First Time


After countless emails back and forth, lots of sexy pictures and videos, discussing turn ons and what not and a couple failed attempts to make it happen, I was finally backing into daddy’s driveway. I should have been nervous, or even excited, but it felt more like visiting a friend. I knocked on the door and heard a dog bark. The house and neighbourhood were very wholesome. The dog bark was so natural. It was the bark of an excited pet. Not a guard dog.

Daddy opened the door and there he was. A plaid button up shirt tucked into blue jeans with a pair of suspenders. If I didn’t know better one could assume he was a high school shop teacher. The only wood this man was wielding however, was the massive uncut cock he had packed in his jeans beneath a black jockstrap with the word “Born To Fuck” embroidered on the waistband. I knew this because he had been sending me updates of him wearing it for the last three days as an olfactory treat when I finally took my position as his keen cock sucker.

As I stepped inside I saw the source of the barking, a small curly haired terrier in a Kennel. He closed the door behind me and asked if I was okay with dogs. Of course I said yes, so he freed his pup who then proceeded to joyously jump and sniff at me. Good, I thought, he’s raised a friendly dog. He’s most likely going to be as kind as he seems. Kindness was important in this situation as I had fully intended to do whatever this man asked of me.

I excused myself to the bathroom. Once inside I stared at myself in the mirror for a moment to get my nerve up. Then I pissed, and changed into my blue briefs that make me feel sexier. I didn’t want to wear them before hand as they aren’t very comfortable and I had shopping to do before I came over. The last thing I wanted was raw red thighs from the chaffing of walking around in tiny underwear.

When I came back out daddy had gotten me a glass of ice water. All of this had been part some erotica I’d sent him about my fantasy of our first meeting. So, not missing the similarity he asked if I’d just removed a plug from my ass. I laughed and said no.

“Good,” he said, “Daddy is expecting a tight hole.”

This was the confirmation I needed. I’m about to give every bit of myself to him. He leads me to his bedroom in the back of the house. Him and his husband have a lot of Knick knacks and art. This is a very cozy home.

Once we’re in his room, I take a quick glance around, but my attention is immediately on daddy. I’m here to please him, do whatever he says. So when he pulls me in for a kiss I accept it excitedly. His beard is rough on my freshly shaven face, and his tongue is strong in my mouth. He smells of soap, musk and a hint of cigarette. The taste of his tongue is kind of sweet and warm. Daddy pushes it deep into my mouth and I instinctively suck on it. I want every part of this man inside me.

His hands are exploring my sides and back, so I match him. Although he has a round belly, his body feel strong and firm beneath his shirt. I run my hands up his stomach to his chest and back around his back. As I do, daddy wraps his arms around me and squeezes me into his body. I press my hard cock into his pelvis, and bite his lip. His embrace is melting me. He growls lightly as he slides a hand down the back of my pants.

After an appreciative squeeze, his fingers make their way to my waiting hole. My hips push back into his hand hoping to open up enough that daddy can probe my ass with his thick fingers. As he prods me, I can feel his cock becoming hard against mine. Then daddy pushes me back and demands I remove my shirt.

I do so immediately. Eager to show I follow his instructions well. He runs his hands across my exposed flesh. Inspecting his boy. He takes a look at my tattoos, then returns to kissing. He begins caressing my nipples before giving them both a hard tweak. I was unprepared, so it hurts a lot, but I would never complain about his touch. I crave it so much. He seems to enjoy my discomfort and returns his hand to my ass.

This time he manages to open me up enough to fit the end of a finger inside me. It feels incredible and I push back against his hand again trying to take more of him in. Once again daddy steps back and demands I remove my pants. So I strip down to my underwear. Daddy looks pleased. He grabs my cock and my ass in either hand and squeezes. I moan and try to stay upright. I’ve wanted this so badly. It’s everything I’d imagined.

“Take off daddy’s shirt.” he insists.

