Father Time Pt. 02


Since New Year’s Day, my dad and I have found a night each week when we could have sex. We love and desire each other, so it’s not in any way abusive. I’m an only child, so there aren’t any other relationships that it could complicate. I’m basically self-sufficient, so it’s not even financially oppressive. By late January, we knew neither one of us would have a conventional love interest by Valentine’s Day, so we decided to be each other’s date that night.

We couldn’t go anywhere local because people might recognize us, and it was the middle of the week, so going out of town wasn’t an option. Because Dad’s company operates franchise restaurants, he was able to bring home a lobster dinner. Mom was allergic to seafood, so we never had it at home when I was growing up. Dad had even made it a point to wash his hands before coming home if he visited one of the company’s seafood franchises.

Before dinner, we exchanged valentines and gifts. Needless to say, there aren’t a lot of sexy cards that a father and daughter can give each other, so we had to improvise. When I was seven, I gave him a card with Mickey Mouse on it, and Mom bought a tie pin for me to give him. He gave me a Ninja Turtles card, because I was really into them at the time, and a box of chocolates. This year I bought one of those cards that states plainly that we’re going to be naked at the end of the night and wrote, “Dad,” on the front. Then he gave me one that he made on the computer. He told me how beautiful every part of my body was, occasionally mentioning things where I reminded him of my mom. I melted when I read it. I could barely keep it together long enough for him to open the anniversary DVD release of “When Harry Met Sally”, and he gave me a sheer red nightgown with a matching panty that tied on the sides. Like the chocolates 20 years ago, we understood that it was really a gift for both of us.

I’d only had lobster once before in my life, and that was a date who thought it entitled him to get into my pants. My date tonight knew that I’d let him in willingly even if we had TV dinners. We sat at the table and fed each other lobster. I had brought strawberries, and we had them with ice cream for dessert. Once I’d managed to eat one serving without spilling any, I changed into the nightgown and we ordered an R-rated movie on demand. Dad stripped down to a pair of red silk boxers with white hearts. I didn’t ask, but judging by their condition, I figured he’d bought them when Mom was alive, and I was the first woman to see him wearing them.

About a half-hour into the movie, I laid my head on Dad’s lap. At first, all he did was caress my legs, and we occasionally looked lovingly at each other. When we got to the shower scene, I wanted to see it better, so I turned onto my side. He didn’t move his hand, so now it was over my thigh. I also felt his hard dick under my cheek, but I don’t know whether I just hadn’t noticed it or the motion of my head made it that way. This was an R movie, not an X, so we saw a silhouette where they were obviously supposed to be fucking, but you couldn’t make out anything sexier than her boobs or his ass. At that point, Dad moved his hand up to the panty. Involuntarily, I lifted my leg to give him access. He put his hand there while we continued to watch. When the guy picked the woman up and held her against the shower wall, it took my attention away from me and Dad, and my leg came back down. Dad’s hand was now on my pussy, and he couldn’t get it away unless I lifted my leg again. We looked at each other. I wiggled a little, and instead of removing his hand, he reached under the panty and stroked the bottom part of my pussy. I shifted away from the television, and soon I had his finger inside me up to the knuckle. “I love you, Dad,” I told him.

“I love you, too, Holly,” he said. “There’s no one I’d rather be with on Valentine’s Day.” He wiggled his finger inside me a little. That made me squirm a little, taking his finger even deeper. He touched a spot I’d never reached with my own finger. I moaned a little, and I guess that made him even harder. I sat up next to him. His finger came out of me, but now I could see his cock straining against his shorts.

“Your turn,” I said. I kissed him on the cheek and rubbed his cock through the shorts. He was pointing even harder now. I didn’t want him to be in agony, so I pulled on the right side of the waistband. He lifted himself off the cushion. I knelt in front of him and pulled it down a little at a time, savoring the reveal. First I saw a little of the shaft, then the balls, and then more of the shaft, but not the head.

