Office Obsession – Her POV


I’ve always had a soft spot for quiet, somewhat nerdy guys. Or at least, seemingly shy and nerdy. My favorite boyfriend in senior year of high school was an ostensibly shy guy who turned out had plenty to say with his lips and tongue, possessed a fat cock, and instinctively knew what to do with a pussy even at 18 years old. He wasn’t my first, but he was my first memorable lover. In another recount, I’ll tell of our time together then, and years later at a reunion.

Nowadays I am way past high school and work at a law firm, a bastion of nerdy men. I’m based in the Chicago office but travel often for work. We attend a lot of meetings, and I keep myself amused during these long meetings by surveying the room and trying to guess which is the nerd who would be a snore in bed and which is the nerd who would be a dynamo and partake in all the things I like to do. Not that I fraternize with coworkers though; that would be a bad idea!

By the way, I use the term ‘nerd’ with great affection. To the casual onlooker, I probably seem like a nerd, too. Semi conservative attire, eyeglasses, hair usually in a bun or twist – the total librarian look. But look closer, if it looks like I’m wearing tights, it’s usually open-top stockings, and I have a penchant for high-end lingerie. In the grooming department, my toes are always impeccably pedicured in a vampy color, and for those who get really close, they’ll discover my pussy and ass are waxed smooth except a cute triangle patch in front, and sometimes I come ready with a butt plug.

I often sport a body chain or at least a thin belly chain. My favorite body chain looks like a dainty necklace above my blouse but continues out of view to loop beneath my perky tits, crisscrosses in back, and drapes back around in front to clasp close. I have a straight, almost boyish figure: smallish breasts, slim hips, a butt with a nice silhouette but not big so it’s not the first thing you would notice about me. Let’s just say it doesn’t betray all that I do to it, or allow to have done to it, but my return lovers become obsessed by it.

On recent trips to New York, I’d been eyeing a new favorite subject. He’s an older attorney, late 40s. Lean swimmer body, rather tall, maybe 6’2″, which is unusual that he piques my interest because I don’t typically go for tall guys. I like a guy I can look in the eye when I have heels on. Anyway, this attorney, let’s call him Marc, is tall with a slight stoop probably from a lifetime of bending down to listen more closely to others, a trait I find endearing.

He looks like a typical lawyer, glasses, nice suits that he wears indifferently, like he can afford them but doesn’t care and probably goes to high-end tailors because it’s easier than wasting time in a store. Dark wavy hair that he keeps regulation above-the-collar short but always seems a week shy of needing a trim.

I learned from reading his bio that he specializes in human rights advocacy and volunteers with disadvantaged youth. A bleeding-heart liberal, just like me. The one thing I noticed about him right away were his hands. Strong looking with beautiful fingers. Unlike millennials pecking away at their handhelds, he takes notes in long-hand, and I am often hypnotized watching his hands in action. He wears a vintage Omega watch on one wrist, and an old-school ID link bracelet on the other. So retro, what a turn-on.

So I sit in meetings and day-dream about Marc. I think about him lifting my prim skirt and nudging my legs open for the first time and stroking one of those beautiful hands on my mound, then slipping a finger inside my $100 panty and dipping the tip of that finger into my honeypot for a first taste. Since my panty is semi-transparent lace, and likely soaking wet hence even more see-through, he’ll notice that my pussy is practically bald. I wonder what his reaction would be. I don’t fraternize with coworkers ever, but for this man with the beautiful hands and doer of good deeds, if the opportunity gaziantep escort bayan ever comes up, I may have to make an exception.

But life goes on, other adventures occur, and I temporarily forget about my fixation with Marc. Then shortly after the holidays this year, it so happened the company organized an off-site retreat in Napa. A beautiful setting at a posh resort, but the meeting days were long. Lucky for me, I was in the same work session as Marc, which helped pass the days. Not that I was terribly productive, mind you, but my mind was fully occupied.

We had three full days of meetings, and I grew increasingly hot for this liberal nerd muffin with every passing day. Lucky thing I had my favorite toys with me so was able to take the pressure off at day’s end. We were put up at a luxury resort in Rutherford – I won’t say where, Google it! But I mention this because the suite bathroom was beautiful, and I sure spent a lot of quality time in there with my array of toys.

+ + +

After the grueling first full day of meetings (not grueling because of work but because I was so horny), Marc and I had a proper non-work discussion for the first time. We shared a round of drinks after the group dinner, and I was happy to learn that besides being incredibly appealing (which he may not even be aware of), Marc is also very interesting. He was also a perfect gentleman, and I swear, I think he would have been floored to learn how I thought of him. I behaved quite proper as well, no flirting at all. We were talking at length about volunteering and relief work since I also do a fair bit of philanthropy.

