Flow of Passion



I was asked by my client company to come for a business meeting at a suitable place the southern United States. As they were to bear my expenses and I had to make a choice I suggested Memphis. I also suggested a hotel in Memphis–Peabody Hotel at Union Avenue in downtown Memphis. I had one hope in doing all this. I wanted to meet Flora.

Flora is my pen pal. We had exchanged a lot of mails and I had a feeling that she secretly loved me. While most of our mails were plain but lovingly written only a few times they were naughty. We both are mature and that helped in understanding each other.

Flora lives in a small town in Mississippi which is close to Memphis. We talked and agreed that it would be easy for her to drive to Memphis so that we could spend time with each other.

I emailed her about my trip and she was delighted as expected. She asked me to phone her as soon as I reached the hotel. She must have been busy in her work because she said she would meet me at my hotel in the evening.

I reached Memphis airport and instead of phoning her from the hotel called her from the airport itself. It was a crisp February morning. I was tired because of a long flight from India to New York and from NY to Memphis. I hit the bed after shaving and taking a bath. I was woken up by the shrill sound of the bedside telephone.

“Sir, there is a lady to meet you. She is in the lobby,” the receptionist called from the lobby of the hotel

“Can you send her to my room? I would like to relax for some time before going out with her!” I said.

“Very well, Sir,” receptionist said.

I hurriedly washed and changed. As we had known Flora for more than a year and we had exchanged pictures I knew how she looked. She was not very tall, dark and somewhat on the heavier side but she was voluptuous and ignited my passion when I saw her image. In fact I was eager to meet her and suspected that she too wanted to meet me.

There was a light knocking on the door. It must be Flora. I could hear my heart thumping against my chest. I went to the door and opened it.


I received the call from Savin and within an hour I had hopped into my old ’98 Dodge Caravan and drove to Memphis.

I love driving to Memphis. Watching the landscape change from flat to hilly always fascinated me. But today I wasn’t that interested in the land, I was finally going to see him, the man that had fueled my fantasies for the longest time. Finally, fantasy was about to meet reality.

I arrived at the Peabody and approached registration. The receptionist asked what I needed and told her the information she needed.

“Excuse me” she replied and turned to make a call.

When she hung up, she smiled and gave me Savin’s room number and directions on how to get there. This was it; I was finally going to see him for the first time. I wonder what he will think of me, I thought fearfully. I’m not thin, or very pretty, my self-deprecating thoughts continued.

Within minutes, I stood outside his door waiting to meet my friend. I knew what he looked like because I studied his picture. I could identify every frown, dimple on his face. He was handsome. I wondered would he look as good in person. Well, my wait was over because, slowly the door opened.

I stood transfixed. Heat surged to the core of my being. Never in all my years of existence had I seen a more gorgeous male specimen.

“Hello, Flora, welcome” he said as he greeted me with that sexy accent.

I found that I’d lost my voice. I couldn’t speak.

“Are you alright?” He inquired, concerned by my lack of response.

He didn’t know that his beauty struck me dumb.

I knew we were just friends, and probably would never advance to anything more, but for a second I wished I was the type of woman this God of a man would want.

Finally, I took a breath and spoke.

“Hello, Savin, I am so glad to finally meet you. You know I hardly ever travel, so this trip is an added bonus for me.” I explained.

He laughed; his voice was so deep and masculine that it stoked the fire that was already burning inside of me. He then invited me into his room so we could chat.

As he held the door open, I passed and inhaled his scent. Pure masculine power was what he smelt of and I knew then, that I was looking at a man that was pure perfection.

Walking into the room, noticed the decor. Deep rich hues covered the walls. The room was impeccably decorated and I was in awe.

Savin had me to sit and offered me tea. We talked for a while and then he took me out for lunch. Being new to the region, I took the opportunity to introduce him to Southern hospitality.

Although I am actually from Mississippi, I do know a few hot spots in Memphis. I planned to take him on a blues tour, visit Beale Street, and take in some of the culture of the region. He would be here for at least a week with his job, and I planned to really take time and enjoy this visit with my friend.

Since we had communicated for so long, we had a clear idea of each other’s likes and dislikes. I wasn’t worried about being offended or accidentally offending him.

