New Kid on the Block


As I looked across the small sauna room at my new friend Grant, I was amused by the fact that I had moved into this senior citizen apartment complex only about 3 weeks ago and already I knew more about the gregarious silver haired fellow than I knew about people I have known all my life.

Since the outgoing gent had pretty much adopted me after he saw me move in a few apartments down from him last month – taking me under his wing so to speak – not only helping me settle in but cluing me in on the place and the people who lived there.

“Since you’re the new kid on the block,” was how he explained the reasoning behind his interest in me, “some of these gold diggers will try and sink their teeth into you.”

Chuckling at being called a kid at my advanced age I had assured Grant that like most of the people in the modest complex, most of my gold was in my teeth so any vultures would find the pickings slim, but the sage shook his head and gave me some advice he considered crucial.

“Fuck them and forget them,” Grant said. “Besides, some of these biddies haven’t got both oars in the water so they probably forget soon enough anyway.”

Grant Collier, as he told it, was a widower like me and was 67 chronologically but much younger both mentally and physically, and as he told it in the 4 years he had lived here at Garfield Manor there were 11 fellow residents who could attest that while there was indeed snow on the roof there was still a fire burning down below, if I knew what he meant.

I got it alright, and although many of his double-entendres were corny, I enjoyed his company and learned that perhaps he wasn’t just an old timer who shot his mouth off when a woman who he had claimed was one of his conquests came up to Grant while we were shooting the breeze on a bench outside.

“Oh, who’s your friend Grant? Is he new here?”

“Yes Ellen, this here is Tim,” Grant said in introducing us. “Don’t you try roping him into those Bingo games either because he isn’t interested.”

“Oh hush Grant,” the sturdily built woman said as she extended her hand. “Nice to meet you Tim, and if you ever are so inclined we play on Wednesday afternoons in the rec room.”

After I assured her I would consider it Ellen left, but not before reminding Grant that he promised he would help her hang a picture for her some day.

“You know what she wants, don’t you Tim?” Grant said, and after he nodded down to his crotch he guffawed and slapped me on the shoulder.

“Guess I will go up and pay her a visit soon,” Grant said. “If you saw those jugs you would think they belonged on a woman half her age, and to be honest out of the half dozen women I’ve had here, she’s probably the best.”

“Half dozen?” I asked as I watched Ellen’s butt go behind the hedge and out of sight, figuring that I had caught Grant in a slip-up regarding his sexual resume. “I though you said there were 11 of your conquests here?”

“6 women,” Grant said with a wink, and after he seemed to enjoy what was probably a shocked reaction he added. “I’m an open-minded guy, and something tells me that you know what I’m talking about there. Am I right?”

“I – uh,” was about all I managed to get out before Grant let me off the hook, and that was a good thing because I didn’t know that my past was showing on me, not after being a loyal husband for thirty years after living what Grant would have considered an open minded single life myself.

Was he just teasing or was he testing the waters, wondering if when I had told him my life story I had left out a few things? Were the occasional ribald conversations just talk? Were the frequent pats on the back and other physical contact he had made with me just innocent fun or was there something behind it.

That was last week, and now I was sitting on the narrow bench in the sauna looking across at Grant who was clad as I was, with only a towel tied around our waists after working out in the community center gym in our building.

I had felt Grant’s eyes on me all afternoon and had heard his compliments about me being in such great condition and sucked them all in, being proud that while I wasn’t as muscular as I had once been, my 5’9″ frame still packed the same 140 pounds it usually had in recent years.

Grant was certainly in good shape for a 67 year old man. His 5’11 frame was rail thin and he was pretty agile as well, and as he looked over at me in the shower he proved that modesty was not part of his personality either.

“Nobody ever comes in here anyway,” Grant said as he pulled the towel off and set it beside him, managing to raise the already warm surroundings even hotter and giving me another reason to sweat.

It was all very obvious now as Grant sat calmly with his ass perched on the narrow wooden ledge and his pale slender legs spread apart. Grant Collier was not modest and had no reason to be. He was practically begging me to look at him, and if I had turned my head or simply said I had to leave, that would have been the end Emirgan Escort of it, but I couldn’t.