I shared that I had gone to SE Asia the previous year and had taken a lot of photos so we stopped by my suite on the way back to look at the photos on my PC. I know, right? Literally, step into my parlour! Truth be told, we did look at photos but I could barely concentrate: My God, those hands!

He did leave my room before 10pm with no untoward event, but did I detect a warmer intent in his eyes as he bade me good-night? Maybe it was from talking about volunteering and travel? I have no idea. I did masturbate so hard that first night, dreaming of Marc coming back later that evening, crawling his way up my thighs and lapping at my cunt with his fingers knuckle-deep in my ass.

The second day, I made sure to have a quality session with my vibrator in the morning so that I wouldn’t be so tortured all day long. Needless to say, I fantasized about my favorite lawyer. Had he been there in the morning, Marc seems the kind of man who would wake me up by gently licking and nibbling on my toes, then trail his wonderful hands and warm breath up my thighs, allowing his thumbs to travel up my inner thighs, but tease me by going around my puffy pussy lips altogether, kiss my warm belly while lightly fondling my belly chain, lightly suck my pert nipples, and finally give me a soft kiss good-morning. The brushing of his chest hair on my smooth pussy makes me cream instantly.

Then he would lean on one elbow, part my legs with the other hand – the one with the 70s-style ID bracelet – and commence to lazily stroke my pussy lips. My inner labia are visible and glistening with moisture. He strokes and teases for a long time, every now and then leaning down to munch on a nipple, or flick his tongue just inside my mouth. Not really even kissing, just teasing. He swabs some pussy juice onto the tips of two fingers and brings them to his tongue for a taste. I’m not looking at him directly, but I see his eyes close for a moment and his cock perk up even more from its alert morning state.

I reach out my hand and caress the mushroom head of that beautiful cock. Its eye is oozing precum, and I desperately want a taste. I love the taste of a man’s precum, so hot. I love witnessing a cock getting ready for action, hardening and leaking viscous fluid. I swipe a fingertip over the eye of his penis and bring the substance to my lips. I lightly suck on my finger, then swipe his cock head again but this time I rub the salty gel a bit on my bottom lip, like putting on a dab of lip balm. Then I draw my upper teeth over my bottom lip and give a light suck to savor the taste. My eyes are half closed, but I can see he’s watching me, transfixed, while his cock continues to drool. I repeat this movement a few more times.

I will suck his cock eventually – there is nothing like morning wood – but right now, I’m enjoying tantalizing him. For his part, he tastes my own juice on his fingers a few more times, then starts to massage the nectar onto, and gradually into, my ass. Sometimes he would combine into a sequence: scoop a bit of pussy juice, rub into ass, bring fingers to his mouth for a taste of my pussy and light scent of ass, add his own saliva, repeat. How does this so-called nerd know to do these things? He was driving me wild with this ritual!

After some minutes of torturing ourselves, I had to have my first taste of morning cock and arranged myself so that I can face his cock and he can continue his pussy-ass play. I drew up some saliva in my mouth and licked from the bottom ridge of his amazing cock up to the oozing eye. He let out a long sigh and started to pay more insistent attention to my ass since now it’s closer to his face.

In this fantasy, we had hooked up the night before, but it was already dark out. Now it’s early morning and we can admire each other’s tasty bits in the beautiful California light. He can appreciate my smooth pussy, perineum and ass, and I can appreciate the fine details of his cock which was amazing: 8 inches, thick and veiny, with a defined mushroom head.

I tense my lips into an O (much like an anus, now that I think about it) and slowly start sucking on his cock. Sometimes I like it sloppy so I generate extra saliva and let it trail down towards his balls. I slurped on his beautiful pole for a while, as he toyed with my pussy and ass. At first, his movements were almost absent-minded, like in a reverie. But as my tempo of cock-sucking quickened, as did the penetration of his fingers in my love holes.

Using my dripping spit as lubricant to massage his balls, I could tell by the movements of his hips and that he was getting close. I don’t always swallow (I enjoy it but prefer cum in or at least on my ass), but I really wanted to devour Marc completely at that moment. I increased the speed and massaged his balls more insistently. It wasn’t long until I felt him strain against my face, and I prepared by closing off the back of my palate so that I could collect all his cum on my tongue before swallowing.

