First Service


I was at my girlfriend’s place one day last summer. She was still living with her parents in a sort of mock Tudor mansion not far from Guildford. We were all sitting around their back garden swimming pool, the two of us and her mum and dad, half-listening to Wimbledon on the radio; it was a hot day and it all felt quite luxurious. After all, just the pool was almost as big as my folks’ entire back yard!

Jules and I had completed our GCE A-Levels a few weeks earlier and were chilling out before we got back to some hard graft at university. Jules was our school’s academic superstar and she was off to the glamour of Oxford, whereas my mediocre results were just enough to get me into distinctly unglamorous Surrey University.

That was what was worrying me. At Oxford my girlfriend would find herself surrounded by wealthy, sophisticated and no doubt charming ex-public schoolboys; with her looks I could imagine they’d be swarming around Jules like bees around a honeypot – my honeypot! Jules is a bit of a nympho, she loves to shag at every possible opportunity and with us 60 miles from each other most of the time I couldn’t imagine her exercising much self-restraint. And what was I going to do? Jules and I had been together since we were 13, and after five years I’d never been with another girl and I didn’t really want another one.

I was sitting on a sun lounger, and thinking about the blow job Jules had given me in her bedroom just an hour earlier I couldn’t help my cock starting to make my shorts resemble a circus tent. And it was then that I realised Jules’ mother, Mary, had very clearly noticed. She was sitting a few feet away facing me, and behind her shades she was staring fixedly at my groin, which made my physical reaction even worse.

I’ve known Mary for ever, her and my mum used to work together, and ever since I first learned about the birds and the bees she’s been the main subject of my sexual fantasies. She’s in her late forties, tall and elegant, posh and English but, like Jules, from somewhere she’s inherited fine-boned Italian looks, with shoulder-length glossy black hair, with just the odd silver strand starting to appear, high cheekbones, escort bayan gaziantep flashing dark eyes and full, sensual lips. As I peered at her I saw the tip of her tongue run across her lips and, for a moment, I imagined those luscious lips wrapped around my dick, just like her daughter’s had been earlier on. God, I thought it was going to burst the zip of my shorts! I tried to subtly adjust them but that just made my stiffy more obvious.

Mary was wearing a bikini top that revealed most of her ample tits, which I’d been trying to avoid staring at – up to then. As Jules clambered out of the pool and laid down on the lounger next to mine her mum stood and picked up an empty jug. She turned to go inside, presumably to refill it and, maybe I imagined it, maybe it was wishful thinking, but I though she cast one last lingering look in my direction as if she was inviting me to follow her. As I watched her gorgeous big arse swaying through the door I wondered whether my girlfriend had inherited her high sex drive from Mary. Then a wicked plan leapt into my mind. While I was away from Jules I really didn’t want some other girl; but if I could find a substitute, someone who was basically an older version of my horny girlfriend…

Jules and her dad were both asleep. After a couple of minutes I rose and, dressed only in my shorts, padded into the house after Mary. She was in the kitchen, apparently washing her hands in the sink, with her back to me. As quietly as possible I closed the kitchen door and turned the key in the lock. God I was nervous! If I actually carried through what I had in mind, and it went wrong, not only would I be risking losing Jules, I might even end up in prion! My heart was thumping so hard I was sure Mary must be able to hear it, but as I gazed at her bare slim back, and the swelling of that lovely bum, my prick was straining to be released from my shorts.

Walking towards her, to test the water I asked if she was okay. Her head jerked up but she didn’t turn to face me, just replied that she was fine. Standing about a foot behind her, I took the plunge and said “You look fucking sexy in that bikini bra Mary”. I instantly thought what a lame line it sounded.

She stood stock still for a moment, then told me in a quiet voice that that wasn’t an appropriate thing for me to say to her. It seemed such a mild reaction to just being told such a thing by her daughter’s boyfriend that I took encouragement from it. Taking a deep breath, and gathering my courage, I reached out a finger and ran it across her back. She shivered but didn’t move or speak, and I told her “You gave me a real hard-on staring at my cock the way you did.” She giggled at that and, still gazing at the wall tiles in front of her, asked if I was drunk.

It was clear to me that Mary must realise by then what I had in mind, and she hadn’t yet slapped my face or told me to piss off. Fully committing myself, and praying that Jules or her dad wouldn’t try the locked door, I moved up close behind her, gently rubbing my erection across her bum as I unclipped her bra. Hearing no objection I reached my arms around her and cupped her big boobs in my hands. Her nips felt enormous and I tweaked them between fingers and thumbs. She pretended to protest then, telling me we couldn’t, adding that she’d bathed me when I was a baby. Even as she said it though, her head eased back towards me, her lips parting sensuously. Taking her cue I kissed her ear and whispered that I’d wanked over her for as long as I could remember.

She pushed back at me then and I risked slipping a hand down the waistband of her her flowery pantaloons and into her knickers. Jules just has a Brazilian but Mary had full gorgeous silky pubes – I promised myself I’d bury my face in them one day soon. By that point, even if she’d changed her mind I would have struggled to stop myself. Not quite believing that my fantasies were turning into reality, I slipped my hand down to her pussy. She was already soaking wet and her clit was standing up like a small dick. She squeaked as I ran a finger across it, so I massaged it. Her trousers were held up only by a drawstring and I moved my other hand down from her tit and pulled on it. She wiggled her bum erotically against me and the trousers slipped down her legs.

By now she was positively gasping as I twiddled her clit, and I was kissing and licking her throat. She reached round and tried to undo my shorts; I helped her one-handed and kicked them off. Her hands moved to her white knicks and between us we pushed them down. Giggling, she worked one foot out of them and the trousers, enabling her to spread her long legs for me. It was obvious she wanted me to fuck her, and I knew now I’d get to do that in the future. But that bum of hers had played an important part in my fantasy sex life – it was so soft and creamy I just couldn’t resist. With my free hand I guided my cock between her cheeks. Realising what I was planning she gasped “Oh no”, but she pushed back to meet me.

I felt a moment’s slight muscular resistance then I surged inside her sweet, tight arse, and we slammed into each other over and over as I ravaged it. With one hand she pushed mine deeper into her pussy and, as I rammed her from behind, I waggled my fingers inside and kept pressing her clit with my thumb. I knew I wouldn’t last long; I wondered whether I should pull out before I came, but after a couple more hard thrusts I felt my juice burst into her. A couple more deep shafts and I was done. On the last one her pussy clamped around my finger and she slammed a hand against her mouth and roared into it.

We were both sweaty and breathless, and she eased forward onto the sink, her boobs hanging down into it. I stroked her cheek with my jizz-covered fingers and she took them into her mouth, sucking on them as I anticipated her sucking on my cock in the future. Through the open kitchen window I heard Jules voice and I thought I’d better get back outside before she and her dad got suspicious. I dragged my shorts on and Mary and I had a quick kiss, her tongue in my mouth, one arm around my neck, the other hand massaging my cock through the material. Before I left the kitchen I said something about next time, and she gave such a sexy, dirty chuckle that I wished we could make it right there and then.

Back at the pool Jules looked a bit dopey from her sleep, and asked me how I was doing. I told her I’d just been helping her mum in the kitchen, then I slipped into the pool to cool off, closing my eyes and imagining Mary’s lips around my cock and her pussy smothering my face.

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