He wanted me to look. He wanted to know whether the new kid on the block was like him, an open minded man, and because I didn’t look away and didn’t run Grant got his answer.

Back in my teens Grant was the type of man I had been drawn to, and they in turn had been attracted to me. Grant was the dominant and physically superior man who I had usually sought out, and although I was now more than 40 years older than I had been I guessed I still had the look some men wanted.

Grant even closed his eyes after noticing that I was looking at him to make it easier for me, and while I found the cloud of silver hair on his chest compelling, my eyes were drawn down to what was swinging lazily between his thighs like a metronome winding down. While it had been decades since I looked at a man like this the tingle in my spine told me that some things didn’t change.

I had seen men as well endowed as Grant over the years, but not many. Pointing straight down in front of a pair of balls that seemed to want to reach the floor, his penis emerged from the grey bush above it and hung down like a spear, the exceptionally long phallus uncut. His organ was also seemingly unfazed by the attention it was getting from me.

Not a pretty organ by any stretch of the imagination, and not overly thick except at the base, but the length – easily more than 6″ completely flaccid – was breathtaking. The tapestry of veins that riddled the beige shaft faded as they neared the end, and then came the outline of the glans against the foreskin, a foreskin that seemed incredibly long as it puckered up at the end.

I don’t know how long I stared at Grant’s cock. I think it was both not long enough or too long, because while in a perfect world I could have just sat there and stared, the sight had an effect on me that made me glad I had a towel covering my excitement, for the moment.

“You know Tim,” Grant said, his voice breaking me out of the trance I was in, and after my head jerked up to meet his eyes he continued. “There’s really no need for that towel.”

“I couldn’t,” I croaked, and as Grant’s kind but piercing glare began to wilt me I tried to protest some more but only managed, “I can’t…”

“It’s okay,” was Grant’s reply. “You can.”

“I mean it’s easy for a man built like you,” I suggested, nodding at my elderly friend’s remarkable endowment, but I’m not nearly as…”

“I know,” Grant calmly interjected, and while I don’t think I took the towel from around me maybe I was so under Grant’s power that I did it subconsciously. Maybe the knot just undid itself, or maybe Grant’s forceful personality willed it loose, but however it happened I felt the towel slide to the floor, and although I tried to catch it I failed and instead just sat there with my eyes screwed shut.

“Mmm… Nice,” I heard Grant sigh at what was revealed, which was way better than a chuckle and then he added, “I take that as a compliment.”

What he was commenting on was the condition my manhood was in, because I was as hard as I could remember being, and he correctly reasoned that I had an erection because of staring at his cock.

I glanced down at myself as if I wasn’t already familiar with my erect dick, and while the four or so slender inches was probably half of the size of Grant’s flaccid manhood, after all he had said ‘nice’ when he saw it.

“You know, I enjoy being seduced as much as the sexual acts themselves,” Grant observed, and when I gave him a quizzical look he added, “You have been seducing me haven’t you?”

I shook my head, mumbling something to the effect that I thought he was the one doing the seducing.

“Maybe we’ve been seducing each other,” Grant suggested. “Whatever you’re doing, it’s working.”

A subtle nod downward brought my eyes downward to what had caused me to get so aroused, and when my eyes returned I saw Grant’s cock was no longer pointing at the floor but was at half-mast. The man’s cock was not a great deal longer or thicker than it had been, but as it rose before my eyes like a car being jacked up it continued to grow.

“Don’t know what to say,” I managed to mutter as the veiny monster was about to point directly at me, and as I spoke the massive rod jerked upward as if it had heard.

“You don’t seemed scared of it,” Grant observed as he calmly reached down and slid his foreskin up and down a couple of times, exposing the crimson crown before letting the shroud cover the bulb back up.

“Intimidated,” I confessed.

“No need for that,” Grant said, and with that he climbed down off the shelf he was sitting on, causing that massive monolith to sway wildly in front of himself. “Hop down.”

“Here?” I asked when after I got down to face him he grabbed my cock, and without hesitation after rubbing your warm flesh together he slipped the tip of my dick into the hood of his manhood.

It would have Escort Emirgan been a sight if anyone had entered, with Grant holding both of our cocks and rubbing the tender tips together, but when I felt my dripping dick press against his I forgot about that altogether.