So I start kissing his malatya escort neck and undoing each button methodically. Working my way down with them. I make my way through his grey furry chest to his nipples. Daddy had warned me they’re sensitive, I’m soon to find out just how powerful they are. I start with tentative licks, but daddy grabs the back of my head and growls

“Suck daddy’s nipples boy.”

Fuuuuuck. “Anything sir.”

I’m sucking and licking one nipple while flicking and rubbing the other. As one nipple begins to feel dry, I switch. Back and forth back and forth. Daddy seems to be enjoying it, and isn’t stopping me, so I’ll continue doing this until told otherwise. While I’m working his nipples, daddy’s hand returns to playing with my ass. I reach around and squeeze daddy’s ass. In all of our communication, there was no mention or site of his butt. Normally that would have been early in the conversation, but from the get go this was always ending with his cock inside one end of me or the other. So besides a couple pictures of it, there was also no mention of my cock. I’m strictly a vessel for daddy’s pleasure.

Daddy puts a hand on my shoulder and instructs me to get on my knees. I get down and look up to him for further instruction.

“You know what to do.”

Boy do I. I immediately press my face into daddy’s lap and breath deeply. I’m finally here. Stripped down, on my knees in front of a man who’s cock is rock hard for me. His musk isn’t especially strong though his jeans, but his prominent cock is rigid and warm against my left cheek. I rub my face against him trying to take in as much of this moment as possible. I find the head of daddy’s thick cock through the cloth of his jeans and wrap my mouth around it. I then rub my face up and down it’s substantial length. This is daddy’s cock and I’m so happy to get to be touching it. I then reach up to undo daddy’s jeans and get another layer closer to tasting his warm meat.

The first button comes undone easily. Exposing the “Born To Fuck” on his jockstrap. I begin kissing and sniffing as I reach for his fly, but I discover he’s wearing button fly jeans. Something about the difficulty of a button fly felt very sexy. Like BDSM hardware. As I slowly manage to undo each button I work my way down with my mouth. I can now taste and smell the treat daddy has made for me. Three days of piss, come and musk. It was hard to not try to take a bit out of daddy’s crotch. His scent fully engulfed my brain. God I want this man.

In my fervor I try to pull his pants down, forgetting about the suspenders. I feel dumb. I was so turned on by the suspenders, but was so caught up in the rest of this embodiment of my deepest sexual desires, I forgot all about them. Daddy pulls me to stand.

“Let’s get the rest of our clothes off.”

He slides his suspenders off and let’s his pants drop as I slip my hands over his shoulder and remove his shirt. He wraps his arms around me again and he pulls me in. Pressing our warm flesh together. Again we kiss. This time daddy kisses me hard and aggressively. My following his commands has got him feeling especially powerful and wants me to feel that too. I make my way back to my knees, kissing and nibbling as I go. His flesh tastes incredibly. Salty and the kind of musk a man should have.

Once I return to his cock, I start by pressing my nose into the bottom of the pouch on his jock strap. I feel the heft of daddy’s balls on my face and take a deep breath. Refreshed of his scent, I begin teasing at the sides of his jockstrap pouch with my tongue. Tasting the soft flesh of his scrotum. I work my way up until I find the tip of his cock, just at the edge of the cloth. I work under his foreskin and lick daddy’s dick hole. To my shock and unbelievable pleasure, I’m treated to a big glob of daddy’s precum. I stop and savour it’s taste. It’s salty and a little bitter. I love it. I try to spread it around my tongue. This has me revved up, and I grab his waist band.

“Slowly.” daddy says.

I look up and nod to show him I’m listening. As I pull down I’m kissing and rubbing my face in the base of his cock. But as the waistband reaches the end of daddy’s rod I sit back to see it come to full attention. It springs up in its intimidating glory. I don’t have much experience with cock, but this is certainly the biggest penis I have ever seen in person. Let alone inches from my face and dripping precum for me to enjoy. I look from daddy’s cock to his face. He’s malatya escort bayan grinning down at me, knowing how excited I am for this moment. To him I’m just another come slut come to worship his god like dick. But to me he’s everything I ever wanted in a man.

