Finding Lynn Part 1


Meeting Lynn was quite by accident. I just happened to be online and she just happened to be reading one of my stories. After six months of the most intense fucking of our lives, I can honestly say we are made for each other.Her soft neck is right where my lips come to rest when I bend forward behind her. I love lifting up her hair and kissing the nape of her neck around under her ears and down to her collarbone. When she turns around her beautiful breasts and hard nipples are always in line with my pectorals.As she teases me when we kiss the pleasure ripples across my sensitive nipples. I love to slowly kiss down her neck, around each nipple, across her cleavage, and around the other nipple. I wait for them to swell with anticipation until I clamp my mouth around her nipples and suck them hard between my clenched lips. When my beautiful Lynn wears her four-inch heels her wet pussy and slick thick rosy lips are always right at my fingertips. I wet my fingers in her juices and then trace the little V of hair she left for me as a direction sign to her swollen clit.Her past lovers had introduced her to the world of BDSM and she, in turn, taught me. Lynn is a very obedient sub and was up for most any kink we can come up with. The first time I bound her breasts I took my time slowly undressing her, kissing each patch of exposed skin. By the time she was completely naked her nipples were firm, and the petals of her pussy lips were hanging open, covered in a fine sheen of moisture.~~~For our first bondage experiment, she sat in a big chair, with a cushion behind her back to move her sex forward off the end of the seat cushion. Her eyes betrayed her excitement as her arms were restrained by Velcro to the arms of the chair and her legs were firmly attached at the ankle to the claw and ball feet of the chair. I did not blindfold Fatih escort her, or put in her gag, I only needed to put a finger to her lips to demand her silence.I spent a lot of time wrapping the new black soft nylon rope under her breasts, around her back, over her shoulders and around each breast three times. Each time I completed a loop I cinched the rope a little tighter causing her breasts to elongate and her areolas to swell. As I continued to bind her breasts, she kept a thin smile on her lips, afraid to show too much excitement and risk having me stop.As I completed the first tight wrap, I slapped each breast to watch her nipples swell.”Do you like that, baby girl?” I asked as I slipped a finger deep into the wet folds of her pussy.Silently, my new sub nodded her head to gaze at the redness on her breasts. She spread her legs as far as the chair would allow indicating more contact was needed. As I began the second wrap of the nylon cord, I was amazed at how pliable her breasts were. I made a figure eight around each breast. At the end of the second wind, the visible ends of her tits looked like the puffies of some teenager.As I continued to wrap each breast I intently watched Lynn’s blue eyes as they flashed with pleasure after each contact. Rubbing my hand over her bound breasts I pressed and pinched each nipple as the fingers of my left hand again invaded her wet slit. Two fingers slowly slid down each side of her clit coaxing her nub to swell. I then pressed two fingers firmly between the folds of her slit while my thumb pressed and teased her clit.My little finger captured some of her juices and used the lubrication to explore the tight entrance of her anus. I watched the anticipation in her eyes as my three fingers joined together as a staff to pierce her wet Fındıkzade escort bayan lips and press inside her wet contracting velvet tunnel, up to the knuckle of my thumb. My little finger nestled nicely in her bum.Twisting and turning my hand, I felt and stroked the walls of her pussy. Lynn gave a low purr as I took her right nipple, and almost the entire protruding end of her puffy tit, into my mouth. Pressing my tongue into her nipple she stiffened her back to press her swollen breasts firmly against my mouth. My thumb continued to rub around to each side of her clit and I was rewarded with the pre-climax shaking of her legs.Squirming in her seat, Lynn lifted her ass off the seat to press against my palm for more contact with the heel of my hand. I slowly withdraw my fingers so I could trace her lips with the wetness of her own juices. Lynn opened her mouth so I could place my fingers, one at a time, into her mouth and coat her tongue. I loved how she closes her mouth to suck the juices of her sex off my finger.When Lynn finished licking my fingers clean, I kissed her deeply as I placed them back inside her hot box. She always squirms when I place my thumb on her clit and goes tense as I open my fingers inside her like a pair of scissors. Her breath comes in short gasps as I began to scrape and caress her sensitive walls searching and finding her G spot.That day I bent to kiss her deeply as I began to stroke her wet pussy in earnest. Lynn hungrily sucked my tongue into her mouth as a surrogate for my thick hard cock. Her tongue danced and twirled around mine as I curled my fingers back towards her tummy to come across the ridge of her G spot.”Mmm… Ah, mmm,” is all that escaped her mouth as we continued our passionate kiss while I pressed my index finger firmly Escort Gaziosmanpaşa on her sweet spot.Breaking our heated kiss, I asked her, “Do you want more, baby girl? Do you want to cum?”Avoiding eye contact she looked down at her heaving breasts and whispered softly, as she strained against the restraints her pelvis rocking against my invading fingers, “Please, Sir. Yes, oh please.”Slowly, I pulled my fingers out of her taking care to rub all along the area of her G spot while stimulating her clit as my hand moved away. Her body resonated with disappointment, at the loss of all stimulation. Her eyes locked for just a second on mine with both the fire of desire and a plea for release.I undressed in front of her, watching her eyes trace the reveal of my hairy chest and then my very thick and swollen member. I leaned forward to rub some of my precum across each nipple and then touched a drop to her hungry and parted lips.I knelt down between her parted thighs coved in sweat and her own juices. My cock firmly pointing up towards my desired target. I could see how the restraints were digging into her legs as she tried to open herself further.”It’s ok, baby girl,” I spoke softly into her pussy. “Papa is going to take good care of you.”As I extended my tongue to gain my first taste of the sweet honey dripping from the folds of her pussy, I brought four fingers up to tease, pull and caress the heavy folds of her lips. Licking around each side of her clit I brought my fingers to the press against the still tight entrance. One finger again slides inside easily. Stroking her with the one finger I licked around her clit with my tongue pressing firmly against the area, drawing the hood aside.As I inserted the second finger Lynn squirmed like she was impatient for more. I licked and sucked on her lips as I introduced my third finger, with my pinky snaking deeper into her ass. I could sense Lynn tensing her legs as this caused new pressure at the opening of her vagina.I slowly moved my fingers in and out allowing her to become used to this spreading of the entrance. When I felt her relax, I quickly removed all of my fingers.

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