“You said before that you didn’t know what to say. How about saying you want to take me to your apartment?” Grant asked as he seemed to enjoy teasing em.

“Didn’t make the bed,” I replied, looking for a bit of humor in what was at least for me a tense situation because being in the somewhat public environment and being a part of what was going on was something I would have done as a teen.

“Would have been a waste of time, ” Grant said, letting go of our cocks and reaching around me to grab my ass and pulling me close, and while I wasn’t expecting the kiss he gave me I didn’t fight it and when he slipped his tongue in my mouth I dueled with it while our erections performed a similar ballet down below.

“I think we should go upstairs now,” Grant said, and with that we hurried out of the sauna and threw our clothes on, making it to my apartment as fast as we could.

It took me a ridiculous amount of time to get the key in the lock but after I managed to get it open to allow us inside, Grant closed the door behind us and pushed me gently against it and kissed me again.

“I should take a shower,” I gasped as my sweat clothes started getting removed roughly, the older man pulling my t-shirt up and over my head but Grant was having none of that.

“We’ll take one later,” Grant informed me and I got ushered into my bedroom where he eased me down onto the bed on my back, and as he looked down on me while taking his own sweats down. “I want you as you are and I want you now.”

Grant’s eyes never left mine, and as I looked up at him my entire body shuddered as he yanked his sweat pants down briskly. As the waistband slid down to his knees the action set his cock free from confinement, and he smiled when I probably reacted to his fully engorged manhood springing upward and bouncing like a diving board.

“When’s the last time you’ve been with a man?” Grant asked as I cowered on the sheets below him.

“30 years – more like almost 40,” I said while wondering what Grant was going to do, knowing full well that whatever that might be I would likely be okay with him doing it.

“Bet you’ve thought about it plenty of times,” Grant opined as he stepped completely out of his sweats, making his over-sized cock spring up and down some more for my pleasure.


“Something tells me you used to like the big cocks,” Grant suggested as he climbed onto the bed on his knees, straddling my legs, and he knee-walked his way up until his crotch hung over mine. “You still do like them I think, or am I wrong?”

I shook my head, and then let out a moan when I felt his balls slap my stiff dick, and as he began moving his hips he was tea-bagging my boner with his meaty nuts. It not only felt good but when I looked down and saw my pale prong getting clobbered the visuals were amazing to me no matter how strange it may have looked.

“Am I big enough for you?” Grant asked as he gave me a look that told me he wasn’t looking for an answer and was happy with my nod. “Back in school I used to like to show off in the showers after gym, just standing there and enjoying the looks fellows would give me. Am I hurting you? No? Good. I would be the first in the shower and the last out, and then I would go into the showers down at the Y to take showers with men afterward. I was the cleanest guy in town. A lot of the older men looked at me too. That turned me on. You ever do that? Look around?”

“Yes,” I mumbled, wanting to reach out and grab that enormous cock but deciding to wait for Grant to decide.

“I figured that. The thing was that I loved the guys with little ones, like yours,” Grant said, and I shook my head when he said he hoped I didn’t mind him saying that.

“It is what it is,” I replied.

“And it’s beautiful too. So hard,” Grant said. “I used to love to slide my mouth all the way down and suck on tiny ones – my lips around the stump – that must feel so good to have your whole dick in somebody’s mouth. Believe me I’ve tried to find somebody who could. You think you can?”

“No,” I said as the dick of my dick had the pearl of pre-cum wiped off by his dangling balls. “Like to try though.”

“I could tell that by the way you look at it,” Grant correctly concluded. “And you’ll get your chance, but first I want to take care of your drooling dick.”

Showing an agility that belied his 67 years Grant was off of me in a flash, and after he landed on the floor he showed his strength by reaching down and pulling me over so that my ass was barely on the edge of the bed.

Grant knelt on the carpet and after lifting my legs up over his shoulders I watched him examine me as my legs got parted wilder.

“You ever use this as anything but Emirgan Escort Bayan a one-way street?” Grant asked as I felt his finger rubbing my anus.

“Yes, back in the day,” I admitted, shivering when I felt his digit pop inside a little.

