Finishing School – Below Stairs


In the 1950s it was imperative that well to do families turned their young daughters at 18 into, Ladies.

Equally, the bottom end of the class scale, the working class, had to turn their young daughters at 18 into skilled servants to work in the big houses and hotels in their region.

Discipline showed no such class barriers, if it was not right, it was punished.

One place used for both the gentry and workers was Calder House, set in 100 acres of magnificent park land.

The house was built in the late 1800s for a local industrialist as a sign of his wealth.

With some 16 bedrooms “Upstairs” and room to sleep 10 “Below Stairs”

Upstairs was palatial, to every 5 bedrooms was a lounge for the girls to have their leisure time and a large bathroom with 3 communal baths for their private use, and could be used as many times a week as they pleased.

There were 2 of these to take 10 “Ladies”.

Also 6 remaining rooms were fully self contained with a bedroom, lounge and bathroom, and used by the staff.

Downstairs, was, downstairs, actually it was in the cellars and consisted of a 10 bedded dormitory, 5 beds down each side of the room and a multi use table set at one end.

Their parents had to supply one of the fathers old leather belts which was hung at the end of their daughters bed.

It had probably been used hundreds of times whilst they were growing up.

Only one bathroom with a bath set on a cold stone floor, the girls had their twice weekly baths, 2 in the bath at a time with the other girls queuing for their turn, they soon worked out a pecking order and the water was always stone cold for the last two. Hot water was not wasted on the working class.

Each bath session would be overseen by either the housekeeper, Mrs. Ethel Broadwood or mainly her husband, Alfred Broadwood, who doubled as the chauffeur and odd job man.

Odd job man indeed, what an odd job for a man seeing naked girls two evenings a week + extras.


That’s the background to the workings of Calder House with the staff being all couples and headed by Mr. and Mrs. Broadwood who ruled the staff as well as the inmates, with the strap.

The only difference was the staff were whipped in private for any indiscreet actions, private being the disciplined one of the couple and the other holding them down.

Mrs. Broadwood dealt with the men and Mr.Broadwood the ladies.

Mr. and Mrs. Good, he taught manners and she was matron.

Mr. and Mrs. Styles, he taught posture and she was the house secretary.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, he taught Physical Education and she was cook

Mr. and Mrs. Jones, he was Mrs Broadwood’s deputy, taught deportment and she was in the laundry.

Mr and Mrs. Harris, he was the groundsman and she was assistant cook.


Mr. Broadwood was dealing with the working class girls on one of their bath night’s he was very good at supervising this and did not spare the leather if a girl stepped out of line.

Anyone not conforming to his instructions were removed from the bath and hosed down, all over, at close range, with a cold water hose pipe.

He always made sure he had at least one full bosomed girl and one with tits like egg cups as he used to term it.

Not that the ones in-between were ever missed, this was just his lust and pleasure bath time.

Mrs. Broadwood would sometimes watch and was very pleased at her husbands thoroughness, or he would invite one of the men of the other staff to watch.

It was not over then for the poor chosen ones, remember the multi use table and the girls daddies belts?

Still naked the chosen girls had to empty and wash out the baths and put all the towels to dry, they were washed monthly.

By this time all the other working class girls were dry and with their basic nigh gown on, knelt down with hands together ready to say their bedtime prayers, and all facing the table, probably thanking God it was not them on the table.

The “Naughty” 2 were put on each side of the table, belt laid in front of them and their hands on the very top of their heads.

They would be shivering and their young nipples would be stretching their breast skin poking out tightly.

Mr. Broadwood would Betturkey walk backwards and forwards explaining what would be expected of a girl in service and what she should be expected to do and how they would be taught over the coming months exactly that.

“Right, name?” he asked looking at the girl with the egg cup tits.

“Sara Wilson Sir.”

“And you girl?”

“Elonar Birch Sir.”

I found you two to be quite slothernly at bath time, do you agree?”

“Yes Sir.”

“And pray tell what your father would do with a slothernly daughter, Wilson?”

“I would be beaten Sir.”

“With what and where?”

“His belt Sir and we only have 2 bedrooms upstairs and one room and a kitchen downstairs, so in front of whoever was home.”

Mr. Broadwood felt a twitch in his pants and turned to re align his cock.

“And who might have been there girl?”

Sara thought for a few seconds to the day before she had gone to Calder House and decided to tell the whole tale.

“Well Sir, the day before I came here my father said I needed to feel his belt to show how he disciplined me and my elder brother and have his marks to prove it. There was him, mom, my brother Peter, Peters friend Michael and my friend Alice and uncle Brian, not my real uncle, but I called him that out of politeness.

“You will get extra from me for such a long story girl, quickly now, get to your beating?”

“I was naked, as always for a beating and had to lean over the table with my hands reaching inside the drawer at the other side, mom just pressed the draw shut so if I tried to reach back she was to trap them so I couldn’t, if I did by any chance she followed me over the table Sir, then I was whipped with fathers belt till my bottom colour matched the red of moms apron.”

