Finding Mollie’s Lover When I Home Home Early


Finding Mollie’s Lover When I Home Home EarlyThe screensaver activated on the phone sitting on our kitchen bench as I walked past it, and I saw Mollie posing with her boobs out on display, wearing the smallest triangle for knickers and a big smile. And a bow around her neck. I hadn’t seen this picture before. Whose fucking phone was it?“Hey Mollie, where are you? I’m home” I called out as I poured myself a glass of Australian red and spun the phone around so I could see the image more clearly. It needed a password to access the phone properly but the image in the background was clearly Mollie. With her tits out.I called out again and grabbing my glass moved through the kitchen to the living area and then to the stairs leading to the bedrooms upstairs. Still no response to my calls as I made my way through our bedroom, all neatly presented, to the ensuite and then back out and downstairs again. Mollie wasn’t home, that wasn’t so unreasonable considering I’d been away for the last 3 weeks and I hadn’t really expected to get home quite so quick but I’d been bumped on to an earlier flight from Sydney.Maybe she’s out getting some supplies to welcome me home I thought charitably. Or off fucking whoever’s fucking phone this was I thought less charitably, and again looked down to see Mollie’s sexy body on the screen. And that’s just the screen saver image I thought, I wonder if she’s given him any other pictures or done anything else?“I wonder how stupid this guy is?” I murmured as I tapped zero four times on the phone and laughed as I saw the locked screen disappear and the normal screen pop up with loads of apps icons and Mollie still in the background. “Very stupid apparently” I smiled as I flicked through his apps looking for his image library and tentatively clicked ‘Open’ when I found the icon.I flicked through the album names until I saw one called Mollie and selected it. There were 16 photos in the album, all featuring my sexy Mollie so I selected the first in the set and put myself through the torture of looking through the images. It looked like all had been shot using the camera in the phone itself and that Mollie had been a very willing subject.In the first photo she was wearing a short denim skirt with long white socks over her knees, a sheer top with a leopard skin bra I hadn’t seen türbanlı eskort before, the bow around her neck and that gorgeous smile. She was sitting on our lounge with her legs turned to the side and leaning back, elongating her sexy body her arms above her head. In the next image I could see she was wearing white cotton panties. Soft sexy virginal ones. Her legs were spread slightly and I could clearly see the shape of her legs as they disappeared under the skirt and the white of her knickers stretched tight against her cunt.The photographer had gotten closer by the third image and must have sat on the floor between Mollie’s legs or very close to them. The image was a close upskirt shot with Mollie’s legs spread wide apart and her hands on her knees keeping her legs open for the camera. My cock twitched in my pants as I looked at the images of my girl’s legs and barely covered cunt knowing that someone else had seen this live, had been in the room with her. Touching her.The camera had panned back and now Mollie had placed her hands between her legs and she had slid one finger inside the leg elastic lifting it slightly so there was a hint of her intimate flesh being exposed. I unzipped my trousers and let my rock hard cock spring out.I took my time looking at each photograph as I went. Mollie had stood up and performed a slow tease, with the camera catching her in still life as she stood up and put her hands under her skirt and pulled her knickers down and held them dangling from her fingers as she turned away from the camera and pulled up the skirt at the back exposing her sexy bum.The photographer had lain down on the stairs as Mollie had walked above him from the angle of the image that I was staring at now. The 11th in the series. I could see the sexy curve of her calf and up past her knees and inner thighs to where her cunt was on display. She had shaved for him. I could see how smooth her lips were, I loved the feel of her soft silky skin under my tongue when she has just shaved. Someone else had obviously also enjoyed that pleasure now.The 12th photo had Mollie standing next to the bed unbuttoning her blouse. She was smiling lasciviously at the camera, or the photographer, and pouting her lips slightly. I was pumping my cock fast now as I clicked türbanlı eskort bayan to the next photo.Her cunt filled most of the screen now as the camera had captured her falling back on