I take his cock in my mouth and begin getting it wet. I know I want to show daddy I he can fuck my throat. Even if I’m not sure I’m up to it. After getting him slicked up I pull him out of my mouth and move to his balls to catch my breath before attempting to swallow this dick. His sack is low hanging and soft. I can easily wrap my lips around his balls. Which I do a little too enthusiastically and am reprimanded for it. Sorry daddy. Back to his cock.

Now is my time. After a tentative bob or two I take the plunge and press my face into his bush. I can feel his cock hit the back of my throat and keep going. My air is cut off and I feel accomplished. I have taken a huge cock down my throat. I draw back working my tongue on the bottom of his shaft back to the tip. Then right back down. This time it’s a little harder to get him down. It could be the excitement has caused my throat to tense up, or my body is trying to defend itself from this hammer of a hog. I pull back again and begin bobbing halfway up and down. This isn’t what daddy wants. He grabs my head and begins thrusting into my mouth. I try to relax my throat and take his fucking like a whore. Daddy grunts a few words of encouragement

“Yeah, take daddy’s cock, good boy, good cock sucker.”

Soon though I need a break and pull him out and return to his balls. I catch my breath and return to my work as daddy’s toy. Again, after a few hard thrusts I need a break.

“Let’s get on the bed.” he says.

“Okay daddy.”

He lays on his back and spreads his legs. Seeing daddy laid out in this way is incredibly sexy. I want to touch and taste every part of him. I slide up face first between his legs and begin sucking on his balls again. But daddy bounces his cock on my face and I take my cue to resume sucking. I’m able to take him deep for longer in the position, but not by much. This time when I take a break to breath daddy lifts his legs, which I take as a cue to show his hole some attention.

I’ve never eaten ass before, and hadn’t intended on starting. But daddy wants it so I’m going to try. I work my way from his balls to his taint. But as I approach daddy’s hole, I chicken out. In shame, I return to daddy’s Cock and bury it deep in my throat. I try to hold it there for as long as possible. This time when I come back up, daddy barks for me to sit on his face while I suck his cock.

Even though I’d just failed to do the same, I straddle up and feed daddy my tight boy hole. The warmth of his wet tongue plunged into me immediately and I lose my balance a little. It’s mind blowing. Between his prodding fingers and hungry mouth chewing at my hole, I lose myself for a moment before spotting daddy’s cock staring up at me expectantly. I fall forward and take him deep. However, now that there are fireworks going off all over my brain from the eager attention my hole is receiving, it’s harder than ever to swallow all of daddy. He’s rock hard and I can taste his precum every few thrusts. All I want is for him to fuck me. I want to feel him pounding my hole like he’s mad at me.

I almost shout “daddy I need you to fuck me!”

“Okay, get on your back.”

I do as I’m told as he grabs a bottle of lube. Smearing some on his cock, his begins to work some into my ass. At first it burns and I panic. I can’t believe it. We’ve come this far. I’m finally going to get fucked and feel a man use me, and I my ass in betraying me.

“Let’s just take a second.” says daddy.

Switching back to the gentle man that greeted me. He leans down and sucks the tip of my cock. Taking a mouthful of precum from my oozing head. He kisses me deep to share the taste.

“Your come tastes sweet.”

I don’t know how to respond to a compliment about my come flavour,

“I eat a lot of fruit.” fucking idiot. Daddy laughs. Thank you.

Lifting my legs up, He then begins rubbing the tip of his cock up and down on my hole. I was unprepared for how good that was going to feel. I moan and grab behind my knees. Daddy takes the cue and begins to push his cock inside me. The pressure has a ring of searing pain around it, but is washed in pleasure. I push out to take daddy’s head in. It pops past my first ring.

“Stop hold there.” escort malatya I wince.

It’s so much, but I try to relax and breath. As I do I clench down on daddy’s cock.

“When were you last fucked?” he asks.

I must have been really tight. “Never, you’re my first.” I respond.

