First Time Raw


First Time RawI’m 18 and just had my first raw experience last week. I’m 5’8″ and 140 lbs, with a slim build, and a tight bubble butt that guys love to eat.I’d been fucked before. During the last two years. I loved the feeling of a cock in my ass, the thought of a guy dominating me always gets me rock hard! I’d always used the internet to hookup with guys. I thought it was safer since I could talk to the guy beforehand.I had Friday off and started looking online for some fun. I wasn’t getting many hits since there weren’t many guys online during the middle of the day. I started watching some porn. Treasure Island Media, bareback gang-bang porn. This shit always gets me off. I got so horny and I randomly clicked on the cruising tab and started checking out the local cruising scene. I’d thought about cruising in public before, but never had the balls to try. But I was so damn horny, especially after edging! What’s the worst that could happen? I looked up a local park downtown, got the address on my phone, and headed out.The bus ride only took about 20 minutes, and I was nervous the whole time. I’d never done anything like this before. I’d read up online how to cruise, signals and stuff to look for. I walked down some stairs to get to the park, and saw a grouping of trees in front of me. There were two trails, one looked like it lead to an open area where families were having a picnic, and the other led deeper into the park. I took trail number two, and walked about a hundred yards. There were trails opening up on either side of me as I walked, but I kept going straight.I came to a clearing with two picnic tables. There was a guy lying with his shirt off on one of them. I stopped and checked him out. He was in his late 30’s, blond and had an average build with some body hair. I slowly walked by, and glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. I saw his head prop up and could see him looking at me. Was he cruising? Or just tanning? I walked to the end of the clearing and glanced back once. He was staring at me. I got rock hard, but kept walking. Fuck it, I thought. I turned back around and went back to the trail I came in from. He got up from the table and followed me. Oh fuck, this is actually happening! I didn’t know what to do! So I kept walking, turning down a side path. I walked slowly, to see if he would come up behind me. He kept walking straight down the path though, and didn’t turn when I did. I thought about turning around and following him, but decided to keep going.I came to another clearing, this one was smaller, with no picnic tables. I saw another guy lying on a towel on the ground tanning. This was the guy I wanted! He was just my type. He was in his 40’s, with salt and pepper hair and a trimmed mustache. lotusbet güvenilirmi He had a stocky, but solid build, with a treasure trail leading from his pecs down to his tummy. He was wearing a pair of blue square cut trunks that showed off what looked like a hefty package.I took out a towel from my backpack and spread it out on the ground. I started to slowly undress, shaking the whole time, and tried looking at the guy out of the corner of my eye. His eyes looked like they stayed closed. Damn. Ah well, I finished stripping down to my underwear, a pair of skimpy black briefs. I lied on my stomach and tried to relax. I felt like I was still shaking. I whipped out my phone and hopped on the cruising site. Nobody close by. Damn. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the hot sun on my body.I opened my eyes at one point and looked over. The hottie was looking at me, then he turned away. I hopped back on my phone. Ding ding ding! there he was! I had hoped he was gay, and sure enough he was. I immediately hit him up with a ‘Hi.’ Not the greatest opener I know, but I was still nervous and couldn’t come up with anything better. A few seconds of staring at my phone and he replied with ‘Hi.’ Yes! We chatted back and forth for a bit. I’ll call him Dave, and he usually came here to tan, since it was relatively private. He asked what I was doing here, and told him I read about the park online and came to check it out. ‘Check it out for what? ;)’ There it was. Tell the truth, or come up with something lame. Here it was. ‘Check out the cruising scene.’ ‘Yeah boy?’ Oh god I love it when older guys call me boy. ‘Yeah’ I said. ‘Check out what I’ve got for you.’ I looked over at him and he grabbed his cock. I hadn’t noticed til now, but he was rock hard. He looked down at his cock, then over to me. ‘I want to suck you boy.’ ‘Yes Sir’ I replied. I asked if he was a top or bottom. ‘Top, but I don’t want to fuck today.’ Ah well, at least I’ll get a blowjob. ‘Follow me.’ He put his towel away, and I followed suit. I started to put my clothes back on, when he walked over and told me to leave them off. ‘You won’t be needing them for what we’re doing.’ I put my clothes in my backpack, and followed him down a trail. I stayed back a few feet, but close enough to see him. After a few twists and turns we came to a clearing in the brush. I came in and Dave already had his towel down on the ground. I put mine down next to his.’So you ever done it in public before?’ ‘No, this is my first time.’ He growled, walked over to me, grabbed the back of my head, and forced his mouth against mine. My nerves had calmed down, and I forgot we were outside. We were both rock hard at this point. He started grinding his cock against lotusbet yeni giriş mine in our underwear while we kissed deeply. ‘I want your cock boy.’ He knelt down and pulled my underwear down, exposing my 6″ uncut cock. I was leaking precum, and he growled again when he saw it. He started rubbing his index finger and thumb along the tip of my cock, and I shivered with pleasure. He looked up at me and smiled, then wrapped his mouth around my cock. Oh fuck he was good! He gently probed the tip with his tongue, and I started moaning. After a few minutes he pulled back, and then went to work on my shaft. Up and down he licked, caressing with his tongue. He made his way down to my shaved balls and took them one at a time in his mouth. I felt like I was going to shoot then and there.He pulled back eventually, and told me to get on my hands and knees. I did as he instructed, and he got down behind me. He cupped my ass with his hands and let out a ‘fuck yeah boy! What a sweet ass you’ve got.’ I felt his tongue slowly start to probe my quivering hole. ‘You like that?’ Oh god yes! I couldn’t even reply, I just moaned in pleasure. He chuckled to himself, and drove his tongue deeper in my hole. I started to jack myself off, and he grabbed my cock. ‘Not yet boy, I want that load.’ I don’t know how long he rimmed me for. I was in ecstasy the whole time. Eventually though he grabbed my legs and flipped me over so that I was lying on my back. He raised my legs and kept working my hole over with his tongue. He went back and forth between my hole and my cock, teasing each one with his tongue. ‘Fuuuuuck, you’ve got such a great ass!’ ‘Do you want to fuck me? I’ve got a condom in my backpack.’ I reached over, but he grabbed my hands and pinned them to the ground. We locked gazes, and I saw something in his eyes. Something primal and raw. What had my ass unleashed in him? He pressed his lips against mine, more forcefully this time. His tongue thrust down my throat, and I tried to moan. He leaned back and looked me over. ‘You asked before if I was a top or bottom. You know what I am, but what are you?’ I told him I was a bottom, and he grinned. ‘Bet you’ve wanted this in you the whole time eh boy?’ He pointed down to his erect cock, still hidden behind his trunks. I could only nod. He stood up and took them off. His cock sprang to attention. It was 7 or 8 inches cut, and thick like a pop can, with a big mushroom head. I’d only ever seen a cock like this in porn. I couldn’t take my eyes off it!He took a bottle of lube, out of his pack and poured some in his hand, and began rubbing his cock. Then he grabbed my legs, pushed my legs back, and spat on my hole. Fuck that was hot! He tongued it for a bit, and lotusbet giriş I reached again for the condom in my bag. He grabbed my hand with his and growled. He leaned in to kiss me, and pressed his throbbing cock against my tight hole. We kept kissing, and he kept teasing my hole with his cock. Eventually he started to press harder, and the tip of his cock went in me. There was a short, sharp burst of pain and I winced. ‘Shhhh, it’s OK. Just breathe.’ For a moment I realized I’m in the middle of a park, with some guy I just met, and he just put his cock in me bare. ‘Wait,’ I said breathlessly. ‘I have a condom-‘ ‘Doesn’t matter boy. My cock’s already in you.’ And it was. He had slowly thrust his shaft in me. ‘Please don’t cum in me OK? I’ve never been fucked without a condom on before.’ ‘Alright boy. But I can guarantee by the end of this you’ll be begging for me to breed you.’ I didn’t know how right he would be.He slowly pulled out, and pushed back in, working up a rhythm. He started to go faster, and I started to moan loudly. He pulled back and readjusted us, so that he could slam his cock in me. I moaned louder. ‘Wait,’ I said again. I shouldn’t be doing this, but it felt so good. He reached over and grabbed his trunks, then shoved them in my mouth. They tasted salty from his sweat and being outside tanning. He pinned my arms down and thrusting furiously back and forth in me. My moans were muffled by Dave’s trunks. He let out a deep throaty growl and thrust so deeply in my I thought I was going to cum then and there. ‘You going to be a good boy for daddy now?’ I nodded. He took the trunks out of my mouth and leaned in to kiss me. ‘I’m close boy, get ready for it.’ Dave’s head rolled back and he looked up at the sky, then back down to me. ‘Your ass is so sweet boy. I wasn’t going to fuck today, but when I started eating you I knew I had to breed it.’ There was that word again, breed. ‘Once I’ve got my cock in someone there’s no pulling out. You’re going to take my load. You ready for it?’ I nodded and told him to breed me. A few thrusts later and Dave let out a furious growl. He placed his body close to mine and I could feel it shudder. He was cumming in me! And it felt so good! He stayed pressed up against me for a while, kissing me. He eventually pulled out, and his cum started to drip out. It must have been a pretty big load. ‘Fuck boy that was good.’ I nodded in agreement and just lay there.’Your turn boy.’ He knelt down and went to work on my cock. I shot almost immediately into his mouth, and he swallowed every last drop. He lay down next to me, and held me in his arms. I didn’t realize it, but we had both been sweating furiously. He told me he was clean, and not to worry. I nodded and told him the same. He ended up fucking me again, getting me to ride him, and shot a second load in me. We exchanged numbers, and hopefully I will see him again soon. I never expected that my first time cruising in public would also be the first time I was fucked raw. Who knows, maybe I’ll try bareback again soon.

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