Sara took a deep breath but before she could speak, “And you Birch?”

“Dad did not need a reason Sir, I’d be naked and over his knee before you could say, Jack Sprat, and belted with his folded belt till I squealed Sir, like Wilson, it did not matter who was in our home.”

Mr. Broadwood nodded as he ogled the girls perfect tits and proud nipples, he needed more adjustment below.

“Both sit on this side of the table, lean back and hold your legs up with hands behind your knees.”

Both girls obliged with both holes facing the 8 pairs of eyes, with their owners silent.

Mr. Broadwood picked up Wilsons belt, “the count is 25”, the belt hit Wilson’s bottom with a crack and the girls watching, in unison, “One Sir.”

Both girls got 25 hard lashes, from their sit spot to the back of their legs.

“Wilson, you are due extra, release your hands from your knees, legs straight up and wide apart.” He heard the gasp from all the girls but Wilson dare not disobey.

“The count is 10,” another gasp. He took his time touching and prodding her slit under the wispy blond hairs, nudging her hood and clit as he poked.

He rolled the belt up in his hand and left 10″, he took aim, whoosh, crackkkkkkkk, “One Sir.” Wilson screamed.

5 Screams later he stopped. “You are disturbing the other girls with your screams Wilson, I will take you to the dining hall to finish your punishment, stand and follow, and quiet girls or you will all have your slits whipped.”

Wilson followed him to the dining room and prepared to sit on the table, “A simple question Wilson.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Would you like me to complete your punishment with 5 extra for disturbing the others, or would you like me to give you a task?”

She had no idea at all what the task could be but it had to be better than having her pussy whipped, the was unbearable.

“Please Sir anything at all Sir.”

“Kneel in front of me and undo my buttons.”

She knew what to do as she regularly had to suck off her brother, they shared a bed and if she refused he would beat her when they were alone, then their father who would give her a second belting, usually on her back and front for seconds.

Sara could not take any more punishment and knelt like a good girl should, she undid the 4 buttons of his trousers and reached inside for his cock,

She struggled to get it out as it was already firmly aroused. She licked the end and tasted his pre-cum, his hand went behind Betturkey Giriş her head and held her firm and rammed her face.

She kept her stature and did all she could think of to please him even though she was gagging with nearly every stroke.

She knew the signs, his back arching, his eye lids flickering and he filled her mouth and throat with his cum.

There was too much, she did her best but spilt some on the floor.

He pulled out and slapped her face hard, he bent down and pulled on her 2 tiny nipples till she got to her feet, he slapped her again.

“Get on the table and get those legs wide open, you have a beating to complete.”

She did as she was told and he gave her 10 swift hard cuts of his belt, first one lip and then the other, she swelled before his eyes as did his cock again.

He spun her round and laid her back with her head hanging over the table, “Open your mouth.”

She hesitated so he nipped her nipples hard, as she screamed his cock once again entered her mouth with force, his large sack pounded her forehead and eyes, he came again and she swallowed the lot, she knew the second cum would be a lot less than the first.

“Your a quick learner, or have you done it before Wilson”

“My brother has me do it as a chore Sir.”

“Right, prayers and bed, and do not disturb the others, rest assured you have not seen the last of my cock Wilson, do you understand?”

Sara lowered her head and sighed, Yes Sir.”


The below stairs girls had to wait on the Ladies and be at their beck and call whenever needed as well as their household chores.

Each Lady was given a different girl every week for their 10 week course.

The below stairs girls were there for up to a year, depending on their progress.

A chart was put up to cover the 10 weeks by Mrs. Broadwood and the below stairs girls were numbered on their sack dresses to match the chart.

Most of the Ladies were kind and considerate but you always had 2 or 3 in a group who wanted to dominate and it was the poor below stairs girls who suffered.

One such spiteful girl was Miss Town who was allocated girl 2, Ruth Smith.

Ruth was a very pretty young lady very quiet and extremely polite.

5’6″ – 110 pounds – 32b cute apple sized tits.



“Come here and pass my hair brush off my dresser.”

“Ok, just coming.”

Ruth rushed over and took the brush to Miss.

“Stand in front of me, lift your dress and bend right over.”

Ruth was stunned, “But why?”

“You were disrespectful so I will tan you, you call me Ma-am when you speak to me”

“Sorry Ma-am please forgive me I did not know, but will be more polite in future.”

As she bent over Miss Davy came in, another of the horrid ones, “What did she do?”


“How many is she getting?”

“I thought 10.”

“Can I give her 10 too?”

“Yes of course.”

When it was Miss Davy’s turn, she was stood up and the force was so strong Ruth went down, Miss Davy sat on her back and really thrashed the next 9 down hard, “Can I give her some for falling over?”

“Yeah, why not, 10 more.”

“Let that be a lesson for how the week will go girl, now go run my bath.”

