Finals Frenzy


“God he is cute.” I think to myself as I watch him walk in front of me. I try not to be obvious as my eyes trail up his figure and settle on his face. I catch myself ogling at him and a small blush crosses my cheeks. My fingers dance across the keyboard of my phone in an attempt to distract myself. “Hottie Alert!” Message sent to Alyssa. I quickly text my bestie, while stepping behind him. We were standing in line at the university’s coffee shop. It was finals season and the trail of sleep deprived and stressed students littered the hallways. Although it was 8 o’clock at night, the line to get a cup of coffee was twenty people long. In truth, I wasn’t worried about my finals. I was doing well in all my classes being the goodie two shoes that I was. Cute. Nice. Smart. Innocent Jean. The phone in my hand vibrates with a response. “Live a little :)” Message received from Alyssa I bite my lip, debating whether I should break my good girl streak. Six months of sexual tension since my last boyfriend, and I only had a couple of toys to ease the appetite of my purring kitten. Putting my phone in my pocket, I look up at the “prospect”. There was an undeniable tingle pooling in my lower abdomen. I wanted him. But we can’t always get what we want. Some men claim that they argue between their penis and their brains. In my case, I was arguing between my kitten and my common sense. Occasionally, she just wanted a new toy to play with but had quickly found out that one night stands didn’t really suit her. Looking back at my phone, I reread the message. Live a little. The phrase keeps echoing in my head. Could I? Should I? My kitty was fighting to take control. It was not simply a want, but a different persona; the untamed manifestation of sexuality hidden underneath every single “good girl”. “I’m a good girl. I shouldn’t do it.” I think and almanbahis şikayet try to argue, but who was I kidding. It was time to let my kitten out to play. She wanted him and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I lick my lips and look down at my feet, wishing I had chosen something nicer to wear. Live a little. My eyes dart up at him and I bite my lip looking for a conversation starter. His eyes catch mine and I blush. He flashes a toothy grin and all of my confidence disappears. I was caught staring and I was sure my blush went from a light pink to a bright red. “What would you recommend?” He asks me, pointing at the menu. “Depends on what you’re looking for.” “I don’t really like the taste of coffee and I hate caramel or tea.” “Well, aren’t you a picky one?” I joke, turning my attention to the menu. “Hey I’m paying for it.” He argues. “So you need something sweet and something that can keep you up right?” “I’m studying all night for finals, so yes.” He replies. Our school had a final frenzy week that opened up the entire library and its study rooms for twenty four hours straight. He wouldn’t be the only one staying there all night. I pause and stare at him, straight in the eyes. My eyes graze across his lips before going to his hair, noticing the tiny piece of lint that seems to be screaming to be plucked. I step close, almost too close, and pluck it out letting my gaze travel up his face. It was like a trance, the way our eyes locked. Our breathing nearly stops and I can smell his cologne mixing in with my perfume. Perfect. He was right where I wanted him. “Sorry, there was something in your hair,” I almost whisper, breaking the spell. I show him the white piece of lint I had plucked out from his hair. “I can help whoever’s next.” The cashier’s voice calls out, interrupting us, further breaking the little trance almanbahis canlı casino we were in. “Go with a white mocha.” I say, smiling at him, as he takes a step toward the cashier. I follow him to the next open cashier and put in my drink order. After paying, I stand next to him while the barista fashions up our drinks. “I’m Ben, by the way.” he says suddenly, extending out his hand. “Jean.” I reply, shaking his hand, letting it linger for a few seconds more than was necessary. My kitten had started to take over. She knew all the tiny subconscious cues that could wrap men around her finger. “Americano for Jean, with room.” The barista’s voice calls out. “I guess I’ll see you around.” I tell him, turning around and flashing him a flirtatious smile. Live a little. The phrase echoes again in my head. He would be in the library and maybe, just maybe if I walked aimlessly around I could find him. My kitten was on a hunt tonight. But first, I needed to change and get a couple of things. *** “Hi Ben. Is it okay if I study in here with you? It’s just incredibly loud anywhere else. I can’t concentrate.” I ask, leaving the door slightly open. “Hey Jean. Umm… Sure why not? There needs to be at least two people in here or else I get kicked out.” Ben stutters before recuperating himself. “I guess we are doing each other favors, right.” I say, smiling at the possible double meaning while sitting down across from him. There is the large heavy thud of books as I let them fall straight onto the desk. He jumps at the large sound and I give him an apologetic smile. “Geez. You should be nicer to your books.” He reprimands me. “Oh, they like it rough anyways.” I reply, hoping he got the innuendo. I set my bag on the floor before rummaging around it looking for a notebook and a pencil. I saw that there were two pencils. I had almanbahis casino an extra change of clothes for the gym resulting in one pencil getting tangled up with a pair of hot pink panties. Live a little. I wanted him to see them. I wanted to be subtle. I wanted to build up the tension. I wanted to just… Live a little. I pick up the pencil that is tangled up with the pink lace panties. I look at him and see him staring at them in surprise. I quickly pull them off and throw them in my bag. He looks at me and I blush, out of arousal, not saying a single word. He doesn’t say anything either. Minutes later and much small talk later, we finally get to studying. Or at least I was pretending that I was studying. How could I? My kitten and I, alike wanted to pounce on him. “Ughh… I just need a good mental break.” He sighs. “What class are you studying for?” I ask, looking up from my own work, which wasn’t much. “Human sexuality.” “Well, maybe I could help you with that.” I lean forward, letting my long hair sway in front of me and giving him my best, sweet smile. “I don’t think you can.” “At least let me try. What are you having trouble with?” “Everything really. The hardest part is the anatomy.” “Ooh you really need to know that. It was on the final, last semester.” “Yes, and then there is the knowing all of the terminology. How am I supposed to know the difference between a dildo and a vibrator?” “Well… I… umm… no, I shouldn’t.” I begin, pausing dramatically, running my fingers through my hair. “C’mon Jean, just spit it out.” “Okay, but promise me you won’t tell anyone.” I sigh. “Oh god, this is kind of… embarrassing.” I say, feigning nervousness, pulling up my bag onto the desk. Books, notepads, and calculators are the first thing to come out. Ben, meanwhile looks impatient and eager to find out what I am about to show him. I take out my gym clothes, the same hot pink panties bunched together, and finally I pull out a bullet sized vibrator and then a black dildo. Ben’s eyebrows arch in surprise and his mouth opens into an O. “Do you know which one is which?” I ask. “No…

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