number yourself, Freda, she said.”

“Herb, I’ve never, in my entire life, been turned on by another female, but Maryann had my pussy juice’s flowing full force, and it scared me, I didn’t want my sexy sister to think I was a closet lesbian or something.”

Maryann seemed to pick-up on my fear and came over and hugged me close saying, “Don’t worry about it sis, it’s only a natural reaction from the booze, I’m getting wet looking at you too.”

We slipped on the babydoll’s and headed for the basement.

Maryann slipped the tape into the VCR and started it. After the usual FBI warning, some soft music started playing and then the title came on the screen.


To Be Continued…

* * * * *

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