“I never noticed what a beautiful bottom you have,” Dad said. I wasn’t aware until then how little the panty covered in the back. I wiggled my butt a little bit sikiş porno for his enjoyment, and then I pulled his shorts down so far that his dick popped all the way out. He was already leaking a little pre-cum. I gently pulled the foreskin back and lifted the shaft so I could swirl my tongue around the head. I licked up and down each side and held it up further so I could tongue each of his balls. I came back up and took the head into my mouth. “I like it when you ease your way down,” he told me. I moved down about an inch at a time, taking the time to feel where his glans was in my mouth. Dad’s so gentle. He never pushes my head down the way some guys do, but he did reach down and caress my cheek, pushing me a little to the side. I understood what he wanted. Once I had all that I could take in, I made a show of having the head go back and forth against my cheek. I did that a few times before I felt his balls contracting. I took him down the center again just as he said, “I’m coming! I’m coming, Holly!”

I grunted something and pulled back. I felt a small spurt hit the roof of my mouth, followed by a larger one that didn’t quite reach the back of my tongue. I opened my mouth enough that he could sort of understand me saying, “Give it to me, Daddy!” I managed to get one burst to go straight to my throat and tasted the rest. I thought I got it all, but when I looked in the mirror the next morning, I noticed a little that had stuck to my chin.

I didn’t realize it, but Dad had paused the movie when I got up to kneel. Once I was sitting beside him again, he resumed playing the movie. We saw the silhouette of the guy making one last thrust inside the woman and then standing still. “Later,” he whispered to me.

A little later, there was a scene at a strip club. The camera focused on one woman who had massive tits. “What do you think, Scott?” I asked.

“Big,” he said matter-of-factly. “But bigger isn’t always better. After a certain point, shape is more important.”

“Really?” I asked.

“There’s a much sexier pair right here in the room with me,” he said.

I pulled the negligée over my head and said, “You don’t say.” He patted his lap. I knew what that meant. I sat on his lap, facing him at first, but then I turned around. He ran his hands up and down my sides, making me lift my arms in the air. He put each hand on a breast and caressed them gently. He leaned down and kissed my neck. I brought my arms down, holding his hands close to my chest. He rubbed the right nipple and then the left. The scene in the office had ended, and they’d cut back to the stage. One of the strippers was making the things on her nipples spin. I got up and shook my chest. “Is that how it works?” I asked.

“No, but I like it!” Dad answered. He pulled me to him and immediately sucked my left nipple into his mouth. He put his hand behind me like he was trying to rub my ass, but instead it went between my thighs. I thrust my butt back, making his hand come up to the panty again. I held his head to my tit and waited to see what he’d do. He slipped his hand into my crack, but not close enough to touch my asshole.

I pulled my chest back and moved to the side. Dad took the other boob into his mouth. This time he sucked an area a little bigger than the areola in and sucked the flesh to the roof of his mouth. I could feel a tooth on my nipple. It was sort of a sweet agony. I took his free hand and put it on my hip. He moved the other hand away from my butt to the other hip and started to untie the panty string. I could just barely feel air near my inner pussy lips when I pushed his hands away. “Not yet,” I said. He looked a little disappointed. “I don’t care about the movie any more,” I told him.

“Me neither,” he said with a smile.

I stood up and re-tied the string. “How naughty do you feel?” I asked.

“What did you have in mind?”

I took his hand and led him to my bedroom. “Every time we’d made love before was in your bed. I want you in here, like I’m seducing you.”

“Like we’re on a date?”

I laughed. “Yeah, and I just realized how funny that sounds.” I sat on my bed and motioned for him to sit next to me. “We have to keep it quiet, Scott. My dad’s home, and he might hear us!”

“I’ve heard about your dad. He’ll probably shoot me!” We laughed a little, and then he excused himself. “I just remembered something we were planning on.” He left and returned with the wine and two glasses. He put one on my nightstand and handed me the other. It wasn’t a fresh bottle when Dad won it, but it had been well cared for. He filled my glass and then his own.

“I didn’t even know we had any wine glasses,” I said.

“You were too young for the occasions when your mom and I used them, and şişman porno I haven’t had an occasion since you grew up.” We wrapped our elbows around each other. “Here’s to older things mixing well with newer things,” he toasted, and we each took a drink. We extricated ourselves and each had a longer drink. Dad “accidentally” spilled his wine over my breasts. “Oops!” he joked.

