Field of Dreams Ch. 01

Double Penetration

This is my first attempt at writing a chapter-based story. Please let me know any constructive feedback so I can reflect on that while writing future installments. Enjoy!

Autumn was the ideal time of year. Andrew and Marisa had always enjoyed the crisp, cool air breezing around them on their long walks and sexual escapades in nature.

Many days, they had just left the house to go sit in their favorite forest clearing, remove each others clothes, and sprawl out on a blanket on the grass. With no other neighbors near their 185-acre land, they had all the privacy they could dream of, which was perfect for them. Andrew and Marisa were in love, deeply; emotionally, spiritually, and physically. They lived there with their 3 children, ages 3, 4, and 6, and their nanny.

They put in the work on the property to keep their small garden producing food, and their small assortment of livestock. Money was never much of an issue for their small family, since Andrew’s parents had left him a sizeable fortune which allowed them to purchase this farmland, and handle their bills for the foreseeable future. They had built the house of their dreams here. The house was large, very large in fact, and was painted an off-white color with bright royal blue on the edges and accents. It had all the amenities of life, with 5 bedrooms, a large modern kitchen, expansive living room/home theater, and even a secret room in the basement for living out some of their sexual fantasies. Separate living areas were created to allow the parents a space away from children, and the children space away from parents.

Both of them had always wanted a very large family, and had taken no time in ensuring they achieved their dreams. Fortunately, with their wealth, they could afford to have a live-in nanny take care of most of their household chores and child-needs. Andrew and Marisa still ensured they remained very much in their children’s lives, and had an active role in parenting, but the nanny allowed them to not have to worry if they wanted to spend alone time together.

On this unseasonably warm October day, Marisa had packed a large picnic for them. Sandwiches, pickles (made from the cucumbers they grew), cole slaw, a chocolate cake, and a bottle of rose wine.

Andrew grabbed the basket of food and headed for the door. “You ready to go baby?” He asked.

“Just a minute. Just finishing getting dressed!” Marisa answered from the upstairs bedroom.

“You know, you don’t have to get all fancy for me, right? You won’t be wearing the clothes all day anyway.”

As soon as these words came out of his mouth, he began to retract them. She came down the stairs and his jaw dropped. Even after more than 10 years of marriage, she could still make his heart flutter with butterflies. She was wearing a button-down flannel shirt, with the top few buttons undone, allowing the presentation of some of her immense cleavage. Her shorts rode high, and were tight against her thick thighs and big round ass. Her age had only improved her looks and body. At 31 years old, there were few 20-somethings that could compare with her body.

“Fuck, you konya escort are so hot babe,” is all Andrew could stutter out. He gazed longingly at her breasts, framed in the tight shirt, looking as though the buttons may give way at any time. She responded by grabbing the basket from his hands, setting it on the floor, and bringing herself close to him. He grabbed her ass and pulled her tight, her boobs pressing firmly against his chest, spilling out through the top of her shirt even more. His hands massaged her butt, and began slipping under the bottom of her shirt.

“Not yet, you horndog,” she scolded him. “You need to wait until we get to our spot. Then I will fit into my spot, and slip you deep into yours.” She grabbed the basket, swung open the door, and quickly walked out, leaving Andrew with a raging hard erection standing in the entryway.

Their walk to the clearing was short and sweet. With Marisa tempting him with her amazing body the whole way, and Andrew grabbing her butt or tits occasionally. Each time, his hand being swatting away with a scolding of needing to wait just a little longer. Little did he know, she was just as primed to go as he was. She had found something at the local shoppe, and was looking forward to testing it out today.

They entered the clearing they had entered so many times before. Years ago, they stumbled upon it while looking at their property on Google Earth. At the top of the hill, a circular area of grass was spotted. About 200 yards in diameter, and nearly perfectly round. From time to time they could find some nice large mushrooms growing in the grass, and they had even tossed out thousands of wildflower seeds to add even more beauty to the land. Andrew had built a large table from some of the logs he’d found on the outskirts of the clearing, and they’d brought out some large chairs, big enough for two. Citronella torches lined the area around their spot, to keep the flies and mosquitos at bay.

Marisa grabbed their usual blanket and spread it out on the ground, bending over and giving her husband a very clear look at her heavy breasts nearly falling out of her shirt. She was ready to go! Her pussy was soaking through her panties, and even a small wet spot could be seen in her jean shorts. As soon as she laid down on the blanket, Andrew joined her. His hands worked meticulously on her shirt, quickly unbuttoning it all the way down. Her massive boobs were now on display for the world, the cool breeze giving her goosebumps on her now-exposed skin.

She tore at Andrew’s shirt, removing it over his head, and getting to look at his sweaty 6-pack abs. She ran her hands over them quickly, savoring the feel of his rippling muscles, then worked down to his pants. Undoing his belt, she made him lay on his back as she tugged his pants and underwear off. Now naked under her, Andrew’s enormous cock throbbed hard and long before her; a single stream of precum leaking down the shaft. He was one of only 3 cocks Marisa had experienced, but she couldn’t imagine another giving her the pleasure that his 11 inches gave her.

