Fishnets and Black Lace


Driving with my windows down, the sun roof open, I sigh contentedly, I love this warm weather, I’ve been sick of winter for months, and having the warmer temps so early in the year just makes it that much better. The wind flirts with my skirt, moving it across my thighs. I smile at that, and think that very soon, it will be you moving across my thighs.

I lay on my stomach, obviously scripted, but fun just the same, my white men’s button down shirt buttoned only part of the way up, my thigh high fishnet stockings tickling my thighs, and my cute little librarian glasses perched on my nose. My legs are crossed at the ankle, and I’m reading a magazine when I hear you come in. My heart rate increases, my pussy is so wet, I’m giddy with anticipation, both of feeling your body against mine, and of what you’ll think of my attire.

I try to ignore you, pretend indifference when I really want to crawl across the bed and pull you down on top of me. I sneak a glance behind me, and see you smiling at me, so I turn back around, pretending to read again. Pretending that I don’t care at all what you are doing, until I feel your hands on my ass, and then your mouth running along my crease. The black lace panties I’m wearing are easily moved out of the way as I feel you move lower, until I feel your tongue slide into my pussy.

Unable to even pretend I’m reading now, I throw the magazine to the side and grip the sheets as I feel my body reacting so quickly as you move me slightly so your isveçbahis tongue can tease my clit. I feel an orgasm bubbling up inside of me, and my short panting breathes must have told you the same because just as I feel like I can let go, you stop.

I cry out in frustration. I wanted that orgasm so badly. I wanted your tongue right where it was, until I feel you again licking my creases, and then I feel your tongue move just a little higher and then you tease my ass, kissing me, licking me, until I am about to cum, and again, you move away. You tease me relentlessly, moving your mouth from my pussy to my ass, never letting me cum, just keeping me so on edge I could scream.

Then, when I am sure I can’t take any more, you move away from me, and sit on the couch to my right. I manage to lift my head up off the bed and rest it on my palm as I watch you. As much as I want to stay where I am, and demand you come back and finish what you started, I can’t. I want to fuck you more than I want control.

I stand and slipping the lace panties down my hips, I step out of them, and move to the couch where I immediately straddle your hips and lower myself until I can feel your dick against my wet pussy.

“I want to lick that sweet pussy of yours until you cum all over my face.”

“Hmm, maybe in just a minute, I want this first,” I sigh as I hold your dick in my hand and slowly drop down so that you fill me up, and my pussy stretches around you. I feel you so deep inside of me, and isveçbahis giriş it’s almost enough to make me cum, then as I move just a little bit, the orgasm I’ve been chasing for what seems like forever explodes through me. I grind my hips down against you and enjoy every last sensation that rolls through my body.

“I really like couches,” I say with a smile as you slide your hand into my hair and roughly pull me down to kiss you. Releasing me, I move to stand above you, and watching you hold me there while you lick my pussy and suck my clit are enough to make my knees weak, but then as another orgasm jolts my body, it is more than I can take, and I collapse down on top of you again.

“You are kicking my ass,” I smile. Then, I slide down to the floor to my knees and taking your dick in my hand, I lick it like an ice cream cone, and watch your face as I slide your dick into my mouth. At first, you keep your hands at your sides, but I sigh in pleasure as you move them to the back of my head, controlling me, telling me how and where you want me. I feel your hands entangled in my hair, pulling my mouth harder onto your dick. I can feel my clit burning for attention as I keep both my hands wrapped around your dick and I keep my eyes on you, watching you enjoy yourself.

“Did you bring your purple friend?” you ask as I make eye contact again.

“Yes,” I say as I push my glasses back up onto my nose.

“Then go get it.”

I walk across the room, and with my favorite isveçbahis yeni giriş purple vibrator in my hand, you motion for me to lay on the bed.

“Now, fuck yourself with it.”

I slide it into my dripping wet pussy, and I watch you, your hands on your dick, obviously enjoying watching me as I move it faster and faster, lifting my hips to meet the vibrator as it slammed into my pussy, still quiet, because I know my orgasm will last longer if I wait to turn on the vibration just as I am ready to cum.

“Yes, fuck it, fuck that tight little pussy harder, yeah, that’s right,” I hear you talking above me, but then, I can tell I’m ready to cum and I switch the vibrator on to high and I close my eyes as the orgasm shakes my body. I let go of the purple friend and leave it lying between my legs as I recover. I watch you moving above me, debating where you want to fuck me next. “I want to fuck your ass, or maybe I’ll just cum right now, all over your face. Where do you want me to fuck you? Where do you want me to cum?”

I don’t have a coherent answer for you, and you grab my hips and begin fucking my pussy hard, fast, and just the way I like it. I gasp as one orgasm quickly turns to two, and more. I dig my fingers into your hips, unable to move as the pleasure is searing through me. Then, I watch as you pull your dick out of my pussy and then as you cum all over my face, in my hair, down my chin, across my tits and across my belly. I drop my finger down to swipe across one nipple, and coating it in cum, I move it up to my mouth and slide it into my mouth, licking it clean. I stretch, enjoying the satisfaction that makes every piece of my body tingle. And smile as I know there is still more to come.

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