FiniDonaldson lay on his back staring at the ceiling, the body of his wife lay sprawled across his, both letting the sweat of their activities dry. He could smell the aroma of their sexual activity and feel his wife’s hand moving over his lower body. Damn Don, she said quietly, where did that come from? It’s been so long since you’ve responded so well. He grunted in response to her inquiry, he didn’t want to tell her that she was not his inspiration during their act. That someone else filled him with inspiration for his efforts. Idly he ran his hand gently over her back, but his thoughts were for another and a slow smile crept over his face. His wife glanced up at him and saw his smile, feeling inspired herself she ran her hands over his crotch and slowly eased her body into a position that would allow her to begin pleasuring her husband. It wasn’t something that she did often, but his efforts lately seemed to touch her in ways that she thought were over in their marriage. With the problems that seemed to be falling on him at work, the investigations, and what could only be false accusations, he’d been so distant and pre-occupied. But to-nite, to-nite they’d gone at it like two teenagers like in days of old. . She kissed his member, then licked it, up one side down the other, he stiffened and she leaned back and admired her prize momentarily. She took erzurum escort the mushroom shaped tip into her mouth covering it and then ran her tongue around the tip. Her husband moaned softly and ran his hands down her back to her hip. She adjusted her position, and took more of her husbands phallus into her mouth. She knew she couldn’t take all of him in, not in this position but she tried to go farther than she had earlier. Without letting him slip from her mouth she eased herself to her knees and worked her head from side to side while allowing her mouth to fill with saliva, forming a tight seal around her prize she began to bob up and down his shaft. She balanced herself with one hand and with her other began massaging her husbands chest and stomach. As she did so she could feel him rubbing and massaging her hips and down to her thighs. There was an obvious look of enjoyment on Don’s face and she allowed herself an inner smile as she continued sucking away like a dog with a new toy. For his part Don felt somewhat surprised that his wife was allowing their activiiies to continue, her even setting the lead Damn he thought, she did have a most magnificent ass, and the sweetest legs around. He couldn’t rmember the last time she’d allowed him oral satisfaction. Slowly he ran his hand from her back to her stomach, escort erzurum then before long he worked his way until he was working his hand back and forth across her stomach, then slowly under to her vagina, With two fingers he entered her, she paused to take a breath, he was hitting all her right places, pushing all her right buttons. In time with the bobbing of her head Don thrust deep into her box as she slid farther down his stem. She could feel the rising tension building deep inside her stomach. She tried to concentrate on her task, she glanced at her husband his eyes narrowed as his hips began to rise and fall in time with the bobbing of her head and the stroking she had begun. He removed his fingers from within her, and ran them down her thighs, made small circles before near her knees before making a beeline back to her pleasure box and sliding deep inside again and again. Yes it had been a while, but Don’s wife found that he still knew how to touch her. Knew so well in fact that when her climax hit, when the tension erupted she had to remove him from her mouth, bury her head into the bed between his legs as she found herself crying into the sheets while releasing a torrent of fluids onto the bed sheets. She barely had time to recover when she felt her husband effortlessly lift her, twist her, and drop her erzurum escort bayan onto her back as he slid between her legs. Her eyes were locked with his as she felt him enter deep inside of her. Both smiled as momentarily they relaxed. Don placed his hands and lifted himself to an push-up position, his wife slowly bought her hands from between them and framed his face. Gently she worked her hips from side to side then slowly kissed her husband. Simultaneously he began working his hips in a sawing motion. Don felt his wife lift her legs and gently wrap them over his lower back. In moments the slap-slap-slap of hip on hip permeated the room. She moaned, he sighed, she sighed, he moaned. The bed creaked and the headboard tapped softly against the wall. ‘Oh, oh, oh, she uttered, yes, oh yes. baby, yes’ Don leaned back watching, listening to the sounds he lover made, the sound of bed, and he watched, felt it, felt his wife shudder and shake as she crested a second in their coupling. ‘aaaaaahhhh, aaaaahhhhh, she cried, her arms and legs wrapped strongly around her husband. Her eyes closed her head tight against his neck. He smiled down at her as he eased back and away, nodding his head but saying nothing. When he’d rolled away, she rolled to him and rose up on her elbow, honey I, I don’t know what to say. Did you. ”? I’m good babe. he answered smiling in her direction. Couldn’t have been better. He smiled at her and wrapped an arm around her as she snuggled into the bend of his elbow.’ He was nodding his head, but she was watching, and she knew, not how or who, or why, but she knew. She looked up at him in the darkness, Don was staring at the ceiling

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