He asked where I was staying and I told him a local hotel. Not everyone could afford the great place like the Peabody.

“Oh no, not that place,” he said, “the service is horrible. I will make reservations for you someplace where you will be more comfortable. Don’t worry, I will cover the cost.”

“No, Savin,” I said, “I can’t let you do that. It wouldn’t be right.”

“No, my friend,” he continued, “I insist.”

Graciously, I accepted and we drove over to the Dollar Inn to retrieve my things. He had arranged a stay for me at the Peabody as well and I was ecstatic.

We talked for a while and then I wanted to freshen up before going out that evening; I had one goal in mind. I was going to show Savin my version of southern hospitality and enjoy exploring the magnificent frame of his gorgeous body.

I had wanted a long time for this opportunity, and was not about to let it pass. Then I thought for a moment. Maybe I should let him set the pace. Naaah, tonight is the night, I get the one thing I’ve longed for.


It was late afternoon when I reached my room at the hotel which was quite nice, I must say. I washed, changed and decided to visit Flora.

Her room was on the same floor as mine. I was contemplating how Flora would respond if I expressed my desires to her.

Deep inside I wanted to make love to her. I knew while she did not hate herself she did not like herself either. I had time and again convinced her that she was quite likeable and sexy too.

I could convince her with my actions but would she like that? I also felt she liked and loved me. However, I was still scared how she would respond. I did not want to lose her.

Flora opened the door when I knocked and when I saw her I lost my breath. My heart lost a heartbeat. She looked so breathtaking–“My, my!” I muttered to myself. She wore a thin translucent one piece sleeveless dress light yellow in color which enhanced her curves.

I could see faintly her nipples through the dress. I thought they were erect and protruding–fighting against the thin wall of her dress. They were probably inviting me to touch and caress them. The dress was short but not too short–a few inches above her knees. A small portion of her brown sexy thighs showed.

I felt a surge of electric current pass through my body. That moment I wanted Flora–my lovely dear Flo so very, very much.

“Are you going to stand in the doorframe all the time or are you going to come inside?” Flora asked smiling. Neat white teeth showed between her smiling lips and I wanted to kiss those luscious lips like anything.

“Oh, no. Of course not. I am dumbfounded.” I somehow managed to utter.

“Dumbfounded? With what?” Flo asked with her sexy inviting smile.

“Well–er–er you–you look so—“I could not say anything further.

“So–what?” I felt Flora was teasing me.

“You–you look damn sexy,” I blurted.

Flora laughed aloud. “Oh my God. Sexy? How–please tell me.”

I did not say anything. She went away from me and said, “But Sav, I am so happy we met after so much of emailing. I want to celebrate.” She went to a small glass top table at one end of the room and bent to pour some wine in two glasses which were already there.

I nearly choked when I saw her from behind. She bent to pour and her dress went up considerably and I could see her butt clearly. It was smooth silky brown with even hue. I could see her butt crack too and thought probably she had not worn panties.

She rose, turned and looked at me intently and slowly walked towards me. She came near me and dropped the paper tissue in which she was holding my glass. She walked to pick it up and I could see her breasts through the gap. I could see one nipple too. Probably she was not wearing a bra. A wave of desire surged through me and I was again breathless.

Flora probably realized my condition and handing over my glass in my hand she briefly touched my hand. Now this all was getting beyond my control. I could hear her quick breath. She too was excited. She was wearing a very sexy perfume too which I could not place. But it increased my desire manifold.

“Sav, you have not told me what you are finding sexy in me. Tell me.”

I considered for a long moment and said, “Everything.”

“Still–tell me what is that everything.” She came closer to me and I could bear it no longer.

I touched her lips with my finger and said, “These.”

Flo looked straight into my eyes and said, “Only these? And why are you showing with your finger?”

With şişli bayan escort my thumping heart I moved forward and touched her lips with mine. For a moment our lips touched. Then Flora pressed her lips on my lips. I then put my glass on the side table and took her in my arms. She felt very warm–rally hot.

Through her dress I was feeling her hot body pressing against my body. I could sense her heartbeats too. Then she pushed her tongue in my mouth and searchingly moved it inside. I too caressed her tongue with mine. My hand pressed against her back.

