Exploring Adam 4


I really didn’t know what was happening to me. It was as if my world, when I was in my apartment with Adam, narrowed down to a single thought: Cock. In all of my fantasizing and tentative experimentation, I had never anticipated the hunger I would have, the constant desire to touch, stroke, taste, and suck Adam’s beautiful cock. It intoxicated me, and the feeling I got when I made him helpless with pleasure was like nothing I’d ever experienced. I loved the way he got hard in my hand or in my mouth. I loved the suddenness with which his orgasm came upon him. I loved the ecstatic way his hot seed exploded in my mouth when I sucked him.All of which, I could tell, he more than reciprocated. He still bore a look of stunned surprise when he undressed me or undid my pants, as if he could not believe what was happening. I was pretty certain I looked the same way… it was a shock to both of us, really, though for different reasons.We did not go out that first night, but flaked out and ordered pizza. We lounged on the couch watching movies, every so often interrupting our viewing to make out, which led to oral or hand play, but without the urgency of before. Instead, it was languorous… lazy. We didn’t bring each other off, but just teased and tickled and stroked. For nearly an hour I lay with my head in his naked lap, dividing my attention between the television and his cock, idly running my tongue up and down the silky skin of his shaft and kissing his flared head. Remembering something I had once read, I focused my attention on the area just underneath the cockhead, lazily running my tongue in circles while he made inarticulate noises of pleasure. Suddenly, he pulled my head off him, saying, “That’s exquisite. But I want to save myself for tonight after we go to bed.””Why?” I asked mischievously, “What happens tonight?”He didn’t answer, but kissed me and traded positions with me on the couch. We had changed earlier into pajama pants and tee shirts, and my pants were already down around mid-thigh. My cock had become soft during the time I had spent nuzzling his, but as he began to tongue my balls, it started to stir.I don’t even remember what movie we were watching. It had faded quickly to mere background noise as the main attraction became the attention we paid each other’s cocks. I whimpered and squirmed as I felt isvecbahis the tip of his tongue ticking my balls. Encouraged, he slid off the couch to kneel between my legs. He looked up at me reprovingly. “Now, don’t you go and cum on me now,” he said with mock severity. “I want to save up that lovely stuff for later. This is just a warm up.” I nodded, helpless, as he grasped my balls caressingly and pulled my sack up so his tongue could tease the tender skin underneath it.”Holy shit, Adam,” I gasped. “Are you SURE I’m your first?””Yeah. Of course. Why?””Because I’ve been having sex for over ten years, and no one has ever done THAT.””So it feels good?” he asked, and returned his tongue-tip to that incredibly sensitive patch of skin.I did not answer–could not answer–just moaned inarticulately. Finally, I managed to gasp out, “I guess my question is, how did you know to find that spot?”He smiled shyly. “I read a lot,” he replied simply. “I was so desperate to have sex but couldn’t find someone. So I frustrated myself by reading about what I could do and dreamed about finding someone to do it to.” As if for emphasis, he flicked his tongue up the underside of my sack. “See, I could do this for hours and have you helpless with pleasure, but you won’t cum. Not unless I help you along.” And as his tongue squirmed against the underside of my balls, he stroked my now rock-hard cock slowly, pausing at the top to smear my precum around the head.I don’t know how long he did that for, but it felt like hours. It was the most exquisite torture, and I wondered how, after a day of almost non-stop sex and three orgasms, I could feel like I was blueballed. Finally, I made him stop… not because I wanted him to, or because I was getting close to cumming, but because I needed to visit this torture on him.If anything, his reactions were more vocal than mine. He moaned and squirmed, and every so often reached down to stroke his cock. I smacked his hands away when he did that, but I was otherwise lost in his taste and smell… not unpleasant or funky at all. We had showered together after our last session to wash all the cum and lube off ourselves, and so there was still the faint smell of soap on him. But his natural fragrance, slightly musky and salty, came through. His skin was soft, almost velvety under my tongue.I wanted to isveçbahis giriş go deeper, and pushed his legs back so my tongue could reach his asshole. I had