Finally Talked My Wife into a BBC Blacken


Finally Talked My Wife into a BBC BlackenSo my beautiful wife had said yes. After weeks of trying to convince her she finally agreed to have a big black cock fuck her. I’ve always been a pervert and a voyeur. The thought of watching my wife getting fucked has been in my mind the day we walked down the alter.I’m usually good at picking things out so finding a black guy to bang my wife was no different.I thought I found the perfect guy on a website dedicated to that lifestyle. He was tall, dark, handsome, had a 10 inch thick dick and was so articulate. I had told him how this was our first time and how we needed to go slow. He let us know that this wasn’t the first time he fucked a wife so he knew how to take it at the right speed.My wife and I were at the hotel lobby after I stop at the local CVS and got 3 pack of XL Magnums condoms and some lube and we talked before we met him. We decided it was best to have ground rules. No kissing. No anal. Must wear a condom and No other contact after tonight. The last thing I wanted was to lose my wife or to have someone get something I never did.He walked through the door with so much confidence should black stud and walked right to us.”Hey. Wow. You look even more beautiful in person,” he said to my wife not even acknowledging me. She blushed and he sat next to her.As I explained the ground rules his hand was gripping her leg and sliding up to her pussy.He agreed. No kissing. No anal. wearing a Condom nothing after tonight.We walked through the lobby as some old people looked at us and we made our way to the elevators. By this time ayvalık escort bayan he was pulling my wife next to him and holding her tight rub her ass. We made our way to the hotel room that I paid for and we all walked in.Immediately he let go of my wife and grabbed my arm. He pulled me to the chair at the table.”Sit here and don’t fucking move.”I would have said something but I was taken off guard. I…I was so unnerved but couldn’t manage to say anything.He went to my wife and grabbed her by the hips, pulled her close and started putting his tongue in her mouth. Her tongue started meeting his and his hand went between her legs….and he ripped off her panties. I decided later that I would tell her that I was upset she made out with him.”Get on the bed, Whore.”I couldn’t believe it. How dare he talk to my wife like that. I was in absolute shock. It was then I realized he was a liar. He was not the patient gentlemen he portrayed himself as.She sat on the edge of the bed. As he pulled his pants down and took out his cock out he said, “your going to do what you’re told.” As she should her head. Gazing at his semi hard 8 inch large black cock reach out her hand and she began stroking his cock without him saying to do so. He looked at me while she jerked him. “Listen faggot. I don’t want to hear a word out of you. Don’t you move or nothing.”My wife continued to stroke him as his black cock grew to it’s full length of 10 inch’s. He grabbed the back of her head, pulled up her hair and pulled her to him. You know what ayvalık escort do now and she opened her month and started to suck him.”Thas a good cocksucker ” he said forcing her deeper.She did give the best blowjobs. She said she only had two boyfriends before me but I had doubts. I heard rumors in High School about the football team but believed her story. As she got his cock wet with her saliva she took more cock into her mouth but started to gag on his large black cock. Raising her head to breathe he pushed her head down don’t forget the balls and licked his balls taking each one into her mouth and licking back up his dark shaft taking his back into her mouth again. Time to get fucked whore!”Lay back,” he said and she complied. She layed on the bed and her legs immediately parted welcoming him. He went between her and split on her pussy rubbing his fingers first around her lips than one finger than two and rubbing her clit as her hips jerked up to meet his fingers. Dam your dripping wet as he pulled his fingers out putting them up to his nose as took a deep breathe inhaling her scent as his cock jerked. Before he licked his fingers. I thinks this bitch is ready, Wait I said “what about the condoms”, I ain’t wearing a wrapper as he began to rub his head around her pussy lips as her hips moved up suck his cock into her hole. She grab his hips and pulled him into her watch his cock enter your pussy and stretching it. I thought his big cock would have trouble but she was so juicy wet. He began pumping her. First slowly escort ayvalık then faster and harder. She wrapped her legs around him pulling him in until he was balls deep grinding her hips getting every inch of his hard black cock. He than had her legs on his shoulders and he fuck her taking long strokes while I didn’t say a word as his balls slapped her ass. “Turn that pussy over,” he said as he pulled out. My wife practically jumped onto all fours. He slammed his cock in her, grabbed her by her hair and fucked her harder than I could ever wish. He gave her ass a few hard slaps and she responded by pushing back faster. He pulled out.Spit on her asshole. Shoved his finger in her as she moaned like a slut. He then pushed his head into her ass. She almost cried out loud but muffled it with a pillow.”Fucking slut. You know you love it,” he said as he pushed deeper into her ass. I could tell she did love it. I didn’t want to admit it but she was having the time of her life. Her back arched and t she pushed back onto him sliding her ass onto his rock hard cock.He fucked her all night while I sat on the chair. She came at least three times that I could tell.( I later found out from my wife she lost count after 6)It sounded like he was about to come again and he pulled his dick out of my wife’s ass. She immediately began to suck it. I honestly would not have even asked her to do something so nasty. I thought he was about to cum in her mouth but he pushed her back down on the bed. He slammed his cock in her cunt and she moaned so loud I think her parents could hear her two states away.He came another time in her and she wouldn’t stop kissing him the whole night.Before he left. He grabbed her wallet out of her purse and pulled out her license.”Ok Janet, I’ll see you again next Tuesday. Don’t give me no shit.”Today is Monday and my wife hasn’t said a word to me but to tell me to book the hotel room for Tuesday.

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