Yes it was true–she wore no bra. My hand slid below. No panty either. I could feel the soft flesh of her butt cheeks. My cock pushed itself upwards and started pushing on her dress covered pussy which I was sure was as wet as her mouth.

Flora became wild and just crushed me in her arms and said, “Sav, sav. I was waiting. Waiting for long for this to happen. Please, please love me. Love me gently. Love me crudely.

Love whichever way you want, but love me. I cannot wait any longer!”


I stood before this wonderful man trembling, wanting him as I had never wanted another.

My body yearned for him. I needed him like I needed my next breath.

Yet, there he stood looking so damn fine and calm.

He looked amazing. I never wanted a man so badly.

I grabbed him and held him tightly, vowing to never let go. He was mine, whether he knew it or not.

“Love me, Savin.” I pleaded.

He gripped me in is huge muscular arms and held me tight. His lips covered mine as our tongues engaged in an erotic dance of dominance.

“Ah! My dear Flora,” he groaned. “I have dreamed of this.”

“Don’t talk. Just feel,” I demanded. My heart raced in my chest. My nipples throbbed for his touch and the feel of his soft supple lips.

I slowly moved my arms around his broad back and exhaled as I encountered taut muscle. But, I needed more. I needed all of him. I started to caress his body and realized one of us wore too many clothes.

Eagerly, I started to remove his garments from him. Tugging, pulling, and tearing the fabric.

I knew when I arrived, what I had in mind. I’d been waiting for years for this and would not be denied.

He moved away from me.

“Savin, no” I gasped.

“I’ll be right back.

He moved away to disrobe. I was speechless as I stared at his form.

Gorgeous skin, deep dark eyes, dark hair, A perfectly tone stomach, wide broad shoulders with muscles that could hold a woman and make her swoon.

My eyes trailed down his body landing at the junction of his thighs. Protruding from his midsection was the most glorious cock I’d ever seen.

It was long and thick. Surrounded by a thick carpet of dark hair, it was simply glorious and my mouth watered for a taste.

I stared at him longingly as one small words fell from my lips, “Savin, please?”

“No, my love he said. Later. For now I want to enjoy the loveliness that is you.” He whispered.

At this point we devoured each other with our mouths and tongues. Grasping each other tightly we held the other close. We lost ourselves in the feel of one another.

My pussy was on fire. I’d never felt so hot. Steaming juices flowed down my thick thighs as I rubbed my near naked body against his form.

I chose the outfit I wore just for him and he seemed to really appreciate. His eyes were riveted on my form.

I decided to dance for him. I lead him to the bed and had him sit down. Then I began my slow dance of love.

As I danced, I slowly removed my garment. I knew he was enthralled because his member stayed in attention the whole time.

I kneeled in front of him on the bed and pulled him into a deep kiss. However, I still desired to taste him. I gently pushed him back and kissed my way down his torso. I licked his nipples.

I laced his navel, and then I reached the Mecca of his being. I pressed my face against his hairs and inhaled. He smelt divine.

Slowly I massaged his member. It was hot, hard, and ready. I admired the thick purple head, the thickness of his rod, and the smooth textures.

I could not wait much longer. I had to taste him. Extending my tongue, I tasted him.

Savin groaned, “Oh goodness. Please. Please” he pleaded. I then engulfed his member into my hot eager mouth. I took him half way in before my gag reflex reacted.

I’d never taken one in that was that long before and he would prove to be a challenge.


I was completely in heaven. I was on the ninth cloud with ecstasy. It was a very long time since anyone had treated me with this kind of deep love and sex. My erect cock was into Flora’s wet mouth surrounded by her saliva—very, very wet and she was moving her eager tongue on it everywhere–not leaving any place. Sometimes she was sucking and sometimes licking.

I must have leaked a good amount of pre-cum and she tasted it–devouring it. She even acknowledged the taste by muttering “Umm, umm–so yummy!” I started fondling her huge breasts. They were soft–the great dark brown nipples as erect as my cock.

Flora got further excited when I delicately pinched her nipples because she accelerated her sucking of my penis which was now completely in her mouth.