to the bed with her legs spread wide apart and her hands near her stomach. I could see that she was aroused, her lips were engorged, and a shine let me know that she was wet. Her cunt that I loved was being aroused by someone other than me. She was wantonly laying back on our bed spreading her legs and rubbing herself while they watched and filmed.The 14th image was from a similar angle but now Mollie was laying down flat on the bed and she had two fingers of her right hand inside herself. Her head was thrown back with her hair all around and I could just imagine the sound of her as she moaned as she fingered herself for this man. Teased and caressed her cunt under his eyes, stroked her flesh and prepared herself to be fucked. She loved fucking, she is the sexiest woman I have ever met and I’d thought that she was all mine. I’d told her I didn’t mind if she did sometime feel the need to get some extra attention, but that I expected her to tell me first. Maybe I hadn’t listening properly?The second last image made it clear to me that she had certainly taken a lover. Up till now the pictures had just been of her posing and being slutty for the camera. I’d been able to pretend that she hadn’t had someone fucking her while I was away. That she hadn’t gotten a bigger cock than mine to service her. That she hadn’t gotten a black man between her legs.I pumped my cock as I looked at the camera image. I was close to coming, I was surprised how excited I was looking at my woman being a complete slut. Of seeing her undress and masturbate and now the image of her laying back and a head between her legs, the mystery other person at last.I could see Mollie holding the phone camera and taking a photo of herself and lover in the mirror above our bed. She was laying flat on the bed with her legs spread and I could see the back of her lovers head as far as the neck. I could see the black wiry hair in short dreads stark against her white skin. Black hands reaching up and caressing her breasts as he licked at her sweet cunt. I couldn’t see that part of course but I knew exactly what eskort türbanlı they were doing, I knew Mollie loved to be licked and sucked. I could almost taste her myself and the imagined scent of her sexy cunt filled my mind as I exploded all over myself. Cum spraying in to the air splashing on my work suit.I scrambled to my feet looking around for a tissue or a handkerchief to wipe up as I heard keys jangling in the front door and Mollie’s voice.“Fuck!” I tried to quickly hide what I’d been doing and turning towards the door ready to confront Mollie. “If he’s with her I don’t know what I’ll do” flashed through my mind as I realised I could hear 2 voices, 2 people coming inside.“Oh My God! He’s home already!” I thought I heard a gasp of shocked surprise accompany this outburst but then Mollie came rushing in to the room. “Oh Honey, sorry I wasn’t home when you got here!” and she threw herself at me. Her arms flew around my neck and her mouth was on mine as she kissed me all over my face and them pressing her mouth firmly against mine she thrust her tongue into my mouth. I responded urgently and savoured the kiss, thinking it may be our last.“I’ve just been out trying to get some things for us for tonight, I have a bit of a surprise for you” she giggled at me as she waggled in front of me like a big overgrown labrador. The evil glint in her eye and the way her tongue was touching her lips made my cock hard again. Her amazingly full breasts bloomed under the tight top she was wearing.“We just had to rush back because we forgot Peta’s phone. Have you seen it anywhere?” Mollie asked me as her eyes scanned the kitchen bench were it had been when I arrived.I held the phone up to her, now at the 16th photo the original screen saver. “This one you mean?” I snarled.She saw the look on my face and for a nano second I thought she was going to break down and start crying. “You bastard! You’ve been spying haven’t you! Looking through the photos we took, almost ruined my present you have.”I got to my feet and strode away from her. “I don’t know what you fucking think…” I started before I heard her laugh behind me and call out to Peta to come on in. Time to get on with the surprise.I balled my fists and turned, ready to tackle the bastard. I was ready for anything I thought.The tension ebbed from all my muscles as I my eyes took in the sight of Mollie with her arm around the shoulders of a beautiful black woman, with short dreads. And a bow around her neck.My cock turned to iron as I watched them kiss and Mollie’s hand slid down to cup the breasts of her lover. I brought the camera phone to my eye and focussed.

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