Both Ladies laughed as poor Ruth went into the large bathroom in tears.

Miss went into the bathroom, “You may undress me girl.”

Ruth looked stunned but never dared say a word, she removed the ladies jumper, blouse, bra, skirt and knickers.

Miss was about the same height as Ruth but around 125 pounds and Ruth saw her bra size as 34d

Miss climbed into the bath, “Strip to keep dry and wash me girl.”

Ruth never hesitated, she only had the dress, below stairs girls were not allowed underwear.

Ruth washed her back and moved to her front, Miss reached out and fondled Ruth’s nipples, “I see you like this girl, see how perky they have become.”

Miss knelt so Ruth could do her pussy and bum, then stood up in the bath.

She got hold of Ruth’s hair and pulled her toward her pussy, “Lick me girl.”

Again Ruth was shocked and allowed her head to be put onto Miss’s wet slit and Miss rubbed her face on it.

“Now tongue out and penetrate me Betturkey Güncel Giriş and let me push your head in and out and up and down.”

OMG what was happening, but Ruth knew how spiteful Miss was after her spanking earlier.

Miss, cum all over Ruth’s mouth and tongue, and for the first time in 18 years Ruth tasted the pleasure of another girl, and liked it.

She dried Miss and let the water out of the bath, she went back in and asked if there was anything else she was required for.

Miss said she wanted her in the morning at 7.00 am so she could get her ready for the day.

There was a knock on the door, it was Mr. Broadwood, just checking all is ok with you and Smith, Miss.

“She has been quite rude and pinched my breast as she dried me.” she lifted her blouse and bra cup to show him.

Mr. Broadwood walked forward, “May I?” he reached forward to touch.

“Yes of course.” and Miss lifted the cup clear so he could see the invisible mark and touch her nipple by accident.

“What will happen to her?”

Mr. Broadwood unbuckled his belt, “Let me show you Miss.”

He pulled the dress over Ruth’s head, put his foot on the bedroom stool and bent her over.

“Could you turn her round a little so I can see the wicked girl whipped?”

He stood her up, turned 90 degrees and gave Ruth 30 + hard swats with his doubled belt. then stood her up.

“Wait outside girl.”

Ruth did not need telling twice, “And remain naked.”

Mr. Broadwood apologised, touched Miss’s breast and nipple and enquired if she needed the matron to look at it.

Miss shook her head and put her tit away, her hand went down her knickers as he left.

Mr. Broadwood walked towards Ruth and pinched her left nipple large and lead her by it into the laundry room.

“I will give you 2 choices, its either a visit over the cooks scullery table or a task, your choice?”

She certainly did not want to feel cooks strap, “Task Sir.”

His hand cupped her pussy and he inserted 2 fingers and roughly rubbed till her clit stood away from its hood.

“Kneel girl and take out my cock.”

She had no idea what was about to happen, she had thought he was going to fuck her and take her virginity.

She took him in her hands.

“Right, put my cock in your mouth and suck me to cum and with your left hand wank your pussy so you too can cum, so I can taste your sweetness.”

She did as she was told and once again he pleasured himself on her gags at the same time her head was spinning, she had never licked another girls slit, had a cock in her mouth, or played with her fingers up her own pussy.

Mr Broadwood came with force and she managed to swallow just as she cum too, he pulled her hand up and licked her fingers.

“Back to work Smith, where should you be?”

“Scullery Sir.”

“Then off you go.”

Sara held her dress in her hand as she ran to the servants staircase just as the clock struck 6.00 and she still had 3 flights of steps to go.

She got to the scullery as she was putting her dress on and saw Ellis naked over scullery the table.

“Don’t bother putting that on, get the strap from behind the pantry door, clear a space and lay next to Ellis.”

Cook washed her hands, picked up the strap and gave Ellis 30 hard cuts, “Get dressed Ellis and peal those carrots.”

Ellis was crying her eyes out and put on her dress, “Yes Ma-am.”

“My, my, you’re a mess girl, would you like your beating on your back, legs and front?”

Smith just nodded, she got 10 on the backs of her legs, 10 on her back and was then turned over by Cook, and 5 on each tit and nipple.

Cook helped her up, “Go wait in my office.”

Smith went and stood in the office and waited for Cook.

Cook was in her mid 30’s and strikingly beautiful.

She closed the door and stood behind Smith. She caressed her bottom, then her back and the back of her legs.

She turned her round and caressed and kneaded her tits, barely a handful but taught nipples.

“Would you like me to look after you and put some cream on your welts?”

“Oh yes please Ma-am.”

Cook pushed her hands down to the top of Smiths legs and brushed her pussy.

“Are you sure girl?” Cooks fingers spread her pussy lips and she fingered her gently.

“Oh Yes Ma-am, never been surer,” and pushed herself onto Cooks hand.

“Get dressed and cut some cabbage for dinner, oh, and put the strap back behind the door and come back to my office after dinner.”

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