I bent forward and moved my hand on her soft and smooth dark back. She probably got tickled because she moved on one side slightly. I had to bend further to get a feel of her large bums which were also soft and without blemish—like smooth pumpkins.

I pinched them ever so lightly and she slightly winced– but appeared excited. My excitement too was no increasing second by second. I could have sprayed my cum in her mouth any moment now. I did not want that to happen–at least not at that moment.

Not that she would have objected. In fact she wanted to eagerly suck my cock till the last drop of my cum came to her mouth and she relished the taste for a long time before swallowing it.

But I stopped her and said, “Flo, Flo. Stop. I don’t want to cum now. Let me get a taste of your lovely pussy.”

She looked up and said, “Okay Sav as you please but I want to suck your manhood till the last drop.”

“Don’t worry. I will let you do that–later. Now sit here.” I pointed her to sit on her bed and take her knees up to her breasts. Her lovely pussy became visible to me. They had nice delicate petal like lips and above that pink-red clit which was jutting out and inviting me to kiss. the lips had opened slightly and showed the gate of the heavens–her pink red juicy cunt.

Flora’s cunt was dripping with her cum and even the great hole and orifice of pleasure appeared to be filled with starchy white sticky cum. This excited me and I trembled with pleasure.

I kneeled before her and slowly started licking her pussy. It was nicely shaved and had a velvety smooth feel. I lightly touched her flag of pleasure–her clit and she writhed with pleasure.

I slowly licked it moving my tongue around it and sometimes touching the tip of my tongue on the tip of her clitoris. She was moaning with happiness saying–“Sav, my cunt-licking loverboy, Sav, more–more. Don’t stop.”

I did exactly as what she had asked. I licked her clitoris for a very long time. Flo was almost in a trance with pleasure. Then I turned my attention to her cunt. I opened her pussy lips and licked them too gently. By now her cunt was flooding with cum. It started dripping drop by drop on the bed linen. I did not want that to go waste. I caught each drop with my finger and tasted and swallowed. It had a lovely salty, sour and a bit sweetish taste and I wanted more. Flo was generous–her cum flow was also just not stopping.

I winked at her and said, “Flora, I call you lovingly Flo.”

“Yes, I know dear Sav.”

“But looking at the flow of your cum I am going to call you–Cum Flo!”

Flora laughed heartily. I tasted her pussy inside out for a long time. Then Flo said, “Sav, now can I have your cock? I want it in my mouth–forever.”

“Not now,” I said and Flo looked disappointed. I calmed her and said, “One thing is still remaining–after that my this small thing is all yours.” I pointed at my cock which had grown somewhat smaller. Actually why Flo felt it was a big cock I don’t know because it is of modest size and sometimes when not erect it is woefully small. But she must be loving it no end, I thought.

“What is that thing?” Flo asked.

“Just relax and lean back,” I said. Flo did as I said. As she leaned back her anus became visible just below her lovely red-brown-pink pussy. It was a lovely purplish brown and the small slit like shit hole closed by small creases.

The radial creases were soft and brown and looked inviting. Thankfully a sizeable amount of her cum had collected around her shit hole and it was gleaming and shining. I got further excited and moving my head between her legs I started licking her anus.

It was wet, sticky and well-lubricated by her cum and I could easily put my finger in her anus gently. Flora nearly jumped with pleasure and almost shouted, “Sav, I never knew my shit hole could be such a pleasure spot. Please do more but be gentle!”


Damn! That boy can eat a pussy. I’ve never had my pussy eaten so well before.

“Don’t stop. Don’t you dare stop!” I screamed.

If he stopped at this point, I would have to hurt him, however, not too badly. When he stuck his tongue in my burning cunt, I creamed.

“Damn, boy. You are a good pussy eater.” I chanted. “Eat this pussy, eat this pussy!”

And he feasted.

Before I knew it his tongue licked my asshole. I’d never had anyone to do that. I groaned out loud as şişli escort he continued to lick my ass.

The feel of his tongue massaging that orifice pushed me into another orgasm. I was spent. I’d never cum as hard as I did at that point.

I must have been too still, because Savin decided to smack my ass. He rubbed by back and then, POW! Right on my left cheek.