Just as he starts shooting off into my mouth, I shifted my hand that was on his balls downward and pressed half my ring finger into his ass. He let out a long groan, stuffed his tongue in my pussy as his nose nestles in the crack of my ass, and gifted me a healthy dose of warm salty cum. When he was spent, I swallowed it all and continue to lightly caress his cock head with my mouth. What a delicious man. Or at least how I imagine he would be.

+ + +

So that was the fantasy with my morning wank, and now it’s time to get ready for my meeting. Luckily we were in California and at a retreat, so the dress code was more relaxed. Underneath the looser clothing, I accessorized with my body chain and considered putting in a butt plug, and after a quick self-debate I lubed one up and slipped it into my bottom. I put on a low-cut lightly padded bra; wouldn’t want coworkers distracted by my bossy nipples which these days are constantly hard.

I don’t use a plug too often so it lent a nice perk, but with all the accessories, I got too turned on and cut it rather close to meeting time. The stimulation required adding a second session with my vibrator while working the plug in my ass. Which of course meant I had to rinse off and change into another pair of expensive undies. What a production to get ready for work, not to mention the extra laundry!

Every time we had a bio break that day, I would diddle the plug a bit. My pussy was drooling all day. I wondered if people next to me at the meeting could pick up my scent. I wished I could whisk Marc into a single-occupancy washroom and wank each other off. He could play with the plug in my ass while I work my pocket rocket and tug on his cock at the same time.

After I come, I would turn around so he could pump my ass cheeks with his saliva-covered joystick while clutching my hips with those beautiful hands, eventually spewing his fragrant spunk onto the small of my back. Right as he’s ejaculating, I would reach back and partly pull out the plug so that he can see my anus dilated by the widest part of the plug as he’s coming. Then I remove it completely. I wonder if my tightest hole would be gaping for a moment before it winked shut.

As we catch our breath, some of his semen slowly trails down into my crack. I reach back and massage the fluid around and a bit inside my anus, taking the occasion to penetrate my pliant ass hole under his gaze. He crouches down and licks out my pussy as I do this, sucking in the soft lips into his mouth.

He then flips around to my front and sucks on my clit. One hand takes over where my fingers were, working his cum into my ass, the other hand reaches up and alternate pinching my cherry-pit nipples. I have another orgasm within moments. As I come, he shoves his fat tongue into my pussy and two strong fingers in my ass. I can feel my rectum convulsing on his fingers. Heaven. Oh boy, time to tidy up and go back to the meeting and ponder my beautiful nerd a while more.

That day, we had some breakout sessions and sometimes I was grouped with Marc, sometimes not. It didn’t even matter; I was hopelessly horny and distracted. After the meeting ended, we had a little time before dinner, so I went back to my suite to relieve the pressure I’ve been under all day. I spent a lot of time in that fancy two-headed shower room with my toys, fantasizing about Marc.

My shower solo wank combination du jour was to put my stand-up anal bead dildo on the tiled seat in the fancy shower stall. I crouch over it and lower my already sopping pussy over it to prime the toy with natural juices, all the while working my clit with the handheld shower head. After a minute or two, I can’t wait any longer and pull off, slather lube onto my smooth asshole and slowly lower myself onto the toy. Before my trip, I had gotten freshly waxed (hey, you never know!), and just running my fingers over my own smooth pussy and ass, I would get so turned on.

The anal dildo I have on this trip is wonderfully knobby and good-sized. It’s almost as big as what some women use in their pussy. It requires lots of lube and practice, but I did snuggle with an anal plug all day which helps. I slowly maneuver my ass up and down the curves of the toy, often coming nearly off it so that only part of the smaller knob tip is holding my tight hole open. I would sway my hips at the top and rub my anus over that first knob a few times to let it re-shrink a bit before sliding back down to where the toy flares wider. The sensation is absolutely amazing.

I had clamped small clips onto my nipples, and I imagine that Marc is standing there tweaking my nipples while I gobble on his veiny cock as he watches me ass-hump the dildo and massage my clit with the shower head, my body chain shimmering beneath the water jets in the steamy stall. The only thing missing is a mirror so I can watch.

I try to make this session last, but needless to say, I come hard and fast as I envision him pulling out of my mouth and giving me another kind of shower all over my chest. I would learn later that he always has a huge amount of cum on the ready. Afterwards, I rinse off and linger over my body and crevices, dreaming how it would be if we were both showering and cleaning each other off, tonguing, lingering…

There is still the second dinner tonight and day 3 of meetings tomorrow. Hope I don’t lose my mind.

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