been rimmed before and knew how delicious it felt… I wanted to do the same for Adam, and he moaned appreciatively as my tongue tip found his sweet pucker. He draped his legs over my shoulders as my tongue swirled around his anus, pulling my face in closer. Finally, after I don’t know how long, I withdrew and returned to licking his balls and occasionally teasing his cock with my tongue… though not a lot, as his rod was so swollen with desire I feared one lick too many would cause him to erupt… and while that was certainly something I wanted him to do, I didn’t want him to do it yet.Eventually, we ended up cuddled up on the couch, almost dozing, waiting for the moment when we could call it a night and go to bed. There was an unspoken agreement there. Bedtime would be the next act in our drama, and it was important not to rush it. We had just spent an extended intermission teasing each other… what came next would be far more urgent and ardent and explosive. This we both knew without saying it.When we finally did go to bed, he was shy again. Truth be told, so was I. I had never shared my bed with a man. We’d had all sorts of sex on it that day, but the thought of falling asleep beside Adam was something new. We undressed in the dark, sliding naked under the sheets and up against each other’s bodies. We were both already hard… it was a thrill to feel his cock slide against my thigh, and to embrace him lying down, under the sheets, and to kiss him deeply in the dark room.We made out slowly, lazily, each resisting the desire to reach down and touch each other’s cocks, but thrusting our hips against each other as our kisses and caresses became more urgent. Finally, I traced my fingertips down his shaft, eliciting a shiver and a moan, and I whispered, “Do you want to fuck me?” His cock twitched.”Do you really want me to?” I could hear the need in his voice, but also his concern.”Yes,” I replied, and rolled over to pick up the bottle of lube off the floor.”You… you want me to use a condom?” I hesitated. “You’ve never been with anyone?” “No,” he said. “You’re my first.”I said nothing but squirted some KY onto my hand and rubbed it over the length of isveçbahis yeni giriş his now-throbbing shaft. “How do you want me?”We were both somewhat hesitant … it was new territory for both of us. “I want to look at you,” he said finally, so I obligingly rolled over on my back. I could feel my entire body trembling with want and fear, and my heart thudded painfully in my chest. He climbed on top of me, pushing my legs back, finding my hole with his hand and aiming the slicked-up head of his cock at it.”Tell me if you want me to stop,” he whispered.”OK,” I said, “but I want you to start, first.” He laughed nervously and I felt his cockhead press against my hole. He pushed, and for a brief moment I had to bite my lips to keep from crying out in pain. He was well lubed, though, and after a moment I felt the head pop past my sphincter. “You OK?” he aked. “Slowly,” I said through gritted teeth.He obliged, easing himself forward a little bit at a time, pausing when I grunted in pain. Finally he slid himself home and I felt his balls resting against my crack. I exhaled, thinking that perhaps this had been a mistake. The pain had dulled somewhat, but was replaced by a not-pleasant sensation of being filled. I felt constipated, and it was only the squirming of Adam’s tongue against my neck and his ragged breathing that kept me from stopping this experiment right there. He was breathless with excitement and desire, and I wanted, yet again, to see his face as he came in a sudden, ecstatic explosion. I could deal with the discomfort.But then he slid his cock back a few inches, and the world changed. The feeling was indescribable. On his downstroke, it was as if all of the sensitive nerves in my ass came to life, and a tremor ran through my body.”Oh,” I said. “Fuck. Yes.”He looked up from where he’d been nuzzling my neck, a smile on his face. “Does that feel good? Do you like that?”He slid out slowly a little further, and then thrust into me again. My cock, which had softened, suddenly sprang back to hardness as the delicious sensation redoubled. “Fuck yes. Oh Christ.” He fucked me slowly again, corkscrewing his hips slightly, and I raised my legs to clutch his hips. “Yes. Fuck me.”Again, the words seemed to run through him like electricity. More confident now, he started to fuck me in long, slow strokes that had me gasping in pleasure. Each time he plunged into me my cock twitched and felt as though it might actually cum without me touching it. “Fuck me,” I said again, into his ear, and by his breathing I could tell that he was getting close.

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