My pussy was watering already.

“Spank me,” I pleaded. I like being spanked. “Punish me Savin.”
He struck me again, not hard, but enough to sting.

He told me to count and I counted 20 licks. His hand were covered with copious amounts of my cum that leaked out each time he struck my bottom.

“Savin, hit it. Hit my pussy.”

Savin lightly spanked my pussy. My pussy was so juicy that it made a splashing sound.

It hurt a bit, but the sting felt so good that my cunt clenched once more.

Savin seemed to really like spanking my pussy. He spanked it several more times. Then he made me lick my juices off of his fingers. I tasted delicious.

Savin then moved back to my pussy and began to suck on my nether lips.

I was glad, I’d shaved before he arrived.

I hate hair and I keep my cunt clean-shaven. For him, it seemed like a veritable feast.

He snaked his huge hands up my torso and began to massage my breast.

Then he pinched my nipples.

I love having them pinched. They are big and brown, and at this point as hard as rocks

I was consumed by fire. I never wanted it to end. Without realizing it, I grabbed his head and shoved it into my burning pussy.

I missed tasting him, I needed to taste him. As much as I loved having my pussy eaten, I love sucking cock even more.

“Stop. Baby,” I pleaded. “Let me.” He lay out on the sofa and we turned into a 69. He ate me out vigorously, and I sucked him just as hard.”

“Aw! Flora, Stop. I don’t want to cum in your mouth. Let me at that pussy.” Savin demanded.

I turned and kneeled before him, sticking my huge brown ass in the air. “Fuck me, Savin, Fuck me, hard. Make my pussy sing.” I pleaded.

Savin quickly put on a condom and came at me. At this point I was fucking the air because I needed a cock in me so badly. He came behind me, his engorged member pointing directly at my weeping wet pussy. “Slam it in me. Please Savin, Fuck me hard.” I pleaded.

He slammed his dick in me so hard and it felt glorious. He rode me hard, long, and fast.

My pussy, gripped his cock as tight as a vice. He pounded my wet pussy and grunted every time his cockhead hit my womb, I moaned and met every thrust. He pulled all the way out to then tip and then slammed back in repeatedly while I begged for more.

My pussy was dripping, with a mixture of both our juices. Then he did it. He pushed my head to the floor, and reached between my spread thighs and pinched my enormous clit.

My pussy went into a spasm all over his cock. Savin could go no longer. When my pussy gripped him, he shot several ropes of his hot cum.

“DAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!” He yelled as his pelvis locked against me. I too could not move. I was on sensory overload.

FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK!” I screamed as my body locked as my pussy eagerly milked him dry.

Eventually, we could breathe again. We came back to earth. I lay there holding Savin, and he held me in his arms as well. “Girl you’ve got a good pussy, a damn good pussy.”

Panting, I replied, “Shit, you know how to work that cock. Damn, boy. How long before we can fuck again?” I asked, feeling the heat buildup between my thighs again.

Savin laughed, “Whenever, you are ready, baby.” as he nuzzled my neck.


After a lovely session of licking, sucking and of course fucking we lay naked in each other’s arms on the bed. Pangs of hunger were hitting us now. I ordered some food to the room and we drank a lot of wine. The hotel served excellent food and for the sake of decency in front of the bearer who brought food we wore robes. Of course inside we were completely naked.

We became fresh after having our food and wine. We were ready for another session of sex. Flora’s pussy was yearning for my mouth and so was hers for my cock. Suddenly Flo looked down between my thighs and touched the spot.

“Sav, my bloody cuntsucker lover–looks like you are ready. I think it will be a good dessert if I get your cum to top this wonderful food!” Flora laughed heartily.

I parted Flo’s robe and touched her pussy. I found it sticky and wet. In fact as I touched her pussy lips with my finger and brought it out of her robe it created a long filament of her cunt juice–like a spider’s silk. “Looks like you too want to offer me desserts!” and we both laughed, disrobed and embraced tightly.

Suddenly Flora moved away from me and said, “Looks like I need to pee. Wait–or why don’t you join me?” Flo winked with a sexy look and I could not resist. I followed her to the loo. She had already thrown her robe on her bed and she was completely naked.