“Clean it up, Scott!” I said. He urged me backward until I was sitting on my bed. He knelt down and started licking my chest, first the upper part and then my actual tits. He covered the entire area, regardless of whether there was actually any wine on it, and then he licked my belly, all while I continued to sip on my wine. I pointed to the top of what remained and said, “How ’bout topping me off?” He got up, but this was just an excuse for me. “Your turn!” I giggled, and I poured some of mine over his dick. I started licking it, but this time I did it with abandon. It was like a wonderful wine-flavored lollipop. I pulled him onto the bed with me, and he pushed me onto my back.

He grabbed the bottle and poured some wine over my belly. He untied my panty and pulled it halfway off, so he could see the wine pouring over and around my pussy. Somehow, the wine flowing into the crevices tickled more than the wine pouring over the line where my lips met. He untied the other side and poured a little more, this time directly over my pussy, and he licked the line that the wine had formed. After he circled my pussy, he untied the other side and licked that little crevice as well. “I forget, is this the right kind of wine for eating my daughter?” he asked.

“That depends,” I said between licks of his cockhead. “How’s the bouquet?”

He made a loud sniffing sound and said, “It smells like ecstasy.” When I deep-throated his shaft, he added, “Feels like it, too.”

I know we speak of wine loosening people’s tongues, but I think it happened literally, because he got his tongue deep inside me, and I was in a position where he had to work it at a new angle. He touched a spot I’d never felt before, and I burst out, “Make love to me, Daddy!”

“But you haven’t come yet!” he said. I pushed my knees up around his ears and put my hands on his back. He put his tongue back in and found one spot after another.

I felt something that was different from an orgasm but really profound. I pushed him off me and said, “Dammit, Daddy, fuck me already!” His cock was still in view, so I knew he was ready, and his eating skills had me ready too. He climbed on top of me and entered me in a single glide. We put our arms around each other and had a long kiss, enjoying the unique mix of saliva, love fluids and century-old wine. We were both thrusting at a speed that would have put a sports car’s pistons to shame. I could feel how hard he was. “Come inside me, Daddy!”

“Is it safe?” he asked.

“I told you, I’m on the Pill,” I panted.

“Too late if you weren’t,” he said, and I felt his essence exploding into me.

“Shit! Yes! Yes!” Then I paused. “Oh, shit!”

“What?” Dad asked.

“I forgot to take it this morning!”

Dad was already off me. “Doubling up takes care of it, right?”

“Right,” I said. I got up and looked in my drawer. I couldn’t find it. I ran to the bathroom. It wasn’t there either.

Dad had followed me. I turned around, and he put his arms around me. “It’ll be okay,” he said unconvincingly.

I could feel his hard cock on my thigh. I looked up at him and said, “Oh, what the hell!”

“You mean you want-“

“No. I mean, the first time we did it, we pretended I wasn’t protected, and the make-believe danger made it even hotter. Now the danger’s real!”

“Race you, Molly,” he said.

I told him, “I had my fantasy, but your bed’s more comfortable,” and I headed for his bedroom. I got there, but he wasn’t in sight. “Dad?”

He walked through the door. “I put the wine back in the refrigerator. That sex toy’s too expensive to leave out.”

I knelt on the bed, and Dad joined me. I licked his chest and said, “It was a very good year.” He leaned back, and I licked down to his stomach. I palmed his hard dick and said, “But it’s a dessert wine.” (I don’t know or care enough about wine to know whether it really was.) “It should only be after the meat.” Dad lay on his back, and I moved over him, taking his cock inside me.

Dad noted that we were way past needing any lubricant. “It certainly isn’t a dry wine,” he said.

I separated my knees as far as I could, so he could see where we joined. “You like your daughter’s pussy, don’t you?” I asked.

“I sure do,” he moaned.

“You wanna fuck your daughter’s pussy, don’t you?”


“You wanna come swinger porno in your daughter’s pussy, don’t you?”

Dad pulled me down and rolled us onto my back. “I wanna come wherever and whenever she wants me to.”

His cock head hit a sensitive spot on one of the sides of my pleasure center, and I said, “Right here … but no hurry.”

“What’s gonna happen after I fill you with my seed?” he asked. I gave him a look of terror before I returned to the ecstasy. “What’ll you tell people about our little girl?”