With his beautiful wife straddling konya escort bayan him, Andrew reached up behind her and unfastened her bra. He loved to watch the massive jugs fall out from under the cups as he removed it, and he was not disappointed today. Her J cup bra was tossed aside, leaving her pointy nipples and round breasts mere inches from his face. She leaned down toward him, their lips meeting for the most passionate of kisses, electricity lighting in her body. Squishing against his chest, Marisa’s breasts felt so heavy and fat to Andrew, and he thoroughly enjoyed the feeling.

Marisa began grinding on his cock. causing the material of her shorts soak through completely from a mixture of bodily fluids coming from each side. Even through the fabric, Marisa was sensitive enough to feel nearly even bump and vein of her favorite toy, and soon began to shudder in her first orgasm of the morning (well, at least since their early-morning bedroom romp). She couldn’t take it anymore; she needed to feel it inside her again. Standing up, Marisa felt her husband’s hands grab at the waist of her shorts, so that, as soon as she unbuttoned them they were around her ankles. Of course, her panties went along with them. Swiftly kicked to the side, she was now nude as well, in all her sexual glory.

To an outside viewer, one could tell that these two individuals were deeply in love. The looks in their eyes, gazing at each other’s naked bodies, anticipating the sweet orgasmic release soon to come. Bodies both in perfect harmony, the ideal combination required to engage in sexual acts, bringing them ever closer together. The hunger and lust firing in their minds, taking over any other thought.

Marisa slowly dropped to her knees over Andrew, grabbing his cock and angling it to slip into her pussy. Easing down on it, she could feel the throbbing purple head begin to spread her lips and stretch her as it has so many thousands of times before. Applying more of her body weight, she sank further onto him, until he was filling her completely and bottomed-out in her hungry womb. Today was the day, she’d decided, she would let him impregnate her again. After their 3rd child, she had asked to take a few years off, to allow her body the ability to come back to equilibrium. He had reluctantly agreed, but knew he’d get to watch her grow in pregnancy again someday.

As Andrew felt his dick squeezed by her tight pussy, he knew he wasn’t going to last long this time. He also knew his wife wasn’t ever going to complain about this. Marisa loved the feeling of him shooting a huge hot load into her, getting to feel the warmth spread throughout her body.

Her muscles contracted as she felt an enormous climax building, from gyrating her body on his. Her pussy stretched so wide by his girth, and feeling his head buried completely in her was sending her over the edge flawlessly. As she gushed in orgasm, Andrew began to cum as well. His balls were bloated with seed, which was now flowing into her unprotected, fertile belly. Together, they were cumming and moaning in ecstasy, their voices reverberating across escort konya their clearing, echoing back and turning them both on even more.

To Marisa, it felt like his penis would never stop flooding her with globs of seed, but eventually it’s flow ended. She touched her belly and could feel it sloshing around within her. A round bump had formed from her womb expanding to accommodate the volume he’d injected her with. Andrew’s cock was so tightly plugged in her, that not a single drop of it could escape from around his shaft. No complaints from either party were to be found.

Post-orgasm, Marisa leaned down to kiss her husband again and again. Her chest pressed firmly to his, with his hands groping the sides of the squished titflesh. There was just so much! Most women would kill to have boobs as large as his wife’s, and they both knew it and loved it. When they’d gotten married, in 2011, she had been “large” at DDD, but with each subsequent pregnancy, they’d gained a couple sizes. Now, there were few women in the world who could compare. Perfectly round and soft, perky for their size, and wide areolas the color of peanut butter. Andrew not-so-secretly wished they would grow even fatter, as he self proclaimed there is “no such thing as too big”. Marisa half-agreed with him, with the deciding point being back pain, if it occurred. So far, none had surfaced.

“I love you so much babe,” whispered Marisa into Andrew’s ear.

“Mmmhmm, as I love you too.”

They sat there in embrace and making out for some time. Hands roaming over skin, squeezing and caressing their favorite areas. Marisa continued to rock back and forth on his cock, experiencing several more orgasms before he was completely hard again. But soon, he was back at it too; now grabbing her ass, and forcing himself even deeper in. She felt like he was rearranging her insides with his powerful thrusts upward. Her eyes rolled back in her head, she let out a series of screams as she felt a huge orgasm rip through her body. Finally collapsing next to Andrew on the blanket, her body slick with sweat, she felt his cock slip from her.

Andrew gazed lovingly at his wife’s body, dripping wet next to him. Placing his hand on the side of her face, and propping himself up on his side, he guided her face to his for sweet kisses. Their tongues once again became intertwined, feeling the spark of sexual desire between them. He reached one hand down between her legs and began gently rubbing her swollen clit. Almost immediately her body began shaking as he forced her to another climax, then another, then another. It felt so amazing she never wanted to stop cumming from his keen attention, but her body could not keep up and she passed out from sheer exhaustion.

A few minutes later, Marisa awoke. She no longer felt her lover’s touch, so she began to look around for him. There he was, still completely naked, sitting on a wide wooden chair, looking intently at the item which Marisa had brought with her to surprise Andrew. A strange looking item indeed, about the size of a thumb, and very old. Inscriptions in an ancient language were on one end, and Andrew was utterly confused.

“Oh hey babe. I see you finally woke up,” Andrew said, “I found this in the side pouch of the basket….what is it?”

Marisa blushed as she tried to think of a way to explain this magical item to the love of her life.

THE END of Chapter 1

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