Her huge bums undulated so sexily that I found my desire welling inside me. I grabbed her from behind at her breast, squeezed them, pinched her nipples and worked my hand gradually to her bottom from her pussy to her anus. She was all wet there.

I could feel that her bladder too was bursting for emptying. I gave a long squeeze to her lovely soft buttocks and she sat on the toilet seat. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes momentarily and with a sigh let out a powerful stream of golden yellow liquid.

She looked at me with love and I could not stop myself from playing in that golden warm shower. It felt so nice. I took some of her pee in my palm and rubbed it on my body and also smelled it and tasted it. It was salty but tasted good. It had a faint smell of jasmine–probably from the scent she applied to her body.

“Sav, you too. I want the two streams of our pee to mix.” I obliged and peed. Our pee rivulets mixed and made strange noise while hitting the commode. Flo too played with my pee and put it on her body and smelled and tasted it. “Better than the wine,” she said and smiled sweetly. She worked her way as if she was climbing on a rope and from my pee stream she reached my cock and started pumping it.

“I saw a lovely fountain just now, Flo,” I said teasing her. Then I remembered something and said, “Flo, back there in my country—India there is a city called Mumbai.”

“I know. It was called Bombay earlier,” she said. Of course she would know. She taught geography to school kids.

“There is a place called Flora Fountain in Mumbai. But today I have seen real Flora Fountain!!” I said. Flora laughed and squeezed my cock and balls with both her hands. “That’s a nice one, Sav. You are an intelligent guy. But right now I am having another feel!”

“What is it?” I asked with concern. She smiled and looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, Sav. I am just feeling like shitting too!”

“That’s okay. Please proceed,” I said and turned. But Flo pulled me. She still had my cock in her hand.

“No you stay. I want you to watch me shitting. But don’t play in it now!”

“Okay, baby. But on one condition,” I said looking her in her eyes.

“What is it?”

“After you finish I want to wash your ass the way we do in India.”

“Okay,” she said.

I made her turn with her back towards me. I asked her to bend. I could clearly see the parting between her bum cheeks. I held the cheeks in my hands and parted them further. I could see the great purple brown hole of her anus sometimes protruding out and sometimes pulling itself deep inside. Her asshole muscles were working towards pushing her shit from her rectum to the outside through her anus.

Then her asshole suddenly opened wide. I could see a dark cavity of the size of a peanut. Flora gave out a loud fart and we both laughed. She was still working her shit out when she said, “Savin, you must have heard about Floral Art. Now you have just heard Floral Fart!”

Again we laughed and I squeezed Flora’s butt. I put a finger on her anus and smelled her fart. It did not smell offensive. It had a faint shitty smell but it too had a fragrance of jasmine.

After some muscular movement of Flora’s shithole eventually a yellow brown tip made itself visible through the starry hole. Gradually it grew bigger and a sizeable stick pushed itself out from Flora’s anus. This all looked fine for me as I had never seen any female shitting before–meaning an adult female.

The stick separated itself from Flo’s ass and dropped into the shit-pot with a splash. A few seconds another stick–and then another. It was a lovely sight and I thoroughly enjoyed the event. In any case Flora wanted me to watch it and she too must be happy–I thought. Before I went ahead with my washing act I just peeped in the shit-pot.

A few arc shaped pieces of Flora’s turd were lying haphazardly at the bottom of the pot. They made a nice design–somewhat like what you see in a kaleidoscope.

I asked Flo to see what she had done and told her, “Look, Flo. You have made a nice Floral Design!” Again we laughed. I washed her derriere with loving care. Flora thoroughly enjoyed my gentle rubbing of her anus with my wet fingers and a splash of water. Later I wiped it clean with tissue. Flora loved every moment of this.

Flo made me shit too and returned all the services which I had rendered to her.

Afterwards we walked in our birthday suits to the bed and again licked, sucked and played with each other’s genitals till we orgasmed multiple times.


Savin watched me shit and damn if that didn’t make me horny. He told me he wanted to wash out my asshole the way they did in India. Hey, as long as he played with mecidiyeköy escort my pussy, I was game.