“You seem like a natural bottom,” Grant correctly assumed, and I made a squealing sound when all of a sudden all I could see was the grey scalp and what was rubbing my anus was wet and flat.

“OMIGOD!” I almost sobbed when the rubbing continued, and I really felt like crying when it stopped and Grant lifted his head.

“You want me to see if I can fit inside of that?” Grant asked but then answered his own question by adding. “Maybe sometime I’ll take you out to dinner – they have an early bird prime rib dinner down at The Barrelhouse – and we can find out afterward. Anybody willing to try deserves to be treated nice, but for now…”

Grant’s face went back down, his tongue sliding up and down my perineum while I clutched at the bedding and my feet kicked in the air, and then I felt my nuts go into his mouth, first the left and then the right before I felt them both go in.

It had been done before long ago, and while it was a sad testimony to their lack of size it also felt incredible to have them sucked on like that. The addition of the feeling of Grant’s nose against the base of my arching stem was too good though, given how aroused I was, and although I cried out that I was cumming it was too late.

The first rope of cum spurted out of my dick, flying in the air and landing on my chest and collarbone, but Grant was aware and quickly moved his head up when pulling my erection down and the succession of volleys went into his mouth and down his throat.

I hadn’t had a orgasm with someone else involved in quite a while, and that combined with Grant’s undeniable oral talents had my dick jerking long about I went dry, and Grant kept right on sucking after I had shriveled up.

“That’s quite a weapon you have there Tim,” Grant observed as he looked up at me from between my legs as he held my toadstool between his thumb and index finger, flicking the tip of my spent dick with his tongue.

Grant climbed up onto the bed while helping me back up onto it, and after favorably noting the semen on my collarbone, asked me if I knew how good my cum tasted. I said that I vaguely remember it not being bad and then Grant lowered his mouth onto mine, sharing the seed he had left in his mouth before raising back up.

“I think I know what you want now,” Grant said as he maneuvered up next to my head and dropped his now semi-turgid cock near my mouth.

I obediently opened my mouth as the puckered tip hit my lips and let Grant feed some of his cock in. I suckled on the bulb a bit, even letting my tongue peek into the musky cocoon before I felt Grant start to get hard, at which time the older man rolled onto his back.

“Like riding a bike,” Grant suggested as I knelt at his hip, lifting his cock off of his belly and holding it so it was straight upright, the stringy underpinnings of his manhood starting to stretch out as my hands grabbed the shaft.

I didn’t know about that, but I was only glad that his cock wasn’t as absurdly thick as it was long because I was actually able to get my fist completely around his member, although even with both fists around his cock like it was a baseball bat they only hid about half of his enormous tool. The rest was for my mouth.

Grant groaned when my lips slid down his cock, past the ridge of his glans and almost down to my fist before my head bobbed up, and after a couple of trips up and down I was finally able to reach my upper hand.

“That’s it Tim,” Grant said as he ran his hand through my hair, and I kept going until my mouth started to go dry.

“Do you mind if I use this?” I asked after I reached over and grabbed a tube of lotion from my night stand.

“Coconut?” Grant asked after I filled my palm with the lotion.

“My wife and I used to use it,” I explained before going back down on my friend. “Brings back nice memories when I smell it.”

With the lotion greasing the part that my fists held, I was able to slide and spin my hands while sucking vigorously on what I could, and the better I handled him the harder Grant got until the throbbing vein-riddled rod felt like steel.

“Here,” Grant suddenly said, moving me around like a chess piece until I was straddling the senior’s face.

I hadn’t missed a beat and was still sucking and pumping his fully engorged manhood, envious of the incredible self-control he had because I had learned that my friend was right in that you don’t forget how to give head and was doing just fine.

As for Grant, although he sucked on my limp noodle for a moment and gave some love to my balls as well, when his tongue slid up from there and his hands spread my ass cheeks I knew what was going to happen next.

“OH!” I groaned when I felt Grant’s tongue push into my anus, and as he probed as deep as he could I saw one of his hands groping for and then finding the coconut lotion.

Grant was going to take me anally, and although it was something I had experienced countless times in my youth, the thought of being penetrated by the monster I was sucking on frightened me. I felt like a virgin.

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