“I’ll tell her she’s my sister.” I slapped myself on the cheek. “She’s my daughter.” I pretended to slap myself a few more times. “My sister! My daughter! She’s my sister-“

“I’m coming!” Dad announced, and he was.

The usual excitement of a man coming inside me, enhanced by the fear factor, put me over the top, and I yelled, “And my daughter!” before beginning my own orgasm. “Oh, God,” I moaned. “What am I doing? What are we doing?”

Dad came down and put his arms around me. “Exactly what you wanted, honey.”

I turned us back over. He hadn’t gone soft yet, and I wasn’t going to let him yet. I gave him a devilish look and said, “And I’m not done yet!” I moved my hips back and forth until he was hard again. I could feel his cock passing over my pubic bone. “Oh, shit! Shit! I love you, Daddy!”

“I love you too,” he panted.

This ride lasted even longer because we’d exerted ourselves so much before. I only had one more orgasm, but by the time I did, his cock and various places in my pussy had generated a lot of really awesome sparks. When I felt him go soft, I got off him, and we went to sleep in each other’s arms.

I dreamed that Dad and I were in one of his old-time detective movies. I forgot what we were looking for, but it was in the second drawer in a cabinet. When I woke up, I took a shower. I didn’t notice how small the soap was until I was already under the water. I stepped out and opened the drawer under the sink for a fresh bar. I heard something tumbling. On a hunch, I opened the door underneath it, and the travel-sized mouthwash from the drawer had fallen out. That made me think of the dream. After my shower, I looked in the second drawer in my bureau, and the pill packet was right there. Somehow I’d pushed it over the edge, and it had fallen into the drawer below. I quickly caught up on my dosage. While I was up, I also filled a small cup with last night’s wine. I texted Dad and told him to meet me in my room. When he got there, I was on my bed on all fours, pouring the wine over the small of my back. The way my back was arched, the wine was traveling between my buttocks. “Give you any ideas?” I asked.

“You wanted to clear the DVR and watch last week’s Kardashian marathon?”

I wiggled my ass at him. “No, silly!”

Dad dropped his bathrobe and knelt behind me on the bed. In an instant, his cock was buried in my pussy. He put his hands on my hips and pounded me like a man possessed. For my part, I ground my hips back and forth, moving in when he went out and vice versa. I mainly did it to make each thrust longer and more pleasurable, but I also felt the air on my bare ass when we were thrusting away. “Oh, shit, Holly! Oh, fuck! I can’t believe it!” I tried to ask what he meant, but before I could get any words out, he said, “Yeah, we’re gonna make a baby!” It was purely accidental that we happened to be thrusting in as he said it. I stopped in my tracks when I realized I hadn’t told him!

I pulled myself away and said, “Not there!” I leaned forward, spread my legs and tried to point to my ass. “This is what I meant.” I felt his cock at my asshole. The interrupted fucking had provided us some lubrication, but not as much as I would have liked. “Not yet,” I told him. “Aren’t you going to taste the wine again?”

“Eww!” he said.

“Really, Scott? You’ve eaten your daughter’s pussy and tried to knock her up, but this is what grosses you out?”

“It’s your butt,” he said.

“There’s nothing there that wasn’t there last night. Less, actually, ’cause I just took a shower.” He tongued my hole, fingering my pussy accidentally in the process. He replaced his tongue with a finger and got it about halfway in before I told him I was ready. “Nice and easy, Daddy,” I said quietly. “Just like that.” He entered slowly and didn’t hurry.

“I’m new to this,” he said.

I turned back just for the erotic sight, but I asked, “Really?”

“Your mom never let me do this.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Daddy,” I chuckled.

He got it up to a nice, comfortable speed before he deposited his last load of the morning. We fell on the quilt and onto our sides. We couldn’t stay in bed long because we both had to work, but Dad kept his arm around me. “What’s so funny, Molly?” he asked.

“I can’t believe I just took my dad’s anal cherry.”

I’m pretty sure Dad knows what he’s getting for his birthday next month. Better still, it’s on the weekend, so we’re hoping we can go out of town and have a romantic dinner in public.

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