While he was watching my shithole, he didn’t even touch my pussy. This made me cream even more. By the time he was finished cleaning me I was begging him to pet the kitty.

After he finished washing me, he had to shit. I was eager and I watched as the thick round appendages exited his tight brown sphincter muscle.

His asshole stretched wide and he had to push the objects out. When he finished, I had the pleasure of washing his shithole. I took my time and cleaned him thoroughly. I massaged his buttocks, scrubbed his asshole gently with my fingers. I even inserted a finger inside to make sure he was clean.

Well as much as we both were enjoying ass play, I wanted to play with cock.

I snaked my hand around him and gripped his hardening cock in my hand. I squeezed it gently and Savin moaned. I began to stroke him from behind as my other hand teased his backdoor.

“Ah Flora, that feels so good.” Savin groaned. “Stroke it harder, my love.” He moaned. That was all I needed to hear, because I suddenly realized that I really wanted to please this man.

Even this was just a short visit, I wanted it to be the best time of both our lives. I had never met a man like Savin, a man who made me feel good about myself and accepted me as I was. He looked at me and I felt beautiful.

Suddenly, I stopped. I realized I was feeling things I had no right to feel. This was a friendship. True we both shared the sex and enjoyed it thoroughly, but there was an unspoken understanding that we were just friends who enjoyed each other’s company.

In less than a week he was going to return to India and I was returning to my humdrum life. I would miss him when I went home. I stopped for a moment.

“Flora, what is wrong? Are you alright? Talk to me.” Savin queried.

“It’s nothing, just woolgathering.” I answered. I did not want him to know how insecure I was.

The water had turned cool, so he got of the tub. And I passed him a towel as I put on a robe. Then we left out the restroom to get dressed. I decided that I was bored and wanted to see the city. This was my first time in this country and I was curious about it.

It was almost dark, and I wanted to show Savin Memphis in all its glory. I dressed in a pair of black slacks and a patterned blouse as we went out for the evening.

I took great pride in showing him this amazing city. He was amazed at its beauty and culture. We toured for about two hours before we began to feel hungry.

I then took him to my favorite restaurant, Maw Maw’s Grill. It was rich in culture and ambiance. He was awed by the simplicity of the place. Maw Maw led us to a private dining area and we met our server. Since he was unfamiliar with the language and foods, I ordered for us.

Maw Maw’s isn’t a ritzy place, but they actually have their own brand of beer. I knew Sav was in for a treat. I ordered Grandpa’s Platter as an appetizer and both of us a piping tall cold glass of the house special blend.

I asked Sav, if he wanted just a simple meal or did he want to try our southern barbecue. Of course, he wanted barbecue and I ordered chicken for both of us with a heaping side of potato salad, corn, and baked beans.

While drinking the special brew and waiting for our dinner, Savin asked me about growing up in the south.

I never knew I had so much to talk about. I chattered on and on about growing up in the south, working my way through school, and even raising my kids.

This amazing man just sat and listened; he seemed to hang on my every word.

I became self conscious again and stopped talking. I noticed he was staring at me.

“Savin, I’m sorry, I talk too much. Please excuse me.” I stammered.

“No need to apologize, Flora, I love listening to your talk. Your story is truly amazing.” Savin answered.

I blushed. I really liked this guy. He was the most amazing man. Tall, handsome and so kind, I wondered what he saw in me. I wasn’t anything special, but I was happy that he seemed to like me.

Our server brought our dinner and I must confess this was the most delicious food I’d ever tasted.

Savin must have really liked it because he stopped talking completely and was chowing down.

I, also, began to eat with relish because you see I’m not a small girl. I am a woman who appreciates good food. My lover didn’t seem to mind. He actually ate his dinner with relish as well.

We decided to forgo desert, and take a walk before heading back to the hotel. We walked for a couple of blocks and ended up at a coffee house. We went in and I had a black coffee while we chatted some more. Before long, it was late and we had to return to the Peabody.

He hailed a cab for us and we headed back. As we arrived back at the Peabody, we held each other close as he walked me back to my room.

I walked into my room and immediately remembered the amorous activities from earlier. Savin wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close. I inhaled his scent, basking in the smell of rugged maleness.