He looks shocked and laughs. Again switching back to the friendly caring man.

“We’ll go slow, you should have told me.”

I think I had, but not in a clear enough way I guess. So he pulls out slowly and adds more lube to me and his cock. Lining back up with my hole he slowly presses back in. This time I open up more easily. It’s still excruciating, but I’m able to take his entire length deep in my guts. I feel his hard cock bottom out inside me. Deep breaths. I feel filled up in the most magnificent way. Clench, release, clench, release.

“You okay?”

I nod.

Daddy begins to draw back till it’s just the tip of his cock inside me. Then pushes back in. Slowly he builds up a rhythm with this stroke. Long and deep. In and out. As he does, my body relaxes and the pain gives way to pleasure. Unbelievable pleasure. I’ve never felt like this before. There’s tingles all over my body. I feel like I’m about to come and grab my cock to try to pinch it or do anything to stop it. But it’s completely soft. I could have sworn it was rock hard. How could I feel this good and not be hard? Daddy begins to pick up the pace. His body is slapping against mine now with each thrust.

“My nipples.” he growls.

I do as I’m told and start to rub and play with his nips. As I do, he becomes hard than even before. It feels like someone rammed a rod inside me.

“I told you my nipples were sensitive.”

Holy fuck. I’m almost afraid to touch them because it kind of hurts to have daddy’s cock that hard inside me. But I want to give him everything he wants. So I dutifully work his nips while he pounds away at my ass. I grab some of the precum beginning to pool around my cock despite its flaccid condition to wet his nips. This shifts daddy into another gear and he starts fucking me even harder. Each thrust is sending physical shockwaves through me as our bodies collide. I grab my balls and hold them out of the way to avoid getting the crushed by daddy’s power.

Daddy is becoming sweaty and panting. He looks so fucking hot. This is exactly how I wanted to get fucked for the first time. And who I wanted to do it. I’m in ecstasy. I both never want it to end and also want daddy to come inside me.

“Breed me daddy, please. I need your come.”

“I’ve got a ways to go yet.”

Oh my god. I’ll never make it. How could anyone stand up to this kind of pounding? I’ve gotta crank this up. If I’m going to survive this fucking I’ll have to give daddy more than my tight hole. I begin trying to match daddy’s thrusts. This lets daddy work a little less hard, but also means that he’s now driving much deeper into me. It feels like his cock is slamming into my stomach. More more more, Daddy’s cock is all I ever need again. I can’t keep up the pace and play with daddy’s nipples. His thrusts are so hard I’m sliding up the bed. So I grip the bed to hold on. After a few more hard thrusts he stops and lets out a huge sigh.

“I need a break.”


Daddy lays down where I was sucking him earlier. But I don’t know if I’m ready to suck his cock fresh from pounding my ass. So I straddle his hips and begin stroking his cock. If he can’t fuck me I’ll ride him. As I’m sitting on top of him, It feels like his body is electric. Every part of me touching him is tingling. Especially my taint and balls. The sensation begins to wash up me. As it pushes through my cock I become hard again. Daddy reaches for it, but a brush his hand away

“If you touch that thing it’ll go off.”

“Oh wow, okay.”

I continue trying to get daddy hard and inside me again. Then, without warning I feel a rush run through my cock and suddenly. Without touching it, I begin shooting ropes of come onto daddy’s chest. And it feels amazing. Daddy fucked me so hard, my body couldn’t keep up. When I finally caught up, I was hit with the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had. Forever cementing me as a bottom.

Due to my own hangups and internalized bullshit, the moment I came, I was done. The subby come slut that was begging daddy to paint his guts with his seed was gone. But I still wanted to make sure daddy came. Daddy recognized this in me and proceeded to Jack himself off while I chewed in his nipples.

Watching him work him own massive cock in person was an honour. When he blew his load a glob landed on my arm and I licked it off. Mmm. Still not enough to get me back in the head space to lick daddy clean, but enough to make sure I left with some of daddy inside me. Next time I’ll need to ensure I get a full load to take with me.

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