He smelled so nice and I needed more. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on. We embraced each other slowly caressing each other’s back.

“Savin, stay with me tonight. Love me.” I whispered.

“Flora, there is nowhere else I’d rather be. Come, let me worship you my love.” He whispered huskily.

“Ah Savin, please. Make me yours.” I moaned.

My Indian God made short work of removing my clothing, and I removed his just as quickly. He was as hard as steel and I was burning hot. I needed to ride his dick and nothing short of a natural disaster would stop me.

I pushed him back on to the bed and straddled him. I pressed my hot pussy against his stiff cock as my free flowing juices coated his burgeoning member.

Savin grabbed my hips to stop me, but I was not to be denied. I tilted my hips upward until the tip of his cock aligned with my hole. Then I slammed down on him, burying him inside my hot sheath.

I pumped furiously against him for several strokes before realizing that in my haste, I forgot to cover him with a condom. We were both disease free, and had discussed our previous sex lives at length. We weren’t really worried about pregnancy, because I’d had that problem taken care of years earlier.

I went to climb off of him when he moaned. “Gods, no, you feel so good. This feels wonderful. Fuck me Flora. Fuck me hard.”

His words sent a fire right to my pussy and she needed to be pounded. I rode him as hard as I could. I rose up until only the tip slammed down on him. I fucked him so hard my pussy juices splashed against his groin every time I came down.

Savin decided to take control and reversed our position. We rolled over and he grabbed both of my legs and hooked them in the bend of his elbows, lifting them as high as he could. This new position opened my pussy wide open and had me completely at his mercy. My magnificent lover began to pound my pussy. He fucked me hard showing my cunt no mercy.

My huge tits bounced every time he pounded me. Savin loves my big titties and was mesmerized it seems as they bounced while he fucked me senseless.

“Suck it. Suck your titties as I ride this pussy.” He demanded.

I caught one of my nipples in my mouth and sucked it in my mouth. The sight of me sucking my own titties made Savin go berserk and he decided to own my pussy.

Pow, pow, pow!, he slammed into my pussy. His hairy crotch slammed against my naked pussy lips. The fill of his cock slamming in me as his stiff hair stimulated my exposed clit, pushed me into a mind blowing orgasm.

He slammed every inch of that amazing cock inside my pussy.

“Aaaaahhhhh! Harder baby harder. Fuck this pussy. Make me cum,” I screamed.

“Whose pussy is this? Whose pussy?” he demanded.

“Oh God Savin, this is so good,” I moaned, “So good, keep fucking me.”

“Whose?” Bam. “Pussy?” Bam “Is This?” Bam. Savin punctuated the question with each word as he rode me hard.

“Answer me, damn it?” he demanded as he gave me the fuck of my life.

“Oooooh! Savin, fuck me baby. Damn.” I continued to moan. He held my legs up and at this point he was pistoning in and out of my canal with vigor.

“Whose pussy, baby, whose?” he demanded once more.

Then he ground his crotch against my naked wet pussy and I saw stars.

“Yours baby, this is your pussy. Only yours.” I screamed as my pussy clamped down on his throbbing cock. I came so hard, and it felt so good.

Then he screamed and slammed against me one more time as I felt his cock throb inside of me shooting rope after rope of his hot cum.

“Damn, right this is my pussy, and you’d better not forget it.” He said as my eyes rolled back in my head.

I think I passed out. I can’t really remember. The rest of the week continued on in the same way. We had kiss fest, feel fest, and fuck fest. Before long, it was time to leave. I drove Savin to the airport and waited for him to board his flight home.

When they called for his departure, we embraced. Tears flowed down my cheeks at the thought of him leaving. He embraced me and we kissed. He promised that we’d find a way to get together again.

I stood as he slowly walked away from me. My heart was breaking with each step that he took as he headed for his plane. Finally he was, on his plane and headed home. I stood at the huge window of the airport and watched his plane ascend into the air and then finally out of sight.

I am not sure how long I stood, but eventually I realized it was late and I needed to head home. I went out, got in my old Dodge, and began my trek back to Mississippi.

Hmmm I thought to myself. I will never see Memphis the same way again. Then I rushed home to email my friend.

The End

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